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A database report is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. Most good business applications contain a built-in reporting tool; this is simply a front-end interface that calls or runs back-end database queries that are formatted for easy application usage.

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I had this question after viewing how do you back up the cognos fm model.

I just started at a new company and they are having trouble with the model.xml that all files for the framework are located on the network - the reports run but can not be modified the error returned is 'Metadata not available.' they did put a copy of the model.xml and the .cpf file to make it available but I'm not sure how to fix the error. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Getting 'Metadata not available' when modifying existing reports and creating new reports - the reports will run and return data but cannot make any changes to the report. The Model.xml file is size 0 in the framework folder. Was able to get a model.xml file from a backup but not sure what to do with it so the .cpf recognizes it.

When I try to open the framework file .cpf it doesn't open it just flashes and closes immediately.
Dear Experts
We are using CRM application which uses MYSQL database. we have customized the CRM application for our core process therefore the CRM modules marketing, sales and contacts and opportunities are not made use instead we have completely customized, the solution is deployed on premises.
Challenges: to build/develop certain reports which are very much essential for daily operations and monthly reports and analytics. At present we are taking csv dump from crm and preparing it manually by applying formulas,  this is time consuming and resource dependent and as reports are not ready made available therefore end users to depend on the technical resource to export the reports and bring it to the required format and then provided to the end users. We also require analytics from the CRM data.
We are planning to implement SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and integrate with Power BI for analytics the data source will be CRM application either integrated OR excel as input to the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or Power BI.
Please suggest will this approach work for us.
I am using Power BI to show a count of the number of parts that have gone through a production step in a period of time.  

I have 6 tables currently which are not linked.  To show the data for the same time period I have added each of date columns in to a report level filter.  Is it possible to create a new date table which can then be used in the filters showing the data across all tables without having to change each filter?

The 6 tables are in an on premise SQL DB, Power BI uses an on premise data gateway to pull the data.
Hi all,

I have a report that was created a long time ago in Cognos 8, then migrated in 10 and now in C11.
In this report, there was a query with "Override dimension info" = Yes. If I remember correctly, this was necessary in the past due to the fact that the query is based on native SQL and used for a graph.
Now, when validating the report in Cognos Analytics, I get the warning "XQE-WRN-0018 The dimensionInfo in V5 query has been deprecated. The query will be planned regardless of dimensionInfo.", even if the report is running fine.
What should I do there? What is the impact of this warning? Performance?
An Excel spreadsheet, has 14 column fields across, and 2 rows including the headers.  
The top line consists of headers.
The second line contains data.
The goal is to enter an ID number in A2 and it will self populate column B2, C2, E2, F2.  (With field F2 being able to be overwritten)
The rest of the data will be user input.

My question is I want D2 to be a unique 6 digit number.
When the ID in A2 is input from a dropdown, then it should delete/reset any data from B2 to N2, and assign a new ID number, in numerical sequence.

How can this be accomplished?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

ID      Desc.      Size      Ticket      Date      Quantity 1      Q1Info      Quantity 2      Q2Info      Time      Info1      Info2      Info3      Info4
When I run a report within SSDT, the font color on a textbox works properly, showing up in red as the value is well above the target in blue text:

However, when I deploy the report and run it in IE11, the font is incorrectly black:

In IE11
The real kicker is if I export the IE11 output to PDF, it shows up in the expected color (red).
I know I'm looking at the correct report on both ends because if I set the font color to something static like "Purple", it is the same in both SSDT and IE11.

Perhaps one other consideration: there is a drilldown (action) on this textbox.

Any thoughts how to resolve this?
According to the Help/About window, this is using SQL Server Data Tools 14.0.61712.050 and SSRS 14.0.1016.232. IE is 11.0.9600.19356.

MRO Report CodeI have a drug screen database that is using Number Types zeros and ones for substances that are tested and blank if not tested. I need to create a report that will return specific substances tested for each person and the result (i.e.: if 0 the substance was tested for, and it is negative, if 1 the substance was tested for, and it is positive, if blank the substance was not tested for.

Microsoft Access 16. I have report working for DOT results because they always test for the same substances, which I have each substance field in my report. I cannot get non-DOT to work because there are many possible substances that could potentially be selected for testing. I would like the report to pull for each person what substances they were tested for (only. i.e. each company tests for different substances) and the result.

A line for each substance that can be tested for DOT (i.e.: Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, PCP, Opioids, etc). Non-DOT has many more potential substances.
=Switch([Negative]="1","NEGATIVE" & IIf([Dilute]="1","/DILUTE","") & "  RESULT",[Positive]="1","POSITIVE" & IIf([Dilute]="1","/DILUTE","") & "  RESULT",[Cancelled]="1","CANCELLED TEST")

I can't figure out how to have the report only list substances specific to a test. I only want the specific substances that are tested to return on the report. On the DOT all substances are set always (never …
I am working on a SSRS Report. I am summing values for a column called UnrealizedValue in one textbox. The current Expression for that textbox is:

=IIf(Sum(Fields!UnrealizedValue.Value) >= - 1 And Sum(Fields!UnrealizedValue.Value) <= 1, "-", Sum(Fields!UnrealizedValue.Value))

I need to create a second textbox with the same IIF statement however I need to only sum when the value of another column called ActivitySort is "B".

