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C# is an object-oriented programming language created in conjunction with Microsoft’s .NET framework. Compilation is usually done into the Microsof...

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How to identify the Font Family in a sample electronic document.


Hello, I am seeking advice on how to approach the planning of an application I would like to


The var keyword

Was the var keyword really …

200 universities just launched 560 free online courses. …

200 universities just launched 560 free online courses. Here’s the full list
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Problem with Labels in Custom WinForms Control


Hello, I am using C# in Visual Studio. I am using WinForms and am trying to create my own

Advice Solution

C# going to next line off cell when pressing TAB


Using C# datagridview I am presenting to the user 7 columns. The seventh column is a user ID that is


Andy's VMware vSphere tip#19: vSphere Clients :- need to …

Andy's VMware vSphere tip#19: vSphere Clients :- need to find and download the older legacy C#, …
Troubleshooting Solution

C# lookup window to land on closest match


I have this C# code in a lookup window. Let's say in the table being used in the lookup there are

Troubleshooting Solution

C# Compare 2 Objects


C# compare two objects.

I have a Customer class. I have two instantiated objects of that class.

I am

Troubleshooting Solution

excel cannot complete this task with available resources


I use Powershell to combine about 900 csv files then convert to an Excel file. It has been fine …
Troubleshooting Solution

Send text to a notepad


I am trying to send textbox data to an already opened notepad. The user would open a notepad and

Troubleshooting Solution

C# correctly capturing login scenarios


I have a C# application with a login screen. One of three things can happen when the user starts

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I get the unique ID after insert?

Hi - thanks for looking.

I need to be able to capture the unique key once I have done an INSERT …
Troubleshooting Solution

C# Localhost MySQL Database Access Problem


This is a bit of an extension to the CPP localhost MySQL database access that I asked a little while

Troubleshooting Solution

How to call a C# function on an ASP.NET page?

Hi, I am trying to call this function (which is on my user.aspx.cs file):

protected string …
Troubleshooting Solution

C# removing special characters


I have a C# import program reading an Excel spreadsheet. Every now and it crashes. When I look at

Troubleshooting Solution

C# arranging print dialog box correctly?


This may be a good time for a lesson on tasks and threads. I have a C# application that prints

How to load Excel's data into SQL Server in different ways

How to load Excel's data into SQL Server in different ways

Data can be kept in different media, Sometimes, the data need to be extracted, transformed or loaded in different ways. For this article, I'm going to demonstrate some of the popular ways of importing Excel data into MS SQL Server.
Troubleshooting Solution

Unable to send emails from ASP.NET page

I have a ASP.NET web page, when the user updates the form and then sends Email to the user (the…
Troubleshooting Solution

Way to do the upload

Within Sharepoint 3.0 Central Admin, I need the way like this:
1. there can be new text files …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to Destroy colliding GameOjects in Unity, but have one remain behind.


Hello, I am using Unity3D and trying to write a C# script that destroys a gameObject upon collision.

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