Content Management

Content management (CM) is a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium. When stored and accessed via computers, this information may be more specifically referred to as digital content, or simply as content. Digital content may take the form of text (such as electronic documents), multimedia files (such as audio or video files), or any other file type that follows a content lifecycle requiring management.

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I working in a Company which outsource their Servers and I as an IT Support Specialist i Keep giving Support to my colleagues.

I Need to create an SLA with Contents to determining what normally a Company Needs in this Situation.

Could you possibly advice what would be the main Point to have in this SLA?

Thanks, in advance.


I am using SCCM 2012 R2 to deploy a package that installs the latest Citrix Receiver.  This has been deployed to a collection with approx 55 computers.  Most have completed successfully, however 6 of these clients are showing as "In Progress" with a message ID of 10035 Waiting for content.

Each of the clients are on the same subnet and should be in the same IP Address range boundary in SCCM.  That boundary is inside a boundary group, that only contains a single boundary, and has a DP attached, which is again in the same IP Range.

I've double checked the DP and it has the package on it.

Any idea what could be stopping the 6 clients from getting the package?

Thanks in advance
Hi Experts,
I recently inherited an Expression Engine website and I'm having difficulty with what should be a simple problem to solve.

I have a template containing only the following:
{exp:structure:nav_main top_only="yes"}

This inserts a number hyperlinks into the calling page for site navigation and one of the links is broken and therefore needs correcting.  However I cannot for the life of me find where that html is located.  The Expression Engine control panel in use is 1.7.0.  I have access to all the site files and the Expression Engine database.

I am in need of a little help in locating the html so that I can modify it.  Many thanks.
Currently, we have an EU using Untangle for their content filtering. What they're telling me is they have accounts created for their employees to log into so they can review the content filter, and basically audit everything that only 1 other person is doing and vice versa. This way they have people auditing each other and keeping them in check, rather than 1 person keeping track of everyone. My questions is, does anyone know of a hardware Security Appliance with content filtering that would offer the same capabilities,  or if one even exists?
Login prompt for the Login module in Joomla 1.5 says " To access the private * of this site, Please log in"...I want to change it. I feel it is indecent. Does anyone know how I can do this very quickly. The previous admin was not a English speaker and had to translate. I have checked everything but cannot find quick enough.
We are on Exchange 2007.  I have a user requesting permissions to a room mailbox but I want/need to view the contents of the mailbox first for security purposes.  This is only a room mailbox and not a user in AD.  Is there a way to do this successfully?  If I were to use OWA where would I set the password to access since this is not a domain user?
I have a SharePoint 2010 deployment that currently only contains one content database and a single site colleciton.

I added a second content database and created a site collection for it.  Then I successfuly imported sites under the new content database/site collection. I can navigate to the new content. However, I cannot do so from within the original top site (Original content database/site collection).  Did I miss something?  Should I have extended the application so that the two content databases behave as if they are part of a single application? They behave like two separate applications.



Ultimately, what I am trying to do is have the content and resources behave as if they are all comming from a single source.
I have a SharePoint 2010 application that is nearing the 200 GB limit.  I know that I can add another content database.  However, my understanding is that I would need to create a site collection in the new content database and have users add new content there.  However, there is an established structure in the original content database that users will continue add to (uploading files, creating sub sites, etc).  

What is the best procedure to support users adding content to the old stucture?
we are devolping a web site in ASP.Net / C#  for a Client that uses Documentum 6.7 as their Document Management Software.
The thing is that we already have the site but now we have to integrate the Login page (user types a username and password) with Documentum 'inline' passwords (also know as the 'database password')... wich are encrypted.

We already know Documentum has an encryption utility that encrypts user passwords wich is great but we don't know how to use it, call it or reference it from ASP.NET C#.

See this post for reference on Documentum encryption utility:

We plan to encrrypt the user typed password and then compare it with the user_password column in oracle to check if the password is correct.