I am having trouble with this syntax.

This is the failing statement:

=Sum(iif(Fields!ActivitySort.Value = "B", (Fields!UnrealizedValue.Value>= - 1 And Fields!UnrealizedValue.Value <= 1, "-", Fields!UnrealizedValue.Value)))

Error Message:
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: The Value expression for the textrun ‘UnrealizedValue12.Paragraphs[0].TextRuns[0]’ contains an error: [BC30516] Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'IIf' accepts this number of arguments.
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ReportingService2010Impl.CreateReport(String Report, String Parent, Boolean Overwrite, Byte[] Definition, Property[] Properties, ItemType ItemType, CatalogItem& ItemInfo, Warning[]& Warnings)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ReportingService2010Impl.CreateCatalogItem(String ItemType, String Name, String Parent, Boolean Overwrite, Byte[] Definition, Property[] Properties, CatalogItem& ItemInfo, Warning[]& Warnings)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.WebServer.ReportingService2010.CreateCatalogItem(String …
I would like to know how to manage patch management (eg. a group of servers with different flavours of operating system).
Also how to re-check updates after the first patch of updates have been installed.
Also how to force check back to reporting services to gain accurate result if they are compliant or not.
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I want sum of Count column, can you please share expression for this or how to do this? the number of rows of date and count column is not fixed, it will vary every day.Untitled.png
I have a system in elasticsearch collecting performance metrics from my network. The space occupied is a lot, and I need to know how to optimize disk space. I have the idea that the project consists of having detailed samples of the last time (for example, one or two weeks). Beyond that time you can have historical samples, but with less detail.
I need to start organizing how to carry this forward.
I am trying to  run Tableau 1.5. I get the error api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing. I have tried a number of fixes and nothing has worked.
The solution John gave worked on one computer, but not the other.

Sorry to post this twice.
I have just started to deploy and learn Microsoft Power Bi. I installed the BI gateway and able to get it connected in the portal.  My question is, how to i make a BI workspace that calls to that data?  DO i need the BI desktop app or can i not create that from the portal?
Cognos 10, Oracle database. Situation is that a list inside a table is repeating itself and I'm looking for a way to not have it repeated. Is there an option in the properties page that might need enable or disable to resolve this issue. Please see attached image.

Need help creating an API call in Power BI to retrieve data from a specific vendor.
They provided the following link:


I previously was able to create a working API call using Power BI to a different vendor.
As follows:


Note: Username, Password and OrgID were substituted out in the above example.

While there are several way to retrieve this data, we want a consistent method.  We would like to use an API similar to the above to retrieve any data table into Power BI.

I am working on  a VBA app and need to setup a reporting system to query my db and return some result based on user's preference. However, I want my end users to be able to export this report to excel or even send to their email.
I will appreciate if you have experience with this procedure with VBA.
I use MS Access db
Thank you
HI there, I am using SSRS and have a problem where my grand total on the last page of the report will only calculate the the times of the pages that have been shown. In other words, if its a 3 page report and I run it and view the first page then skip to the last it will calculate the first and the last missing out page 2. If however, I run the report and go through each page using the next button it then calculates the total correctly.

My total is a SUM of a previous total and both are code elements within the report, after doing a bit of research I found out that this is why, the code elements only fire on the page that is in view.

My 2 code elements are:

Public shared dim totalJobTypeRateTotal as Decimal 

Function AddTotal(ByRef JobTypeRateTotal AS Decimal) AS Decimal 
                totalJobTypeRateTotal = totalJobTypeRateTotal + JobTypeRateTotal
                return JobTypeRateTotal

End Function

====This function calculates row items based on a lookup that finds the specific rate for each job type=====

 Public Function GetTotal()
                return totalJobTypeRateTotal
End Function

====This is the grand total at the end of the report group that will only calculate the total of the AddTotal function expression on pages that have been viewed====

Open in new window

How do I get the 2 code calculations to produce a grand total correctly without having to scroll through each page?
Hi All,
 I am using Graphana on Elasticsearch to show % pass/fail in weekly reports, I can get Pass/Fail  from the Pie chart but not in Stacked bar graph ..
Is there any plugin which i can use to get the pass fail percentage in Bar Graph.

I am trying to display a report, I have a stored procedure that requires 3 parameters.  I am also using EF6 to push and pull data but I don't seem to be getting any data back to my report data source.  In my edmx file I see the SP in the functions folder and can pull scheme info.

In the code behind I try this
    ReportDataSource rds = new ReportDataSource("dsBOL.PrintBOLDataTable", dt);
but nothing.

Here is a shot of the report data source.


DB Reporting Tools

A database report is the formatted result of database queries and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. Most good business applications contain a built-in reporting tool; this is simply a front-end interface that calls or runs back-end database queries that are formatted for easy application usage.

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