A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

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Hi EE,

I wanted to redesign the current setup of our staging lab. We have a lot of machines that are not being used efficiently and ending up with a lot of power consumption. The current setup is one developer = one server, after the development the servers are left alone with no function.

I wanted to use open-source technology in recreating the lab.

Any input and recommendation is highly appreciated.


So this is the list of Machines:

8 ( 4 in 1 Twin2 2u Node)
Quad core intel xeon E5520  @ 2.27
3 x 4GB RAM
2 x 320GB 7200rpm HDD

IBM x3650 2u
Quad Core Intel Xeon E5345 @ 2.33
2 x 4 GB RAM
2 x 80 HDD

12 x 1TB
Cisco MDS 9124
I am a junior business analyst.  I am getting ready to perform User Acceptance testing on a newly designed application.  The data in the application has been migrated from a variety of data sources.  I am familiar with some of the data from one of the data sources.  I am not familiar with the data coming from the other sources.  During user acceptance testing what are some of the general things that I should look for to validate the data I am familiar with?  Is there a data validation template that I can modify? Or general questions I should consider when performing the testing.  Thanks.

Our office is an old building and we all have a laptop. In our report for our business continuity we have to write a scenario where our building might be on fire one day and we should know what to do in this case. As an example: buy new laptops of the shell and etc.

Would you know a template or scenarios like our in order to build a report?

By the way, our system is a Citrix Server which runs with our IT Outsourcing company. We have Windows 7 and 8 and Windows Server 2008.

Any ideas?
For my research in biology, I need to convert videos at 30 fps to 40 fps (my monitor allows it).  Could you kindly guide me to where I might find a consultant or services able to do the conversion?  Many thanks!
can you give some useful topics/suggestions for one day class topics for IT professionals (non subject matter).. that maybe helpful in some way to their career or work productivity.. (online perhaps.. maybe 4 or 6 or 8 hours).. thx
Hello all,

Google (yes, it is possible to speak to someone) and I determined that a person manually permanently deleted all my gmail, folder by folder. That last login was at an ex clients office and I suspect their new IT consultants deleted my email. Left on good terms so I do not suspect anyone at the office. I know I know...always change your email passwords when you finish an IT project. I did NOT change my password in time.

I have had this gmail account, with a very complicated password, for 8 years without an incident.

Should I tell my ex-client? It is possible that their new IT group are a bunch of jerks. Or should I let it go?


There exists a drawdown account wherein the balance is reduced as customer service requests are made.  

For example, a customer will deposit $1,000 with a company.   That $1,000 will go into the bank and be accounted for in a special customer account (SPA). As the customer makes service requests, the balance in the SPA account is reduced. For example the customer might request a service that has a $100 fee associated with it. Upon that service, the SPA account will be reduced by $100 (balance then goes from $1,000 to $900).

In a cash basis system, how should any remaining balance in the SPA be accounted for?  Let's say at the end of the year, there still remains $400 in the SPA account (customer only used $600 throughout the year). The customer is entitled to any unused money if they request it but if they don't, the unused balance will continue in their account into the future.

My dilemma is whether the $400 (because it is returnabale to the customer or usable by them into the future) should be recognized as revenue in the year it was received.
we have some production cisco switches but do not have access to any passwords (old tech consultant quit and we dont have a way to reach out to him anymore )

I believe theres a way to reset the password without losing the config but wanted to get some detailed steps from you guys as this will be done on production switches and didnt want to miss anything--including vlan database, etc.    detailed steps will be much appreciated.
A business unit receives a relatively large volume of checks each day (around a thousand checks a day on average).  In a recent audit, the auditors specified that checks need to be logged upon receipt. Because of the large volume involved, I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience with or is aware of an acceptable alternative (in regard to internal control) to literally manually logging each and every check every day in some sort of a check register.  Doing it that way would be very labor intensive and time consuming.  Thanks.

My company used to run its business on an individually programmed AS/400 system for the last 20 years or so. Currently we are in the process of investigating an upgrade of the whole infrastructure. Since it's a wood trading company with a rather unusual corporate mission, the amount of different departments are very limited to just administration, logistics and procurement department. Annual turnover is considerable (>300 Mio €).

There are various solutions covering our demands for the financing/accounting part which would fit off the shelf (e.g. SAP, Navision, BMD). For logistics we also have some options in mind. The issue seems to be procurement. It seems difficult to find something capable of dealing with the special requirements induced by the wood business.

Finally the software should handle the process of:
manage access permissions for users
keep a history of changes to system data
maintain material master data (the big issue, since material schema is attribute based resulting in substantial amount of very specific products which have to be grouped flexibly)
maintain price lists
maintain customer master data
store planed procurement figures
management of customer contracts
provide interfaces for import/export of data
work online and offline (sync when network available)

I don't understand the purpose of a company requiring all checks received to be restrictively endorsed "For Deposit Only" upon receipt. Let's say I work for Acme Corporation. Why would checks made out to Acme Corporation need to be restrictively endorsed?  I'm not understanding what someone could do with a check made out to a company other than deposit it.   Can somebody please clue me in?  Thanks.
Hey guys,
Another weird hardware question.  I'm shopping for this kind of A/C for my client's lab room.  Should be slim nice moderm horizontal A/C that installs into the wall.  The internal part blowing cold air with some adjustable registries and remote control maybe.
The back part has hot air exhaust and drips condense water outside. No more additional parts.   Black/dark color preferably.

