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Databases are organized collections of data, most commonly accessed through management systems including schemas, tables, queries and processes that allow users to enter and manipulate the information or utilize it in other fashions, such as with web applications or for reporting purposes.

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As I understand, once we disable AD accounts of termed users, the exchange mailbox becomes disconnected.  Exchange will then keep the disconnected mailbox(s) for 90days or what ever the DB Limit is set. Once the that time is reached the mailbox is permanently deleted. Is there any way to recover the mailbox after that time ? Also, under the retention period box there is a check box - "Don't permanently delete items until the database is backed up". what does this do ? we have a single On-Prem Exchange2013 server.

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How can i alter a stored procedure so that the Timestamp column enters current date and time in mysql?

My stored procedure takes data from a form input and inserts it into a table, it has a timetamp field generated by the server which is  passed to mysql,  but i want the database to use the NOW() function instead to generate the timestamp.

my stored procedure:
CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `sp_Data`(
       eCard longtext,
      _Timestamp datetime,
      Registration varchar(200),
    `Name` varchar(200))
      declare cID varchar(100);

    SELECT cID = `ClientID`  FROM `Clients`  where `Key` = eCard limit 1;

insert into Forms (
       ,NOW() ----------> Here?

Where do i place the NOW() function ?
The following VBA code in Access 2003, ends in an error:

DBEngine.CompactDatabase "G:\Delivrbl\Willby\Will2K_be.mdb", "G:\Delivrbl\Willby\Temp\Will2K_be.mdb"

Error:  "The Microsoft Jet Database Engine could not find the Object Databases.  Make sure the object exists and that you spell its Name and Path correctly". 3011

What am I doing wrong?  I have checked the Filename and Paths and they are OK.  Incidentally this whole program worked perfectly with different Paths!.

Thanks for any help and best regards,

I copied a sharepoint 2010 database from SQL 2008 to a new SQL 2012 server and created a new WFE. After sorting out all of the issues resulting from the migration, and there were many, I am left with one and it has to be permissions linked. If anyone without admin permissions views a list or library they are missing the tools. See attached pictures of No Tools compared with the Have Tools pictures.

All permissions re lists and libraries came across fine, so all access restrictions/permissions were still the same and I changed nothing to do with any permissions.

So I am thinking this is something to do with initial set up and I am  missing something simple. E.g. is there a sharepoint group that these people need to be in etc etc

Also, this is across ALL lists and libraries, across all sub sites.



In my LAB I have installed the MBAM server and SQL DB's on a cluster. Reporting services also installed...
I can access the MBAM web page without problems.

GPO's configured as well.

However, after noticing that I can't find any recovery info of my test devices I wanted to check directly in the database.

There are no tables in the DB at all.

I then dropped the Recovery DB and created it again.
No errors whatsoever, but the DB still doesn't contain any tables.

Also not in the Event Viewer. It all looks fine. But DB remains empty.

Any ideas?

I have an Oracle database with Table TB_Documents   I need to get all the Docuemnts ending as _0
While I try  DocNo like   '%_0'  , I am getting more rows than the ones I need . The _ seems to be ignored
How can I run a query to get the right result ?
string query = string.Format("SELECT Month(P.Payment_date)Month,COUNT(*)Volume,SUM(P.amount)Collection FROM carpark_db.payment P,carpark_db.transaction T WHERE P.transaction_id = T.transaction_id AND P.carpark_id = 'AMYDE5E27D5846D0B3F3A8BA4CA4C127' and year(payment_date) =  '2017' GROUP BY Month ASC");

It takes time to retrieve data from DB and gave 300 Seconds in command timeout  but still getting error

 MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: 'Fatal error encountered during command execution.'MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException
  Message=Fatal error encountered during command execution.
  Source=<Cannot evaluate the exception source>
<Cannot evaluate the exception stack trace>Inner Exception 1:MySqlException: Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Please tell me how to fast retrieve data from database and displays it in web page.If it is  monthly or yearly report takes time for calculations (sum,count) to retrieve data from DB  .
Should you be able to backup sql express database and import into sql 2016? I go through the process and the back up takes about 5 min and the restore takes seconds. The backup file is 4 gb. Before I execute the command I select contents and it is empty.

We are trying to move to SharePoint online. We have an access database which has a backend database and front end link. I copied all the files from the file server to the Sharepoint document library and connected it as a network drive to my PC. The front end is giving an error saying "Runtime Error 3043. Your network access was interrupted. To continue close the database and then open it again."

