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Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application from SAP SE. It is used to graphically design data connections and report layouts from a wide range of data sources including Excel spreadsheets, Oracle, SQL Server databases and Access databases, BusinessObjects Enterprise business views, and local file-system information. Report designers can place fields from these sources on the report design surface, and can also deploy them in custom formulas (using either BASIC or Crystal's own syntax), which are then placed on the design surface. Crystal Reports also supports subreports, graphing, and a limited amount of GIS functionality.

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Hello all, I have a Crystal Report that I want to modify, I need to insert a new field which doesn't exist in the tables but I want to be a calculation of (100 - a current field), can you please guide me how I can do this? I already spent 2 hours and I cannot figure it out

Cascading Parameter will let me pick from a list however when set :
1.      The list displays the oldest records first and does not show the most recent entries in the database as the list is cut off…(I know this is because of the MAXRecords…registry setting. Can the list be set to DESC Descending in the registry? I need a Parameter that allows for the Last IN First OUT listing of records. So users see the most recent value in the data source….?
2.      The filtering mechanism does not show all the filter series/sets…..the 1,2,3,4…(window to the left of the filter Icons) in the filter list to parse the record sets. The values are missing?
3.      The filter seems messed up as when a value is selected in the filter window by typing the correct & confirmed value it does not show up in the dropdown list above next to the carrot. It all disappears? Baffling.
4.      After attempting to filter using the filter icon button in the parameter. The entire list of records disappears and there is no way to pick the record. Even when the value is 100% correct.
The question involves the existing section when creating or editing a parameter. How do I know what to select based on the values in that window. I am having difficulty in understanding what one value does over the other. See image. If I use Reference then which one? If I use Job Number....which to know what to choose?
List all used Dates in Report, and sum corresponding Values.

I'm trying to add Value totals to Purchase Orders that have multiple receipts.
I have formula fields for Date and Value. (rffTransactionDate and rffValue)

I'm trying to find a way to do following:
after last record, list all dates that are used in Report (if same date is listed in multiple lines, just print it once)
Formula that would do look at that list of dates, and sum all Values that have that same date in above records (see attached)

Mapping field name changes in Crystal Report 2016. I have a report with 5 large tables. Some 200+ fields long. The report has many in there. I need to switch everything now to the SQL Command window pulling the more efficient records. Is there a way to replace field by field as it comes up so that the new field accepts the size position and formatting of the original you map it to.

When Crystal recognizes a change in the database and proceeds to fix the report. It would be great if it would do that. Otherwise it is time to rebuild the report. I do not recall that functionality in past versions. I have been around since version 6. Now the newer versions of Crystal I wonder if anyone decided to update that feature. Any thoughts of this. Thank you for looking into if you do.
I have a subreport that is returning 3 results for an item.
RGA#       CC#
100           1
100           2
100           3
101           10
When the results of the customer complaint numbers show on the subreport in the details section, it stacks them vertically. How best would it be for me to have the results of these 3 return as a comma separated array instead?
When updating crystal reports developer 2016 to the latest service pack it is 7  I noticed that there were errors in my installs.
the first machine was a windows 2012 server
the second machine was a windows 7 professional service pack one We installed Crystal with no hiccups or problems last year in August for both.(just unclear why the SPs are giving trouble?
initially both gave me the error of “suppressed reboot”.
Error From Crystal REports Install CR2016 SP7 to Win 7 Pr SP1 machineit was a critical piece of the update so I had to unwind everything I did on both machines.
I went to this link below follow the steps on suppress reboot error went back to both machines, and ran as administrator as the instructions say after having gone to edit the registry keys . 
Registry Keys do not match what Fix in link shows?The windows 2012 server machine worked well and installed after having run as administrator and following these steps :
1.      Click Start > Run. The Run Dialogue box appears.
2.      Type “regedit” in the Open field. Click OK. The Registry Editor appears.
3.      Navigate to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\
4.      Double click on the PendingFileRenameOperations
5.      Delete the content of this value
6.      Click OK > Yes > OK
7.      Launch the installer and no reboot is required
So this resolves installing any Crystal Reports 2016 update/patch/service pack.
Registry Keys do not match what Fix in link shows?The Windows 7 professional service…

I created a date range parameter and grouped the data by employees. My goal is to count the number of employees who worked during a time period. I tried using the count formula for the employee group but it won't let me. Please help
I have a crystal report that has date and time (Queue_Member_Events.Event_Date) fields in it. I need to get the total count of the distinct dates in the report ignoring the date time. For example...

