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2012 essentials server been running for years and started getting message it was not completly set up.  Users can login but server extremely slow and no users exist in users and computers console.

Need help!
Netdiag attached
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Adding more storage to my Dell PowerEdge 2970 Server 2008 R2
this server is running a RAID5 using three 300GB  SAS drives (DISKS 0, 1 and 2)
PERC 5 integrated controller card

I just purchased five hard drives SAS, I'd like to create a second RAID5 with these five drives and use them in (DISKS 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)
I inserted two of these new drives in slots 3 and 4 (I have not booted in the PERC 5 controller yet)
When I go to Dell OpenManager I see one of the new drives in Enclosure listed (I attached a pic), I see the other new drive in a second enclosure (I attached a pic)

Is it possible to use these five new drives an one RAID5 ?
I replaced the internal battery for the Dell Latitude E5570.   The laptop was fine all throughout the charge and removal of the plug for 4 enjoyable hours of battery life until bed.  However, today the screen flickers like either the cable is loose from me poking around and replacing the battery or the screen is about to go.   Just thinking I type, I'm going to run a hardware dignostics on the video but what could have I have possibly loosen up to create the flicker.  PS.  It seems as if it's not a loose cable and the screen is in fact going out.  The screen is no longer flickering.   Actually, it flickers when I execute applications, minimize/maximaize things but not when typing.  Basically,  thing get flicker crazy when the mouse is involved.   I see this getting worse through time.  Thoughts?
Dell R710 - PERC H700 Integrated Driver.

We formatted this server for the purpose of converting it into a Domain Controller for one of our other locations, (replacing a server that died) running Windows 2008 Server R2.

Once we installed Dell OpenManage it kept indicating that the current version ( is older that the required version ( of the controller, see image.

I already have the version installed as you can see from the image but OpenManage isn't seeing.
How to copy an image from a Dell N3048P switch over to another switch.
I have a Dell Optiplex PC with an i5 CPU and 16GBs RAM, with 3 monitors. Recently added the 3rd. View Sonic, Dell, Dell monitors. Everything seems to work ok except when moving excel, word or Google Chrome to the middle monitor. After you move excel over, you cannot left click on a cell or type in it. However I can right click all over the place. If I move the excel window back to any other monitor all the keys I typed suddenly appear. Move it back to middle, locked again. Same thing happens with Google Chrome when doing a Google search. The weird thing is if I move Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer one of our business programs to the middle monitor it types in the search bar just fine.

The setup uses 3 VGA monitors. One is directly connected to the PC with VGA cable, 1 is connected with Dell DP2VGA adapter and the problem child is connected with startech USB2VGAE3. We've unplugged the startech adapter, uninstalled the startech software, rebooted, and reinstalled the software. Same problem. We also done the same using an entirely new startech adapter. Same problem.

Any ideas?

Also tried repair install of Office thing it is an office problem since both word and excel behave the same, but then again, Google Chrome behaves the same also.
Hello I've got a Dell Latitude E6420 which has a BIOS password set, I don't know what it could be.  Is there a utility that could reset it?
Hello Experts - I've started planning for the year and one thing on my mind is the EoL for Win 7 Pro in Jan of next year.  I counted my PCs up and about half of them are still running Win7.  I'm curious to see if others are in the same boat and have a bunch of machines to get upgraded before next year and how you're planning to go about it.  Most of my machines are Dell Precision series and while I have upgraded a couple of older machines to 10, Dell doesn't always provide good drivers for that OS so the results have been mixed.  So how are you handling the EoL for Win 7?
Dear Experts,

My client has a dell server using ESXi 5.1.

We have setup their new Dell R440 server with customised VMware 6.7 U1 DellEMC.

How do I migrate the VMs from 5.1 to 6.7 U1?
Dell N3048P Stack Light Flashing red- does anyone know why the stack LED light flashes red?  This is on the standby switch.  See attached.  I couldn't find any good documentations on this.
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I had this question after viewing "Incorrect Username or Password" on log in.

After setting up a new VoIP phone system from Comcast Business on our network, which required re-configuring our Dell network switch with VLANs for voice and data, we started to see issues with users not able to login to the network even though their credentials are valid. I would like to know if others have a similar experience and if so what is the best solution to avoid this kind of problems. Also, I am still trying to resolve the login problems for the users and the only way I have been able to use thus far is to have the user reboot their PC and then they are able to login again. I had similar problems with my domain admin account randomly on different servers. Why is it that on some servers my login works and others it does not?
We have 4 new Dell G7 15 7588 laptops that were upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro that are connected to the companies domain and connected to the wlan. The users are experiencing issues logging into the domain, where approximately 9 out of 10 times state that the password is incorrect. We have verified that the password is correct when being entered and have removed the laptops from the domain and rejoined them but the issue persists.

The laptops do not have issues logging in when hard wired into the network and other laptops connected to the wireless network are not experiencing issues. Also, Active Directory is not referencing any failed login attempts for the users trying to login to the laptops on the wireless network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I have one user with a laptop and a dell dock with dual monitors.  sometimes in the browser IE and Google, a White strip will appear across the top and the window becomes locked.  I have replaced monitor, cable and updated display link drivers and windows.  I'm at a lose as to what could be causing this.
Hardware: Dell Latitude 7490
OS: Windows 10
Office: 365 Pro Plus
Issue: The Outlook application sometimes goes white.
Setup: two external LCDs in addition to the laptop's LCD.
 Troubleshooting steps: Ran Windows Update and Office is updated.
2. Hardware acceleration is already disabled in Outlook
3. All the  device drivers are already updated, via Dell Command Update

Additional hardware; Dell WD15 docking station with the latest firmware.
2. One LCD is a 22 inch and other I believe is about 17 inch.
3. A HDMI to DVI adapter is used to connect to the 22 inch LCD and a VGA adapter is used to connect to the 17 inch LCD.

