A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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I'm looking for a ticket system for our service organisation. We are using Kayako today and it works okay but there is one feature we are missing and I have tested a lot of other systems as well but no one seems to have implemented it.

What I want is simply to create multiple e-mail conversations i the same ticket. For example, my customer sends an e-mail and want help with something, in some cases I have to take the question with my supplier or another third party and I don't want to involve my customer in that so I simply want to start a new e-mail conversation with a third party in the samt ticket.

So now I'm hoping that some of you may have an suggestion. :)
A quick question around automation.

I have been tasked with evaluating an automation suite for our Data Center to automate IT operations. However, management wants to use existing custom developed monitoring tools along with our existing service desk solution (service now) to integrate with this potential automation tool (Automation Manager)

So  I am trying to feed back to mgmt on how:
- will the automation solution (automation manager) interface with these custom existing tools?
- What integration options are possible?
- Are the benefits tangible enough to justify such a project?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in advance.

I want to obtain the CCNP security certification and I wanted to know the fastest way to get this certification?  I just passed the CCNA Data Center, but don't think I can just go into the CCNP security cert.
Good day all what's the best remote access support software for a one man shop for home base customer and small office customers with out the high costs thanks?

Wondering if anyone would weigh in on the contract language for the support/maintenance language for a software application.  Been doing some research and I was only able to find some boilerplate language.  I have an attorney set to review the contract but they tell me I can save significant fees if I provide a template for them to review rather than have them generate from scratch (aka modify one from another client of theirs....).  I'm interested in the DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES portion as the rest is boilerplate stuff.  How do I protect myself from a huge hassle?  The application isn't a huge money maker but I want to make sure I produce a fair contract that protects both parties and sets forth clear boundaries.

Thanks for thoughts or links!

App Info:
Only used in United States
.Net 3.0 Local install on windows only machines
Will be about 15 copies in this clients organization
Connects to MS SQL db regularly and translates records to XML format for use in another program
I've had versions deployed for about a year without too much maintenance so it's fairly mature in the cycle already

Heres my so far:

 1.      Description of services. Beginning on June 1, 2016 until June 1, 2017 (“provider”) will provide to the (“service recipient”) the following services (collectively, the “services”):

Software Application Titled: My Title

Software Purpose: General purpose of software

Scope of Maintenance agreement:

Adaptive maintenance
      If third …
I need to install SP3 and hotfix 10.50.6220 on a SQL server 2008r2 and needed some assistance with this matter.  I wanted to know if the hotfix is part of the SP3 that I'm about to install and if not, where do I get the hotfix 10.50.6220 from?  A link would help out tremendously.  Also, are there any gotchas with the install?  How do I rollback if I need to?
I am looking for a web solution for customer accessible general query, help desk, issue and problem tracking (ticketing). Do any of y'all have preferred vendor/software for such?
Thank you!
On occasion, I receive calls from IT recruiters and they seem like they are phishing for information.  The recruiters sometimes provide the name of the company whose searching for a particular candidate and sometimes not.  I also receive multiple emails from different recruiting companies and it seems like they are searching for the same person.  

Anyone work or has worked at a particular recruiting company and can offer some insight into this field AND answer the questions posted here?  I also wanted to know how much they earn on a particular job.
I have two small children and from time to time, I allow them to watch baseball or some type of lectures online, via YouTube....but it has come at a COST.  Every now and then I notice that there is content that should not be allowed to be viewed.  This normally comes in as suggestions when viewing YouTube.  Is there a way to get rid of this content?  I don't want to be worried about this every time.
Team, Can you good folk please give me an easy explanation that I can convey to a one the technical consultants for my client, what the "NO" in enforced actually entails (see attached), we know that this policy applies to all users in an OU called TIER 1 and is working
Many thanks
Need to know as much as possible about Mobile Device management and security.
I'm attempting to refinance my current home in the Southern California area and have some mathematical questions.

I presently have a 4.125% -30 year fixed mortgage.  I presently owe $325,000 and its current value is in the $550,000 range.  I'm paying about $2,044 a month and my interest alone is $1119 a month.  I also pay down the principle about $503 a month.  Tax and insurance is about $421 a month.

My questions are really more along with going from a 30 year fixed to a 15 year fixed.  I would get somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.375 to maybe 2.5% for 15 years.  If I keep my current loan and pay an extra say $1000 would this benefit me or show I just go with the 15 year loan and pay more on a monthly basis?  