DateTime = '2019-06-01 10:13:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-01 11:03:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-01 13:43:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-01 14:05:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-01 18:35:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-02 10:01:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-02 10:23:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-02 14:56:00'
DateTime = '2019-06-02 16:28:00'

TotalDayCount = 2

It seems like this should be easy using the DistinctCount function in a formula as shown below but when I try to save this formula I get an error that the DistinctCount function requires a field. What am I missing?

TotalDayCount := DistinctCount(Date({Queue_Member_Events.Event_Date}));
How do you redirect crystal report to pull the information from the current company file you are in Sage?
I need a formula to populate a warning if a pay ID contains Sal and Reg in a pay period in crystal report.

The data is grouped by employees and then by pay period

If there are two ID's = to 'Reg' and 'SAL' in a pay period
" "
I've spent two days on this and no one at work knows Crystal Reports. I'm new at the job and to CR. I've used SSRS in the past.

I hope someone can help me with this. I'll go step by step.

1. I have a main report and some some reports. The datasource for them is datatables. I see the datatables being populated but the subreports aren't. I changed a datasource for one of them and I wonder if that caused the issue.

2. This is the Main Report and has "Transactions" subreport
3. I changed the datasource to a new datatable for subreport Transactions
4. I see the Database Fields.
5. This is how I updated the Datasource for the subreport. The one marked X is the old one and I updated it to the new one..marked with circle.
6. I see 2 datasources but I'm using the first one
7. I checked the subreport and I see this. I don't think I need that checkbox to link to the main report. I tried it with and without the checkbox.
8. I see the data when I step thru the code

9. I don't see the data on the report
I've tried lots of things; Populated the old datatable, copied the new datatable to old one, set the datasource in the code, cleared the datasource in code, assigned it again. I also added a test subreport and that didn't get populated either.

Is my option to delete the …
Hello, I have a report that I would like to find the time interval between two dates. The first is a flat date field, the second is a summary field that is showing me the largest date of another field. Is it possible to calculate the time interval in days between these two dates? I ahve attached an example copy of the report for reference.

Thank you
I have a report that uses a table that stores multiple records for a field in another table....basically a many to one relationship.

Problem is that when I try to return the many fields in table 2 against each corresponding field in Table 1, crystal reports returns that record in Table 1 multiple times according to table 2 instead of returning all the related records in Table 2 to each related record in Table 1.

For example,
For every record in Table 2 with TradeID = 12345, those records should all be returned in the report to one row bc each row needs to represent the record TradeID from Table 1
Table 1 is joined to Table 2 using the field TradeID. Table 2 contains multiple records for each TradeID. TradeID and the data associated with it should only be brought back once in the report. Is there anyway to accomplish this without having to group the report on TradeID?  I have existing reports that I don't want to have to reconfigure with grouping.
Hello Experts,
Can you tell me your ideas for why a Crystal Reports bar chart shows incorrect (inflated) totals? I've attached a screenshot showing the correct totals everywhere except on the bar chart.
Respectfully, Chop
If a parameter in Crystal Reports can be set to dynamic and the value is "editable" (which apparently means you can't type in the value when it is dynamic only pick the value from the list)  then what way if there is one can a user manually type in a value and have the value posted directly and pass it to the report.

If Filtering with the filter button is one way or if using STATIC Parameter the other way is there a third way to manually enter in a value to pass through to the report?

In past versions Crystal Reports had more flexible options....and it seems by now you would think that they could code a way to users to generate a manually entered value that would instantly query a list similar to the first 3-4 characters entered. SO as you type a value say "CLA" for CLARKE anything that starts with"CLA" would show up in a picklist. I am not a programmer so what do I know but  when running a report it really helps.

If anyone knows of the best way I can simplify a report for users so they can see the least amount of records. How would I stage the report or set up the SQL in an order that can hand off records in the least bulky amounts for them to access.

