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Contact Management

A contact manager in its most basic form is a software program that enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addr...

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ticketing system design based on business type and service


Dear Experts:

We have planned to custom develop ticketing application as per our business


CRM-integrated Texting... for FREE!

The need for TextingWe all wear many hats. Part of this article's focus is the marketing …

Top 10 email signature contact details DOs & DON'Ts

Decide what contact details to include in email signatures with these top 10 email signature contact details DOs & DON'Ts.
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Looking for CRM web based software that pull in ACT and QB data.


I have a customer wanting to do an overhaul of their website.  It is a law firm.   Currently they

Troubleshooting Solution

Sharing files/information with clients



We are looking at ways to best send client information.  Currently we are using a manual process

Troubleshooting Solution

Import of VCF not going as planned.


I have a VCF file from a client and am trying to import it into Outlook. It imports one contact -

Troubleshooting Solution



Hi Experts,

I have a long list of API endpoints that provided by our ERP's vendor.

and I hope I can

Troubleshooting Solution

Goldmine One-button Sync with Windows 10

I have Goldmine Premium Edition v 2014.1.0.489 running as a server on my Desktop PC and as a remote …
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I need a shareware CRN to track contacts, who I have called, etc.


I need a shareware CRN to track contacts, who I have called, etc.

I do not like spending $29/month

Troubleshooting Solution

Import Records into Goldmine


I need to import a file daily into Goldmine. The file is currently in XLS format and contains…
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ticketing system -single ticket or Child-parent ticket


Dear Experts:

We have planned to develop ticketing system application where the ticket creation is

Troubleshooting Solution

Goldmine - Pull data from another database to display on contact record

I am looking for a way to view data from another database on my Goldmine contact record.  For …
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ACT 2009 screen blinks

I have ACT 2009 Standard - single user (ver 11) by Sage installed on a Fujitsu laptop running XP Pro…
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Can I extend Telegram to allow me the ability to status people or do more with the contact list?


Can I extend Telegram to allow me the ability to status people or do more with the contact list?


Troubleshooting Solution

CRM with no "monthly" subscription

I need an online CRM with no "monthly" subscription.

I have contacts in Google in Facebook, …

How to extract the Distribution list Email addresses from GoldMine CRM 8.x/9.x. and above

GoldMine CRM has a fairly open database architecture , however in this case the email distribution list is stored in a quirky way and does not allow easy access for external use.

This article will give details of this and provide a method to extract any distribution list by name easily.
Troubleshooting Solution

Need help running Goldmine 6.7 CE from Vista 64 PC, software is installed on Server 2003

Need to run Goldmine 6.7 from my Windows Vista 64 PC, software is installed on Windows Server 2003 …
Troubleshooting Solution

CMS features for a news site

You will need experience in one or more CMSs to answer this -- any  help on any CMS gratefully …
Troubleshooting Solution

Goldmine 5.7 moved to a new server. update contsupp cannot find attachments

A server died.
Moved SQL database to a new machine from backups
reinstalled GM
bdeadmin …

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