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Databases are organized collections of data, most commonly accessed through management systems including schemas, tables, queries and processes that allow users to enter and manipulate the information or utilize it in other fashions, such as with web applications or for reporting purposes.

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I would like to read what's in Clam AV's safebrowsing .cld
(that lists the blacklisted sites).

After following some suggestions online, extracted from
the cld file  the following (using dd & 7zip):
08/11/2018  02:13 PM            18,325 Copying.txt
08/11/2018  02:14 PM       113,037,608 safebrowsing.gdb
08/11/2018  02:14 PM               514 safebrowsing.info

How can we read/extract the gdb file?
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hi i got the following record


abc*** i what it to be update to abc*###


or if i have abc** to be  abc##

am in oracle database 11gr2
this is my query
update noc_t_mrc set enc_encoded_reply=substr(enc_encoded_reply,1,length(enc_encoded_reply)-1)||'#' where enc_encoded_reply like '%*';

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SAP B1 - Dunning Wizard - the default reports are PLD - I'm using Crystal Reports and have created a report however I'm not sure what parameter SAP B1 uses from the dunning wizard screen to pass to Crystal.  So, does anybody know which database field I need to use for the DocEntry@ parameter?  The report runs in crystal but in the dunning wizard screen I get an error 'No matching records found' RITM ODBC -2028 Message 131-183
We have a database related program (Event Wizard - https://www.eventwizardpro.com/) that was just woke up to these error messages.

This is on the login screen:
Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in C:\Program Files\EventWizard\Apache2\ewiz\includes\sessions.php on line 71

And after a successful login (allows login, doesn't give a invalid user name/password error) it gives this error:

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in C:\Program Files\EventWizard\Apache2\ewiz\includes\sessions.php on line 71

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\Program Files\EventWizard\Apache2\ewiz\includes\sessions.php:71) in C:\Program Files\EventWizard\Apache2\ewiz\includes\sessions.php on line 74

I am sure these errors are program specific, but from the error messages can you recommend anything to do as I am not well versed in SQL or Apache or MySQL.
Regarding Power BI On Premise Gateway:

The Login User created on the SAP BW server\database  which will login into the server\database from the on premise gateway.

What is this configuration required of the SAP BW server\database gateway user which the Gateway will login into to create the bridge.
vCenter 6.0 upgrade failed, but the rollback uninstalled vCenter completely.  Now I am stuck with a vCenter 5.5 database and no vCenter.  How can I install vCenter from scratch or upgrade this DB to get 6.x on it?  Should I just install 5.5 again and start over with the upgrade after that?
Here is my data:

| OEMCurrentPartNumber | OEMDescription       | OEMSubNumber |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                |              |
| 19M8365              | USE PN 19M7796       | 19M7796      |
| AT256104             | USE PN 19M7796       | 19M7796      |
| CH12356              | USE PN 19M7796       | 19M7796      |
| M134162              | USE PN 19M7796       | 19M7796      |
| M74138               | USE PN 19M7796       | 19M7796      |
| AE42460              | BEARING WITH HOUSING |              |
| DA25307              | USE PN AE42460       | AE42460      |
| AH223030             | USE PN AH227807      | AH227807     |
| AH227807             | FRAME                |              |
| AH208565             | USE PN AH223030      | AH223030     |

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| OEMCurrentPartNumber | OEMDescription       | OEMSubNumber |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | 19M7796      |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | 19M8365      |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | AT256104     |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | AT257892     |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | CH10599      |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | CH12356      |
| 19M7796              | SCREW                | M134162      |
| AE42460              | BEARING WITH HOUSING | DA25307      |
| AE42460              | BEARING WITH HOUSING | AE42460      |
| AH227807             | FRAME                | AH223030     |
| AH227807             | FRAME                | AH208565     |
| AH227807             | FRAME                | AH227807     |

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| Item       | OEMItem  | Description  |
| AM19M7796  | 19M7796  | Screw        |
| AMAE42460  | AE42460  | Bearing Assy |
| AMAH227807 | AH227807 | Frame        |

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The purpose
I am cross referencing OEM part numbers with my companies part numbers.

In the RAW_OEM_DATA table, any rows without a number in OEMSubNumber are the "latest" numbers. All other numbers are sub numbers that reference the "latest" .

The [OEMItem] in COMPANY DATA is the "latest" OEM number. when a user searches a part number my query searches the OEMSubNumber column and brings back the OEMCurrentPartNumber to match with the [OEMItem] in my companies numbers.

To get the raw OEM data to the format in the FINAL_OEM_DATA is what i'm trying to achieve. But I don't need all 1.6 million records in that table. just the ones that match the [OEMItem] from COMPANY_DATA.

