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The cyber security specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions. cyber security focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change, theft or destruction. This includes controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against the harm that may come via network access, data and code injection, and due to malpractice by operators, whether intentional, accidental, or due to them being tricked into deviating from secure procedures.

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Take a step back to reflect where are we now and where we should be heading to in the next (and many more) tranche of getting to implement the RIGHT security. We need to build security PIVOT to stay in the cyber chase with the adversaries.
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Become an IT Security Management Expert

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Our local CyberSecurity Agency has come out with a directive:
•      Review internal structure to ensure C-Suite has oversight of cybersecurity risks as part of enterprise risk management
•      Ensure security team has direct line to C-Suite

EE expert has provided the CISO handbook below but I'll need more "Terms of Ref" that will cover a
CISO's  "Scope of Work (& what is out of scope)", "Authority", need for "impartiality/independence":
currently all risks-related roles come under CFO but CFO's kpi is on cost control and one
link says this is inappropriate as CISO may need to spend on compliances, manpower,
tools, services etc

Extract from EE:
"In most cases, the agency’s internal policies delegate management of the agency’s information to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Under FISMA, the CIO may then delegate  tasks related to information security to the senior agency information security officer (often referred to as CISO).
There are more information on reporting requirements specific to agency responsibility and how these key stakeholders are involved.

Above link gives various suggestions but will need something authoritative like
ISO standard or to further support what CyberSecurity Agency has provided above.

Deloitte & one ErnstY papers statistics show most sites still adopt the model of
CISO going under CIO:
for the de-identification of data, essentially what are recommended best practices - particularly are there any best practices to ensure the data cannot be re-identified and what are the best practices there. any  NIST controls takes on de-identified data and how that impacts system categorizations (if at all)
Fake call centres raided. About time. Probably won't stop them but at least slows them down.
While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.
What's the latest easy and simple defense against comment spam? mybigdata.co.uk has a contact form and BOTS submit spam as a message. The solution will be something else than captcha as other businesses also don't use it.
I am an independent consultant and I work with multiple clients.   Some of these clients provide me with a laptop and ask me to use their kit.

I use Google Drive to store all my data.  I find it extremely useful and powerful.  How can I protect the data being accessed by the IT department?  Can I encrypt the data on Google Drive so only I can view it?  I am concerned that my personal file on my clients (very nice laptop) can be viewed by them.  

I am looking for a nice easy solution - for example, is there any way of using the standard microsoft encryption solution - I am not familar with them.


I am trying the to find an application were if my laptop or desktop was compromise meaning by cyber-attack, and it’s a new an unknown bug I would like to setup a data file or word document, which if the attack click on the file or document it will trigger an email to my email account.
A user email account seem to be hacked. Attached is a log captured in Exchange smtp log and our email filtering gateway log.

The client android device is SAMSUNG and its IP address is h.i.j.149.
The hacker seem to come a.b.c.d.138, login to the Exchange through the user's credential and send a ransome email to the user herself.

Can I send the email is sent from the user's Samsung device ? The time logged in gateway and Exchange is matched. However, the IP logged in filtering gateway and Exchange is difference. And I suppose if the Samsung device is hacked, the IP logged in filtering gateway should the Samsung device, which is h.i.j.149.

Actually, user has already changed the password before but it seems that the hacker is still able to pass through. I believe a device should be hacked and that's why I need to identify it.

we need to set up within 8 weeks a small SIEM for 30 servers  n hopefully its something low-cost, fast to set up n easy to use/manage.

Solarwinds, ManageEngine, Websense or ?
IT Degree with Certifications Included
IT Degree with Certifications Included

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There's request to set up a dedicated Internet Wifi hotspot
that will be used to connect up IoT : one such item in mind
is power meter.

We are not a financial/banking/healthcare organization but
still need to adhere to government guideline on cybersecurity.

I can only think of the following if this is to be granted:

a) restrict it to IoTs only ie corporate laptops/PCs/user devices
    can't connect to it : so what kind of mechanisms out there
    can stop corporate PCs/laptops and user BYODs from

b) we'll make the SSID unscannable

c) as many IoTs have been known to be compromised, such
    as Mirai, botnets attacks, how shall we mitigate these as
    the IoT is exposed to risks from Internet.
d) any other mitigations?
Dear Experts, I got this issue with Dell Sonicwall:

~~ SonicWALL Email Security Alert ( ~~

[Summary: A flood has been noticed in outbound traffic from
        user ID (mallikarjun.k@xxxxxx)]

    Host Name: gw.xxxxxx.com
    Description: Number of messages sent from email ID
        (mallikarjun.k@xxxxxxx) in the scheduled
        interval  has exceeded the flood protection

Time Stamp: 
    Local Time: Mon Oct 22 13:00:01 2018
    GMT:        Mon Oct 22 06:00:01 2018

Additional Information: 
    Recommended Action: User's machine may have been affected.
        Please check for zombies.
    Alert Configuration Page: https://gw.xxxxxx.com:443/virus_config.html?bound=1&hopto=virus_config.html%3Fbound%3D1
    General Alert Settings: https://gw.xxxxxx.com:443/settings_monitoring.html?hopto=settings_monitoring.html

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The mail server is Exchange 2016 on Win 2012R2, AV is Kaspersky.

