A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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Student’s life is enjoyable and full of fun. Still, everybody knows it won’t last forever.
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Get your Conversational Ransomware Defense e‑book

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Can I introduce OUs in Azure AD or is it very flat and stripped down in Azure?  Only users and groups?
Anyone has experience connecting Chinese office to US?  One of the options is going through Hong Kong but the connection if very poor we heard.

Any other vendors or solutions we should look into?  Fiber connectivity?   Just need to have a reliable connection to one of our US data centers.  Please advise.  Thanks!
Before designing new network for the remote offices.
What information is critical (must know) before making a decision on design, connectivity, device models, etc, etc.  Just need to be prepared before throwing a design.  Want to make is a standard base across all remote offices.  
Appreciate all the recommendations and ideas!
Looking for recommendations for patching/updates management solution across multiple platforms (win, mac, ubuntu).
Around 400 endpoints across multiple office globally.  
Considering:   Servicennow, Kace from Quest, patchlink/heat.   Any other recommendations from other folks?  Endpoing and asset management management.
Thanks in advance!

I've been tasked to setup a Powerchute network shutdown Vmware virtual appliance and have it shutdown my VMs in case of a power outage or thermal disaster.

Can someone advise best practises etc. When should the servers shutdown etc.
What would be a good tool/solution to export users and groups from authoritative source G-Suite over OpenLDAP and import into Active Directory under one OU in Azure?  Moving from on-premises onto Azure.
What are the options?
Hello Experts,

Have any of you guys/girls had any interaction with The Consultant Hub?

If so, can you let me know if you would recommend them?



I couldn't find a suitable topic so I selected Facebook and Consulting (sorry for any confusion)
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What is SQL Server and how does it work?
What is SQL Server and how does it work?

The purpose of this paper is to provide you background on SQL Server. It’s your self-study guide for learning fundamentals. It includes both the history of SQL and its technical basics. Concepts and definitions will form the solid foundation of your future DBA expertise.

We are being told by an outside technical consulting firm that we cannot upgrade servers until our entire network infrastructure has been replaced.  I need an experts opinion on the scenario and comments made by them (below).

For reasons too lengthily to go into here we are still running our internal domain on W2K3 servers. All of the desktops and laptops are "newer" machines running Windows 7 or 10.  We vertualized the BDC's and member servers 2 years ago but are still running the PDC on old (ancient) hardware.  The new server we verualized the other servers on is intended and capable of running a new domain (built from scratch) on Windows Server 2016.

Our current network infrastructure is built on Cat5 cabling installed circa 2001 and our switches are 10/100 with gigabit dual mode (62.5) fiber up-links. These are old and due for replacement also. Our facilities are spread out through several buildings nearly a city block long.  We have obtained quotes to rewire with a combination of single mode fiber and Cat6 cabling to the desktops, WAPS, etc. Those quotes came in around $100K which is some pretty bitter medicine to swallow at this time.

I suggested to the consulting firm that we move forward with the switch replacement using single mode capable units that we can configure to 100Megabit on all ports and proceed with the domain server upgrade.  Their response was as follows:

"we need to have a solid infrastructure in place in order to put the best
Hi there,

I am curious to know if there is a process to help map all DIACAP controls to RMF ? Or if there is already a mapping that was done for this already.

Please let me know your suggestions or experience. Any bit helps

I am a newly enshrined Telco Admin for Clark County Washington and need some help modifying
the dialing plan on 8 NEC 2000 phone systems.  They are finally instituting 10 digit dialing here
in a few months and need to make the appropriate changes to the 2000's to accommodate this.

Is there anyone who would like to make a few $$ consulting or assisting in the changes necessary.
Or can someone recommend a vendor who still supports these boat anchors??

Hello Experts,

I am an independent contractor. I make custom reports and maps for police departments. I use Crystal Reports, T-SQL to prepare scripts for handling data, and ESRI for mapping crime, AVL data, CAD data, etc. I have made $45 per hour since 2008. I want to raise my hourly rate - can you give me some ideas about what people charge for this skill set?

Thank you, Chop
Hello Experts,

Can you please provide steps by step instructions in how to deploy CDP servers for a 2 tier Windows 2012 R2 PKI infrastructure?

The CDP servers will be built and accessible prior to the ROOT CA and Issuing CA builds, so that their URLs can be added to the CRL configuration on the certificates.

Make sure the steps contain tons of screenshots

I have been supporting a network for eight years. It is a simple Windows 2008 R2 domain with 20 workstations or so. The directive is to upgrade their line of business applications, Sage 200 advanced. I have the network plan in hand of what I feel is best but I would like an expert to help me look it over and make sure that my approach is logical.

