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Constant Contact is an email marketing software to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Constant Contact has other services that include management of social media accounts.

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How do we ensure that all our promotional emails won't be treated as SPAM?

We are planning on a major dispatch of about 20,000 emails to potential new customers.
But before we do this, we have to make sure that all our emails will reach the receiver, and not go into anyone's trash box.

Our question is: what different measures do we have to take in order to be 100 % sure our emails really goes all the way through?

We are a newly started small translation agency, and we need to get this to work as close to 100 % as possible.

All our emails will be sent out from either Constant Contact Email Marketing ( or from our own email account that we have for our company at our website's hosting provider.
We recently sent out an email campaign for a client using Constant Contact.  The css on the campaign gives the ezine a background color.  Problem is, when someone gets the email and replies, their reply is in the same background color that the ezine has.  It is hard to read. See attached.  Is there anyway around this so that the replies to the email don't have the background color of the email?

Here is a link to view the code:
body {
	background-color: #6F3235;

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We used to use constant contact. I tried Google Mail which I thought we could send out less than 500 per message but they cut us off on the second 355 sent. I think we should have changed the subject on the second email. Any help would be appreciated.
i'm using this in a constant contact api - i don't want the check box to show but i want to submit the value anyway (in a hidden field). so i need to change this code from

input type="checkbox"


input type="hidden"

and still have the code generate the value="'.$item['id'].'
		foreach ($allLists as $k=>$item) { 
			$checked = '';	 
			if (in_array($item['id'],$_POST['lists'])) { 
				$checked = ' checked '; 
			echo '<input type="checkbox" '.$checked.' class="checkbox" name="lists[]" value="'.$item['id'].'" id="chk_'.$k.'" /> <label for="chk_'.$k.'">'.$item['title'].'</label><br/>'; 

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i need to generate a csv or spreadsheet  when my form is submitted. the file needs to be sent as an email attachment to a specified email address. i'm hoping there's a way to make it so the file has custom column headings  (but if it can't i can try to work around that).

i need this so my client can import contacts into constant contact - i don't want to use the custom contact email sign up form.

thanks for any direction!
I need a solution for 5 sales people to mange leads.  Does Constant Cantact have CRM capability (follow-up in Sept, intererested in product X...)  I'm loading about 1000 leads into constant contact but I also want to manage these leads so I think I also need CRM.  What is the best solution.  We don't have IT staff, servers, MOSS, etc.... We are looking for a web based hosted solution.  Can Constant Contact do all this?  Or is there an integrated solution we need?
We are using Constant Contact, building a custom html email and have pasted the code into the advanced editor section.

When we send out a test email, the top of the email actually begins about 1 inch down from the top when viewed in Outlook.

That 1 inch gap at the top is caused by Constant Contact's automatic insertion of a tracking image - an image that when the recipient opens the email, it is recorded at Constant Contact.

Here is the code for your reference of that code that is auto-inserted by CC when the email is sent (see code)

Is there a way to tell CC NOT to insert this code? It is breaking our html email.

Or perhaps it can be configured to instead insert it at the very bottom of the email?

Anyone else run into this? Any solutions?

Thanks experts!
<img alt=" " height="1" src="" width="1"/>

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Hi, Folks:

My client is using a third-party service (Constant Contact) to send opt-in bulk email.  I need to publish an SPF version 2 record. has a nice wizard to generate a version 1 record, but I can not find any information anywhere on version 2.

Can someone provide me a few documentation links on SPF version 2 records?  Any online wizards to generate an SPF v2 record?

Thank you,

I would like to add a newsletter sign up to my site.

is there a simple way to do this without using databases/php etc?

thank you,

p.s i heard about a paid for srvice called constant contact - has anyone used that?
What would be the best approach in order to build something similar to Constant Contact. As in when I send an email using smtp in C#, I want to be able to monitor if the email's recipient is not valid(email was not delivered because the recipient's email does not exist). How much work would this be and what other things(third party software/services) would be required in order to accomplish this?
I recently installed ConstantContactInfoTransfer v1.0 Build 10024.  I am running ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) Version, Hotfix 1.  Whenever I attempt to Upload Contacts, I get the following error message:

"Exception.  Unable to load DLL 'CAPILibrary.dll': This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800736B1)AppID : ActAddin, Version # :, Version URL :"

Can anyone help me out?  Has anyone else experienced this?  I cant seem to find any information on Constant Contact or on the ACT! knowledgebase about this issue.
Hello. I have a website which has a flash contact form in which i would like the information to go into my clients Constant Contact database.

What would be the code i would need to have in the actionscript in order to do this?

Thank you
Hi Guys

I am using Constant contact for masssive mailing, when somebody wants to unsubscribe, they click and htat gets done automatically in Constant contact, but i have to manually do it in ACT.

Also from my list serv? ACCoRD

Is there a way to do this automatic.