I see a lot of these:
But then is Notes this: This is an indoor unit only, and requires an outdoor unit to function. Outdoor unit must be purchased separately. -
So not sure why is called ductless..

Can somone help me to find one?

Hey guys,
Any gas fireplace experts here?

Currently I have this fireplace: 

It has a manual pilot.   So every season I got to manually fire it up and is not easy.  Also throughout the year the pilot it burning and creates some heat.  
Can someone recommend another valve or kit to replace with an autopilot?  Just like a regular range stove in the kitchen.  Whenever you turn it on, it produces a spark that fires up a flame.  
That should be compatible to what I have right now.

Thanks in advance.
I've been in the IT industry for over 15 years...a good thing and I wanted to go into AWS.  I have experience with virtualization/storage and networking and I wanted to know what are good study materials for the CCNA level exams.  I don't have access to any AWS technology where I'm presently working but did want to go after this cert and possible job role.
I wanted to know the process of when a sales person and maybe a sales engineer goes into a business and attempts to sell IT services.  I would like to know the process.  For example, where does statement of work, POC's come into play and what are they in general.

I have recently taken over a team of infrastructure architects, and we don't really seem to have any sort of process in terms of managing new work. For example, starting off with requirements, analysis, calculating time, testing etc.

Does anyone have any good examples or frameworks I can use? I've looked at Enterprise Architecture but this looks more high level.
Hey guys,

 Anyone knows good A/C or HVAC forums for residential use?  I'm planning an A/C wall installation in the bedroom that would exhaust into the bahroom from the back of A/C.  Anyone can recommend a wall-mounted A/C and or links/forums?  

This is for CA, US location.

hi there, I wonder if I can pick some clever brains on what i guess is a simple maths/physics problem.

I am considering to build a simple cantilever bed, such that the bed appears to be floating because the legs will be recessed much like on many tables.

The question is how much can i safely recess the legs so that the bed does not tip if say 200kg weight is applied at the edge.

Attached is a sketch.
very crude sketchThe variables are:
W = the weight of the bed
a = the distance the support is recessed from the bed's edge (just consider the bed width for now)
y = the height of the bed (centre of weight height?)
X =  the maximum weight that can be applied at the edge before the bed tips
The constants are: the bed is king size, so 150cm x 200cm. On the sketch, b = the width of the platform support, so 2a + b = 150cm

I googled some physics homework about moments so made a simple calculation shown on the sketch. I have assumed the force due to the weight of the bed is as if applied to the centre, but not sure about this. If it is then I think Xa = Wb/2 so for example a 40kg bed (including mattress) with legs recessed 20cm would take a maximum weight of 110kg at the long edge. Do you think this is correct? I have not allowed for y, the height, though perhaps for low heights relative to width this is negligible?

Thanks for your help!
If we want to install a cooling and a redundant systems for a bank data center to maintain 180 Server ( Rack Mounted)

No UPS systems only 180  Rack servers.

How much cooling power do we need and what is the backup cooling plan
Is there an easy easy way to save users favorites in Windows Explorer without recreating them again?   Thanks.
I'm setting up a site for a client that wants Google Apps for Work as well as a custom website.  

I'm going to host their site with my own commercial host and I'll register the name on their behalf.

so my question is: I'm wondering how to re-sell the Google Apps for Work such that I can be an admin to take care of the administration but be able to transfer ownership to them if needed down the track.
Do you usually get your clients to register their own domains or do you do it for them?  I'm concerned with the management of the domain as well as the on-going billing.  Is there any advantage to re-selling and/or is it worth it?

If you do, please elaborate.  If you don't please elaborate. :)



I'm setting up a site for a client, albeit my first.  They're a small, one man operator.  

My question is, do you commercially host your client's websites and onsell the fees or do you recommend a host and have the client sign up themselves?

Given I'm also a single entity, the thought of rebilling constantly is a hassle.  I'm also concerned with on-going support for the client and what happens if I'm unavailable.


I am a IT and provide computers to my clients when needed. Every new computer I buy just to set up the basic
1.      Bring windows up to date installing all updates which is usably over 200
2.      Customize time and langue
3.      Install adobe reader
4.      Install google chrome
5.      Set remote access for me when needed
6.      Install drop box
7.      Install anti-virus
Is wasting a lot of my time. (And most of the time the client will want office and QB.)
The most sufficient way I think, creating vmware machines fully configured. And install VM player on client’s computer then just copy of a reconfigured virtual computer into VM player. But this means paying for a operating system for each machine as Microsoft does not allow using the key of the window os pre-configured on the system. I am not the first independent IT and wondering if someone came up with a better solution?
Not a very techie question.  Users got new laptops but still prefer to keep the old ones home.  In case they leave the new ones in the office and use old one at home as a backup.   I wonder if anyone else had same issues.

I'd still think they old ones need to be updated, maintained, etc.  Or just don't support it and wait until they die.



A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing and public relations, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.