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Development in most programming languages is done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Dev Tools covers issues with the use of that software, rather than the actual programming being written. XCode, Visual Studio and Eclipse are some of the more popular development tools.

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Hey all - has anyone here ever used Comdev OneAdmin?  It seems similar to Joomla/DotNetNuke/Drupal.  The previous developer installed it with just one module running, and I was thinking of adding on.  But before I did that big buy in I wanted some opinions.  Would you recommend?  If you would not recommend, what would you recommend?
Can someone point me to a fast and reliable Windows search tool similar to grep command in Unix ?

Please read carefully of my conditions below otherwise you're wasting your time :

1) Cannot be Cygwin (tried this. Definately not same as grep.)
2) Cannot be Copernic (indexing takes forever, slow down my system. I often delete/create new project that is about 20GB worth of code...the indexing time is just killing me)
3) Cannot be Windows built-in Search tool (the worst Search tool ever)
4) Doesn't limit to a certain type of file extension. Should be able to search for all types of files.

Thanks for your help.
Hi experts!

I need a good and flexible software licensing system + licensing server for a software product that will be rolled out to a minimum 1000 users worldwide. It should allow worldwide fully automatic purchasing and licensing of software licensing and in best case filter / store customer data to (Microsoft) CRM system so that we have minimum effort with licensing.

I am looking forward to any suggestions and I really would like you to give me your personal experiences of implementation / integration of such tools as this can be a bit more complex...

We have found softwarekey[DOT]komm and it looks promising, especially the Instant SOLO server offer for starting without too much hassle.

Are there comparable alternatives that you know and have used?

Thank you very much in advance for helping and sharing your experiences!
Crystal XI - I am having a problem running an on-demand sub report within another sub report. To make it easier to explain:
Master Report (A)
     -->>  Sub Report (B)
                 -->> On demand sub report (c)
C is an on demand sub report embedded in B and B is a sub report embedded in A.
From A i can see B but not C. If I run B on its own, I can see C.

Is this even possible in Crystal?
Dear All
At my company  there is a software product (VOIP IM). That causes some of the antivirus programs in use these days to recognize it as a potentially harmful software.
This does not happen on all antivirus programs the main problems arise if Kaspersky is used. Norton and Mcaffee do not cause trouble.
Anyhow is there a way to digitally sign our product so that it does not cause any more trouble with any of the available antivirus programs. (OF COURSE THERE IS NO MALICIOUS CODE WITHIN THE PROGRAM).
I need a workaround here..
Hello group,

Is there any PDF convertor (open source or non-open source). Which supports conversion of HTML to PDF ?
Does it have API to be used in other language programming?

Any help will be appreciated greatly.

I don't mind doing whatever cleanup is necessary, but I need to convert several VB scripts and VBA into C#.

Does anyone know of software that will help me do this?
(My apologies if this is too general or too easy to be of great interest...)

Say you wanted to make a small, simple program that fulfilled the following criteria:

1. Must be able to distribute as a standalone exe file (it can NOT rely on the user having any library or frameworks).

2. Must be able to run on win32 AND Linux (it CAN have two different exe files, one for win, one for linux)

3. Is a window-style program, not console. That is, has buttons, allows user input, returns result to user.

How would you go about it?
What language, IDE, etc would you use?
What example source code is available?

Specifics greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good web stress tool
Hi Experts,

I'm writing a VB.Net 2005 application as a front-end for a SQL 2005 DB and it's time to incorporate spell checking into my application.

Our previous system used MS Word in the background to perform spell checking but I want to know if there are any alternatives to Word as a good English spell checker?

Problems we had included:
- Catering for different versions of Word with our spell checking source code
- Slow / Old client PC's that cant really afford having an extra instance of Word open in the background
- Spell checking too slow if Word has to be opened before each spell check is performed.
- Client machines that to not have Word installed.
- Users manually closing word from the task manager.

I would really like to use another method this time.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  I do not mind having to do a it of extra coding myself and also I wouldnt mind buying a third party tool as long as it is well supported and not too expensive (I have to pay with South-African Rands).

Hello fellow experts,

I'd like to "take it up to the next level" with my Web Site design software.  I've been using Front Page but would like to move to something "more professional" for a couple of web pages.  

I'm a Network guy - so I think I have a good aptitude for reading books and learning things - but I just don't have the time to learn coding - so I really want to stick to a wysiwyg GUI program without having to know the coding on the back end.

So I'm looking for suggestions as to the best software for an intermediate level expertise for website design.  I was looking at Dreamweaver on Adobe's site - something like that & those capabilities.  Would like to keep cost < $500.


I am trying to export XMI from Magicdraw 12.5, for use in AndroMDA (but that is incidental). If I stereotype a class the resultant stereotype definition in the XMI does not show any relation to the stereotyped class, and vice versa.
Essentially, the inclusion of a stereotype in the model only adds the definition of the stereotype; not information saying class Foo has stereotype <<Bar>>.
I've tried this with a very simple case, and can see abosolutely no relation between the entities.
hi all i have fax file wich it extension end with *.fxm wich the right programme to open it and from where i can download it .  

I have a client who creates large pdf documents (tenders) on a regular basis, 30% - 50% of the information changes for each tender, and the page order may change but each section will stay the same.