In short, I have recommended a Dell are 730 server with enough capacity to run several virtual servers including a remote desktop server. The separate physical backup target for backup failover etc.
also upgrading their network security to sonicwall appliances

I'm recommending moving their current email system from pop 3 to O365

I'm recommending to install the physical security (server cabinet) and then all hardware. We can use 90 days to test and develop an environment that can be tested for production use. I have a proposal that I already wrote up and sent to the client.
Scenario: bins are taken out once a week from a storage area to another location more than 20 meters away. I want to know if the bins have NOT been taken out at any given time each week.

eg if the bins are tagged and the storage area has a receiver, the receiver can tell me if the bins are in or out of storage.

I would like to tag around 4 bins only. What cheap and simple tagging solutions exist?  

I would like the receiver to connect to wifi so i can check the status remotely. The tag on the bins should be small and discrete, so as not to encourage vandalism or theft. They should also be very low power so that batteries, if the tag needs them, would need changing at most once a year. Perhaps a magnetic solution would avoid need for batteries on the bins.

The position of the bins in the storage area is not precise but would not vary by more than 2 meters.

Hello Experts,

I would like to get your thoughts about implementing MFA in Azure for a Hybrid Organization [Azure- AD on-prem].

Id like to see the options for two and three factor and understand if we can choose our own combinations (Captcha, Text to Phone, Alternate email).

Can you please provide a brief explanation of all my different choices, and a nice graph or pic of each representation ? Please, do not only attach MS links on how to deploy MFA, and a single copy/paste?

PROS and CONS of each model to be implemented? Any gotchas on each option?

Thanks in advance
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Windows Server 2016: All you need to know
Windows Server 2016: All you need to know

Learn about Hyper-V features that increase functionality and usability of Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Also, throughout this eBook, you’ll find some basic PowerShell examples that will help you leverage the scripts in your environments!

Hello Experts,

My customer runs a hybrid organization Exchange 2010 and O365 using a federation identity model. The ADFS infrastructure is built between Azure and On Prem resources. An express route has been deployed between Azure and AD ON prem to allow proper integration.

Now, there is a request made by the Security department to evaluate and built a POC for Reverse Proxy to add a extra later or security between 0365 and internal network.

Can you please provide me PROS and CONS of using Reverse proxy with Office 365?

Any gotchas?

what are the best practices to integrate Reverse Proxy and O365?

Can you please summarize the Do, and Do not's when deploying Reverse Proxy in a O365 hybrid environment?
I have a festering issue with the owners of my company and our I.T. consulting/hosting vendor.  Our Exchange Database corrupted On the evening of Tuesday, 1/31 and took email down.  Email was offline for one business day but send/receive was available by Thursday.  However we had to restore mailboxes incrementally.

The database is huge...  1.4 terabytes so obviously the restore would take some time...

Restoring back to 1/1/17 (fully restored by Monday), back to 10/1/16 (by end of week), and balance by beginning of following week.

My controller is demanding a full month's credit from our vendor for all services provided (email, hosting, support, maintenance, etc)

Total nut is $25k.  Email hosting svcs represent about 20% of monthly fee.

I've spoken with other people regarding this and the consensus is this demand is just stupid.  But the controller had sold the owners on the "major disruption" this caused and how we lost revenue.

Now, we are definitely an email dependent business, but the question is...  Can the vendor be held that responsible for a database corruption?  Are my owners/controller being close to reasonable?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Hi please,

I am looking for ICT contract template for our computer repair shop.

We provide IT support and would like to offer contract to our businesses locally here in the followings:

- Computer Network support
- Computer Repair and Maintenance
- Web Development and Hosting
- Remote support
- General IT support

I googled earlier but there is tones out there.

If someone can direct me to the right template for the above details for our support - i would very much appreciate.

By Installing windows 7 64bit by custom method makes my PC slow  ????????
PC features
1) Intel Pentium G2030 processor
2) 500 GB hard disk
I have done quite a bit of cabling in the past and made the suggestion to my boss that our IT consulting company is leaving quite a bit of money behind by not offering cabling as a service to our customers. I would like to make sure that what I was taught when cabling in the past is correct. Is there any publications or reference material that is available other than reading through all the ISO specs to make sure that the proper cable is being installed and the proper codes are being followed?
Maybe a "Cabling for dummies" or "Idiots guide to fiber"?
Is there a chart or article or rule of thumb for consulting rate differentials?
If a consultant gets paid $X dollars per hour on a W-2 basis, what does that translate to on a 1099 basis?
Is it 50% more? 2% more?  I'm interested in the higher-tax states like NY, NJ, CT, CA
I realize that state and city taxes factor into this so perhaps there might be a chart with various states/locales listed.


A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.