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A contact manager in its most basic form is a software program that enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. Sophisticated contact managers provide calendar sharing features and allow several people in a company to access the same database. Some contact management systems have evolved into customer relationship management (CRM) systems to analyze and plan for an organization’s interaction with current and future customers.

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One of my users is getting a random popup in Microsoft Outlook 2010 that says:
Contacting: \\

She doesn't have any idea why it's happening and we can't reproduce on demand.  The popup appears to happen randomly.

I looked into this "tealiumiq" and it appears to be some sort of CRM software.  But it is nothing she's installed.  I checked her outlook plugins and have attached a screensho

Can anybody tell me how to stop this popup or shed some light on what this is all about?
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Our current SMS provider has disabled TLS 1.0 and we are unable now to use SMS from within our CRM Microsoft Dynamics 2013. We think the problem is due to their plug in as we have everything enabled on the server (Microsoft Server 2008 R2). We are unable to update our CRM at the moment so looking at alternative SMS systems that have a plugin for CRM 2013. Any help greatly appreciated.
We have a form on a site that displays a thank you page to the user when the form sends successfully. The thank you page contains Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking code, which logs a conversion when the code in fired by the thank you page. Now the client requires the form post to their third party CRM. How would  can we use our thank you page to continue to post to Google Analytics when the form is posting to a url we don't control for processing?
What are the options for Phone Systems in the UK?  We currently have an on-premise avaya IP 500 system but I feel we should have something that is more cloud based and with integration into our MS Crm as well as ability to integrate SMS etc., I find the reporting on avaya to be difficult to use so looking for a more modern system that really gives us the right information on who is calling, missed calls etc., Please tell me what you are using out there so i can get an idea of what might be possible.

We are a small company with 20+ workers. Thank you.
A prospect of mine is currently using Act 2011 as their CRM.  They're a small office bound by HIPAA, and have three people currently accessing the Act Database from one users workstation.  They're looking to replace ACT, and would like a relatively inexpensive solution that's HIPAA compliant; a cloud solution would be ideal.  Upgrading to the current version of ACT would run about $1,000, so they're looking for something less than that.

Thanks for any suggestions!
I'm in my 30-day trial period of Zoho one.  What I want to do first is use it to create dynamic, mail-merge email that include a dynamic, rectangular,  image field.

Although it looks like the Contacts module allows for an image, the intent is a photo of the contact and it's set-up to be square.

Ultimately, I want to have access to up to 10 rectangular image fields, but one is enough to live with.

One problem is, Zoho does not appear to have a field type for an image. A possible work-around is their module for Products which does include an image field for a product as in the image of a home for a realtor.

I don't see a way to get access to that product image field while also having access to the contact's details.

Finally, it looks to me like this would not be accomplished as a campaign, but as a mail-merge document.  

Can anyone help with this?
What are the vital points to look into while buying a CRM solution ?
Hi all, I have:
1 x CRM dynamics
1 x MAIL server exchange
1 x ERP sql based

We have a big problem about contact info of CUSTOMER and  SUPPLIER
Info are so divided:
1) Older info are on ERP
2) some info is in CRM
3) other important are in PUBLIC FOLDER of exchange
4) newer on OUTLOOK AUTOCOMPLETE list of sales department employees

About existing integration:
CRM read (not write) info about CUSTOMER and SUPPLIER in order to attach ticket and leads

We would merge these info, electing a MASTER DATABASE where all of us can point.
Which is the best approach? having info on ERP or CRM, and develope connector to EXCHANGE?
i know is a difficult project....

Sorry for my english, ask me for details
Really thanks!
NEED HELP!  We have an email address of but all our emails resolve to  Thus we are trying to get autodiscover to work and have SSL certificate for all of  How do I set this up to work... trying to implement MS Dynamics CRM and it will not sync.  We have tried all the help options and also contacted a local exchange expert and no solution.  What do I need to do to get this working?  The impersonation is working for the account we setup, but this is a DNS or certificate error. Not sure...
We have a Exchange 2016 environment for emails and a Internal inhouse written .NET CRM system .  Our CRM system stores various details regarding customers , links to contacts details , notes and financial info.     We now want to capture emails from all staff within business so that we can then store them against the customer

So basically if someone sends or receives a email from a Customer in our database  then that email is then saved to a folder so it can be view against the customer record in our CRM system.     This will not be for one customer it will be for 400+ customers and from any email in the business.

If we went out and purchased something like goldmine or similar this has a Outlook plugin that does this into the goldmine database but in my case we want it in our own DB

Anyone got any ideas how I can capture this mails , if it needs to be a outlook plugin or could I run something on the backend machine

We currently use mail enabled public folders but problem is if the user doesn't include the e address in the email then it doesn't end up in it , I want the system to do this automatically , anyone got any ideas how to approach this

Thanks brian
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Database7.accdbHi Guys,

I am trying to create some meaningful CRM style reports and forms based on our accounts transaction file.
I need to create this kind of output:-

                          TOTAL SALES       FRESH          SAUSAGE            HAM             PIES          OFFAL           OTHER                  
customer          LYTD   YTD        LYTD  YTD      LYTD YTD    etc
                          TOTAL TOTAL   TOTAL TOTAL    etc

I think I am fast approaching my current query/crosstab/union etc  ability.
btw  LYTD is last year to date, I have achieved most things with a selection of select queries, crosstab queries, left/right and union queries and i think
I am making this more complicated than is necessary.