It is becoming very time consuming drafting each document by hand and im looking at a more dynamic way of handling the data.

Can anyone offer up a solution for getting the clients data to me in the best format possible.

Ideally i would like to be able to achive the following.

Import into a template pdf file from some sort of file which the user can create
or Let the user enter the information on the web and then download the information in a format which i can import into a pdf template.

Can it be done likea mailmerge system where by you place markers to import certain data to in the document.

Sorry if im waffling, im just trying to get a feel for what can and cant be done.

Also be happy if anyone knows of any off the shelf software that might be suitable????

Thanks in advance

Here is the situation:
Actor Field Services Manager can Manipulate Notifications for only himeself & not other people.
Actor Administrator can Manipulate Notifications for any Field Services Manager.
What I did was have 3 cases.
Manipulate Notifications to Receive for Self     (Actor Field Services Manager)
Manipulate Notifications to Receive for a Field Services Manager   (Actor Administrator)
and finally
Manipulate Notifications to Receive for a User  (No Actor--included base case)
Then I made the last case the Base case, which is included in the first 2 cases.
That means that Manipulate Notifications to Receive for a User actually relies on a parameter (the person for whome the Manipulate Notifications is being done).
Nowhere in the course did we discuss that use cases can have parameters.
Whenever we discussed pre-conditions in class, it was usually a pre condition that some other use case finished running; it was not a pre-condition that something be defined (in my case, I would say that the pre-condition for Manipulate Notifications to Receive for a User would require as its pre condition that the User for which the manipulation is to occur be defined).
How would you handle this situation?
Am I on the right track?
I am not really sure how to saves and share myeclipse projects settings. It seems like under the workspace location there is a .metadata and file named null. Under the .metadata folder there is a folder named .plugins which contains around 30+ folders. In a development environments if i want to share the projects settings with other developers, do i have to share the whole workspace folder which is around 40MB in size? Please note that all the developers will have similar versions of JDK, and Tomcat installed in similar location sharing same project source files.
I have created two projects in myeclipse, one is java and other one is web project.  I am using JDK 1.6 and Tomcat 5.x. The web project uses the compiled classes of the java project. Now in my web project i referenced the java project but it does not seem working properly as when i build the web project it does not find the compiled java classes in its class path and hence the deployment of the web project misses the java classes as well. Can any provide me hints on how to link a java project with a web project so that the web project finds the compiled java classes from the java project and also deployment copies over the classes to the Tomcat webapps location.
Hello Experts
                    My problem is this: Using Excel 2000 VBA, I want to create a straight line from point "A" to point "B"  in the horizontal plane, on a UserForm. Are there any drawing tools available in VBA ?
                                                                                               Thanking You in Advance
Technical, Operational, Economic, and Schedule are the four areas that the feasibility study should address. Give an example of each from your experience and how it affected a business (system development) decision that was made. You can take either a ‘pro’ or ‘con’ position.
Why is the availability and/or non-availability of tools and talents important to the development of a system?
The organization that I work with has outgrown Microsofts virtual sorce safe.

I am trying to find out what out shops that develop software use to help them manage the development and release process.

I have heard of products such as Computer Associates "Harvest" and the Sarena "dimensions" product.

What do any of you folks use and what would you recommend as something to look at or consider.

My goal is to find, test and then implement some main stream.

I wouldn't want to invest time and money in something that most other shops probably haven't heard of.

Thanks for all responses

Ray in Wisconsin
I need to test a beta version of a software application. Is there an application that I can run that will create a virtual environment on a workstation so that if there are any problems the original system configuration is not corrupted? I would like to be able to test beta versions when the actual previous official release may still be running on the same workstation.

Thanks in advance.
I have some Java code that I would like to store using a CVS. I am thinking about getting an account with www.cvsdude.com. I currently use eclipse and am wondering what the best way to use a CVS is. Does eclipse have CVS support? I want to avoid having to checkout files manually.
I have an excel file which has 20 tabs (worksheets)

now on each worksheet, i have 3 cells

G4, T4, and AG4

I want G4 to have the value read from my first sheet called instructions and from the cell A1
So if instruction sheet's A1 is 2009, then G4 in all tabs should be 2009. Likewise, T4 should be G4+1, and AG4 should be T4+1

so i have three years (2009,2010,2011) in three cells in all tabs

What is the fastest way to make that change when the excel files opened. i want this to be the FIRST CODE to execute. (MACRO)

RIght now i have a manual way, I can go in each tab and make G4 formula as =instructions!A1
then T4 as =G4+1 and so on.

Is there anyway I can do this

for I = 1 to totalworksheetsInWorkbook
set G4 = instructions!A1
set T4 = G4+1
set AG4 = t4+1
end for

please advise

a .net assembly has some strings like;

ChrW(5290) & ChrW(5295)

which were used as cookies.

In IDA pro, strings look like

ldstr "??????"

where they are loaded to the stack.

Is there a way to get a better representation in IDA pro, like

52h 90h 52h 95h ?


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Development in most programming languages is done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Dev Tools covers issues with the use of that software, rather than the actual programming being written. XCode, Visual Studio and Eclipse are some of the more popular development tools.

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