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Development in most programming languages is done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Dev Tools covers issues with the use ...

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Compiling source code in C++ using Dev-C++ program

Experts, I am new to programming and have been trying to get this program to work but have been …

Deploying and Scaling Out a Distributed Build System for Release Engineering Management

I'd like to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart: build systems. Without them, …
Troubleshooting Solution

Remove lines with Vb script


I have two csv files:
file1.csv with the following information:

Troubleshooting Solution

what data bases work with visual basic net 2010

I am planning to convert a vb6 application that uses access 2000 and ado to vb net 2010 or later. I …
Troubleshooting Solution

visual studio lamba expression

The below code works but also causes a warning of: "Lambda expression will not be removed from this …
Troubleshooting Solution

Best practices regarding backing up maintenance programming

I have a customer who lost some programming I did. It was all on the customer's production …
Advice Solution

Looking for suggestions for a SQL Query tool to use with MS SQL Server?


Looking for options as to a stand-alone SQL Query Builder type application?

Any suggestions on such a

Troubleshooting Solution

VB6 Project Save Problem

Recently everytime I try to save a project in VB6 I get a message box indicating VB cannot find the …
Troubleshooting Solution

how can I modify this c# script code to look for a folder with name LIKE "archive_*"?

I have a nightly job from another system that drops a new folder on a share with the name …
Troubleshooting Solution

Automatically Add Comment Header to Source Files

Hello Experts,  I need your help !!
I have a bunch of source files (about 80 files) within several …
Troubleshooting Solution


Do you know some good tools that can format a pl/sql program in a text file?

I used Quest toad …
Troubleshooting Solution

Visual Studio does not show my win form app on first build

Visual Studio is no longer showing my app on first build. I have to do a build sometimes 2 or 3 …
Troubleshooting Solution

Problem VB scripting in Fast Reports ...

Hi All,

I realise I may not be in the right zone here, suggestions about that would be good.

Troubleshooting Solution

IVR Buiilder Software for Trixbox/Asterisk

We are in need of an inbound IVR Software tool (for asterisk/trixbox) that will help us create …
Troubleshooting Solution

Generate a Powerpoint presentation in an ASP.NET application

Hi experts,

I have a ASP.NET/VB.NET application and I need that It generate a Powerpoint …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to see if a record exists in firebird table

Hi, could someone help me on this

I want to see if a record exists in a table, through …
Troubleshooting Solution

Asking for recommendation of good utilities to make software development painless.

I am developing some big project (300K+ lines of code).
The all code is in C.

Code …
Troubleshooting Solution

What is/are the best QA tool(s) you use?

Hello Experts,

I just began work for a small traditional ad agency that would like to become a …

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