A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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Please provide me with the steps on how to upgrade the firmware on an Engenius BH-ENS202Wi-Fi router.
I wanted to know how I could get assistance with my resume as far as polishing it up as well as with creating  my best profile for LinkedIn?  I know there are services online for this, but I wanted to hear from someone whose actually had experience in this field.  The pros and cons of this service.  I noticed that is not much of a guarantee of such services.  My present job role is IT engineer...Cisco, VMware, Windows...

I just want to check terminology:

If i have a column of numbers ranked from smallest to largest, eg

If i scale those numbers to run from 0 to 100 i get (with rounding)

What are these scaled numbers called? Related to percentile i think, but not that.

Hi, though is not a technical issue, wanted EE advice hoping there are expert experienced in the area.  We have a client that has no technology whatsoever (incredible as it seem) and want to try cover every aspect possible during our interviews with key personal so thus recommend optimal investments & processes.  Please advice steps to follow, thank you in advance.
I am about to talk to a company interested in hiring me as their IT person on contract basis. This company is based in South Carolina (SC) and it has 4 branches within SC and two other branches in two different states. Each branch will have an average of about 15 computers. I am supposed to take care of all the computers in all the branches. Will be required to travel to the branch in case something comes up that cannot be done via remote support. There will be backup of computers, Active directory ( 2 Servers), VPN and sharepoint server setup. Email will be POP. Basically I'll be taking care of the IT needs of this company. I'll be serving about 60 users. They are expecting me to attend to their IT needs within hours when needed. They will only pay for my flight (or mileage ), hotel and meals should I travel to other branches to work. I'll take care of setting up security cameras for the branches too.
I just need some advice on how much will be a fair monthly fee to charge this company based on their needs. They are planning on paying me on 1099 or put me W2.  How much should I demand to be paid on each pay structure?.
 I'll also need some advice on how to craft the contract terms with this company so as to avoid any false expectation of work to be done in the future or "we thought you were going to do this or that scenario"
Any advice from seasoned pros on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Please recommend a Windows laptop for CPA accountant.  
Software used - Pro Series by Intuit.  Other use - just regular stuff (surf the net, office, etc.)
14" screen sufficient.  Regular battery life, not much travel.

I normally prefer Lenovo and Dell as a 2nd choice.  Open to other good deals and ideas.  

Thanks in advance.
Anyone know if Paypal works internaltionally?

My cousin needs to send me money from Israel to US.   Would it work using Friends & Family option w/o fees?

If it doesn't work this way.  What are the other options to transfer w/o fees.  Around $1000.

I am a one person IT consulting company and I want to offer a backup solution to my small and home business clients. What are you feelings towards Carbonite's Partner Program and would you recommend anyone over them?
thanks in advance!
Anyone knows what phone service Israel use?  

I want to make a gift for my cousin in Israel and send him an iPhone 7 from US.
I have this simple gaage remote opener with DIP switches.  10 DIP switches inside.

Does anyone know what frequencies these remotes operate?  Or does it really matter when shopping for a new remotes?

So my folks like to download movie and watch on large LCD TV screen connected via HDMI to the laptop.
They got some sort of $15/mo service.  

They got Sonic Gigabit Fiber Internet.  However the laptop is only 100Mbps.   A times the download freezes.  Would it improve if they get another laptop with 1Gbps NIC?   I think not really because the bottleneck would also be an Internet.   They really want to try though :)

LCD TV 40" screen connected to the laptop with HDMI cable.  Once in a while randomly  goes dark/turns off for 2-3 seconds.  TV power stays on.  Laptop screen stays on.

Should I try another HDMI cable or there issue with a laptop?    Any ideas?  

Can someone assist me with this?  I can't seem to find any SonicWall CBT's...preferably updated videos, if possible.
My IT support operation has grown, however not enough to support a full-time employee (besides myself). is there a service available that can provide coverage when I am out of town? I spoke with another IT provider years ago who mentioned Ingram Micro, but I haven't had any luck finding such as service.

Shopping for a batery for my Lenovo T530.  I see some OEM Lenovo 6-cell listed as 4400mAh capacity and other Generic/Unbranded at 5200mAh capacity.  Exampled below from eBay:

Why do they have different capacities with same Voltage?  Do they use different cell type batteries?

