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Crystal Reports





Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application from SAP SE. It is used to graphically design data connections and report layouts from a wide range of data sources including Excel spreadsheets, Oracle, SQL Server databases and Access databases, BusinessObjects Enterprise business views, and local file-system information. Report designers can place fields from these sources on the report design surface, and can also deploy them in custom formulas (using either BASIC or Crystal's own syntax), which are then placed on the design surface. Crystal Reports also supports subreports, graphing, and a limited amount of GIS functionality.

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I have a procedure that accepts two variables start date and end date, they are set to DATE.    The procedure works fine in sql version 2012 r2 when manually ran.  I then open a crystal version 2008, and point it to the procedure it sees the variables and I pass in the parameters start and end.  The report will not return any data.   I have check the procedure over and see not issues since it runs fine manually.   Can anyone help?
The code is below....

alter procedure [dbo].[Ens_RptSalesPound]

          @sdate date,
          @edate date


set @sdate = ISNULL(@sdate,getdate())
set @edate = ISNULL(@edate,getdate())

--declare @sdate datetime,
--             @edate datetime

--set @sdate = '2017-10-16'
--set @edate = '2017-10-21'

prodcode_mst.description as prodDesc,
item_mst.item as itemmaster,
coitem_mst.description as itemdesc,
coitem_mst.u_m as lineUM,
item_mst.u_m as itemum,
inv_item_mst.price as 'Net Unit Price',
(((1 - (inv_hdr_mst.disc / 100)) * inv_item_mst.price) * inv_item_mst.qty_invoiced) + inv_item_mst.restock_fee_amt as 'Ext Price',
item_mst.unit_cost as 'unit cost',
(item_mst.unit_cost * inv_item_mst.qty_invoiced) as 'ext …
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I'm trying to sum up a field from a sub-report and am not sure how.  This report is a list of steel profiles, then for each profile, it has a subreport that gives a list of what needs to be cut in that profile.  For each elevation listed, I want to tally up how may profiles I'll need.  

I've attached a PDF and the report so that it's easier to explain.


Thank you!
I had this question after viewing Split function in Crystal Reports.


i have modifiers:

Fresh Veggie Garden(v) Modifiers:, green leaves, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, house aioli

separated with ,
there is not fixed amount of array of strings after split. it can be 1 or it can be 5 or 10 strings after it splits.
i want all in a new row,
green leaves
house aioli

please i need all these printed.
I have a dbf table that acts as a audit table and captures info when ever someone changes a field for any customer record. But it doesn't just capture the fields that were changed. When one field in a record is changed, all fields in that record are written to the audit table. The audit table captures the state of the record data before the person made the changes.

So what is the best way to compare each field in the audit table to identify which fields are different/changed from the previous instance? For example, the way the audit table is configured now is that if a customer record was modified and saved three separate times in the main database the changes will be written to the audit table, but instead of just capturing the changed fields, it captures all of them...and there is no way to quickly identify which field in the audit record was the one that was modified.
Hello Experts

I have old Crystal Reports version 4.0 Pro developed by the ton and they are most of them called from old VB3 program and worked fine ever since.

Today one of my staff reported that they keep getting the Error 20500 Out of Memory on a specific report under specific criteria selected. They run Win 7 32 bits. We tried an other chap at the office and they got the same error too on the same report. Mind you all other reports works fine and this report is not memory hungry. What it does is when you launch the report from the VB program you get the preview window and the records starts rolling up to a point when you get this error. I ran it a couple of time to see if it is related to a specific record but NO it throw the error every time at a record count different.

I thought that maybe I should increase the MaxbufferSize of Jet in the registry under Jet 2x but this did not help, any clue here ???

I tried the same report on my machine Win 7 64 bits (under the Virtual Machine running XP) and the report ran fine with no error whatsoever.

I have been all day checking all about this error on the Net and have done all possible but can't find anything that fixes it.

The database used in the VB3 is MDB Access 1.0 or 1.1 or 2.0
I have a c# program that is using crystal report and have a few questions.

1. i want to build this program to install on other computer but when i build it it cannot find the report. where can i put the files that the program can find the report. The report is in the same folder.

2. how can i have it that the user does not have to type the password in every time?

the code is below

 cryRpt.Load("C:/Users/Ron/Documents/Visual Studio 2015/Projects/MarrhvilleMeat/MarrhvilleMeat/Accounting.rpt");
            cryRpt.SetParameterValue("@StartDate", begDate);
            cryRpt.SetParameterValue("@EndDate", endDate);
            crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = cryRpt;
Hi there,

I have a report that prints out a simple ID and name - but the ID needs to be part of a magnetic stripe.  I have tried several options - one being using OLE, linked to an external RTF file.  The external file contains ~SP:M:L:1: {CnMem_1.CnMem_1_Membership_ID}?