I tried to link the database as external data source but it gives an error saying cannot link to an internet-based source. Can someone advice how can we fix it?


im getting this error message in my ruby on rails blog app and i have no idea why

this is my controller file:

class PostsController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @posts=Post.all.order("created_at DESC")

  def new

  def show

  def create
      redirect_to @post
      render "new"

  def edit

  def update
    if @post.update(params[:post].permit(:title, :body))
      redirect_to @post
      render "edit"

  def destroy
    redirect_to posts_path


  def post_params
    params.require(:post).permit(:title, :body)


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and this is my edit file: (i get the error when trying to delete a post and the link to the destroy path is on my edit page)

<font color="#BD004B">
    <h1 class="smallBorder">Edit Post</h1>
<hr size="10" width="auto" color="#BD004B">

<%=render "form"%>

    <%=link_to "Delete", posts_path(@post), method: :destroy, data:{confirm:"Are you sure you want to delete this post?"}%>

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Another help required experts out there on the combo box, I have created the stored procedure specifically to supply the much needed combo box in C# Windows Form Application, but it does not work at all, what I’m missing here. The stored procedure is below here, I want only the city name that is all:

Stored Procedure ([dbo].[usp_GetAllAddresses])

1. CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_GetAllAddresses]
2. AS
4. SELECT [P_Id] as ID
5. ,[LastName] as LastName
6. ,[FirstName] as FirstName
7. ,[Address] as Address
8. ,[City] as City
10. END

The final piece of code behind the form is also here:

1. private void btn_FillWithDataSet_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
2. try {
3. DataSet dsDataFromDB = GetDataFromDatabaseinDataSet();
4. comBox_FilledWithDataSet.DataSource = dsDataFromDB.Tables[0];
5. comBox_FilledWithDataSet.DisplayMember = "FirstName";
6. comBox_FilledWithDataSet.ValueMember = "City";
7. } catch (Exception exc) {
8. MessageBox.Show(exc.Message);
9. }
10. }
11. private void comBox_FilledWithDataSet_SelectionChangeCommitted(object sender, EventArgs e) {
12. lbl_DataSetValue.Text = "City Name: " + comBox_FilledWithDataSet.SelectedValue.ToString();
13. }
14. public DataSet GetDataFromDatabaseinDataSet() {
15. DataSet ds = new DataSet();
16. try {
17. // database Connection String
18. string connectionString = "Server = .; database = CaPremier; Integrated Security = true";
19. …
Get a hourly based report for count the number of vehicles traveling on that particular hour(0-23 hour) in MYSQL .
If there is no vehicles traveled on that hour,supposed to be displayed 0 , otherwise it will give count the no of vehicles travelled.

MySQL Query is displayed only the vehicles entered hour only
        SELECT Extract(hour from payment_date_time)Hour,Count(amount)Volume,sum(amount)Amount from carpark_db.payment where carpark_id ='AMSDE5E27D5846D0B3F3A8BA4CA4C127' and payment_date_time >= '2018-01-02 00:00:00' and payment_date_time < '2018-01-02 23:59:59' group by extract(hour from payment_date_time) order by extract(hour from payment_date_time

plz help me
One of our clients has exchange 2010 and one user has a huge mailbox (currently about 65GB) so has to work in non-cached mode rather than cached mode.  His OST file just stopped working at 50GB. The user is complaining that searches are not returning all the results it should. Since he is using online mode, I assumed that all the indexing was being done by exchange server and rebuilt the index for the database he was using. (He and one other person share a whole exchange database, the rest of the company is on a different database.) He is still complaining that the search is not returning all the results. I know that when you are in cached mode, the email is indexed by Windows indexing, but what happens in non-cached mode?
I want to enter amount received from certain party against a Bill No. So in the Excel Userform, he should just enter the bill no against which amount is received and the amount. The Userform should apply a vlookup(or some other formula) using Bill no as the key and input the amount received in the data base. Given below is the header of my database.
The database before the "Amount Received" column is already filled in using another Userform.

Bill Number      Bill Date      Customer Name      Area      Brand Name      Sales Person      Bill Amount      Amount Received
Bill - 1
MS Access VBA

I am trying to set a variable called strPath to a value from my table.  Clearly i am doing something wrong.

Dim rst As Recordset
Dim db As Database
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("Select Path from Table1 where ID = " & "1" & "")
Dim strTable As String
Dim strBaseTable As String
Dim strPath As String
strTable = "Customer_Jobs1"
strBaseTable = "Customer_Jobs"
strPath = rst

I am designing an online SQL database for ordering products on my web app.
I am trying to work out the best way to handle the "Basket".
The easiest way in my mind would be to retain the IDs of the items that
a user selects using cookies so that if the user leaves the page and comes
back I can use the cookies to show which items were selected.

An alternative option would be to have a SQL table that is structured
like my Products table. I would insert the user's selected items into this table.

