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Constant Contact is an email marketing software to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Constant Contact has other services that include management of social media accounts.

I learned recently that Constant Contact changed their platform so that you can no longer redirect to your own custom thank you page after submission of one of their signup forms.  

I was wondering if I might still be able to accomplish this using javascript, which would use an event listener of some kind to detect when the form has passed the validation rules (including the annoying Google reCaptcha) and been submitted.  

I've tried to accomplish this already, but didn't have any success.  I believe the main problem is that the form itself might exist within some kind of virtual DOM, as it is now being generated via javascript (where previously you used to be able to copy and paste HTML source code which could then be modified).  

To clarify, when integrating the form into an html page, I simply copy and paste a few lines of javascript, and once the page is refreshed, the javascript renders an HTML form that I am able to inspect using my Dev tools.  I'm able to see that it's a standard HTML form that has an ID attibute of "ctct_form_0".  However, .. it appears that I am not able to create an event listener that hooks into this, as the form itself isn't in the actual rendered HTML source code.  

Here is a link to the page that has the constant contact signup form embedded in it:


Is it at all possible for me to add some kind of Javascript based event listener that would allow me to redirect the visitor to a custom…
Does anyone know of, or have an evaluation of the various mailing services out there.  Some of the services seem useful but expensive.  Some don't even have a phone number to speak to a marketing or support rep! Gotta reach out by email if you need help. (Scary if you're having a critical deadline.)

I'm emailing about 5,000 messages a month (our database consists of 3,000 subscribers) for a government agency notifying constituents of policy changes and software upgrades. So I'm not selling any product where I need payment transactions.

Please provide links to any articles, blogs which evaluate these types of services or blogs/sites which discuss these types of services.  When I google, I get link farms and other oddities popping up in search results.

I am updating a client’s website using code (HTML, CSS) that is as clean and as elegant as possible. The existing site (soon to be replaced) was created in WordPress and the blog page links / syncs with the client’s Constant Contact account as he creates updates (pictures and text). As I’m now working on this part of the new website where I update the blog page I need help on which direction to go in. Would it be more efficient to copy/paste the code into Wordpress and utilize the WordPress/Constant Contact template or stick with hard-code and rewrite / update code to link/sync with Constant Contact updates? I need to weight the pros / cons and really could use some smart advice. It’s my understanding from reviewing this issue that Constant Contact can be tricky when it comes to coding. 

Please help, Thanks. 
I'm contemplating shutting down my Exchange operation; a single Exchange server in a medium size church, with five full time staff members.  There is a really large Contact list, but it is not used for mass emailings because of our slow internet onnectionk (DSL). Constant Contact us used for that.  One alternative I'm pondering is just using Gmail.  Each staffer would have his or her own address in the form of Individual-Identifier.Organization@gmail.com, e.g. ronh.ChurchName@gmail.com.   There could also be, I think, a general purpose / multiuser address, e.g. office.churchname@gmail.com to which each staff person would have access.  Each person would/could have his or her own contact list, sort of like some do already in their Outlook clients.  A contact list could be maintained in the multiuse account, somewhat simulating the Global Account List in Exchange.

I'm hoping that the community will point out any flaws in this approach and make suggestions.

It is increasingly seeming to me that running an Exchange server in this environment it like using a diesel locomotive to crack walnuts, especially with the existence now of such services as Gmail which wasn't an option 18 years ago when we adopted Exchange.

I'm already using Google Groups for a closed group that 20 church leaders use to send messages among themselves and no others.

Any and all thoughts much appreciated.

ron hicks
Is there a way to configure either Outlook 2016 Desktop or Office 365 Mail from providing the senders requested read receipts or Delivery Receipts?

I am on Office 365 platform. Could I control this for the entire organization via Exchange setup?

Also, is there a know way to stop the notification when it comes to a sneaky way such as that used by Constant Contact and others where they are able to figure out if the email has been opened?
I say Free, but wold pay $29. I need to tele-market to the media and need a program that can have list of follow-ups calls I need to make, once I have filled it with calls I will have made.