It triggers the printer to identify that mag stripe coding but cannot identify what to do with the membership field. The printers displays a read/write error.  

I had tried several other options but the same issue, it cannot identify what to do with the membership field,

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks very much - CS
I have a report that contains a cross-tab with a row for a surgeon and a second row for procedure.  I want to suppress the total that is generated for the surgeon when there is only one procedure.  In the example, I want to suppress the entire total row for surgeon 12345 as it is not necessary as there is only one procedure.  Is this possible?
Hi all,

We have a bit of a strange issue after an upgrade of SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio. All applications have build issues after the upgrade because all of the "CrystalDecisions" DLL's seem to have disappeared after the upgrade.

We were running Version and all was fine with the DLL's all being located and available for referencing. We upgraded to 13.0.21 and all of the DLL's no longer exist on the machine, and all applications using Crystal Reports now have build errors due to the fact that the CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.dll, CrystalDecisions.ReportSource.dll, CrystalDecisions.Shared.dll have all disappeared!!

I tested further by removing the new version and replacing the older version and all the issues went away and all was good again. I then reinstalled the new version and the issues come back. There is no error from the install, and it claims that all was successful. I have searched the entire machine and there are no CrystalDecisions DLL files anywhere, so it's not that they have moved them.

It is all very strange ...

Hello Experts,
I am using CR version 14.2.4 and attempting to make a sort of 'heat display' in a crosstab by conditionally highlighting the cells. I tried putting the formula below into the formula editor on the Border tab in 'Background', but it did not display a highlight,  which didn't surprise me because there are two conditions to reference - the hour and the day.

if distinctcount({CAD_Data.CALL #},{@Hour Start DT}) >= 35
then silver else nocolor

I attached a sample of the crosstab I am working with, and a screenshot of what I am trying to do. Do you know of a way I can use Crystal Reports to create this sort of chart?  If Crystal Reports can't do this sort of 'heat' display, can you recommend a graphing software?

Thank you for your help.
Respectfully, ChopSampleDataCFS.pdfThis is the type of display I need to create
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Hi There

I have added a picture in the detail section of a report and add the following into the graphic location, on the format editor
"E:\Data Bases\Small DB's\Images"+ GroupName ({F4101.IMLITM})+ ".jpg"

The picture is coming through as a static image only and will not change. The pictures have been named the same as the group name records.

What am I doing wrong?



I had this question after viewing https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28963434/Passing-Linked-Array-Values-to-SubReport-in-Crystal-Reports.html URL

I am facing similar problem. Could you please provide the detail steps of creating the global variables as well as the linking parameters as i was unable to follow the given steps without reference report.

Thanks in advance.
I want to make a bill like slip using crystal report. Problem is, rather than showing the items bought, it shows all the items in the database.

Rather than the report showing this
qty | unit | particulars| unit cost | amount
1        A01    book                 10             10
2       A02     pencil                2               4

it shows
qty | unit | particulars| unit cost | amount
1        A01    book                 1                   10
2       A02     pencil                2               4
3       C01     uniform            6                18
1       D02     eraser                1             2
dear all

i have a web application where i have created a webform where i dragged and dropped inside a  crystal report viewer Version=13.0.2000
in order to load a report.
i need to know the time that takes a crystal report to load the report
i am using the below command:
 With CrystalReportViewer1
                .ReportSource = CrReport
                .ToolPanelView = CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.ToolPanelViewType.None
                .ToolbarImagesFolderUrl = "~/Images/ReportToolbarImages/"
                .ToolPanelWidth = 0 'to hide parameter panel, do not open group tree
                .HasCrystalLogo = False ' to remove log sap crystal report from the viewer
            End With
how can i trace the performance of crystal report viewer.
Have two fields {receipt-date} & {receipt-time} that i need to combine so I can use date\time conditon in running total.

Running total formulas needs to say the following:
receipt-date-time  between currentdate-1 <=4:00pm to currendate between 12:00am-8:00am
I am new in this Crystal Reports thing and I have problem, since my coworker usually doing this stuff is sick at home I need to figure it out my self. I have 2 tables.