Please advice.
How does one calculate their going rate for consulting work in NY?
I want to provide MSP services to small businesses with 100 and less workstations.  I have looked at SolarWinds' N-Central and MaxFocus RemoteManagement, and they are both GFI products.  They seem promising, but once you add windows patching, backup, anti-virus protection, and third party patching the cost escalates a bit per endpoint.  ManageEngine looks good, but the price is rather high.  I am looking for a reasonable priced cloud solution that I can offer to my clients.   I simply want to streamline windows and third patching, check the health of any endpoint, provide anti-virus/anti-malware, and even considering backup up some endpoints.  Using a local server to manage and maintain everything is not an option, so that is why a web console where all clients can be viewed and managed is preferred.
My customer is company with the following IT infrastructure:

1. A single forest/domain with multiple sites in a Hybrid organization AD -Azure

2. Exchange 2010 - Office 365 hybrid infrastructure

3. In the production network, there are multiple DCs, GC, 2 internal ADFS servers. One IntraVnet for prod, load balancers. Another Vnet with 2 WAP proxy servers between internal firewall and external firewalls.

4, There is a express route between on premise resources and Microsoft Azure resources

5. Client has 2 Azure subscriptions, one for production and another one for QA

5, Client has deployed 2 tenant, one for their internal resources and applications, and another tenant to host applications for their consultants and apps

Client purchased a while ago a tool named Tools4ever that basically allow clients to reset their password in the cloud, unlock their accounts, via self-service.

Here are my questions

My client is looking to purchase Premium Azure version, and use all features to:

Allow customers to self-service password reset, same for unlock their accounts via browser using same self-service model.

What are my options to replace this tool, and have Azure to perform all activities above?

Please, provide at least 2 options, and their implications. For example, option 1. Enable password writeback and redirect current URL login users to use new link in Azure? what ULR should use? implication, service impact?

As per screenshots below? this…
Hi Guys, need help with something. Organisation have decided that they want to explore the opportunity of sending our IT hardware infrastructure to external data center. I have been doing research and most of the information are on hand. I need to create a report and present it to executive. Is there any guidelines or templates out there which can be helpful? I googled it more that getting lucky there.
I wanted to make a short term investment.  I received an email from a local bank stating that if I place money into a checking/savings account, they'll give me $400 for keeping the account for 3 months.  Since I'll need to place $10,000 into the account I think I might just do it.  Since I presently have about 50k in cash, I wanted to place more money into such accounts, but I doubt that they'll allow me to deposit more money in such an account.  I wanted to know if there's other alternatives to making small gain in other accounts, presently?
Hi -

We are writing a business case to migrate the IS/IT services from an in-house department to a 3rd party company (which we own).  Does anyone have a draft of a plan they can share, resources to point me in the right direction, a template, or even a table of contents?

It should cover things like SLA, Pricing, Security, Networking, Help Desk, Project Management, Vendor/Contract management, Infrastructure and Server Management, and all other areas of IT. It should also include information about the migration and stand-up of the new infrastructure.
I have been operating as a break fix solution provider for about 10 years.  I have been very fortunate to be able to provide for myself and family. I want to start integrating more of manages services approach, less fire drills etc.  I'm struggling with re evaluating the rates I'm currently billing per hour and with what services I should provide as a MSP and what  I should be charging and factors to take into consideration.  I don't suppose anyone here would be willing share some advice, perhaps an example contracts or  relevent links, help me navigate this new adventure?

My short history
A+,  MCSE  2000,  B.S. in MIS 2015(focus on security)
10 + years as a IT Consultant

Thanks in advance for your consideration, reponsces will be much appreciated

I am victim of UK based company named as "Coinscrypt Ltd" having website : I have invested there 3 Bitcoins (i.e. costs INR. 1,78,000 approx.) on dated June 19, 2016. I have registered on this website on dated June 17, 2016 with term and conditions that I can withdraw my amount at any time.

Now from June 25, 2016, this website is not allowed to withdraw any amount to me. I checked with some of the known person, and found some views of social networking that this website is not allowed to withdraw to anyone worldwide.

Company Details Provided on website :-
COMPANY : CoinsCrypt Limited
ADDRESS: 42 Walton Street London SW3 1RD United Kingdom
PHONE NUMBER: +44 (203) 000-0000

As per my investigation, I found some more details about this website :-
 Admin Name : Eric Lynch
Admin Organization : Coinscrypt Ltd
Admin Street : 42 Walton St, Chelsea
Admin City : Landon
Admin State/Province : London
Admin Postal Code : SW3 1RD
Admin Country : GB
Admin Phone : +44 203-514-7241

So now, please help me to recover my money.

Thank You !!!
Planning my travels abroad and looking into the budgets.  Any currencies went down or going down as a result of UK exit from EU?  
Asian currencies (thai, japanese, vietnamese),  Eastern European or Russian Ruble?



A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.