What tools are there for this?

I am a Mac user so this must work on a Mac OS, or via browser.

My OS is win 10 pro 64 bit.  I created an Access database, not sure in what version, and I have completely forgotton the name or where I had saved it.  How do I search for it, I think I had named it as .... contacts ....   Thank u for your advise.
Can Constant Contact be used to generate INDIVIDUAL emails via php on a web server using an API?

If so, examples?

Hi there - I have a basic embed form that directs to Constant Contact currently (first, last, title, company, email). I'm looking for ideas on how to simultaneously get this data to not only push to Constant Contact but also save data to local mySQL and push to Salesforce.  

Any ideas on how I could make this happen?


This is the Constant Contact embed code used
<!--Begin CTCT Sign-Up Form-->
<!-- EFD 1.0.0 [Tue Dec 29 20:00:38 EST 2015] -->
<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='https://static.ctctcdn.com/h/contacts-embedded-signup-assets/1.0.2/css/signup-form.css'>
<div class="ctct-embed-signup">
   <div style="color:#343434; background-color:#FFFFFF; border-radius:5px;">
   <p style="font-size:11px; line-height:16px;">To keep updated on all new information about our 2016 education and networking conferences and events, 
     <br />
     please fill out the form below.<br /><br />
       <span id="success_message" style="display:none;">
           <div style="font-size:11px; line-height:16px;">Thank you. We have received your information. We will keep you updated on all new information about our 2016 education and networking conferences and events.<br /><br />
       <form data-id="embedded_signup:form" name="embedded_signup" method="POST" action="https://visitor2.constantcontact.com/api/signup">
           <!-- The following code must be included to ensure your sign-up form works properly. -->

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Hi Experts

Want to achieve the following:
1. sending a massive amount of emails over a short time period (ie. 75,000 to 100,000 emails in under one day).
2. should be allowed or possible to import 30,000 to 50,000 email contacts at one go or per one import session
3. will subscribe for third party smtp email service provider for this service

Suggestion/Recommendation request  
a)can you please suggest to achieve the above,  is it recommended to setup the infrastructure by procuring the good hard ware server  and install Sugarcrm and with dedicated upstream internet bandwidth 20 to 25 mbps
 b)going for cloud service of dedicated server and setup sugarcrm and configure the third party smtp server so that need not invest on server and huge dedicated bandwidth recurring cost , please let us know the names of cloud service provider to whom I can reach

the reason iam not thinking about the cloud based email marketing solution like constant contact, mailchimp because they do not allow massive email campaigns on one go/same day also very expensive

considerations or limitations: it is accepted by my functional heads on non-opted-in email accounts will make the email delivery to spam but still they are okay with this. can you please suggest on what best I can do here for my company needs

Thanks in advance
I am trying to create a mail list from my customer base in Quickbooks Pro 2014 to send out a snail mail mailer.  I can use the Customer Contact List that gives me all the customer info I need, but I need to filter it by total spend by the customer.  I can't find such a filter for that particular report and I can't find a dedicated report that has all the data I need, so I thought I could combine two reports into one using Excel.  Normally I would think that wouldn't be too hard, considering I could just use a Sales by Customer Summary, match up the Customer names in the side by side reports, and then I'd have all the customer info I'd need to send a mailer (name, address, etc) plus I can choose which customers I want based on the dollar amount they've spent with my company.

The only problem is the first report generates the data using only active customers, and the second reports generates its data using ALL customers, active or not.  So the two databases do not line up customer for customer on the same line.  There does not appear to be a way to alter either report to include or exclude active customers using a filter.

The mailer is for 1000 customers so this isn't something I want to go through line by line to select the 1000 lucky ones.

Does anyone know a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  If you can offer a suggestion using the reporting features of Quickbooks that would be great.  If not, I'd be willing to purchase a third-party program that can manipulate …
Need help getting this right.

