A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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As an independent consultant, do you charge for hours actually worked, or do you charge based on industry standard to complete job?

When you get a statement from the mechanic it sometimes shows his rate times the amount of time it takes in the industry to complete a job. (e.g., $100*2hrs - Replace Radiator)

The mechanic above may have spent only 1.5 hrs doing the job, but he would still charge 2 hours as that is the industry standard. In the past, I have always charged for time I actually spent. If a job would normally take 50 hours and I crammed red bulls to complete it in 15 hours, I would charge 15. How do you guys normally do it? If you do it like the mechanic in my example, what industry standard would you use? Is there a standard tine of completion for software developers?
HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
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HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

Build a website from the ground up by first learning the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3, the two popular programming languages used to present content online. HTML deals with fonts, colors, graphics, and hyperlinks, while CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed.

In the past clients would call for advice on how to fix something. Sometimes there would be multiple 5 minute calls sometimes an hour call. How do you guys bill for phone calls?

I.e., How much do you charge if...
*Client calls for 10m once per week?
*Client calls for 10m Once per day?
*Client calls for 10m 3 times/day? etc.,
*Client calls for 45m?
*Client calls for 1hour 5 minutes?

Do you always round up to half hour? Full hour? In the past I wouldn't charge anything if I was helping them for less than 15m/day, but then they would call everyday, so I tallied minutes and rounded up to the hour. I was wondering which rules you guys use and think would be best.
On previous questions, it sounds like other experts addressed that Net 30/1.5% is standard. Nonetheless, with my current client it sometimes took 3 months or more after the invoice. It didn't sound right to me, so when I spoke with my client, her response was:

 "All the contractors here wait that long, your lucky as some wait 6 months or more and it's unprofessional ask. You'll get your money when it is approved."

Is this common in the BI/Software development field or very rare?

Also, is it unprofessional to send a one line email reminder of unpaid balances every 2 weeks when a client is late?

I looking for a measure of fragmentation, and occupancy of a calendar.

This is to assist in managing calendar events in order to reduce gaps between events and increase overall efficiency.

Attached is an example calendar, the grey bars are events. Each row is a resource. The events can sometimes be moved to different resources, and it can be helpful to quantify the benefit of a move.

What kinds of analysis techniques exist in this area?

Are there any analogies to other systems that could be helpful. eg if the calendar were a river, the bars islands, maybe efficiency might be the average flow rate of the river?

Thanks for your thoughts here.

example calendar
A good buddy and I are helping another friend at a large corporation with an Access database performance issue.  My buddy is developing the SQL Web App stuff and I am in charge of all the server maintenance.  Its a 70% 30% split between the both of us.  Is there a service that will let us be paid individually at these percentages? For example client pays the entire balance and then its split 70/30 between the two of us? Does Upwork (or similar) offer something that could be of help in this scenario? We are being paid via a corporate credit card. Which is nice!
Is there a cheap sheet for identifying security issues and their solutions to the challenges.  I wanted to get a list of possible security concerns and then the solutions for such a concern.
I'm looking for a Windows Application to track my time.  I multi-task and I'll switch between tasks for clients constantly.  Sometimes, while I'm waiting for one task to complete I'll move on to another for a different client.  When I'm doing that, it's not fair to the client to bill them for the time working on other clients, so I try to track it... but sometimes it's difficult.

So, I'm looking for something akin to a chess timer/clock/stopwatch.  But instead of two timers (one for each player), it should be for at least 10 different things.  And when you click one, all others should stop.  Ideally, I'll be able to label them.  Example:

Example Timer App
The Yellow timers are all paused and the aqua green is active counting time.

Ideally, this would have an always on top setting and run on Windows so when I switch between tasks, it's a quick mouse click and then start working again.

Anyone use or know of such a program?  Actually trying to write one myself, but before I go too nuts, I thought I'd ask if anyone else uses/has/knows of one.

Does anyone in the Minneapolis area know of any independent contractors that specialize in DFARS Compliance help for manufacturing?
I am looking for an independent contractor who can do gap analysis, get paid, go away, be on call for remediation help when needed, get paid, go away, then come back for the final assessment, get paid, go away, then come back once a year to make sure we are in compliance with any DFARS changes.