Final Result
Both the RAW_OEM_DATA and COMPANY_DATA tables reside on my web server so employees can access via the secure website. It is a aspx site with MS SQL server. Twice a year i have to run my companies new item numbers through this process and update my tables with the new data.

Couple of notes
Some numbers in RAW_OEM_DATA "piggy back" one another. example
AH208565 subs to AH223030 which subs to AH227807
That means not all [OEMSubNumber] will be the "latest" OEM number.

The description for the "latest" OEM number has to replace all the "USE PN ***" numbers

My process in the past
run quite a few queries to get the OEM raw data to the above desired result
Reset Auto Number field in Microsoft Access


I have a split database with fontend and backend files. There is a table tblinvoice which has a DCID field as a primary key field. This field has relation with another field in a table which is the base table for a sub form. What I want to do is reset the auto number to start from 1 as I have completed the testing and now want to implement the access database. When I did the testing I generated few records which incremented the auto number Field.

Here is what I have already tried:

1) Unlinked the relations between the main form table and subform fields.
2) Remove the field as primary key
3) Create an Append Query which will append the value to 1.

I tried to run this query on the table opening the back end file and also tried to run it on the frontend file.

But its is not working.

Any ideas other then what I have tried above. ? On what file do I need to run the append query - Font End or the back End file ? Can anyone guide me step by step what needs to be done. I am not at all an expert but a starter.

Thank you for your help

I've been tasked with implementing fail-over clustering for our SQL Servers. There's 4 sites total. Site1, Site2, Site3 and Site4. The question is regarding multiple listeners. Can we setup an AlwaysOn configuration so that each site has a listener? The reason being is if Site1 loses Internet connectivity, each site should still be able to operate and function. I need to be certain that this setup will work or will not work. It boils down to making sure that the database servers would remain operational for the other sites and when Site1 comes back online the synchronization process is started again.
Hi Support

How to convert the BACPAC file to bak file format.

what is the free tools that we can look for?
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when a single quote is present in data in my variables i.e. $projects_row['project_title'], $projects_row['project_detail'] then it truncate my data. These variables are receiving data from Database. I have escaped my data with addslashes and mysqli_real_escape but still data is truncated. Any solutions?

$projects_name[] = "<div class='isotope'><li class='color-shape isotope_selector ". $filter_class2."'
					id=project-id-5a01bffbcfbeb40a008b458a data-id=5a01bffbcfbeb40a008b458a>
					<span data-caticons='" . $filter_icons_all."'  data-id='" . $projects_row['id']."' data-title='" . $projects_row['project_title']."' data-detail='" . addslashes($projects_row['project_detail'])."' data-mapimage='" . $projects_row['project_image']."' data-mapgallery='" . json_encode($project_gallery_images)."'  class='li-txt' style='color:#ff0000';>
					<a id='myAnc' href='#' data-location= '".$projects_row['coords']."'>".$projects_row['project_title']."</a></span>
					<span class='thumb-container'>".$filter_icons_all."</span>			 
echo json_encode(array("project_title"=>$project_title,"project_detail"=>$project_detail));							

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I have a column in MySql table which saves multiple values in one column seperated by pipe sign:
i.e: A|B| 

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Is there any way to retrieve only distinct values from the above data in PHP?


I am trying to backup SQL database from old server (SQL 2008) which is installed on windows server 2008R2 to new server (SQL 2014) which is installed on windows server 2012. The database is large (around 200G). I did the backup using SQL management Studio and I got the backup file. However, I tried to restore in the new server using restore database from management studio (SQL 2014) but I got an error.

Any suggestion how to backup and restore database from SQL 2008 to SQL 2014

Hi Experts.

My server had this log from malicious IP which is mark as abusive on Internet. I want to know if it is harm to my server or not. If it is, what have it done to my system. - - [06/Nov/2018:00:38:18 +0700] "\x05\x01\x00" 400 173 "-" "-" "-" - - [06/Nov/2018:00:41:01 +0700] "\x04\x01\x00P\x05\xBC\xD2\x0C\x00" 400 173 "-" "-" "-" - - [06/Nov/2018:00:41:43 +0700] "GET HTTP/1.1" 404 169 "https://www.google.com/" "PxBroker/0.3.1/8684" "-"

For more information, i found this when checking log files after my database had been dropped in an unusually way.

Thank you for reading this.
using Ms SQL azure and look for free tools to get the tables design and get up a complex diagram.

anyone good ones you suggest except Visio?
Good morning. I have a question related to actions using javascript and then using a back button on a submit page. I have a javascript function that allows a user to add additional input fields on a web page. So basically a user has one line that they can add an item and then if they need to add additional items, they hit a button and a new input line shows up. Once they do this up to 5 times, these items will be entered into a database with an action page. All of this works as designed. The submit page does some validating, and asks additional questions so I run the forms data to the submit page. But what I noticed is that if the user selects the back button, the added input fields do not show up on the previous page. Is there a way to make those added input forms stay visible when selecting the back button on the page?

