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C++ is an intermediate-level general-purpose programming language, not to be confused with C or C#. It was developed as a set of extensions to the ...

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Research Solution

C++ for Arduino ...  IsDate() ?


Does the flavor of  C++ used for Arduino have an "IsDate()" function ?

or "IsTime()" function ?

I need


C++ Q & A / Interview Practice Questions

How good is your C++? Below is a collection of questions that I have built up over time that test …

The skillset of programming makes the difference between …

The skillset of programming makes the difference between having billions of operations per second in…
Troubleshooting Solution

C++ try/catch clause impact to real-time performance

A staff SW engineer once told me a few years ago that if no exceptions occur in a C++ try/catch …
Troubleshooting Solution

Pointer declaration in C++


What does the following declaration means in C++ ?

char suitName[][10] = {

Research Solution

Arduino keyboard event


Can I read each keyboard key as it is pressed ?

I find that Serial.read() waits for a carriage return

Troubleshooting Solution

Universal MessageBox

I would like to build a "universal" messagebox that will accept any type (and number) of args. This …
Troubleshooting Solution

Looping problem in c++


It seems that the after displaying the book name, it can't go up to the for loop until I press

Troubleshooting Solution

Ambiguous values I always find inside C++ driver source code


I need to understand what these values exactly mean in C++ code

I know it is related to hex value

Troubleshooting Solution

recursive function in c++


I want to find how many possible combinations that a number 
can be decomposed into the multiple of

Troubleshooting Solution

Arduino EEPROM library issues


Need help writing and reading strings to the EEPROM of an Arduino.

I did some searching and found a

Troubleshooting Solution

Save integer char array into integer variable


Any idea how to save an array of char number into a integar array in C++ ?


Troubleshooting Solution

Accessing C# DLL with I/P parameters on instantiation from a C++ program


Think I have been able to access a C# DLL from a C++ application, however, I want to interface to a

Advice Solution

Need to link C++ service to C# DLL


Need to access C# DLL from C++ Have looked into Google and this YouTube Site

Troubleshooting Solution

[C++] How to solve problem about allocating 2D array


In the following I would like to print an arrow base on user input. However, error prompts out even


C++ Smart pointers


This article is a discussion on smart pointers, what they are and why they are important to C++

Troubleshooting Solution

Is there a version of DD command written in C++ or C#?


Hello, I recently posted a question about the Linux DD command and got great responses to my

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