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A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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Anyone knows the requirements for the racks clearance in the server room?  Or recommended clearance off the walls.

I read front should be 36" and rear 24"  Now, what about the sides of the racks?  Contractor is about to install one of my racks with its side flashed to the wall.  I believe it would be uncomfortable to mount equipment with one side right next to the wall.  Screw rails in, cable mgmt, power, etc.
What are the requirements or suggestions.  Thanks in advance.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

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Hi Experts

This is a follow up on a question asked previously on this forum (https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29073016/A-number-of-Services-stop-on-a-RDS-Server-2016.html)

We have a sick RDS 2016.
  • It has ~ 15 users. It is VM on a HyperV 2016.
  • It is a member of an AD.
  • The other VM server is the DC + File & Print
  • Users are using Office 365
  • Each user's Outlook can have between 1 and 5 mailboxes

I have spent several days (probably 40h+) trying to fix it to no avail.

I am considering building a new RDS and migrate all the profiles if I cannot otherwise fix the issues on the RDS.

  1. What would be the recommended way to build the 2nd server to minimise work of transferring profiles (Roaming profile, scripting, RDS farms,...?)
  2. Is there an Expert interested in assisting me with this

Anytime familiar with electric power washers?   I want to switch to electric and not to lose much power.  
Any recommendations?

I'd like to take a list of intervals defined by pairs of numbers, eg

and convert this into a consolidated list counting any overlapping intervals as one, so the above example would give:

See attached drawing that illustrates this.

I want to do this with array/matrix operations, if possible, so I can implement in google sheets without coding.

I noticed a lot of contractors mount electrical receptacles above the racks up in the cable tray.  About 8' high.  Is that a normal practice?
When you bring a heavy UPS on the bottom of the cabinet the cable doesn't reach that high for the 10Amp twist lock plug.  And not very comfortable to run thick UPS cables up 8' to the tray above the rack.  
Is this a new standard practice these days?
So I walked into this newly built server room and see a water sprinklers hanging right on the top of the racks.

I never seen sprinklers in the server rooms before in my career.  Is it acceptable for the server rooms or absolutely no no?   Wonder other's opinions before I push back hard.  I understand this is not a data center but a server room for 100 users office floor.
Thanks in advance.

Say you're shopping for some ingredients which come in standard pack sizes of either 100g, 250g or 500g, having prices $0.40, $0.75 and $1.00 respectively.

Depending on the exact quantity you need, you can choose to optimise your choice of pack purchases according to price or minimum wastage, or perhaps some combination of the two.

For example if you need 350g, you could buy 1 x 500g pack for $1.00, and waste 150g, or buy 1 x 250g + 1x100g at a cost of $1.15 and have no wastage.

Given the quantity you need, how could you optimise your pack selection mathematically? (a) for minimum cost, and (b) for minimum wastage?

ie some function(quantity needed) gives the pack sizes and quantities to buy, eg:
f_mincost(350) outputs 1 x 500g
f_minwaste(350) outputs 1 x 250g, 1 x 100g

Here is a spreadsheet with some more examples:

Many thanks
I have here what I think is a classical O.R. (operations research) problem. I'm looking to formulate it mathematically and look at the options available to solve it.

We have a list of say 100 recipes.

These recipes combined use 400 ingredients.

The quantity of ingredients required for all the recipes could be defined by a matrix dimension 100 x 400.

We can combine recipes into meal plans, so that the ingredients required for a meal plan is the total of the ingredients required for each recipe in the meal plan.

Each ingredient has an associated cost, that varies depending on the quantity bought.

Say the cost variations can be expressed with no more than 5 cost buckets per ingredient. Eg.

Bucket, Cost / kg
< 1kg, £4.00
1-5kg, £3.50
5-20kg, £3.00
20-100kg, £2.80
> 100kg, £2.50

The ingredient costs can be expressed in two matrices each of dimension 400 x 5:
a) One matrix 400 x 5 giving the buckets for each ingredient
b) Another matrix 400 x 5 giving the unit costs per ingredient and bucket number (1 to 5)

A given meal plan will have a given ingredient requirement, with associated total cost determined via the above matrices.

Suppose we constrain the number of meals in the meal plan to say 4 meals, and these 4 meals must be different recipes. For simplicity (!) we have no other constraints for now.

Our objective is to choose our meal plan (4 meals) such that the total cost is minimised.