I could also use my Orders table and show the Order status as being in the basket.

I'm looking for a little feedback on this. Thanks
I am using a JS library to drag the controls on my PAGE to perform different functions. Checkout the demo by clicking on this link:

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1) When the page loads, see the right side and click on the icon.
2) Then you will see a snippet there. Just drag it on the page.
3) After that a button will be visible on PAge. Click on it and fill the form fields and fill the data with integer values and click on save.
4) The values are stored in DB.

What I want:
1) When you click on Table or button, you will notice that some additional buttons/controls  will appear. Click on the last icon which is a delete icon. You will notice that control will be deleted from the page. But values are still saved in Database.

I want that if user click on delete icon then its data from the table must be deleted from the database.

Need code help that on which event I will set the ajax call to delete data against that control.

Note: If user drag a control on page then following event is called:
	$('.ui-droppable').on('sortstop', function(e,i) {

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Looking for expert opinion

I want to change the font color of a row to white when an order is Priority = 1 with the database. I assume I will accomplish this by using CSS.
I am using third party that came with our ERP which displays dashboards. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how
to accomplish this? below is the complete sql statement I am using to display results in the dashboard. Also attached a screenshot of how the
results are displayed.

,case when days_open > 5 or priority >= 1 then '#ff0000' else case when days_open > 3  then '#f68835' else '#66b65d' end end row_color
order by days_open desc

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I want to create a multi select dropdown list with checkboxes using and
Once the items are selected I want to update a database and send the selected items
to outlook mailbox.

Any suggestions.  I can also use jquery in my project.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi experts,

I saw this example on Grouping with linq.

I also saw this example.

I have a ASP.NET MVC application using C# , Razor and Entity Framework, database first model.

I'm using the Orders table from the Northwind database.

My application directory looks likes this:

My controller looks like this:

My view looks like this:

When I run my app it shows the Orders table.

Now I want to Group it by Customer ID.

I looked at this example to try to group my example but I'm having a hard time grouping it.

How do I revise my example so it groups by CustomerID.
So my View should look like this:


This is my current code for my Controller:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.Entity;
using System.Linq;
using System.Net;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using NorthwindApp.Models;

namespace NorthwindApp.Controllers
    public class HomeController : Controller
        private NorthwindEntities db = new NorthwindEntities();

        // GET: /Home/
        public ActionResult Index()

            // Order by 

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SQL Server 2016 a few databases in an AlwaysOn Availability Group (AAG) keep filling up the log drive. I am taking log backups every 1 hour and the backup files are only 12MB, but the dname_log file is growing to 50GB. (this is happening on 4 databases) The MDF files size is only 100MB. Something is wrong, but before I perform deep dive troubleshooting I have to stop the drive from filling up every few days.

I have been removing the DB from the AAG, then setting to simple mode, this immediately  shows free space in the log file as 99%. I then release unused space and the log drops to 10MB. Then I add the DB back into the AAG.

I thought the TLOG stuff was rewritten in 2016 and VLF management was not a big issue like before..?

When I backup the TLOG, the file is less than 20MB every time, however when I view free space through SSMS by R click the DB and select SHRINK > FILES, the GUI tells me there is only 9% free of 50GB. This makes no sense to me...Please help experts = )
I am building an Access database that imports data from Sage 50 accounts, and will let me see (hopefully) what materials I need to order for the orders I have to fulfil.

However, I have hit a stumbling block and I need some assistance.

I have a query which shows materials needed for orders, grouped into months, sorted in date of despatch and it calculates stock available minus stock ordered.

I need to:
  • show the materials as allocated to those orders
  • store the result as what stock is remaining
  • use that new figure to subtract what is needed from it for the next month then store that one and so on.

Like a rolling tally which will update and recalculate every time the data is updated, as we have orders that come in and may leave earlier than orders that are already in the system, so it needs to be a fluid calculation every time.

Does that make sense?

What encryption MySQL and MariaDB offer? MySQL offer the same as MariaDB ?

Encryption is on  the whole disk level or DB level only ? row level or database file level?
Repair Exchange Mailbox
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Hello everyone,

I have a firebase database and a html website which I am using to post news related articles and I would like to be able to have the ability to post new articles to firebase and have them populate on the website automatically. The website is only on a CPanel server and is not being generated using a Linux platform.

I also use bootstrap to format the pages and would like the pages to maintain formatting. Any suggestions are appreciated :)

DatabasesSponsored by jamf





Databases are organized collections of data, most commonly accessed through management systems including schemas, tables, queries and processes that allow users to enter and manipulate the information or utilize it in other fashions, such as with web applications or for reporting purposes.