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IBM DB2 is a family of relational database server products developed by IBM that have been extended to support object-relational features and non-r...

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Over 20 years of experience as an Application Architect/Developer, a Database Administrator, and a PM focusing on performance.

Troubleshooting Solution

On the IBM i when using the CPYFRMIMPF how should I create the ERRRCDFILE

I want to use the ERRRCDFILE parameter on the CPYFRMIMPF but Google hasn't been able to help me find …

Recursive SQL in DB2 (Converting rows to columns)

Recursive SQL in UDB/LUW (you can use 'recursive' and 'SQL' in the same sentence)

A …
Troubleshooting Solution

DB2 Alter Column

Running DB2 10.5 on Windows server

I am trying to add a default to a column on a large table and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Synchronize / link two databases -- MySQL and IBM AS400 / ISeries DB2

I am looking to synchronize / link two databases.
The one being AS400 DB2 – the other MySQL.
Have …
Troubleshooting Solution

stored procedure with multiple functionality for dropping and creating indexes

Hi there,
Can any let me know if it is possible to have procedure with below functionality?
The …
Troubleshooting Solution

DB2 10.5 to 11.5 Upgrade

We are currently running DB2 LUW 10.5 on Windows server and need to upgrade to 11.5.  Does anyone …
Troubleshooting Solution

What are the best freeware alternatives to Erwin Data Modeler

I will like to get the data structure of an exisiting database. In particular I will like to view …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to know the last time tables in a schema had a DML operation from DB2

I will like to know the last time tables in a schema had a select, insert or delete operations in a
Troubleshooting Solution

Linux ODBC Connection using IBM AS400 Client Solutions  on Raspberry pI

I currently have an application that uploads production data from a Raspberry Pi …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to use SQL to substract 2 months from BD2 data number 1200228


I have a AS400 BD2 data field representing a date - the format is yyymmdd, but the data type is …
Troubleshooting Solution

DB2 10.5 Backup permission

I am running backups on my DB2 10.5 instance running on Windows using CommVault.  When I run the …
Research Solution

Dynamic SQL

Hi Experts,

How can I get the result from an SQL select into result table
The situation that makes …
Troubleshooting Solution

list of values not picked in the In clause


   We are on Postgresql 9.6 version.

I have a SQL statement which has a number of names in the IN …
Troubleshooting Solution

DB2: Getting MAX date for multiple columns

How do you find the MAX of multiple date columns for DB2?  I've done it in SQL using code similiar …
Troubleshooting Solution

DB2 Restore to new server

DB2 10.5 on Windows

This is a follow up to my last question about moving database to a new server…
Troubleshooting Solution

QZDASOINIT jobs running at priority 20, but should be 50 according to JOBD, SBSD, RTGE,  and CLASS


I cannot figure out what is wrong. QZDASOINIT jobs are running at priority 20, but should be …
Troubleshooting Solution

DB2 - Error on IN clause in subselect

I am struggling with a simple DB2 query.

I am using a subquery to return records where either …
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows Connect to Mainframe via ODBC

I am attempting to connect my PHP web server (Apache) (Windows Server 2019) to our Mainframe via …
Troubleshooting Solution

An INSERT statement with SELECT in DB2 and SQL Server

I have a table ITEMS with the following columns:
23      ABC
24      DEF

I will like …
Troubleshooting Solution

Crosstab query for QMF/DB2

Hello. I am trying to create a crosstab query in QMF/DB2. I know that there is no Transform function…

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