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Development in most programming languages is done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Dev Tools covers issues with the use of that software, rather than the actual programming being written. XCode, Visual Studio and Eclipse are some of the more popular development tools.

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Can someone recommend a free prototype tool that they use to build simple screen shots for a web application?

I'd like a personal recommendation that someone has used.

I have a Visual Studio 2012 solution that was connected to Team Foundation Server.  Unfortunately, I deleted some files in my project, and added them back.  (I didn't realize that once a file is deleted in VS, a file with the same name and location can never be added back to TFS.)  After trying to rollback and then redo changes several times, it got to where there were many conflicts that couldn't be resolved.  Plus the mere process of checking things in tended to change my project so it wouldn't run. (Fortunately, I made a few different backups of the project on my local drive, as I realized that at this point TFS had gotten very messed up.)

So what I'm trying to do now is to start over...to basically create a whole new repository on TFS for the project and start from scratch.  But it's not cooperating.  Here's what I tried:  I went to File | Source Control | Advanced | Changed Source Control, and then selected "Unbind" for my solution and its projects.  Then I tried to re-add the project to Source Control, creating a new folder.  It complained that the project is already in source control.  However, I went out of VS and came back, and went back to "Change Source Control," and selected "Bind," and the Server Bindings gave a path that matched my new folder name that I had just created.  So I thought that this was okay, and I tried to check everything in.  But it only wanted to check in the few files that were different from the old repository (the one that I'm trying to …
I'm converting an Access back end database to MySQL.  It is exceedingly difficult for me to get permission to install one of the vendor tools for conversion on my network.  I know there are problems with maintaining table relationships in moving the table structure and data.  Any pointers on excellent articles on moving the database to MySQL maintaining as much structure as possible would be most helpful.  Most articles point to tools and I cannot get permission to install ANYTHING on this network.  I'm running Access 2010, about 300MB of data, 30 tables or so.  Thanks in advance.
Hi Guys,

I have a JMeter script that will run for an hour and will have multiple iterations. I was a delay of about 10 minutes between each iteration but cannot seem to get it working correctly. The constant Timer functionality seems to add a delay between each request however I want each request to be send and then a delay after they have all finished. Any ideas how to set this up in Jmeter

I need some advice on how to go about developing a feature in our application. What we would like to do is allow the end user to create a dynamic report - in other words, user A would have a different header than user B, body and footer can also be different and (if possible) user A would have a watermark/shaded image as the background to his report.

I have researched a solution, and a possibility is to have the user design their form in MS Word (with headers, footers etc) and then fill in the merge fields as described in this document:

An alternative to this would be to use something like this:

But I fear that the latter may be too costly.

Would the first option be a reasonable approach or does anyone know of a better way to achieve this?
We are using C#, VS2013, mysql db

I'm using the console here trying to build out the query I need - https://dev.twitter.com/rest/tools/console

I want to search all tweets for a search term in the past 24 hours.  I've been able to accomplish this.  I'm trying to find a way to return the location of the user account that tweeted it whether that's (city/state/lat/lon), but that's not returning in the call at this point.  I see I can search for tweets in a certain geolocation, but that won't work for my project.

I need to return the tweets that include a keyword that have been posted in past 24 hours.  I'll store that data off then look to see where the highest concentration of users are to then show on my map.

i would like to develop a website like www.spareroom.co.uk myself.
i'm a novice, don't know which technology to choose from ?
is it too difficult to develop a website like this ?

i'm a systems engineer myself but have done programming 8 years before.

is there a definite "end of life" or end of support (updates and security fixes) for OpenJDK 6&7 with Ubuntu 12&14 LTS?
I have a customer who lost some programming I did. It was all on the customer's production workstation and only a very old copy was backed up on the server. The workstation crashed and they didn't not ask me before they wiped the drive and reloaded windows. Now, a month after I submitted the invoice they are claiming that I should have had a backup copy on my own and don't want to pay it. The code is work for hire, its not my copyright, so I don't think I have a duty to have my own copy, (although I wish I had). I am not sure I am even technically allowed to have my own copy since there is a lot of other programmers' code in it.

Anybody else want to chime in?
Hello, I need some tool/software to help me in documentation a new software development.

Can you tell me please how popular is this Content Management System - DotNetNuke compared with WordPress Joomla and Majento?

My question is DotNetNuke is old fashioned and the web developers prefer other Content Manegment Systems or it is still in the game??

Best Regards,
I need help in downloading files from remote system to local system . Can we link batch files to PHP script
I switch back a forth between PCs during development work.
I use a text file in a shared location to transfer bits and pieces of text, URLs, etc.
I'm looking for a better way.

After a quick search, this seems like a good utility ...

What's your favourite method / tool / utility?

I have two csv files:
file1.csv with the following information:


file2.csv with the following information


I need a vbscript which reads both files and create a file1_revised.csv without lines which are not in column A of file2.