I do NOT want a managed services contractor.
There are many companies out there who SAY they do DFARS, then hire the consultant, on top of the managed services contract they secure FIRST, and yeah, I'm not going there.
I am looking for some relatively on-demand VMWare consulting.  Occasionally I run into a VMWare issue that I cannot resolve.  Usually that needs somewhat immediate attention (within a few hours), phone conversations, screen sharing, etc. to get the problem resolved.  

You guys know of a good fit for that?

Thanks very much.
I'm presently looking for a new occupational opportunity and I get many calls/emails from different places, some seem like they are from overseas, and they are for the same position?  Is there a way I can also become an "IT recruiter"?  How simple of a task can this be and what will I need to get started?  Also, seems like 95% of the communication I do receive might be from overseas, although the positions are in the US.

I also wanted to know if there might be a particular website/s besides the standard linkedin, indeed, that these recruiters find open positions?

Just curious :), but is someone knows please enlighten my innocence.
Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

Learn to build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends by covering the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core and  exploring the core foundations for app libraries.

I am asking for recommendation on MSP and/or RMM platforms solutions or software--please provide your recommendations based on your personal experience and why you recommend it over any others--thanks.
We have a few end users that work remotely as traveling salesman. They are given laptops that are merely standalone, and are not joined to the domain.  They have installed Outlook 2016 without consulting with anyone in IT. Previous versions of Outlook allowed you to manually configure Outlook Anywhere, which, in turn, would allow them to connect to our Exchange 2010 SP3 server. As all of you know, the ability for this manual configuration was removed in Outlook 2016, and you must use Auto discover to receive to necessary configurations. However, we don't have an external Auto discover point configured. Nor is it likely to happen in the near future. My question is: Is there a feasible workaround? (other than POP3 or IMAP)
PLEASE READ ENTIRE QUESTION--I am looking for a recommendation from someone who had had FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE with software for an electrical contractor; this electrical contractor works in both the commercial and residential markets and does work on new as well as existing properties. They are looking for a solution that incorporates construction accounting (G/L, A/R, A/P, etc.), a service module for work orders, scheduling, dispatching, as well as T&M billing (mobile tracking included), along with a mobile app that includes invoicing & payments. They also want project and materials management for their bigger commercial projects, and proposal management that can easily be turned into actual jobs.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME LINKS TO SITES THAT COMPARE SOFTWARE as I have already done that myself--I have looked at a lot of sites that contrast and compare supposed constructor specific software but when I call and speak to these companies most are general purpose companies and DO NOT have the special and unique features needed in the electrical construction, maintenance and repair business. That is why I am asking for recommendation only from those who have had first-hand experience with actually using and/or implementing software in this very specific industry. They DO NOT want a solution that calls for combining solutions from many different companies, Thank you very much for your time.
I have a Talktalk account that allows me to divert my landline to another number. If i want to change the number i have to dial a series of codes from the landline phone itself. If Talktalk don't start to offer this feature as a remote service i may consider some kind of wifi remote controlled dialler, is there something like that in existence that's easy to setup? As i need to be able to change the divert number remotely.
Looking to contract a Windows Remote Desktop Services expert to review a current install and make suggestions. Having some issues with screen scaling and remote apps performance.

Please let me know if you know of a person or company.

Thank you.
For someone who is coming from the in house IT world starting their own IT Managed Service (Small Business Only). What would be the best practice and most effective form of contractual agreements ? In other words what would be the best way to package services such as monitoring backups, system monitoring, patch management, av support, and support calls. What should contracts like this include ? For example if someone has a set amount of hours monthly contracted  and the customer will need more hours added since they've already used up the package amount. How would you structure the top up plan going forward ? Also what is the best contractual formula for web design as well as IT Managed Service ? My website is if anyone wants to see my offerings to get a better idea of how to answer these questions.
I had this question after viewing STOP: c0000218 (Registry File Failure) - Windows 2000 Server.

Hello everyone...after consulting with a few other forums on this topic, with limited success, I am hoping to find a definitive solution here on the Experts Exchange.

Having posted a number of topics on this issue elsewhere, I'll keep it brief: I have an HP Vectra desktop computer that runs Windows 2000 Professional, but the device was stricken with the c0000218 "Blue Screen Of Death" back in 2010. With the help of some online computer-repair forum users elsewhere, I've managed to make some progress in trying to troubleshoot the error In the past year-plus, but have unfortunately hit a bit of a standstill in the process, and no other forum users have been able to help me move forward. Which finally brings me here to the Experts Exchange page. To save some trouble, I will provide links to the other forum topics I've started, some of which have screen captures to illustrate my progress, at the bottom of this post.