Keep getting this error: [{"error_key":"http.status.unauthorized","error_message":"No authentication is present."}]

Sub Bentely()

strPostURL = "https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/contacts?status=ALL&limit=50&api_key=[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]"
strPostString = "Authorization: Bearer [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]"
Debug.Print strPostString

Dim objRequest As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP
objRequest.Open "POST", strPostURL, False
objRequest.Send strPostSting
strPostResponse = objRequest.responseText
Debug.Print strPostResponse
Set objRequest = Nothing

End Sub

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Hi have a custom site and I'm looking for a cool way for people to sign up to my newsletter.  I want a fly-in or pop out email sign-up.  I use constant contact for emailing.  I see lots of plugins like this for Wordpress but can I find a cool script somewhere for a custom site?
Is there some kind of add-on support limitations with Outlook 2013? I think the version I have installed is one downloaded from the portal.office.com where I sign in and ran the software for desktop.
Is this not full Outlook 2013? Version 15.0.4701.1002

I'm finding that when trying to load the Constant Contact importer add-on, it will not show up in add-ons. I can't find it anywhere to enable. I logged into Constant Contact, downloaded the add-on for Outlook and ran the installer.

For a minute I saw the add-no when I ran Outlook with Administrator privileges, but there was a yellow toolbar griping about disabling for some bizarre performance reasons or something.
Uninstalled Constant Contact then re-installed, can't even get it to show anymore. The "Add-ins" menu also doesn't even show at the top of Outlook.

I would like to send about the 1000 people every week with group updates as email. What are the best free opensource tools to do that. I have periodically add more contacts and create and re use email templates that i used in the past. I see constant contact  site but it is paid one. I wonder anything similar free one. thanks in advance.
We have a user that is currently using Outlook 2010 and we use a Hosted Exchange 2010 platform for our baseline.  This user has built up a list of contacts into groups in Outlook.  This user sends emails to these contacts on a daily basis always using BCC to keep the recipients discreet while getting bids for a current project.  This has been working well for months for this user but the Outlook Contact Groups are getting to a point where they are starting to fuss about the size.  The contacts have a bit of details inside of them like the signatures pasted in (pictures included) and details copied into the appropriate fields so they are not so tiny anymore.

My question has to do with trying to find a better way to send emails to these large lists of people.  Keeping the contacts inside of Outlook isn't the problem but more the problem concerns the number of contacts inside of a Group.  He has some Groups and we talked about breaking them out alphabetically and creating multiples next to each other but that would get less organized and confusing overall.  I thought about using software like Infacta's GroupMail which acts as a mailer but I don't know if this would simplify the grouping of contacts any better.  I also thought about using Constant Contact (with Outlook Sync options) but that isn't really the strong point for CC either.  I am looking for some software that can synchronize up with an Outlook Address Book (Contacts) and make it easier to send emails to a bunch of …
I have tried everything to get rid of the white lines that appear around my images in gmail and nothing works.  I have created an email in Constant Contact and when I send it to gmail all the images have white lines around them.  I have tried style="display:block"  border="0' and style="line-height=0".  Nothing works, please help.
I am working for a small organization with maybe 200 mailboxes in their Exchange 2003.  They use constant contact to send out bulk emails to their people as well as to people who support their organization.  Every time they send out a bulk email two or three of their internal users do not get the emails.  The odd thing is that out of 20 or so of their internal people who are on this list, only these three do not get the email.

They contacted constant contact to ask them for help and the response from CC was sending them the NDR which is:

status=bounced (host mail.ajrsem.org[] said: 550 5.7.1 Requested action not taken: message refused (in reply to end of DATA command))

Again, this only happens for three of the names on the list, so I think it cannot have anything to do with their domain.  I would think it has to do with the specific people.  I have tried whitlisting whatever I can, but with Exchange 2003 it is limited.

They are also using Sonicwall Spam filtering.  This was added recently, the problem was appearing before they started using this and the same three people are not getting emails.  Since there was no major change, I would think that the problem is not with the Sonicwall.

