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A database report is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. Most good business applications contain a built-in reporting tool; this is simply a front-end interface that calls or runs back-end database queries that are formatted for easy application usage.

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Hi All,

I have a report which gives me daily sale at specific interval through out the day.

I want to display this report on a report machine like a LED MONITOR.

How can i do that and is there any software available in the market which i can use? i dont want to write a client server application myself.

Thank you

I have 1 SQL server instance (A) running for my application, and is it possible to have another instance (B) which is running parallel sync (mirror) with the (A), and serving for reporting only?

That mean Active-Active. (A) is for main application, and (B) is for reporting.

if possible, pls advise how?

We are currently in the process of compiling reporting in order to make some projections with our cloud/storage environment.  However, we currently have no baseline(s) in place, with regards to monitoring software.  Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions to gather/compile information based on event logs, etc. for predictive analytics (i.e. data transfer, SQL transactions, etc.)?  Looking for the most common/specific counters for IIS, FTP, and SQL traffic.
I am looking for a tool (library, free program, robust propriétary tool...)  able to access my banks, ask for my transaction data, retreive them and string them under an identical format whatever the bank in the world. NOTHING more.
Does this exist?  

Thank you for the help
I need some help setting up SSRS for the first time.
My goal is to build/edit reports from my desktop using Visual studio 2013.

Here is what I have so far:
SQL server 2014
Reporting services Config manager it is setup with a database called ‘ReportServer’ and  virtual directoy and URL of ‘Reports’
From my PC, the URL takes me to a home page with folders and with a link to launch ‘ReportBuilder’
I think the server side is working ok

My PC:
Installed Visual Studio 2013
Installed  BI Tools for 2013
From My PC, I can open a new project and build some basic reports

Concern is that the PC install is not looking at SSRS on the server in anyway, it is all self-contained on the PC.
I was told to configure Visual Studio to point to the SSRS server. I am not sure how to go about this. Can anyone guide me what need to be done, or any other issues with my setup.

can user reorder columns like grid in report??
in SSRS or Telerik Reporting.

Thank You.
I'm using CR 2008.  I have a crosstab report that allows the user to choose the start and end dates as well as how they want the report sorted.  The choices for how the report is sorted is one of (3) ways.  Alphabetically by Customer Name, Numerical by Customer ID, and by Revenue Dollar.  I have figured out how to get the crosstab to sort by the customer name and ID, but I can't figure out how to do it by revenue.  I want the report to display the customer with the highest dollar amount first and display the rest descending.  The revenue is not a field in the database.  Instead it will need to be calculated.  I'm not sure of the best way to handle this and I have been struggling with getting the sort to work properly.  The revenue is being converted to text so when it sorts it will sort 1, 10, 100 then 2, 20, etc.  I put a tilde (~) symbol between the dollar amount and the customer name thinking that I could create a formula to have it look for that symbol to know how many characters were in the revenue field so that I could then tell it to put in the same number of beginning zeros so that everything would sort correctly.  But I never got the formula figured out that would allow it to run without any errors.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
In SSAS had the application create a time dimension.

No matter what I do the Date dimension presents days in this format "Sunday, January 01 1995".

I would like it to show as 1/1/1995 instead.

When trying to configure the Date attribute ;

FormatString : ShortDate
Usage: Key
NameColumn: Cannot modify this - Binding type is Generate Column
I am in the process of creating a crosstab report that shows the On Time Delivery (OTD) for a given time period.  I want the report to display the overall OTD % as well as the OTD for each individual customer.  I'm not sure how to display the OTD % for the individual customers.  

I currently display the Total Revenue by customer, the total # of lines shipped, and the total # of lines that shipped LATE.

Whenever I attempted to display the OTD %, it would show the overall percentage for each customer.  For instance, during a given time  our overall OTD was 75%.  Customer # 1, may have been at 100% and customer # 2 may have been at 50% so I want that displayed.  But what I am getting it 75% for both customers.