Final result of file1_revised.csv:
We're working with an older Visual Studio client based program that had Crystal Reports within the software that pointed to data definition files.

We brought the reports out of the software and hooked them up to run from the stored procedure, but I've never coded a project to call a crystal report from an ntfs directory (outside the software).

Can anyone give me pointers or show me some articles that would assist?
I'm downloading the Crystal Report addin for Visual Studio and reading its compatibility documentation which states that it is not compatible with 64bit systems using Crystal Data Objects and I don't know what that means
I'm looking to start writing some technical requirements documentation for software development and would like to start with a template that covers the fundamentals that I can then tweak. Does anyone have a good blueprint I can use as a base?
I have the following iframe coding:

<iframe width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" style="border: 0px;" src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/place?key=AIzaSyD5n_g-Si69rypiLIMmImoz6NY3vsgS0n0

I works, but is their a way to add marker text on click of marker using my iframe?
I also want to provide a directions link inside the marker text.

I want to remove the standard google directions box when the map appears.

Please see attached.

I have a bash profile that has been changed and edited after installing and testing out various different CLI programs, below is the current configuration, however it is no longer functioning correctly as it was setup to use an emulator for a windows SVN system, which is no longer a supported software for MAC OS X yosemite, 10.10.1 (14B25)

I would like to edit the profile so that I can setup home-brew and use that as my package manager.

however, my bash profile backup is not restoring as expected.

Is there a set in stone procedure for starting over with the profile.

I need to find the best way to either restore to original or create a new one, Or do I need to uninstall all the software currently installed before staring over?

export PATH=/opt/subversion/bin/:$PATH

# Setting PATH for Python 3.4
# The orginal version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave
export PATH
export NVM_DIR="/Users/reelstuff/.nvm"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" ] && . "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh"  # This loads nvm

Open in new window

I am new on vtk, I install the tool in visual studio 2013 using cMake to configure and generate the source code, I run the example included and it worked but when I run an example from the internet and build it I got this error:
error LNK1104: cannot open file 'vtkCommon.lib'

and when go to the lib directory there is no vtkCommon.lib actually but the list start with:

I need a way to have a crystal report print on half of a letter side page.  IE page one would print on the top half and page 2 would print on the bottom half.  I don't want to use a separate sub report as my report already uses multiple sub reports and it runs way to slow to do that.

Is there a way to do this with formatting and relative positions?

I have an older iMac which has been used to evaluate "many" different types of CLI software, some were installed to evaluate the possibility of integrating with ongoing projects.

  It appears that BASH when loading a terminal window in MAC OS X, Yosemite 10.10.1

results in Last login: Fri Feb  6 08:51:22 on ttys000
-bash: -e: command not found

When running
which svn

Open in new window



It would probably be easier to just start over again but I have too many projects to do this right now.

Next, I echo

Open in new window

With this result,


My question is this where do I begin in trying to unravel this problem, I have beta versions installed for node.js and just installed homebrew,

Would it be better to uninstall homebrew then attempt to uninstall all the underlying software so I can start over?
have a very basic qry  that counts number of active customers vs those customers that have been verified with current data and shows the percent of "verified" accounts.

The date is showing 186 verified out of 325 Active, but my percent results show 39.42 not 57.23

SELECT  COUNT(uppnverify) AS 'Verified GM Customers'


SELECT CAST([Verified Customers] * 100.0 / [Active Customers] AS decimal(4, 2)) AS [%age of GM verified customers]
    --, [Verified Customers], [Active Customers]
        --count number of GM company with verified field
        SUM(CASE WHEN UPPNVERIFY like '201%' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS [Verified Customers],
        -- count number of GM company with active status (sales in last 2 yr)
        (UPPNVERIFY like '2015%') OR
) AS subquery1
I am planning to convert a vb6 application that uses access 2000 and ado to vb net 2010 or later. I want the basic converted vb net program to run on a remote web site or on a local desk top. Looking for the best data base using ado to use in the new vb net program. The application will be a distributed system to a customer base that subscribes to our software, now written in vb6 using access 2000 and ado. Vb6 has access 2000 built in so that the end user is not required to have access 2000 installed. Hopefully this would work the same with vb net 2010 with some version of SQL.

Any help here is appreciated. Also any comments on using vb net as the development tool is appreciated. It is my understanding that I will need to purchase Visual Studio 2010 since vb net 2010 that needs to be run on a web site is not sold stand alone.

I realize that I am asking multiple questions here, but just want to select the best tools to develop the net version of our product.

Thanks for any help.

Are there freeware differencing tools that can tell you if the contents of a directory / subdirectories have changed:

-change in the number of files.
-change in the content of files

I can google this - I am looking for recommendations from people who have used such tools personally.

This is for a client side system, not for a server.

DB Dev Tools

Development in most programming languages is done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Dev Tools covers issues with the use of that software, rather than the actual programming being written. XCode, Visual Studio and Eclipse are some of the more popular development tools.

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