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A contact manager in its most basic form is a software program that enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addr...

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Can Salesforce CRM be integrated to WordPress?



small question. Can Salesforce CRM be integrated to WordPress?
Has someone already done this


CRM-integrated Texting... for FREE!

The need for TextingWe all wear many hats. Part of this article's focus is the marketing …

Top 10 email signature contact details DOs & DON'Ts

Decide what contact details to include in email signatures with these top 10 email signature contact details DOs & DON'Ts.
Troubleshooting Solution

Info on zoho


Hi Experts!

Any Expert know Zoho as to know if this app is really open-source or must be acquired

Research Solution

Looking for a CRM which can use an external SMTP service.


Looking for a CRM which can use an external SMTP service.

I have heard not such great things about

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I sync Google Contacts with Win 365 Outlook

I have my Google Account setup in Settings -> Accounts -> Email & accounts

How do I get Outlook …
Troubleshooting Solution

Goldmine One-button Sync with Windows 10

I have Goldmine Premium Edition v 2014.1.0.489 running as a server on my Desktop PC and as a remote …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need CRM features, MINUS outbound emailing

I do not want a convention CRM due to the high monthly cost and low rates of email deliverability. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Issue parsing xml using mandrill.. weird characters showing up


We are receiving ADF Formatted XML and parsing it using Mandrill. We seem to be having a bunch of

Troubleshooting Solution

Software/methods that will create email contacts from info in email signatures

byIT Guy

I'm looking for software, macros or methods that will automatically create email contacts from the

Troubleshooting Solution

what extension did Corel Calendar use in the 90's

Hi, I am trying to find an old Calendar file I used around 97.  I was using an older Corel Calendar …
Research Solution


Hi Experts,

I'm starting a new web dev project, still in the planning/proposal phase, and I need to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need to minimize risk in my choices of a CRM, Click Funnels, Mail, Typeform, etc.

I need the automation of a CRM, a click funnel and powerful API integrations, for an upcoming …
Troubleshooting Solution

Capture emails in exchange to customers for all users in and out

We have a Exchange 2016 environment for emails and a Internal inhouse written .NET CRM system .  Our…
Troubleshooting Solution

Search for full  Learning  resource for crm deployment and configuration ( Functional-Technical)

byA A
Hello Experts Team
I am searching for good resources  on internet and books for crm on premises …

How to extract the Distribution list Email addresses from GoldMine CRM 8.x/9.x. and above

GoldMine CRM has a fairly open database architecture , however in this case the email distribution list is stored in a quirky way and does not allow easy access for external use.

This article will give details of this and provide a method to extract any distribution list by name easily.
Troubleshooting Solution

CRM with no "monthly" subscription

I need an online CRM with no "monthly" subscription.

I have contacts in Google in Facebook, …

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