First is like this:

Article.ID    Article.name Article.buyingprice
1              aa           2.00
2              bb           1.00
3              cc           3.50
4              dd           4.20
5              ee           2.00

And second is like this:

Income.ID Income.article  Income.date  Income.number Income.quantity
1          2               79100        P1            2.00
2          1               79100        P1            3.00
3          4               79101        P2            2.00
4          3               79101        P2            1.00
5          1               79101        P2            4.00
6          5               79101        P2            1.00
7          2               79103        P3            15.00

What I need is formula for selecting Income.quantity from the latest Income document. For example for article aa it will be 4.00 and for article bb it will be 15. Please save my job folks :)

Report is grouped by article.name.
Hello My requirement is i have to create sub report using hyperlink with another report element option. When i read the document i didnt understand much as it says source and the targets report to be added...but where? I am using crystal reports 2014.

my requirement is when i click a field in the main report it should open the details in the second report.
Using SQL server 2012 and Crystal 2013 SP 7 version

Have a sql table with 2 fields a DocId  (unique, string) and FilCtn (varbinary (max)) nulls not allowed.  When I bring these fields into Crystal the 1st field shows fine.  The FilCtn comes into Crystal as field type Picture but no picture shows on the report.  These were pdf files converted and put in sql field and client would like to see them on a report.  Image a report like Employee data and employee photo.  Have tried different types of ODBC connections (Sql server, Sql Native 10, etc) but that didn't work.  Any help would be appreciated.  BTW are points still being awarded on some criteria based on the Priority level or can I declare number of points?
I have a string value {dbo.CharConfidence} field that typically has 7 values separated by a comma (82,81,81,85,93,67,8) I am looking for a formula that will count the individual 'instances' separated by a comma. the example mentioned in bold  = 7
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How to Use the Help Bell

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12                      3659                     909
59                      2851                     0
12                      1695                     0
59                      02659                   909
17                      32698                   909

I have a data table with the above data sets.  I m trying to build a filter or formula that will show me the SYSPARTNBR (part number) which has a VENDORNBR (Vendor Number) of 909 but also is associated with STDSTKNBR (Standard Stock Number) 59.  The part may be associated with multiple Standard Stock Numbers (each of which should be associated with Vendor Number 909) but Standard Stock Number 59 will never have any Vendor 909 association.

The attempts I have made have simply removed items not associated with Standard Stock List 59.  I basically need the formula that will show me all parts associated with Vendor 909 AND are associated with Standard Stock List 59 as well as any other Standard Stock List.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
i have a cross tab report with 2 values ex LL -1.75
                                                                      US 1.75

i need to have the below result LL -1.75 IN RED
                                                     US  1.75

Please see image i want a remove line after summary of amount please help me.
I have a database that has UNIT_COST as a MEMO field.

I am building a report using Crystal Reports X1 and I want to calculate the On Hand Cost using the formula:

however I am getting the message that a 'number or currency amount is required'

How do I convert the Memo Field to a number in Crystal Reports?
We use a cloud based finance system, and as part of this we use Crystal reports.  I have recently established that whilst the application and database servers are our own dedicated servers, the Crystal RAS is shared with other cloud provider clients.

I have a few issues, 1 – I know what Crystal does but don’t know the details of how a RAS server works, especially when multiple clients are using one server which will of course be pointing to numerous databases and; 2 – because of point 1, I not sure if I should be concerned about our data being accessed by other clients, for example how is our data/reports segregated from other clients?).

Can anyone help with my understanding of the technical details behind the workings of a Crystal RAS server is this type of environment and what controls we should be putting in place, getting evidence of from the provider to ensure that our data is still secure from unauthorised access?

Many thanks.

I read the previous thread on this error and am getting a similar problem, the only difference being that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - the  only consistency is that it fails when running to the remote apps server over a slow internet connection whereas if the connection is relatively quick, the error goes away.  Could the speed of the network have a bearing on the problem, bearing in mind that the application and CR run-time are both installed on an apps server and the users connect via RDP?

We don't have the option of migrating to a new version as our application is written in VB6 and uses the Crystal hook at run time.

Any assistance or suggestions (clean!) would be greatly appreciated.

Crystal Reports





Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application from SAP SE. It is used to graphically design data connections and report layouts from a wide range of data sources including Excel spreadsheets, Oracle, SQL Server databases and Access databases, BusinessObjects Enterprise business views, and local file-system information. Report designers can place fields from these sources on the report design surface, and can also deploy them in custom formulas (using either BASIC or Crystal's own syntax), which are then placed on the design surface. Crystal Reports also supports subreports, graphing, and a limited amount of GIS functionality.

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