I am comparing a data warehouse solution for MySQL/MariaDB, we are looking at :

1) Oracle Database 12c Data Warehouse
2) IBM BigInsights
3) Microsoft Azure
4) Pentaho Kettle / Other OSS

any idea?

I am now looking for ETL tools for our open source data base system, MariaDB/MySQL, which one of the following are good and why ? any comparsion ?

programming language from the front end application will be Java and python.

1) Oracle Data Integrator 12c
2) IBM Data Integration for Enterprise v1.1
3) Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
4) Pentaho Data Integration / Other OSS
5) Talend: https://www.talend.com/products/data-integration/data-integration-open-studio/

please share
Is the size of MDF and LDF files for a particular SQL database an accurate representation of the actual SQL database size?
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Hi All,

I'm new to SSIS and I want to do incremental data load for 80 tables from one database to a other database and  I want to  to do it through CDC of SSIS.
Can anyone help me out abut this?

Or please let me know if any  the way to get only the delta from all 80 tables in one database and load into target tables in different database every day without using CDC of SSIS.

You receive an error message when you try to create a differential database backup in SQL Server 2008

Cannot perform a differential backup for database namedb, because a
current database backup does not exist. Perform a full database backup by
reissuing BACKUP DATABASE, omitting the WITH DIFFERENTIAL option.
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

We use TSM,  TDP for SQL to do the backups.
I want to insert the following data with SQL into an Access table, but I have problems with the German date format:

 If Not IsNull(txtDateTo) Then
    sql = "INSERT INTO tblKeyEmployees (kem_KeyID_FK, kem_EmployeeID_FK, kem_DateFrom, kem_DateTo) " _
       & "VALUES (" & Me.lstKeys & "," & Me.lstEmployees & ", #" & Format(txtDateFrom, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "#, #" & Format(txtDateTo, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "#)"

        sql = "INSERT INTO tblKeyEmployees (kem_KeyID_FK, kem_EmployeeID_FK, kem_DateFrom) " _
        & "VALUES (" & Me.lstKeys & "," & Me.lstEmployees & ", #" & Format(txtDateFrom, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "#)"
 End If
        Dim dbs As Database
        Set dbs = CurrentDb
        Debug.Print sql
        ' Select all records in the New Customers table
        ' and add them to the Customers table.
        dbs.Execute sql

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This is the output of the SQL debug line

INSERT INTO tblKeyEmployees (kem_KeyID_FK, kem_EmployeeID_FK, kem_DateFrom) VALUES (1,3271, #2018.11.16#)

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I have tried so many options now. What shall I do in order to properly format the German date version (dd.mm.yyyy) to a SQL compatible date?
We had a cryptolocker come through an exchange 2007 server, and I was able to recover all the encrypted stuff from an older backup.

They did not have a recent full system backup, only the database was backed up.

Basicallly I have got everything working, EMC launches and all looks good, can connect via Outlook to the server, but 1 service wont start.

The transport role service - if I try to start it I get "The Microsoft Exchange Transport service on Local Computer started then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not...."

All other exchange services are running no problem.

In the logs I am seeing errors "

Watson report about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: 7320, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.02.0176.002, edgetransport, unknown, M.E.D.ExEventLog.ctor, S.Security.SecurityException, 5698, unknown.  ErrorReportingEnabled: False

The worker process crashes continuously on startup: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin\edgetransport.exe. The service will be stopped.

The HTTP Filter DLL C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\owa\auth\owaauth.dll failed to load.  The data is the error."

Also when I try to open exchange setup I get "Exchange Server is in an inconsistant state, only server recovery mode is available" - Both databases are mounted and working though

Somebody please offer some useful advice, I know rebuilding the whole thing is the way to go, but they really need it working ASAP if…
I have a situation where  I need to migrate / copy existing  logins from windows authentication to - sql authentication. Every windows  Logins  has specific server role, database role and attach to  schema. So  in order to copy this login and again create them as sql logins, do you guys able to recommend a method of doing this ? currently this sql server has around 2000 actives windows login that I must convert them to sql authentication.
Hi, I am creating an Access database and want to export my data to MS Excel Templates.  I can export the data to excel and in the code format the spreadsheet however, I have 30+ templates I want to utilize and formatting all of them through code would be extremely time consuming.  Is there a way I can utilize my existing templates and export the data to them.  Or is there a way I can capture the formatting of each MS Excel file and copy it into the code?  Thank you, Jeff






Databases are organized collections of data, most commonly accessed through management systems including schemas, tables, queries and processes that allow users to enter and manipulate the information or utilize it in other fashions, such as with web applications or for reporting purposes.