A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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Hello Experts,

Have any of you guys/girls had any interaction with The Consultant Hub?

If so, can you let me know if you would recommend them?



I couldn't find a suitable topic so I selected Facebook and Consulting (sorry for any confusion)
[eBook] Windows Nano Server
 [eBook] Windows Nano Server

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We are being told by an outside technical consulting firm that we cannot upgrade servers until our entire network infrastructure has been replaced.  I need an experts opinion on the scenario and comments made by them (below).

For reasons too lengthily to go into here we are still running our internal domain on W2K3 servers. All of the desktops and laptops are "newer" machines running Windows 7 or 10.  We vertualized the BDC's and member servers 2 years ago but are still running the PDC on old (ancient) hardware.  The new server we verualized the other servers on is intended and capable of running a new domain (built from scratch) on Windows Server 2016.

Our current network infrastructure is built on Cat5 cabling installed circa 2001 and our switches are 10/100 with gigabit dual mode (62.5) fiber up-links. These are old and due for replacement also. Our facilities are spread out through several buildings nearly a city block long.  We have obtained quotes to rewire with a combination of single mode fiber and Cat6 cabling to the desktops, WAPS, etc. Those quotes came in around $100K which is some pretty bitter medicine to swallow at this time.

I suggested to the consulting firm that we move forward with the switch replacement using single mode capable units that we can configure to 100Megabit on all ports and proceed with the domain server upgrade.  Their response was as follows:

"we need to have a solid infrastructure in place in order to put the best
Hello Experts,

I am an independent contractor. I make custom reports and maps for police departments. I use Crystal Reports, T-SQL to prepare scripts for handling data, and ESRI for mapping crime, AVL data, CAD data, etc. I have made $45 per hour since 2008. I want to raise my hourly rate - can you give me some ideas about what people charge for this skill set?

Thank you, Chop
Hello Experts,

Can you please provide steps by step instructions in how to deploy CDP servers for a 2 tier Windows 2012 R2 PKI infrastructure?

The CDP servers will be built and accessible prior to the ROOT CA and Issuing CA builds, so that their URLs can be added to the CRL configuration on the certificates.

Make sure the steps contain tons of screenshots

I have been supporting a network for eight years. It is a simple Windows 2008 R2 domain with 20 workstations or so. The directive is to upgrade their line of business applications, Sage 200 advanced. I have the network plan in hand of what I feel is best but I would like an expert to help me look it over and make sure that my approach is logical.

In short, I have recommended a Dell are 730 server with enough capacity to run several virtual servers including a remote desktop server. The separate physical backup target for backup failover etc.
also upgrading their network security to sonicwall appliances

I'm recommending moving their current email system from pop 3 to O365

I'm recommending to install the physical security (server cabinet) and then all hardware. We can use 90 days to test and develop an environment that can be tested for production use. I have a proposal that I already wrote up and sent to the client.
Hello Experts,

I would like to get your thoughts about implementing MFA in Azure for a Hybrid Organization [Azure- AD on-prem].

Id like to see the options for two and three factor and understand if we can choose our own combinations (Captcha, Text to Phone, Alternate email).

Can you please provide a brief explanation of all my different choices, and a nice graph or pic of each representation ? Please, do not only attach MS links on how to deploy MFA, and a single copy/paste?

PROS and CONS of each model to be implemented? Any gotchas on each option?

Thanks in advance
Hello Experts,

My customer runs a hybrid organization Exchange 2010 and O365 using a federation identity model. The ADFS infrastructure is built between Azure and On Prem resources. An express route has been deployed between Azure and AD ON prem to allow proper integration.

Now, there is a request made by the Security department to evaluate and built a POC for Reverse Proxy to add a extra later or security between 0365 and internal network.

Can you please provide me PROS and CONS of using Reverse proxy with Office 365?

Any gotchas?

what are the best practices to integrate Reverse Proxy and O365?

Can you please summarize the Do, and Do not's when deploying Reverse Proxy in a O365 hybrid environment?
By Installing windows 7 64bit by custom method makes my PC slow  ????????
PC features
1) Intel Pentium G2030 processor
2) 500 GB hard disk
I have done quite a bit of cabling in the past and made the suggestion to my boss that our IT consulting company is leaving quite a bit of money behind by not offering cabling as a service to our customers. I would like to make sure that what I was taught when cabling in the past is correct. Is there any publications or reference material that is available other than reading through all the ISO specs to make sure that the proper cable is being installed and the proper codes are being followed?
Maybe a "Cabling for dummies" or "Idiots guide to fiber"?
Is there a chart or article or rule of thumb for consulting rate differentials?
If a consultant gets paid $X dollars per hour on a W-2 basis, what does that translate to on a 1099 basis?
Is it 50% more? 2% more?  I'm interested in the higher-tax states like NY, NJ, CT, CA
I realize that state and city taxes factor into this so perhaps there might be a chart with various states/locales listed.
Free Tool: SSL Checker
Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I've been doing research on Data Governance (and feeling the pain of NOT having a D.G. program). I posted this question on EE about users and IT roles, and got really good feedback.