1. How do we formulate this problem?
Hi all,
We have an Access VBA application that has grown over the last 10 years into 124k lines of code used by around 400 users. It talks to a main frame and an MS SQL Dbase and is effectively a reporting tool. We have a small young development team on site working with the code base. What I am looking for is a resource that can come in and assess the experience gap and then work with the team to implement a solution. I am thinking mentoring and onsite training/consultation rather than off the shelf training courses as they don't seem to provide any added value. Anyone have suggestions or organizations/people they have used to good effect in the UK?
Building a server room for 75 to 100 users office.
Gen. Contractor designing the room with wall-mount patch panels.  I never seen/worked with these before.  Normally just on the rack so you can have access both sides.  
Any suggestions/input?  Thanks.
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Upgrade your Question Security!

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Building a new server room.  What are the opinions to go with CAT6 vs CAT6A.
Heard A its more expensive than regular 6 and more difficult to use in the field due to the jacket thickness.

Please advice.
I need to change all the users' logon name domain name
so instead of john@companyA.com change to john@companyB.com
In user's properties Account tab.

How can it be done please?
Already have existing AD with windows server 2016 DC.
Trying to add 2nd domain controller and no luck. >> Encountered an error contacting domain ad.name.com
The server is not operational.>>>  >>An Active Directory domain controller for the domain 'ad.name.com' could not be contacted.
I can ping the DC by IP and by name no problem.  
Server is not Joined to the Domain yet.  

Any ideas?
We have MS Volume Licenses.  When trying to activate this box it gives this error.  We do not have an 'activation server'.  This is all we have.  How to solve this issue?
In a meeting some time back, a comment was thrown on the table that over 88% of companies in the US, with 100+ employees, are using social media.  We don't have any social media presences and are now considering it - we did started setting up just accounts for social media that was mention in that meeting (facebook, tweeter, linkedin, youtube, instagram, pinterest).

We understand this is a vast subject, and maybe complicated, but would greatly appreciated any EE that may have some experience in the topic, share their advice  in:

- what to consider prior.
- which social media get into first.
- how many should we set up in.
- doing this less monies possible (as a start).

Thank you in advance.
I've been researching credit cards the past couple of days and there are so many different choices.

I see AMEX is highly recommended, higher yearly fee, along with Chase INK. Card is paid in full each month so interest rates don't matter.

I don't travel much for business. The business is all Web Consulting.

Any suggestions on what you recommend or to stay away from?


The majority of my consulting is for individual UK Based home users and one/two - man band businesses. I have seen the recent rise in VPN services available given the need for increased privacy. I have been wondering whether these services would be of any use to my clients in the sense that if they value privacy, would it be a relevant service to offer them? A lot of these clients may not necessarily be visiting P2P sites or grayer areas of the Internet but can it still be effective in typical day to day activities.
I guess there will be trade offs in performance but  before trialing out a service myself more thoroughly i wanted to see what the EE community have to say,

We have a pool of MS VL here in US.  We have another branch-office in China.  Can they use our US VL to build a Windows Server in China?
Stupid question, please see attached.  When measuring the actual shortest distance between SFO to Amsterdam is shows 5,425mi.  The airplane route shows longer 10k+ miles.   Why wouldn't the flight goes the shortest distance?  Or is it how the distance vs measurement shows on the map just for user's simplicity?  

google maps
Free Tool: IP Lookup
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Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Hello Experts,

I have a computer business that offers many different types of services for Residental and Business. I have a different pricing platform for the two. I charge $75 per hour for Business and I have certain fees that are different for residental customers. The question I have is I need a Service/Description for my Business Clients for my invoice. Any ideas on proper Service / Description that has to do with Technology?
I have two domain controllers.  How does Azure AD Directory Sync works?  Should I install it on both DC's and have one enabled/one disabled?  If one DC tanks, enable Dir Sync on another one?  Or do I enable both?
Does anyone know how Azure Directory Sync works?
We have a project on offer which would require one of my techs to travel to the other side of the country. It's about 30 hours work, we estimate, however, there is a lot of time where data will be migrating where there is no requirement for him to be present, maybe upto 3 days worth. He would need to be there for the start, maybe hang around a few hours to make sure it will migrate smoothly and then on call in case it fails, then a bunch of work at the end. I am trying to work out the fair way to charge for the work, given he will need there for long periods of time not really doing much. It's not worth bringing him back for that, plus flights etc, so I am trying to work out how others charge for that work? Do you charge a daily rate or something else? I assume the customer pays or provides accommodation and what about meals etc?The work is for a large tertiary organization.
Trying to deploy an AD and cannot use the NetBIOS name that I want.  Saying same already exist.  
How can it be if we do not have any domain?
Can it be conflicting with a machine name someone name as such?
Can I introduce OUs in Azure AD or is it very flat and stripped down in Azure?  Only users and groups?


A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.