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Concerto is a managed cloud provider for mission-critical applications. Concerto makes IT easy by offering seamless integrations, infrastructure ma...

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Why You May Need A Cloud Services Provider For Your SaaS Solution

Let’s face it: one of the reasons your organization chose a SaaS solution (whether Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite or SAP) is that it is subscription-based. The upkeep is done. Or so you think.

Concerto Cloud Services Honored as Coolest Cloud Vendor by CRN®

Concerto Cloud Services, a provider of fully managed private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, …

5 Lessons the Delta Outage Should Teach Us About Datacenter Security and Disaster Prevention

The Delta outage: 650 cancelled flights, more than 1200 delayed flights, thousands of frustrated …

Cloud disaster recovery mistakes your organization might be making. (As appeared in Cloud Computing Magazine)

When speed and performance are vital to revenue, companies must have complete confidence in their cloud environment.

Amazon and Azure outages show growing pains of “hyper-hyper-scale” public cloud

On Feb. 28, Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) went down after an employee issued the wrong command during a debugging exercise. Among those affected were big names like Netflix, Spotify and Expedia.

Spending Less on Information Technology Means Embracing Cloud-Based IT

There’s a movement in Information Technology (IT), and while it’s hard to define, it is gaining momentum. Some call it “stream-lined IT;” others call it “thin-model IT.”

Five Things Your Cloud Provider Should NOT Say To You

You deserve ‘straight talk’ from your cloud provider about your risk, your costs, security, uptime and the processes that are in place to protect your mission-critical applications.

When “It's So Easy” Goes To Pieces: Two Tales About The Complexities Of Azure And Amazon Clouds

As managed cloud service providers, we often get asked to intervene when cloud deployments go awry. Attracted by apparent ease-of-use, flexibility and low computing costs, companies quickly adopt leading public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Azure & HIPAA HITECH Compliance: What You Should Know

Healthcare organizations in the United States must adhere to the guidance of both the HIPAA (Health …

Lessons from Cisco Live!: Three Factors That Make the Concerto Cloud Experience Different

I recently attended Cisco Live! in Las Vegas, a conference that boasted over 28,000 techies in …

5 Questions For Your Cloud “Pre-nup”

Shadow IT is coming out of the shadows as more businesses are choosing cloud-based applications. It …

Azure & HIPAA HITECH Compliance: Four Configuration Safeguards for Your Data

Many companies are looking to get out of the datacenter business and to services like Microsoft …

Disrupter Roundtable: Channel Is Crucial To Market Disruption

Steve Terp was featured in a video created by CRN about how "Channel Is Crucial To Market Disruption". Click on View source to see the video and article

Dynamics 365 & the Cloud: Your Questions Answered

For cloud, the “train has left the station” and in the Microsoft ERP & CRM world, that means the next generation of enterprise software from Microsoft is here: Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new integrated business solution that unifies CRM and ERP functionality into a common data platform.

What if your organization still prefers a network file share? Consider the updated Azure File Services

Many of the companies I’ve worked with have embraced cloud solutions due to their desire to “get out


What if your organization still prefers a network file share? Consider the updated Azure File Services.

During and after that shift to cloud, one area that still poses a struggle for many organizations is what to do with their department file shares.

The Cloud Skills Gap And How To Find The Right Hands

Powerful tools can do wonders, but only in the right hands. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the cloud.

The Hidden Gaps in Public and Private Clouds

Considering cloud tradeoffs and determining the right mix for your organization.

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