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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. Usually used to ...

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My specialties are front-end website development and overall website management with nearly 25 years of professional experience.

Troubleshooting Solution

WooCommerece/Avada - add a dropdown with 2 options on top of page


Scott Fell helped me with a question and we got side tracked because I asked another question in the


Getting the Most out of CSS

Every web designer has heard about and used styles, but they often do not use css as effectively as …

This is an amazingly simply way to make an Electron desktop …

This is an amazingly simply way to make an Electron desktop application from a webpage. I love it :D…

Apple is no longer just for the tech-savvy millennial and …

Apple is no longer just for the tech-savvy millennial and professional crowd. Check out today's …
Troubleshooting Solution

CSS Tabs with Textarea - Click in textarea causes strange behavior with scrollbars in container


Hello, all.
I have been banging my head to resolve an issue.
In this portion of my code.

Here is the

Troubleshooting Solution

css, jquery, html5


 Here is what I focus on below:

 $('.d-flex.flex-wrap.contcont').css('visibility', 'hidden');        

Free Panes

CSS Freeze Panes for DIVs using Sticky

Presenting data tables with the ability to interact with the DIVs or cells of information and allowing the first column and the first row to remain in place while scrolling through the data. No HTML tables... just DIVs in columns
Troubleshooting Solution

I Need Bottom Menu To Fill The Screen


I need my menu that is black at https://www.theherbsplace.com to fill the desktop display.  I have

Advice Solution

Wordpress limit scripts and css style sheets on a per page basis


I have a large ecommerce WordPress site that has 75 resources, which is made up of JavaScript files


I had a need for a “colour picker” for the nice original …

I had a need for a “colour picker” for the nice original Windows Phone colour palette. The codes are…
Troubleshooting Solution

Font Awesome Video Play Button over recent posts that contain video content

I wanted to place the video play button over the small thumbnails like there is on the larger images …
Troubleshooting Solution

checkbox behaviour with respect to activating the div that it resides in


Hi - I have question about checkbox behaviour.  The easiest way to describe it is to present an

Troubleshooting Solution

Burger Menu in Tablet Mode at https://eclectic-diversions.com/

HI Experts,

I have a child theme based on Appointment Pro that I am using on www.atlas365.ca

Troubleshooting Solution

Mysterious HTML Code added to Knowledge Base article



In the CMS I'm using, (Document360), I hunk of HTML code mysteriously appeared when I made a

Troubleshooting Solution

Why does JS work in codepen but fails when replicated?


I'm back to working on my window scroll problem. I have created a codepen "

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I replace my webp background with an mp4 background?


I want to replace this syntax on the home page of https://profitsharingprojects.com

with this syntax.

Troubleshooting Solution

jQuery - Draggable Div with width and height counter (Demo code included)


Hello, All.

I've been messing with this project for a few days, trying different codes, making some

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