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The cyber security specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software ...

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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
- Albert Einstein



Being an Online Detective....

With frequent media attention on Scammers and how they deceived people into getting there Identities stolen or swindled out of there finances, I thought it prudent to share how one can be there own detective to investigate if someone is true & honest or a swindler. They aren't perfect but can help!
Introduction to Cyber Security

Introduction to Cyber Security

Many folks reading about this topic struggle with the use of technical terms they don't fully understand. This article seeks to address that problem by providing some basic tips on Cyber Security in plain English. Enjoy and stay safe.
Applied Collection Framework: A Risk-Driven Approach to Cybersecurity Monitoring

Applied Collection Framework: A Risk-Driven Approach to Cybersecurity Monitoring | Muneeb Imran Shaikh

This article was initially published by ISACA by the same author. The link for original publication is given below. https://www.isaca.org/resources/news-and-trends/isaca-now-blog/2020/applied-collection-framework

Aligning Business and IT Strategy: How Fadi Sodah is Leading His Business Into The Future

Fadi Sodah AKA "madunix" is an IT veteran with over twenty-six years of experience. He is a 2019 MVE and an IT Director in the Amman Stock Exchange. He has years of experience aligning IT Strategy with overall business strategy, two things which he says aren't distinguishable anymore.
Challenges to Cyber Security Operations

Challenges Impairing Cyber Security Operations in Threat Hunting

This article discusses some of the fundamental issues that need to be identified and resolved before any Cyber Security Team embarks on the journey to Threat Hunting. Audience: Security Leadership & SOC Managers- Article does not delve into Threat Hunting technical and operational aspects
Data Center Security

Data Center Security Solutions – Is Your DC Safe From Attacks?

It is impossible to stop security attacks on data centers. But, we can protect crucial information by opting for resilient data center security solutions. This guide is all about the different types of data center security measures a company can use to secure people's data.

Leveraging & Understanding IT Security

Taking steps to protect your company’s data, hardware, and IT investment is a key part of your duty as an IT professional. When it comes to security, it’s critical to think of the potential to shape your organization through opportunities rather than see security measures as hurdles to productivity.
Multi-Cloud Strategy

Measures For Planning Success While Mapping A Multi-Cloud Strategy

We are going to list down some of the key factors that need to be considered at the time of mapping a multi-cloud strategy. Business clients should read this post to achieve a successful result after the adoption of a multi-cloud platform.
Data Security Strategy

Strengthen Data Security Strategy With Smart Data Loss Prevention Solution

In the world of digitization, information is a valuable asset for businesses in every field. Today in this informative post, we are going to assist readers with security measures that most of the companies require. Read this post to determine the strategy that best suits your firm!
Intelligent Data Loss Prevention

Intelligent Data Loss Prevention – Its Definition And Use in Businesses

There are several data loss prevention software in the marketplace and picking up one is really difficult. Today this particular post is going to describe the exact definition of an intelligent data loss prevention and its use in the business world.
Protect Enterprises Data On Cloud

Catch Up Core Things That Are Required to Protect Enterprises Data On Cloud

In every field of business, it is now essential to protect data that is stored on the cloud platform. Keeping the trend in mind, we are going to mention six different security measures that companies should adopt to secure cloud data.
Legacy Vs Cloud Security

Legacy Vs Cloud Security – A Post To Clear Up Some Common Misconceptions

The Cloud might feel like part of the furniture in several parts of users IT estates. However, there are several myths and misnomers that often prevent those IT users from delivering robust Cybersecurity. In this article, I'll show the myths and facts of legacy vs cloud security.
Data In The Cloud

Its The Crucial Time to Control and Monitor Data In The Cloud In Firms

Today we are going to cover some consequences that can be faced by organizations in the digital world if they avoid controlling and monitoring data in the cloud. Afterward, we have highlighted the strategies to monitor the company’s sensitive information that is available online.
Think Like An Attacker

Think Like An Attacker to Learn Uncovered Crucial Network Security Points

It is important to think like an attacker for an individual who is responsible for cloud data security in his or her business. Therefore, here we came with this post to aware users with main points that hackers consider while attempting an attack.
Microsoft Office 365 Security

Learn About New Hack Tricks Used to Bypass Microsoft Office 365 Security

Today we are going to make Microsoft clients aware of tricks and tips used by Cybercriminals to bypass Microsoft Office 365 tenants. Read this post carefully to help you achieve an unbreakable security level in your Exchange Online accounts.
G Suite Security and Privacy Settings

G Suite Security and Privacy Settings to Be Enforced By Administrators

With the evolution of G Drive, G Suite, and Team Drives, modifications in tenant settings might be required to fulfill a broad range of customer preferences. Therefore, here we came live with this post to guide Google admins with G Suite privacy and security settings. Let’s begin!
Endpoint Breach Prevention

4 Best Measures for Endpoint Breach Prevention in The Year 2019

In today’s post, we are going to cover the top 4 best practices that are needed to gain endpoint breach prevention. These measures will help organizations to create a strong endpoint network connection in order to perform secure data transactions.
Email Security Best Practices 2019

Email Security Best Practices 2019 That Must Be Known to Every Employee

This post is going to list email security best practices that are essential in order to be safer from cybercrimes these days. The security holder of a business can read this post carefully and then explain the measures thoroughly to their employees.
Digital Transformation

Integrate GDPR and Digital Transformation to Overcome IT Security Risks

If industrial users are looking for focusing upon the digital transformation but have a shortage of resources, outsourcing IT support is the best option here. Enforcing GDPR compliance in business will give relief to people from more than half headache of IT security issues.

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