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C# is an object-oriented programming language created in conjunction with Microsoft’s .NET framework. Compilation is usually done into the Microsof...

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Troubleshooting Solution

excel cannot complete this task with available resources


I use Powershell to combine about 900 csv files then convert to an Excel file. It has been fine …

Async and Multi-Threading in C# in Plain English

A lot of developers have the wrong ideas about async code and multi-threading and how it all works, or how to use it. Here, you'll learn the differences between the two concepts and implement each one in C#.

200 universities just launched 560 free online courses. …

200 universities just launched 560 free online courses. Here’s the full list

The var keyword

Was the var keyword really …

Andy's VMware vSphere tip#19: vSphere Clients :- need to …

Andy's VMware vSphere tip#19: vSphere Clients :- need to find and download the older legacy C#, …

One claim about how voting machines issues could be a false …

One claim about how voting machines issues could be a false positive error may be an error thrown by…
Troubleshooting Solution

Publish VS Web Site to GoDaddy

I have a very simple web site that I've developed in VS 2019 Community, using C#,  and I want to …
Troubleshooting Solution

VisualStudio is adding characters to filename rendering it unusable

I'm working in Visual Studio using razor.  I have a file, "AllCodes.txt."  I want to open that file, …
Troubleshooting Solution

read Json in c#

I use api.ipstack.com for free and I love it.
When I click on the url, I get the data starting { }.
Troubleshooting Solution

Overview/highlevel of starting with first Python project - from scratch

I'm a C# developer and want to start my first Python code. I actually have an existing code at work …
Troubleshooting Solution

The type name 'OleDbConnection' could not be found in the namespace 'System.Data.OleDb'


I'd like to read FoxPro 9.0 database from within a C# application.
I have installed
Troubleshooting Solution

Error trapped but why didn't the code move to the next method ?

I'm working with a VB.net code base that was written 10 yrs ago or so.

I don't understand why the …
Troubleshooting Solution

C# WinForm async returns early writing to an excel spreadsheet

I'm failing to get my asyn/await attempts to write to an excel spreedsheet. I have a winForm that …
Troubleshooting Solution

NOT LIKE (SQL) statement equivalent in C#

I need filter data in a report generated by fast report.
I can use expressions in C# to filter the …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to caliculate number of charectors in string

I want to caliculate count of charector in a string by using c# language
Troubleshooting Solution

How do I get the unique ID after insert?

Hi - thanks for looking.

I need to be able to capture the unique key once I have done an INSERT …
Opinion Solution

Load files from a directory into two tables automatically.


I am trying to read the files from a directory and load the data into these two table and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need help on modify / update the xml tag by using the code (C#)

Hi Experts,

I need help on the following requirement.

We have around 500 + xmls need to modify by …
Troubleshooting Solution

C# What reference do I need to add to get System.Windows.Controls

I am trying to use the reference ShowDialog so I can set the result to true or false.

When I add …
Troubleshooting Solution

c# line break not working

I have the following code segement in c#

Each of the <   > also inserts text data.

When this renders …

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