Ideally it would be perfect to set up a dynamic parameter with a custom entry window that pulls records immediately upon keystroke. If SAP is not thinking of this someone needs to get them on the phone. I have customers leaving the product because they found another tool that could....frustrating. When was the last…
I am using Crystal Report XI. I am using a export from Raiser's Edge. When I enter the name field I get a list with 450 individuals, I then entered the following formula so that in the next field, I could see which ones which are Patrons with the following formula. If {CnMem_1.CnMem_1_Description}="" then "No" else "Yes". Now I only get a list of people who return a yes value to this question, and all the name that are not are left out of the report. In report options, this is what I have clicked. Convert Database Null Values to Default, Convert other null values to default. Can someone please let me know how to get all the constituents to be reported.
I have a main report....

Within this  Report.. I have 1 sub report in the GHa of a main report.. and then 2 Report Footers a and b..
In each of these Report Footers I have 2 subreports... My issue is that in I cant get the variable to show per line in the 2 subreports in a and b.. like it shows in the Main report in GHA...

Any help would be great
Dynamic Parameters do they allow users to edit (type in) a text window or do parameters allow users to query a list from typing in the first few letters in a name or code? I notice while creating a Dynamic Parameter the Settings show "Editable" available but does not seem to work on my CR license. For example if I type in my last name Clarke and I started typing in Cla…….it would pull up all the Clark’s or Clarke’s etc? Does Crystal have a way to do this?  If so how do you set that. My settings are not showing that function. on CR 2016 SP 5.
Parameters how to limit the records returned from a Dynamic Parameter List? Is it possible. I have CR 2016 Sp5
 How do I access parameters dynamically while limiting the record list in a report. If my Crystal Report has a long list of employees say 1000 and I only need to show > 50 of them for users to pick from is there a way to limit the number of rows returned to list when the list is built dynamically retrieving all records. I know how to do it statically or with an import from an excel or text file but wondered if there is a better way to do this?
Records Returned when Browsing Fields or Parameters Lookups:
In crystal reports there used to be a location (I think in the registry keys and possibly under the file options or report options section) where you could set the number of records returned when showing a parameter list or browsing window? Is that still used or available? If so where is it? I have CR 2016. I have tried searching Google and I must be putting in the wrong search terms again.

I did find this but cannot see 2016 nor hardly understand the format of the content or where the setting is. Link to Website.
As you can see from my image I am trying to simply update crystal reports I currently have service pack 5 version The current service pack is 7 and I need to get this license updated. The purchase was made last year August 2018 so I assume I should be able to get the Patch or service pack etc. without any kind of issue or need have purchase.
Crystal VersionWhen I went to the Check Updates in the Crystal Reports Startup Tab I was surprised to see all the updates packages and patches.
Check Updates areaI was surprised to go to the SAP portal and see how to do an update if that is the only way or correct way? Years ago it was very simple to click check updates and crystal just handled it for you now it looks like I'm faced with over 40 updates and service packs…..or am I?

From what I can tell this link shows me some things I can do.
Looks like a Modify or Repair might work?

Do I need to just download the latest version and install it so I will have two side by side copies or do I have to go through 40 patches updates SP's etc?
Problem 1 is I just want updates not upgrades. Purchase was made Aug 2018 so I assume updates are possible not upgrades.
Problem 2 hard to get hold of the license Product key …

I need a Crystal reports formula to convert a duration stored as HH:MM to total minutes. For example, 02:00 would convert to 120.

I have had very disappointing results with Microsoft Report Builder and SSRS.  Neither have even printed a simple results of a query.  Report Builder 3 was a sad experience. So I just downloaded Crystal Reports 2016 trial and DevExpress Reports trial.  I was told that the learning curve for DevX is extremely difficult, so I will delete that one.  I don't need complex reporting, just results of stored procs, some complex with as many as 7 tables in a series of joins.

What reporting software do you guys recommend?

Barry D
We've recently started using Crystal Reports.   It works great using an ODBC connection.   Now we want to start using the Crystal Reports Viewer; however, we can't seem to get it connected to the ODBC connection already on those computers.  As a result the reports won't refresh.   Any help would be appreciated.

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Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application from SAP SE. It is used to graphically design data connections and report layouts from a wide range of data sources including Excel spreadsheets, Oracle, SQL Server databases and Access databases, BusinessObjects Enterprise business views, and local file-system information. Report designers can place fields from these sources on the report design surface, and can also deploy them in custom formulas (using either BASIC or Crystal's own syntax), which are then placed on the design surface. Crystal Reports also supports subreports, graphing, and a limited amount of GIS functionality.

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