Can someone comment or help us on this matter?
Hi All

We have a based WordPress website and want to achieve:

1) Website forms for clients to fill in for health assessments and sign ups with touch screen signature ability
2) The ability to store the completed forms against a clients records from the information gathered from the forms, attach documents to the records of clients such as training schedules and food diaries within the record/database which is easily retrievable.
3) The ability to sync clients details to apples email system
4) Ability to capture client and supplier details by scanning their business cards
5) Text/SMS alerts to remind clients of forthcoming appointments in e.g. 1 days time

So far these are my thoughts:

1) I was going to use Gravity forms which supports touch screen signatures
2) Not sure yet how these details can be gathered and then re-accessed in a simple way (for the company owner)
3) Ideally client details can be synced with apple mail
4) I have come across business card scanners in the past that scan cards, take the information from them and sync with outlook contacts so I am sure this can be done with apple mail
5) I am sure this is possible  - no experience of doing this but I'm sure very possible

I know it is unlikely (unless getting bespoke programmed design) to achieve the above all in 1 integrated solution so perhaps the website development can be done all on WordPress and then the card scanning and email …
We have content filtering on a tz210. All of a sudden it started blocking content for everyone instead of allowing everything for the manager and owner of the company as setup in the LDAP policies.
What settings would I be missing that may have been accidentally changed?
I have a pivot table I am using to pull information from audits I have been conducting for the past few months.  Each week I filter the pivot table by area and match the row and column to determine which specific questions are the most deficient.  I am sure that there is an easier way to do this so that I don't spend so much time each week.   Ideally I would like to create some sort of code or formula that would pull the top 10 deficient questions from each area and reference its destination, for example G5 is the most deficient question followed by I4.   Here is what my pivot table looks like, currently the area is not filtered so that you can see the compiled results of every area.  Pivot-Table.png
I need to build a quick website which has a back-end database where the content will reside for the primary web page.

I have to have as much as thousands of lines of text and hundreds of images, but 99% will be hidden on page load. I will use an AngularJS Accordion so the content for a region is only needed when the user opens that section. So I plan to load that asynchronously.

So, this gets a bit tricky to manage and I thought maybe a CMS is the solution.

I do not want to spend time building what's already been built. I can code but want to keep that to a minimum, so I can improve my content and the styling and behavior of the web pages.


I am an ASP.NET developer, but tend to prefer NodeJS and MySQL for this kind of project.

But I would consider any technology at this point, if it is quick to implement and cheap (or free).
I am using SharePoint 2010 and  would like to display information from a Site Pages library and a Documents library based upon an identical field name that is contained in both libraries.  My thought was to tie the information together based upon this one field and create a view.  I have tried a Content Query WebPart,  but cannot figure out how to connect information from each library into one view.  

Is this possible to do this? If so, what approach should I start with?  Even though I am a developer to this particular SharePoint site, the farm administrators have disabled the use of SharePoint Designer.   So I cannot use that tool as a resource.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have removed all ability to comment via the dashboard but there's a problem. There's a white space in between widgets.

I am seeking to remove the space between the bottom of the content and the top of the footer. Therefore, I have no need to retain the space between the content and the top of the footer. Currently, there is a line at the bottom of the content and another line at the top of the footer. I would really like to also remove the line below the content as well as the commenting space. I am sure this is a simple CSS fix, but it's stumped me all afternoon.

Here is link of what i want to remove.

I am running a Klasik Framework theme. Please help thanks.
I had a child theme created by a freelancer from Elance.  However, I don't understand why an update alert is showing on my Child Theme - I thought that the parent theme would show update alert.  That same freelancer told me to just switch to parent and update parent then switch back.  Is this correct? When I update the child theme I lose my customizations so I'm sure that you are not suppose to update a child theme - just the parent.  However, why is the child theme even showing an update when I made it?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Hi all,

I am working on the back-end of a website with Joomla as the platform. I don't have any real experience with Joomla, so this issue is giving me a bit of trouble.