We tried:
- Disable this email account
- Reinstall app, format all devices of users which installed email
- Create a rule in Transport settings in ECP to block email from this account

BUT we still receive this notification each 15 mins from the Sonicwall. Can you please suggest?
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We’d all like to think our company’s data is well protected, but when you ask IT professionals they admit the data probably is not as safe as it could be.
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by:Andrew Leniart
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Great article that explains the importance of not just relying on definitions based security solutions. Thanks for writing this. Interesting read!

Hi Experts,

We recently had one of our employees click on a link in a e-mail that took him to a fake site where he entered his credentials and his e-mail account was compromised.
Management hired a cyber security company who did scans on the systems, his e-mails and also other things on the web.
We have managed symantec Endpoint protection, intrustion, malware which is up to date and active.  
We also didn't have anything on the back end set up (per management) to protect our e-mail against spam, malware, all e-mails were to come through.
The cyber people are telling management that Symantec only gets 20% of intrusions, viruses and malware.  (I don't believe that, I have a e-mail box flooded with all the intrustions Symantec is getting and not one virus in 4 years which it caught).
Management from their advice is most likely going to force me to uninstall Symantec from all of our workstations and servers and deploy Carbon Black?

Can anyone tell me if this sounds as insane as it I think it is?  Anyone familiar with Carbon Black?  

Please help, I don't trust this at all and would love to be proven right or wrong.  I think this cyber company might be banking on management fears from my co-workers mistake.

Thank you
In one presentation by an IT regulator & Cyber Security Agency,
one slide mentioned about reviewing "Netflow" & a couple of
slides later, it require us is to perform periodic "review of
information flow" :

though I raised if these are related ie by reviewing "Cisco Netflow",
we are deemed to have addressed the requirement to "review
information flow" : the presenter doesn't quite seem to know,
thus I'm clarifying here:
does Cisco Netflow offers a form of documenting information
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Hi Experts
I am planing to study the information security, I am working in the IT field long time ago
But I do not know any courses i can start by.  some of them told me that CEH is perfect and other told me  to CEH it is useless
please advice me
Let's say you reserved a domain at one of the reputable registrars.  You don't link it with the hosting account yet, just own it.  The registrar automatically creates nice landing page for it.  This means that they created a valid DNS zone file for your domain name, which includes an A record pointing at the web server hosting the landing page, bunch of CNAME records pointing at their www., pop., imap., etc. servers.  However, this is only a zone file for a landing page, so MX record may or may not be there and SPF record typically is not there.  Now, a company like Security Scorecard scans registrar's records and finds that this specific domain name belonging to your company.  The domain name doesn't have SPF record - negative points, has associated IMAP service - negative points, the landing page doesn't enforce HTTPS protocol - negative points.  All you did was reserved yourself a domain name, but that scored negatively against your company cyber security or, as they call it,  digital footprint reputation.

This leads me to the question directed to people familiar with Security Scorecard, or such like, services  - what is the best way to avoid owned parked domain having adverse effect on the Security Scorecard report?  Is the private registration the way to go?  Or, perhaps, setting invalid address for the DNS server authoritative to that domain, e.g  That way the scanner will not get any response at all.  Or, maybe it is better to set the authoritative DNS …
I've set our web.config file on a WP site we've built to have secure cookies but all tests we've run online suggest cookies are still not secure. The httpOnly setting also hasn't taken effect.

The code snippet from the web.config is below and always the PHPSESSID cookie doesn't have these settings

    <httpCookies httpOnlyCookies="true" requireSSL="true"  />

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What else do we need to look at to ensure this setting takes effect?

Bankrupt Company's Data Resold on Craigslist

Heads up for any members who have ever purchased through NCIX. Looks like their server equipment was sold off without being scrubbed.
This is a good reminder about letting a third party store your credit card data.
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Expert Comment

They can sell the data to any company that continues the business (as a whole)  in one part.  (restart of business with new owners)...
(that is data that will still be used for what it was provided for.... ) Data is NOT provided for anything else then conducting business with THIS company.   (If EU customers are part of the data GDPR is important here, or even if non-EU citizens did business from the EU).
So there is no license on the data for a lot of different things.
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Expert Comment

The new  owner of the data ALSO inherrits this license/restriction on the data is not that  the data is free for all after it has been flogged off... (In legal theory...,  i am afraid it will be a free for all in practice).

I'm looking for similar competing products (preferably with local Singapore support presence) to provide
secure browsing of Internet and emails (these are the top 2 vectors of malwares): looking to adopt this
'logical segregation' instead of 'physical segregation':
I suppose this is more useable/implementable than doing physical segregation.

We have corporate Wifi too, so need to take this into consideration if it's relevant.

Can suggest a few products & local resellers (if available)?

if there's comparison of features (how each product fare against competitors), do provide as well.
It helps to justify the purchase.

I need your advice please  to validate a solution for up to date  a file exchange between MarketPlace MIRAKL and SAP.
Mirakl does not give us the possibility to connect via sftp (user, mdp, port or other ).

However, If we use the CURL (client URL request library) technology to send requests and retrieve orders that are entered into our stores and repatriate them to SAP.
The connection is via https and in the script it will be used an API key that is unique and generate from our MIRAKL account. In this API key we have a user and a password, which makes the connection secure.

About security, the solution is secure (safe) or not and we advise me to implement this solution?

Best regards,

Cyber Security





The cyber security specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions. cyber security focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change, theft or destruction. This includes controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against the harm that may come via network access, data and code injection, and due to malpractice by operators, whether intentional, accidental, or due to them being tricked into deviating from secure procedures.