I have a presentation ready for management, just the basics of what is D.G. I was asked to find any templates or samples of D.G. policies and procedures. Can anyone help ? I'm doing my own continued research but thought I would post here to the experts.

One of my main resources is the book "Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy, and Sustain a D.G. Program", by John Ladley. It's a really good book, but it's mostly direction so when it's time to actually build a program, you're still looking for the tools.

Here's a company that does Data Governance consulting, Datum, so I've contacted them for info.

Just hoping someone can point me to some templates or sample D.G. policies / procedures.

Here's a diagram I did on the roles, what do you think ???
Data Governance roles
Internal debate here about the IT Department (of which I am a member) which thinks it's the arbiter of all things - data and processes. As a result, the users have many workarounds, and they grumble and complain to no end.

I have been looking at Data Governance concepts and approaches, but they seem to  focus mostly on "securing data", "data quality", etc. which in practice is an IT function. In the book "Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program", there is no much mention of users, and nothing in the index, and just a brief chart on stakeholders - no discussion that they are the key.

Plus I've read a fair number of articles on Data Governance, and while the focus is on "governing" (as a leadership responsibility), it still seems to be an IT-centric function.

What I'm really looking for are resources to discuss the role of IT vs. business, with IT as the service organization, the importance of stakeholders, etc. I couldn't find anything with a web search, so posted this.

My organization is going to be doing a consolidation of it's SQL Servers.  They are intending to use MSDN subscriptions to license the non-production environments this article gave me an idea of how this works

My query is are there any Microsoft articles that detail what MSDN Subscription level (Pro, Prem, Ult) give a subscriber in terms products that they are allowed install on a test server?

Any assistance is welcome.

Thank you.
Please provide me with the steps on how to upgrade the firmware on an Engenius BH-ENS202Wi-Fi router.
I wanted to know how I could get assistance with my resume as far as polishing it up as well as with creating  my best profile for LinkedIn?  I know there are services online for this, but I wanted to hear from someone whose actually had experience in this field.  The pros and cons of this service.  I noticed that is not much of a guarantee of such services.  My present job role is IT engineer...Cisco, VMware, Windows...

I just want to check terminology:

If i have a column of numbers ranked from smallest to largest, eg

If i scale those numbers to run from 0 to 100 i get (with rounding)

What are these scaled numbers called? Related to percentile i think, but not that.

Hi, though is not a technical issue, wanted EE advice hoping there are expert experienced in the area.  We have a client that has no technology whatsoever (incredible as it seem) and want to try cover every aspect possible during our interviews with key personal so thus recommend optimal investments & processes.  Please advice steps to follow, thank you in advance.
I am about to talk to a company interested in hiring me as their IT person on contract basis. This company is based in South Carolina (SC) and it has 4 branches within SC and two other branches in two different states. Each branch will have an average of about 15 computers. I am supposed to take care of all the computers in all the branches. Will be required to travel to the branch in case something comes up that cannot be done via remote support. There will be backup of computers, Active directory ( 2 Servers), VPN and sharepoint server setup. Email will be POP. Basically I'll be taking care of the IT needs of this company. I'll be serving about 60 users. They are expecting me to attend to their IT needs within hours when needed. They will only pay for my flight (or mileage ), hotel and meals should I travel to other branches to work. I'll take care of setting up security cameras for the branches too.
I just need some advice on how much will be a fair monthly fee to charge this company based on their needs. They are planning on paying me on 1099 or put me W2.  How much should I demand to be paid on each pay structure?.
 I'll also need some advice on how to craft the contract terms with this company so as to avoid any false expectation of work to be done in the future or "we thought you were going to do this or that scenario"
Any advice from seasoned pros on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Please recommend a Windows laptop for CPA accountant.  
Software used - Pro Series by Intuit.  Other use - just regular stuff (surf the net, office, etc.)
14" screen sufficient.  Regular battery life, not much travel.

I normally prefer Lenovo and Dell as a 2nd choice.  Open to other good deals and ideas.  

Thanks in advance.
Creating Instructional Tutorials  
Creating Instructional Tutorials  

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Anyone know if Paypal works internaltionally?

My cousin needs to send me money from Israel to US.   Would it work using Friends & Family option w/o fees?

If it doesn't work this way.  What are the other options to transfer w/o fees.  Around $1000.

I am a one person IT consulting company and I want to offer a backup solution to my small and home business clients. What are you feelings towards Carbonite's Partner Program and would you recommend anyone over them?
thanks in advance!
Anyone knows what phone service Israel use?  

I want to make a gift for my cousin in Israel and send him an iPhone 7 from US.
I have this simple gaage remote opener with DIP switches.  10 DIP switches inside.

Does anyone know what frequencies these remotes operate?  Or does it really matter when shopping for a new remotes?

So my folks like to download movie and watch on large LCD TV screen connected via HDMI to the laptop.
They got some sort of $15/mo service.  

They got Sonic Gigabit Fiber Internet.  However the laptop is only 100Mbps.   A times the download freezes.  Would it improve if they get another laptop with 1Gbps NIC?   I think not really because the bottleneck would also be an Internet.   They really want to try though :)



A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.