Currently, there is a photo attached to a link for members to open and/or download. However, that is an old photo. I am attempting to upload a new copy of the photo with the most recent information. I was told that I needed to save the new photo file with the same name, delete the old file off of Joomla, and then upload the new one. This would allow the same file path and links to work and the photo would just be updated. That sounds good in theory, however that is not working.

I have saved the file under the same number, deleted the old file from Joomla, and attempted to upload the new one. Everytime I upload the new file, it simply reverts back to the old file. I can not understand why it's doing this. The file previews correctly when I am uploading, but then once it is actually uploaded to the site, it shows the old file in the images folder, on the back-end webpage, and on the actual site.

I have attempted to save the file in different destination folders and am still having the same problem.

I have changed the name of the file and re-routed all of the links. However, I would prefer to not have to do this in the future. Is there a way that I can keep the same file name and have it show the correct file in Joomla and not an older version of that file name that was previously uploaded on …

I'm relatively new to WordPress. I use this Klasik Framework Theme and added Feature and Fortfolio widget on Home Main Top. When i clicked the link of the post or page it will open the content but the feature and fortfolio images from home is still there and my content is appended below it.

I want to be able to open a new page without those widgets from my homepage just my content. How do i do that?

Attached is the screenshot of what I'm talking about.  Thanks in advance.

In Adobe Acrobat XI Pro with OCR:ed text, how do I edit the content for text for left pane/right-click/Content?

You can see on the second screencast below that in the Content pane to the left, "4/4" has been OCR:ed as "414". So I need to change this to "4/4". But when I right-click on "414" and select "Edit object" I get this message:

The screencast showing the "4/4" wrongly OCR:ed as "414": 

Does this mean I have to own Adobe Illustrator to be able to edit this object? Or would it work as well with another application, and if so, which application?
I am trying to customize the PDF file created by the Print PDF button in our Magento admin.

After researching, I believe the file I need to modify is called: header.phtml

Here is the existing code:

<?php echo sprintf( '%s (%s)', $this->getCustomer()->getName(), $this->getOrder()->getBillingAddress()->getTitle() ); ?>

Open in new window

This is displaying the name as stored in the customer's Default Contact Address, followed by the title in parenthesis.

The problem is that it is displaying the incorrect title. I want it to show the title from the Default Contact Address, but it is displaying the title from a section in the customer information called Additional Address Entries.

I took a guess and tried changing my code to this:

<?php echo sprintf( '%s (%s)', $this->getCustomer()->getName(), $this->getCustomer()->getTitle() ); ?>

Open in new window

But that simply displays nothing in the parenthesis. Next, I tried this:

?php echo sprintf( '%s (%s)', $this->getCustomer()->getName(), $this->getOrder()->getShippingAddress()->getTitle() ); ?>

Open in new window

That seems to also display the incorrect title. How can I change this to display the Default Contact Address title rather than the others?

Thank you!
I'm looking for a complete listing of what's available on HULU and Netflix.
A simple text listing.  Not pages of 2" icons I have to scroll through.
How should I reference in my CV my published articles in the Expert Exchange platform ?
I hve a website that uses the basic wordpress event calendar.  It lacks certain features and I would like to change to another plug-in, Spider Event Calendar.  It says its active but it isn't live on the page, and it hasn't imported any of the data from the basic Event Calendar.  How do I make the Spider Event Calendar replace the basic event calendar?
Which of the below content management solutions would be highly recommended? If there are others not listed below but recommended, please suggest.
FileNet Content Manager
M-Files - US
OpenText ECM Suite
OnBase - Switzerland
Perceptive Software
What is considered the best CMS for a very large website.
The Website would have an e-commerce area that made simple sales.
The website is Very large, with a lot of content.

I'm looking for options, reasons and links.  Thanks in advance!

Content Management

Content management (CM) is a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium. When stored and accessed via computers, this information may be more specifically referred to as digital content, or simply as content. Digital content may take the form of text (such as electronic documents), multimedia files (such as audio or video files), or any other file type that follows a content lifecycle requiring management.