Also for those whom have refinanced their homes, what were the pros and cons and possibly, what did they not expect whether good or bad?
I've had my resume format for the past few years and I'm considering trying out a new format, but don't know where to get IT resume templates.  Can someone give me some information on this?  Also, has anyone had any experience with paying for someone to build or assist with IT resumes?  Much like "helping" with resumes...more along the lines like monster charging $100 for resume service assistance.  I'd like to get more into the security sector of IT and have more Systems Engineering experience than anything.
i  was selected in a company as a messaging specialist as a contractor. my background is into exchange, Active directory , windows servers  and office 365.

i am being called for IT -relationship maanger as a permanent role IN THE SAME COMPANY . (brief job description mentioned below.)
The job holder provides tactical strategic and day-to-day support for technology-related initiatives for compliance monitoring. S/he develops and manages multiple client relationships to ensure client satisfaction and the development of efficient business systems. S/He acts as a liaison between business units and IT and interacts with Compliance leadership on problem escalation.

the job description is very general and i dont know what to prepare, can somebody throw some light as to which areas should i prepare myself.
Hi Experts,

What is currently considered cutting edge tech. Can you provide me some examples.

Was Office 365 cutting edge two years ago? If not, where do you see Office 365?

Also, the hierarchy is bleeding edge, cutting edge, leading edge, standard, and finally below standard or behind (?)

I just installed a new Win 8 on my laptop and I don't have anti-virus and don't want to pay for anything, if possible.  What do you recommend I do at this point?  What should I check for or update?  Please provide links if possible.
I get emails/calls from recruiters for jobs that are no where close to where I live.  Sometimes I get multiple recruiters who seem to be competing for the same jobs.  I ask what the salary/Hrly wage is and they its open...If I say 500k would that qualify me for the job?  There's got to be a market rate or they want me to say something way below so they can proceed?  What's the compensation for an IT recruiter?
What's is the typical day for a recruiter and what are the pros/cons for the position?
Throughout my career, I have relied on the use of analogies to help clients understand certain technical concepts. Saying "Think of bandwidth as a water pipe" kind of thing.

I am struggling with coming up with a good one for virtual machines. More and more nowadays the discussion of virtual servers and virtual desktops are coming up. I just haven't found that magic descriptor or explanation that covers it. The clients nod and all that, but I don't think they fully 'get it'.

Does anyone have any things they use? Some ideas?

Tony NormanShow less
is there any distinction between the following:

welcome letter
offer letter
appointment letter

if yes, when are these letters given/issues and what specific purposes do they intend to accomplish? (at the beginning stage of employment or just the onset of employment or in the process of hiring?)
I've been teaching 8-10 year old kids Minecraft Module Programming for 1 1/2 hours each session twice a week from the inception of the 2015 elementary school year up until last month. I taught these classes for free since teaching was also new to me hence, teaching was a learning curve and the kids were in it to learn and have fun for free Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Admittingly, my own awesome 9yr was my teacher with regards to learning Minecraft itself during and before lifting off with teaching mod programming. The class size was 8 and I plan to expand it to 12 students. I paired the kids up so that they would assist one another and it worked really well. Overall, the Minecraft mod programming appeared to be a successful 4 months per parent feedback. Now for the anticipating question...
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can structure a pay for learning model since my "free" trial basis appeared to work well? Hourly, per month, weekly, etc...? This is evidently a bit different from Managed Services agreement fees/rates which I understand much better.
So after trying numerous solutions, I'm at a point where I need the recovery CD/CD's from HP.  I called HP and there is a cost of $40 of which I presently do not have.  Is there another way to get this Data?  I just want to be able to go back to the factory settings of my HP notebook.  

I have an HP DV4 notebook with Windows 8 on Windows 64-bit.
I have a subscription to LogMeIn Central which I use to occasionally remote into clients' servers and workstations (both PCs & Macs) to provide remote support during working hours and also to do after-hours maintenance.

I currently use LogMeIn's "Central Basic 100" plan and when it renews in a few days, the annual subscription will be $675. That is way more money than I want to spend. They have a smaller plan that comes with just 25 seats, but even that one runs $499 for the year.

Would appreciate feedback and suggestions from other IT consultants for less expensive alternatives.

I really don't need any kind of monitoring. I just need to be able to remote into clients' systems without having to rely on a user to load an app like

Thanks in advance.
What vendor would you guys recommend for a small business?  2-3 employees.  Non-IT business.  No heavy processings.

Laptops specifically now.  I'm thinking to get Lenovos for them.  T450 or similar with docks, SSD, etc.  Would you go straight from Lenovo, or Amazon, or other vendor focusing on small businesses?

Hello Experts,

I am exploring opportunity to develop a business plan as IT Consultant but I am not sure how to go about doing this. I have a website but no products yet. I want to start selecting products I can support and do consultations on. I don't have huge capital and I want to start small. Most of the vendors I checked offer reseller opportunity and I just want to know if that is a good thing and how will I benefit from type of relationship.

I was also checking Cisco as a reseller but on their website link they indicated to select a preferred distributor. I need an expert opinion.
Can anyone suggest any good consultants to assist us in migrating 170 users from on-premises Exchange 2007 to Office 365/Exchange Online?    

We are in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.  

Thanks, Mike


A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.