Fortunately, much of the hard work has already been done by myself with the help of the other forums' users, so hopefully, that one helpful tip to get through my logjam can come from any one of you here on this site.

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies :-)

Microsoft Answers
Bleeping Computer [1] [2]
CNET Forums
Hello, I am currently taking a course on on front-end web development so I'm fairly new to programming. Once I complete the course I'd like to begin with some basic projects for work to begin gaining experience. As a rookie, I know I will come across many challenges so I am looking to shorten the learning curve by obtaining guidance and support from a qualified mentor/consultant. Are there any providers out there that offer both free or paid consulting services?
I would need help with project consultation, troubleshooting, code review to ensure adequate standards. Thanks!
In a previous question we're shopping for an ingredient which comes in standard pack sizes of either 100g, 250g or 500g, having prices $0.40, $0.75 and $1.00 respectively.


PackSize = {100; 250; 500}
PackPrice = {0.40; 0.75; 1.00}

QuantityNeeded = {0.... up in steps of GCD(PackSize)... MaxQuantity }

GCD = greatest common divisor, eg GCD({100; 250; 500}) = 50

We only need to define a table with intervals in these steps as in between there won't be any change in the cost. I think this logic is right, please correct me if wrong.

We then define f_mincost(QuantityNeeded ) as the set of packs that meets the QuantityNeeded at minimum cost, eg:

f_mincost(1050) gives 1 x 100g + 2 x 500g at a total cost of $2.40

This problem is solved in the previous question by using dynamic programming to create a lookup table of values:

a) Quantity needed, eg 1050
b) Minimum cost, eg $2.40
c) Pack selection, eg 100, 500, 500

1. What MaxQuantity do we need to tabulate upto before the pattern is repeating
    ie MaxQuantity = some function of Packsize
2. How can we define f_mincost(QuantityNeeded) as a function of this repeating pattern
   eg what is f_mincost(6400) as a function of f_mincost(some value <= MaxQuantity)

This is is probably straightforward but after the previous question my head has been frazzled!

Thanks again
OWASP Proactive Controls
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OWASP Proactive Controls

Learn the most important control and control categories that every architect and developer should include in their projects.

Hi there,

I am curious to know if there is a process to help map all DIACAP controls to RMF ? Or if there is already a mapping that was done for this already.

Please let me know your suggestions or experience. Any bit helps

I am a newly enshrined Telco Admin for Clark County Washington and need some help modifying
the dialing plan on 8 NEC 2000 phone systems.  They are finally instituting 10 digit dialing here
in a few months and need to make the appropriate changes to the 2000's to accommodate this.

Is there anyone who would like to make a few $$ consulting or assisting in the changes necessary.
Or can someone recommend a vendor who still supports these boat anchors??

Scenario: bins are taken out once a week from a storage area to another location more than 20 meters away. I want to know if the bins have NOT been taken out at any given time each week.

eg if the bins are tagged and the storage area has a receiver, the receiver can tell me if the bins are in or out of storage.

I would like to tag around 4 bins only. What cheap and simple tagging solutions exist?  

I would like the receiver to connect to wifi so i can check the status remotely. The tag on the bins should be small and discrete, so as not to encourage vandalism or theft. They should also be very low power so that batteries, if the tag needs them, would need changing at most once a year. Perhaps a magnetic solution would avoid need for batteries on the bins.

The position of the bins in the storage area is not precise but would not vary by more than 2 meters.

Hi please,

I am looking for ICT contract template for our computer repair shop.

We provide IT support and would like to offer contract to our businesses locally here in the followings:

- Computer Network support
- Computer Repair and Maintenance
- Web Development and Hosting
- Remote support
- General IT support

I googled earlier but there is tones out there.

If someone can direct me to the right template for the above details for our support - i would very much appreciate.

I wanted to know how I could get my hands on some Cisco labs?  I interviewed for a Cisco position, but don't have the full hands on for landing a Cisco position.  I was told that I could use VIRL, but it seems like the site does not offer any books or information with regards to creating my own labs.  

Thanks for the information.  I'd like to go more on the security route with Cisco.
Hi, i need to do a penetration test for a web application. I was wonder who would be the best company to ask to perform such a test?
Any recommendations?
I am based in Melbourne..


A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.