Is this possible to do in a crosstab report?
Hello there,

I am creating a report in SSRS 2012 and for some reason I am not able to test my query in the Query Desinger of SSRS(I get some error,please see screenshot) also my supplier parameter is not filtering when i preview the report. CAn somebody please help me.


and my query is like so

    CTE_Product_Detail AS
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.ProductCode, ProductAvailableData.ProductCode) AS ProductID,
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.SalesQtyInclDis, 0)                            AS SalesQty,
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.SalesDis, 0)                                   AS SalesDis,
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.PurchasePrice, 0)                              AS
            (ProductSalesData.SalesQtyInclDis * ProductSalesData.PurchasePrice) AS TotalPuchaseRial
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.SalesPrice, 0)                        AS SalesPrice,
            (ProductSalesData.SalesQtyInclDis * ProductSalesData.SalesPrice)      AS TotalSalesRial,
            ProductSalesData.SaleDate                                               AS SaleDate,
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.ShamsiMonth, 0)                              AS ShamsiMonth,
            COALESCE (ProductSalesData.ShamsiYear, 0)                             

Open in new window

I have a report that I'm developing for our sales department.  The goal is to get the total sales (by invoiced $) from the same month for the previous year and then use that number plus a percentage as a new goal listed for the current year and current month to date (report runs daily).  I have this mostly working and I'm using a sub report to target the previous year / month's sales.  The problem is in the selection criteria for the sub report.  It's only capturing the sales MTD (previous year) and instead of the full month.

This is what I am using in the report selection:
{ARTABLE.INVOICE_DATE} in date(year(currentdate)-1,12,1) to dateadd("yyyy",-1,currentdate)

How can I modify the selection criteria to report all sales for the current month (previous year).  I'm close just haven't been able to get through.
I have an issue with InfoMaker 12.0. Currently we have an existing report with a request to enhance the report to allow multi-select. The SPROC [EXEC dbo.SPROC ( a int, b int );]. The setup window is setup correctly and has been running fine until I select the MS checkbox and save the changes. The datatype for parm 2 changes to string from integer and throws a warning error at runtime for the report.

Any thoughts?
Hi Experts,

I have starttime and endtime option in SSRS and user will select the those values. Selection of time has some logic and business user will know how to select it. If the user selects datetime which doesn't comply the business logic, SSRS will not be rendered. So, business users want a indication of start and endtime to show them upfront.  
I have added a parameter and it's should the value in the text box where it's in editable mode. I want to grey out this option. I know this is not possible by default SSRS setting. Is there any solution out of box which will help me.
This would be for a sql server or oracle database. Currently we are using Crystal reports, but we need something a bit more helpful as far as making business decisions.  We would start, though, by simply pasting the sql from the crystal reports into the dashboard tool. The goal (if possible) is to create a package with  perhaps ten dashboards. My research so far shows that the licensing for most software is pretty expensive, even for only 5 or ten users, which is what we would probably be looking at.  Is  open source software a possibility? The dashboards should be versatile and interactive, and capable of going in depth.
I have the WLM Contacts file (*.edb) but am unable to convert it to a CSV file.  I've checked several site and program that are so called conversion programs but have been unsuccessful.  This file is no longer on the original system since it had a corrupted OS and has now been upgraded to W10.  Can someone please suggest a way to convert this EDB file to a CSV.  Thanks.
Example:  1 table with 10 columns/fields and 5 records
2 report files: Page1.frx and Page2.frx

I need to print 5 fields on on Page1.frx on pg 1, the the last 5 fields on Page2.frx on pg 2.  The next record would print on pg 3 and 4, etc.
Hi guys, the title says it all really. I have a main query which returns 5 Input Groups, each input group can have multiple Voting Groups, each voting group can have multiple Voting Setpoints and each Voting Setpoint can have multiple Inputs. Should I use reports inside reports inside reports, or can i achieve this with a main report and multiple datasets in some way?  Obviously I don't want blank areas where (for example) Set points do not exist So you have Input Group > Voting Group > Inputs

An example structure could be:

- Input Group 1
      - Voting Group 1
            - Voting Setpoint 1
                    - Input ID's
             - Voting Setpoint 2
      - Voting Group 2
- Input Group 2

I am trying to calculate a percentage using the value of one column through a condition.  A sample dataset is below:

County       AVG For 2015/08   AVG For 2015/09       AVG For 2015/10    AVG For 2015/11      % of time Avg > 10

XXX             15.6                         9.09                             8.56                           5.76                               ?
YYY              12.5                        16.56                           9.56                           10.86                             ?