Please advice
Hi Guys

Can any body explain to me the major difference between Constant Contact and ACT

Thanks a lot
Ive found the issue. My loop is incorrect, the last cycle of my loop is insert a %0A, how can i make it so that on the last leg of the loop %0A is not inserted?
Without looking at your encoded URL to see the exact issue I believe the problem is in your population loop: 
While dr.Read()
If dr(1).ToString <> "" Then
data.Append(HttpUtility.UrlEncode((dr(0).ToString() & ", "), Encoding.UTF8))
data.Append(HttpUtility.UrlEncode(dr(1).ToString(), Encoding.UTF8))
data.Append(HttpUtility.UrlEncode(vbLf, Encoding.UTF8))
End If
End While 
You put a %0A at the end of every entry up until the addition of the data.Append("&lists=") command. This results in an extra %0A before the &lists= in the encode URL. Notice this example of a working string and you should see what I'm talking about: 
&data=Email+Address%2CFirst+Name%2CLast+Name%0A <--- Note there is no %0A here

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My initial question was answered quickly and well however someone pointed out I neglected to address one thing.

I have a Wordpress site that is rendering well except  IE 6 causes some problems.  A screen shot is attached as is the stylesheet for IE6

The URL is

The widgets on the right side contain images and one is a Constant Contact Widget.  The elements are not centered inside the widget boxes, or blocks.
My client is a perfectionist and I would love to know how to avoid this going forward.

.I was hoping someone has experience with these issues.
We are using constant contact for email marketing. and sometime we have a big images, and when i upload the image there, and it does not look good at all.

Any idea what I can do  to make it look better?
We are currently using Constant Contact to do our email marketing.  We have over 5000 so it's costing us $75.  Is there a different, cheaper, solution that's just as good?
How do I make the pictures in a Flickr badge showup in HTML mail? It shows up in the online version just fine.  My employer likes to have this in the email, but it's not really working out. We do get our logo and a link to the photostream which is nice, but the whole thing is what we are looking for.
Here is the online version. It's the exact code input into Constant Contact for the HTML:
Is it possible to make the email version of the badge look like the online version?



I'm looking for a software program to do email marketing for my company.

I want something I can buy or license, rather than a service.

I currently use Aweber email service.  Their statistics/ analytics  suck, interfacing with their system sucks plus it's getting expensive as my list grows.  

I think these services like iContact, Constant Contact, Aweber etc are geared for non techies who can't write HTML newsletters and can't manage a SQL database.

So I need a powerful program that will handle autoresponders, report on bounces, complaints. allow people to un- subscribe etc.

I know I will have to take responsibility for deliverability, complying with spam laws etc.  But I need the flexibility that the services can't give me.

It would be cool if there was one that was open source and built on ColdFusion but that's too much to ask.  Maybe an open source PHP system ?  Or a package so good I don't need to modify it.

Any advice?

I've got a bit of a problem.  I'm trying to create an affiliate newsletter using Constant Contact's email marketing software.  I've embed text boxes (form boxes) in the body of the newsletter.  The text boxes enable my affiliates to copy the code within the boxes so that they may use it to build links on their own webpages.  However when I try to merge a contact field with the text in these boxes, the contact information that is supposed to be within the contact field does not appear in the final emailed copy.
When I eliminate the text box, everything works fine. I just can't seem to make the merge work on the code supplied within the text box.

I'm not sure what to do next.   Has Anyone ever tried to build an affiliate newsletter in Constant contact before?  Please help!
I have a client running Outlook 2007 on an XP SP3 machine in a client/server network. Mail server is MDaemon with client running latest version of Outlook Connector.

Every time the client responds to an email, if the addressee is not in her contact list it automatically gets added. Two other users of other machines on the network (almost identical setups) do not have the issue.

The client in question has Constant Contact software installed. Their tech support says the Constant Contact program cannot cause this. Disabling the Add-In does not correct the problem. The only other odd-ball software is QuickBooks which Intuit states the same as above.

Any suggestions?
I have a form on my website but now I have joined, so I want the name and email address to automatically be submitted to the URL constant contact has provided, and I also need to submit it to my submit code (I use PHP). Is there a way to do this?
We have a client whose email contacts have become too unwieldy to handle using a simple email and BCC so they have decided to use Constant Contact.

They have a database with all their contacts (name, email address, business). What they want is to be able to press a button which will export each individual business' email contacts to a csv file and then zip them all up for download.

I found which looked absolutely ideal, but the link to the component is broken. Any other suggestions?
Hey Guys,

We have an application here that delivers monthly newsletters for our clients.  The subscribers add the newsletter campaigns through our customers websites.

My question revolves around proper delivery of newsletters to ensure that we are not breaking SPAM rules and not being flagged as spammers.

Currently the newsletters that are sent out have the FROM: field set to the clients email address (ie.  To my understanding this would violate SPF rules as our servers are not allowed to send on behalf of AOL.  We also do not have any bounce tracking as the bounce path remains the same as the FROM address, what would we need to change in order to be able to receive the bounce-backs?

How do companies like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Net Atlantic do it this way and they seem to always ensure the message will get through?

I hope there is someone out there that has experience with this subject that can shed some light on our situation.

Thank you,


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Constant Contact is an email marketing software to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Constant Contact has other services that include management of social media accounts.

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