Observation: Since the problem only affects the Outlook application, it is related to video memory.

Any suggestions?
This is my first time using Dell Digital Delivery.

We just purchased and received 28 OptiPlex 7060 workstations with Windows 10 and Office 2019 OEM. Apparently Office is downloaded and installed via Dell Digital Delivery.

Once I have the first workstation fully configured, I then run Windows SYSPREP to create an image which I then apply to the other 27 workstations.

My question is how will this affect the Office 2019 install and configuration?
Battery warning on Dell Studio XPS laptop tag # DBMZKL1
"Warning the battery cannot be identified"
it's the original battery and it no longer charges
The laptop power Adaptor works fine and I also tried another power adaptor
I have not tried another battery because I do not have an extra one
I tried to update the BIOS from Ao1 to A11 be this will not install, it says "BIOS update failed the battery must be charged above 10%
anyone know a work around before purchasing a battery?
I have a Dell T7500 workstation I use as spare. The only thing wrong with it is that the largest of the two front facing fans will after powering up slowly go to full speed and remain there. I had an exact factory spare fan and installed it, but got the same behavior. The environment is 67 degrees and the unit is spotless inside. Is it fair to assume that my motherboard is toast?T7500 large fan
Can an x86 appliance running ESXi from dell work on Cisco Viptela or Nuage SDWAN plaform? Aaron Tomosky is most qualified to answer and he is my local EE Guru.

EMC Unity550F, Is it safe to perform a conversion of a LUN from Thin to Thick using the Move request in the EMC Unity550F?  These are VMware VMFS Luns that have VM's on them.  

I was thinking I should first Storage Vmotion them off this lun before I do the conversion.  But I wanted to check here if someone can confirm it is safe to do the conversion while there are VM's on the LUN.

Please can anyone confirm?

EMC Unity 550F
VMware Vcenter 6.5
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

Identify excessive bandwidth utilization or unexpected application traffic with SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack.

Dell PowerEdge 2970 Windows 2008 R2 running three 300GB 20K SAS drives 3Gbps RAID5

I have a much newer server that is a file server for a dozen users, I want to rebuild this newer server  so I'd like to move around 4TB to this 2970 server temporarily but I'll have to add some storage. Would anyone know if these hard drives will work on this 2970 server?
We have a problem with remoteFX usb redirection to a new windows 2016 server from a dell wyse unit.
Everything is setup correctly on the network and the thin client.
We have windows 2012r2 server and the usb shows up as a mapped drive every time.
If we RDS into the 2016 server from the same client using the same user the usb shows up and you can access it for around 10 seconds at first login.
It then errors out with the warning \\tsclient\U is not accessible etc

Any ideas ? on why 2012R2 is fine but not 2016
Same user, same domain, same wyse unit.

No users can use the USB redirection on the 2016 server.
is my Dell 660 (2012) probably done for its work life?
hi.  i'm just looking for any possible quick fix to my current desktop pc situation.

setup: 2012 Dell Inspiron 660
Core i-53330 CPU @ 3.00 GHz
running Windows 10 Home edition with auto updates..
Ram: 8G
two 1TB hard disks

the set up has been faithful for the last 7 years or so..

as of two days ago upon book up, the DELL logo popped as usual,
then .. screen goes black.. with a small text blinker on the upper left hand corner..

it's hung there several times for over several hours.  i've hard shut down with the power button and same result.

any quick fix suggestions?  i have a win 10 recovery disk that i'm going to attempt to boot through ..

i'm of the opinion that it may be near its useful shelf life.. this is my home office desktop setup and i rely on it heavily when i work from home.. need dependability and this concerns me for the future..


p.s. i booted from Win10 USB boot drive.  ran REPAIR.. and got the "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC" message.

i store EVERY data in the cloud so i'm more concerned with whether my motherboard has issues.  i suppose i could just reinstall win10 and see if that solves the issue, but if there is a quick way to see if there is any death issue, it would save me time to do a reset of my pc one time..

i've already installed a clean Win10 baseline just under 6 months ago.
Getting ready to migrate a dozen old Dell systems with Win 7 to new Dell systems with Win 10. I've seen a few third party programs that claim to transfer everything including key-coded programs like Microsoft Office. Anyone try some of these and which are the best? Thanks
New Dell Precision 7820 Tower.  It came with the LSI 9440-8i Raid Controller.  I need to downgrade the operating system on this computer to Windows 8.1 Pro to accommodate a software package.  Since Windows does not recognize the controller card, I am struggling to find the driver in the format which the Window 8.1 will install.  Dell has the appropriate driver, but even "unpacked" it consists of .exe files.  

Does anyone have a way around this issue.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Hello Experts,

We have dell storage array.  It ran into some issues of running very slow yesterday and eventually resolved its self.  Attached is the majoreventlog.  Any input on the situation would be great.

Thank you,







Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.