For example, for County XXX the percentage of time Avg > 10 should be 1/4 or 25% in the past 4 months.  For county YYY it should be 3/4 or 75%.  

How do I write an expression to calculate that percentage automatically by checking for the avg from the other column?
hello.  I outputted several reports from impromptu to Excel 2010 by using the Save As with Excel Format.  All of the excel files open except one.  that one gives me the message "902410.xls cannot be accessed.  the file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read-only."

All the reports are coming from the same impromptu application from the same server and database.  I even tried saving the report on another computer and got the same error.  Any suggestions.


We are developing a Java REST based application and we have to convert reports in the following format (PDF, Excel, CSV, XML and HTML) and also there is a requirement to schedule reports at a predetermined intervals.

The data exchange format is JSON, what would be the best way for the user to download reports (for example PDF reports)

1) Do we need to send the PDF content as a JSON response
2) or do we need to send the title of the report and the URL link as the JSON response. In this case the URL link will represent the PDF file on the server side and by clicking the link, the user can download the report from the server
3) or do we need to send the data (row, column etc) as JSON response and then construct the PDF at the client side (browser front end) using any JavaScript libraries?

Or is there any alternate ways (best practices) for the user to download PDF reports in the modern browser (We assume only the latest version of major browsers will be used by our users ex. Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari and Opera

Any pointers or links to some useful examples would be of immense help.

Thank you

I would like to hide the dialog that appears when sending Email Reports in Access. Instead, I would like the report sent as a PDF, without giving the user the option to select a format. How would I achieve this?
We are implementing BI Suite in the next several months or so. I was asked to look into Crystal Reports, of which I have passing but credible knowledge of. I've also been using Web Intelligence for ~6 months, so have a pretty good idea of its features and capabilities.
Dave Rathbun has a nice write-up of .UNX vs .UNV (from 2013), which touches on Crystal for Enterprise and Crystal Reports (2013 ?). In particular, his article says Crystal for Enterprise ONLY works with the (new) .UNX universes (which uses the new Info Design Tool), and Crystal Reports does NOT work with the (new) .UNX universes and only has LIMITED support with the (older) .UNV universes.
On other blogs, I just didn't get the warm and fuzzy on Cyrstal, for various reasons, but primarily these:
- Crystal for Enterprise is fairly new and not nearly as stable as Crystal Reports (2013?)
- Crystal Reports is stable but doesn't work with the (newer) .UNX universes
The other blog articles were also written in 2013, so I didn't see anything newer.
So - - -
- can I NOT use Crystal for Enterprise with the (older) .UNV universes ?
- Is Crystal Reports (2013?) going to work with both .UNV and .UNX universes ? and for the long term ?
With our BI Suite implementation, we are planning on just going with what we have - .UNV universes and the (older) Universe Design Tool. But we have some critical needs that cannot be …
I want to know what's the best way of assigning task. Reminders to employees for uncompleted task. before they close during the day.

There are naturally traditional daily task which has been clearly defined when starting.. . But some come along the way.

How is it possible to be clear on defined expectations.

Will be good to have this on our local server ( windowns and Linux) or Qnap NAS Serve, but also welcome online solutions.
Hi guys,

I need help with SSRS layout. I have a tablix and I do not want it to start half way down page two and fall across to page 3. So I have set 'Keep together' so as the tablix starts on page 3, however I have a problem when the tablix is bigger than one complete page? It just breaks up and looks terrible. How can I get the tablix to start on a new page in the initial instance, but then run across into another 2 or 3 pages if required without breaking?

I hope that makes sense.

What "End User Report Creation/Tweak" software
do you recommend for my Microsoft SQL Server 2014
database ?

Current Steps
 1. users submit report tweaks to me
 2. I change in SQL Server Reporting Services and redeploy

Desired Steps
 1. user runs existing SQL Server Reporting Services report
 2. uses something like http://www.logianalytics.com 
    to tweak on their own, contacting me if they need help

DB Reporting Tools

A database report is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. Most good business applications contain a built-in reporting tool; this is simply a front-end interface that calls or runs back-end database queries that are formatted for easy application usage.

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