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Deny SA account for Developers in Microsoft SQL Server

This article shows how to force SQL and Web Developers to not use SA account while other services are already deployed to connect to SQL Server via SA account. So we will not touch existing services and applications only developers must be prevented.

Storage savings with Microsoft SQL Server

This article shows how to use different types of data compression in SQL Server and they drawbacks.

Big Data: Concepts, Security and Use Cases

The goal of Big Data is to automate multiple processes to assist in finding value. Big Data has turned out to be one of the most encouraging and winning innovations to anticipate future patterns.

How to load JSON's data into SQL Server in different ways

Data can be kept in different media, Sometimes, the data need to be extracted, transformed or loaded in different ways. For this article, I'm going to demonstrate some of the popular ways of importing JSON data into MS SQL Server.

Office file dialogs

Provides a one size fits all solution for File Dialog calls for all MS office applications. Module contains function fncGetFilePathTRM() which does all the filter building for you. I've used a similar version of this for over 15 years, 1 module import, 1 line of code, all done... GLHFSS
How to load Excel's data into SQL Server in different ways

How to load Excel's data into SQL Server in different ways

Data can be kept in different media, Sometimes, the data need to be extracted, transformed or loaded in different ways. For this article, I'm going to demonstrate some of the popular ways of importing Excel data into MS SQL Server.
Time Zones, and Microsoft Office - Part 2

Time Zones, Windows, and Microsoft Office - Part 2

Listing and selecting time zones in Microsoft Access and Excel is not straight forward. In the previous article was shown how to retrieve the time zones of Windows. Here will be demonstrated how to create tables to store these and how to display and select a time zone in Microsoft Access and Excel.
Time Zones, Windows, and VBA - Part 1

Time Zones, Windows, and VBA - Part 1

Obtaining and using time zones in Windows is not simple. It involves API calls and reading the Registry. Some information is localised, and some is not. Here you will find a complete set of functions that wraps the difficult steps, eases common tasks, and helps when designing user interfaces.

Synchronizing subforms - What record is displayed on top of a continuous subform after using scrollbar?

While working on a calendar and appointment scheduling application, I found I needed to synchronize multiple sub-forms, displayed side-by-side, so users would be able to see the schedules of multiple care providers and identify gaps in their schedules, this was more difficult than I expected.

JavaScript Compiler: SQL query

Microsoft Windows comes with a built in JavaScript compiler. This article describes how to query SQL data source and write the response to a text file from a JavaScript compiled exe file.

Forcing users out of an application

If you've ever needed to repair a database or perform maintenance on it during the business day or tried to do so at night, only to find out that one or more users walked away from their computer with your application loaded, this article is for you.

Dynamic Version Controlling of Oracle Metadata using shell script

In this article, we will see how we can automate the process of moving Oracle metadata to version control system, in my case I am using GIT using a simple shell script to avoid manual intervention.
Appointment Calendar

Using multiple instances of a sub-form in a single form

Creating multiple copies of a sub-form to use in a single form will bloat your database and require significant effort to maintain. Instead, use multiple sub-form controls with the same Source Object and make judicious use of SQL and VBA to filter the data in each sub-form.
MAC Addresses

MAC addresses in Access and Excel

The block of six octets of a MAC address represents a lot of challenges when it comes to reading, formatting, parsing, validation, and lookup of vendor information. The functions presented here let you read, generate, format, store, list, and report MAC addresses and derived BSSIDs for most tasks.
Converting BYTES to CHAR on Oracle Database

Converting BYTES to CHAR on Oracle database

In this article, I will be sharing the issues that we faced while converting the data type and NLS semantic to CHAR from BYTES. This was one of the business use cases where we needed to convert the entire columns throughout the schema from BYTES to CHAR types only for VARCHAR2 columns datatypes.

Importing Tables from Older Unsupported Access databases

A small utility that imports the tables from Older - Unsupported Microsoft Access Databases

20 Varieties of Quartiles

There is no single "correct" calculation method for quartiles. Excel features two methods, some math and statistic packages offer some more, but here is presented no less than twenty methods for various purposes using VBA and Microsoft Access.
Spartan Hero

Defeating the device-independent bitmap (.dib) format

A small Access Application that shows the handling of .jpg images to assign them to popular Microsoft Access Controls while stored in the Application itself in their original format.

Ranking rows in Microsoft Access

To rank something isn't that difficult. Basically, it is just to sort on the values to rank - points, goals, sales, citizens, whatever - in descending order or (typically for time) ascending order. But how to rank dupes? Five methods exist, and they can all be implemented in pure SQL or using VBA.
Date Time Picker

Microsoft Access Date/Time Picker

Do you need a date time picker, how about just a time picker? Would you like to use something other than the basic Access date picker which is available when you have a textbox which contains data formatted as a date? Give this date time picker a try.

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