1. The reason i need left and right join query is because some customers have no data for LYTD or YTD so in order to get everything I need to do the whole left/right/union thing
but if i injected 0 where there is NULL can i dispense with the l/r/union.
2. I cant seem to work out how to get totals for all sales and categorys.

many thanks in advance.
Your humble servant
Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise. We have an issue where the ADFS self signed cert has expired. We have tried to disabled Claims Based Authentication, restart IIS to auto rollover the cert. However, claims based authentication will not complete and an error with the federationmetadata.xml is shown.

If we choose a wildcard cert the wizard completes fine. The issue is the metadata is different so the Relying Party trust don't update

IIS is running on port 443 and ADFS/CRM port 444 using server 2012 R2.
Good day,
I have Exchange 2010. I have Sugar CRM on Linux system that needs to access my EWS.
The code in the Sugar CRM system is:
// Request
            $xmlstr = <<<XML
                        <soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""
    <CreateItem xmlns=""
                SendMeetingInvitations="SendToAllAndSaveCopy" >
        <t:DistinguishedFolderId Id="calendar"/>
        <t:CalendarItem xmlns="">
          <Subject>Planning Meeting</Subject>
          <Body BodyType="Text">Plan the agenda for next week's meeting.</Body>
          <Location>Conference Room 721</Location>
I want to open online shop and need to use CRM platform.  Anyone can recommend good crm platforms for online bisiness?? Thanks
Managing Contacts of group of people on iPhone:-

I meet many new people for different reasons. I store all info on iPhone 6 or Google contacts.
Groups such as Customer Leads in a business, realtors(15 people), Yoga Leads(100 people), Neighbours(50), special interest (20 people).

My goal is when I receive any useful info and I want to share with  one group (and not searching for people individually), I should be able to send them easily and quickly.

If I create a WhatsApp group the other guy knows that I have put them in the group.I should do the grouping in the background without letting the other person know that I have grouped him in that group.
I am a community developer and am trying to find a contact manager that displays a map marking boundaries of different neighborhoods as well as a list of contacts grouped together by which neighborhood they live in. Any ideas?
I'm not sure whether I should move my contact center to the cloud or have it stay on premise?
Dear EE,

We are a small financial services entity that has 40,000 members who communicate with us across multiple channels.

I've been tasked with researching innovative, easy to interact with delivery channels that will provide great member fulfillment at 1st contact. It should work across all the channels (email, web, mobile, telephone, face-to-face, chat, text, etc).

Could you point me in the right direction to begin my research? What solutions do you hear about the most?
we are in the process of standardizing  the company IT device policy and  need some help from the HR and IT personal on the sample policy and the business process . our current practice is HOD and CIO will decides on the device requirements . for an example desktop vs laptop decision taken by the department head and the CIO . sometime we have to come a cross issues due to the   laptop mobility issues .

I hope these policies has to implement from the HR ? or IT department ?  please share some sample policies for me to have look in advance my meeting with HR
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Hi. A company I'm working in has Siebel CRM and I noticed that they manage their relationships with the Contacts entity. My former employer who also has Siebel manage their relationships with Accounts entity (and Contacts, if necessary). Which is the best practice, why, and what are they winning or losing in each case?
before couple of weeks ago i was working for a company named as europac and i was continuously in contact with them but 2 days before i had sent them a mail i got a reply in the form of :-

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 5.1.1 <> Recipient not found.  <>
The LG800 is at least 5 years old. I transferred the TracFone contract to a new A392G (flip phone, not a smartphone) the other day. I need the format and filetype needed by the A392G, and a process by which the 'doctored' file can feed my 124 contacts into the Alcatel phone.

What I have tried so far to move the contacts from the old to the new phone:
- I attempted to use Bluetooth to send contacts from LG to Alcatel; only the name from the first entry was processed.
- I attempted to insert the SIM from LG into Alcatel to just read the data; the SIM was rejected.
- I have successfully captured the vcf file from the LG800 onto my MacBook and can open it with textedit, or with Excel (for Mac).

Additional observation:
From trying to save a new contact in the A392G it seems there is far less information that can be saved (Name and Number only?)

I am a savvy computer user, not afraid to do some file manipulation to make things easier in the end.

Thank you!

Contact Management

A contact manager in its most basic form is a software program that enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. Sophisticated contact managers provide calendar sharing features and allow several people in a company to access the same database. Some contact management systems have evolved into customer relationship management (CRM) systems to analyze and plan for an organization’s interaction with current and future customers.

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