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A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), managemen...

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I have over 30 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Technology and Developing solutions.

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Is your IT Support provider billing you fairly?

A discussion about the billing practices of IT Support contractors and my ideas of what is fair and what is not!

12 Most Important Questions to ask before building your Mobile App

This article summarizes all the important questions that an app development team has to ask the client before stepping into the development process

My rebut to Why You Should Not Fix A computer for Free

There is a very good article here on Experts Exchange on the 5 Reasons you should NOT fix a computer for free. That article is both articulate and for the most part true. But the other side is worth stating. Here is my experience...
Working at Home

How To Ask Your Employer To Let You Work From Home

Working from home is a dream for many people who aren’t happy about getting up early, going to the office, and spending long hours at work. There are lots of benefits of remote work for employees.

Why you Should Avoid These Career Mistakes

Building a successful professional career is a long and difficult journey, especially in case if your decisions are not chosen carefully. For example, if you think that you can get to the desired position without experience and apply for it, your chances of getting are very low. So, one needs to pro

Sage's Telemedicine Embraces OnPage's Critical Alerting

OnPage brings Secure Critical Messaging to Telemedicine.

5 Reasons to Continue Your Education in Tech

There are many benefits to finding online courses that align with your personal or career goals. Read more about our reasons for continuing your education in technology.

Help Wanted: Finding the Best Candidates

It can often be challenging to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world of technology. This can make recruiting talent difficult for companies of all sizes.

Tips for Landing Your First Freelance Job

It’s an age old story, whether you’re looking for full-time employment or contract work. In order to land a job, you must have experience.

5 Tips on Succeeding in the New Gig Economy

Whether you believe the “gig economy,” as it has been dubbed, is

Triple Threat: Advance your Tech Career

If you want to move up through the ranks in your technology career, talent and hard work are the …

7 Free Tools to Boost Productivity

One of the biggest challenges facing freelancers is balancing multiple projects and deadlines. …

How to be a Good Freelance Client

Originally published Entrepreneur.com

Booming numbers of freelancing professionals …

Use Experts Exchange to Land Your Dream Job

Finding a job can be stressful - searches, resume tweaks, and networking events can be super boring. Luckily we're here to help you land your dream job!

Quick Tips to Launch your Freelancing Career

Follow these tips to boost your freelancing career. Soon enough you'll be enjoying the freedom of being your own boss and working from anywhere.

7 Strategies to Avoid Workday Interruptions

How can you create a game plan that lets you focus on special projects instead of running from cubicle to cubicle every day and feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing? Try these strategies for prioritizing your tasks, offloading what you can, and managing your time effectively.

7 Ways to Elevate your Career in Tech

In this guide, I outline 7 key steps to help technology professionals grow their careers. Whether you have been working in technology for 10 years or for 10 days, follow these steps to help you achieve your career goals and pursue your passions.

Network Like a Pro at Your Next Tech Conference

This comprehensive conference-networking guide will help you prep, practice and pack for success, reach out with purpose and confidence, capitalize on connections, and turn all those new leads into long-term connections.

Transparency in Business: Why it Matters

Transparency shows that a company is the kind of business that it wants people to think it is.

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