I am being put under pressure to figure this out especially since one of the three email addresses is for the head of this organization.  Can anyone help?
Our organization runs Exchange 2007. We also have a Linux-based gateway that runs SendMail and Spam Assassin. We want to replace the Spam Assassin piece with either an appliance-based spam and virus scanning device, or move that function to the cloud using a service like Symantec’s Email Security.cloud.

Our accepted domain (which is also our authoritative domain) is mycompany.com. We have also a sub-domain called external.mycompany.com. We use this domain to allow a 3rd party mail service (i.e. Constant Contact) to send marketing email to our customers since we don’t want to allow CC to relay through our Exchange server. The 3rd party email service sends email with the return address of web@external.mycompany.com. If any customer replies to web@external.mycompany.com the incoming email is remapped in SendMail to user@mycompany.com. In addition to moving away from Spam Assassin, we also want to discontinue this remapping function in SendMail (which was a band-aid fix to handle using this sub-domain).

The individual who originally setup Exchange did not configure the SMTP address space to accommodate sub-domains. And in their defense it wasn’t even a known need at the time.

As I understand it, if we were configuring Exchange for the first time we would have created an accepted domain with a wildcard character to tell Exchange that all sub-domains of the SMTP address space (mycompany.com) are to be accepted. Thusly we would have setup the SMTP address space as …
W3C compliance issue with the following line.

<a href="http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=u6nm85dab&p=oi&m=1103768205236" target="_blank"><img src="images/send.png" alt="send button" width="131" height="40" class="center"/></a>

I tested the page in the Validator link below.  You can see all the issues that are all appearing on line 152 of my page.  I received the code from constant contact.  How do I fix this as it's clearly not W3C compliant.

We use constant contact to send out emails to customers. We used to do this via our AS/400. Here is my issue:

We not have and iPad set up on our Retail floor to collect emails from customers. As good as this may be our AS/400 has no way of knowing what emails may have been entered into the iPad info that is going to constant contact.. How can I make this work? I guess that is my question.

Is there a way for our AS/400 DB to query Constant Contact or vise versa?

The way I can envision is the cashier saying "Can i Verify we have our correct email address in our system" : Customer, yes it is aaabbbcc@mail.com, ok thanks. We do have that in our system)

Another way cashier saying "Can i Verify we have our correct email address in our system" : Customer, yes it is aaabbbcc@mail.com, ok thanks. We do not have that in our system can you enter in you info on the iPad so that we can have the correct information. Customer : Yes.)

Customer then enters their email address into the iPad screen the data then appears in realtime on the cashiers screen (AS/400 green screen) Cashier says : Thank you for that information. I now see this information..

Something like this.

Thanks all
Bulk emailing really isn't my thing - so I'm not really aware of all the legalities/customs/conventions/etc with how lists are to be managed.

I was told today that if, say, I wanted to move my list from Constant Contact to Mailchimp (or go from any "mailer" to another) - I legally have to notify everyone on my list that the change is being made and give them the option to opt out before the switch is made.

Is that true?
My client wants something like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. They want to be able to use Reuters and Associated Press content in their newsletters. My guess is that is 2 separate things. I've used both CC and MailChimp but never Reuters/Associated Press. Lastly, my client is a healthcare provider.

Any guidance much appreciated.
What is considered the best email plugin for WordPress that is somewhat like constant Contact, where subscribers can maintain the data base themselves and as administrator I could do mass mailings.
I have an API command i want to implement to ADD an email addr to an addr list in constant contact.
I'm familiar in general with using cURL for simple  URLs that have ?GET parameters built in to the URL (and that's it for the data that i send to the API in other cases)
ConstantContact has the command/data in XML (which is fine), but it is suggested to put it in a file and then do a PUT using cURL.

My question is:   do i have to go to the trouble of making it a file and using PUT,  wouldn't there be a similar/equivalent method/strategy to just make a 10-line text string and send that as the parameter data for the cURL operation?

If there is a similar way, in general does an API care which method was used (PUT vs. others).


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Constant Contact is an email marketing software to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Constant Contact has other services that include management of social media accounts.

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