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 I have a DELL Inspiron 3847 desktop computer with Windows 10 Pro running.
 All of a sudden, mouse and keyboard stopped responding. On Device manager, both USB keyboard and Mouse have yellow marks.
 So far, I have tried the following:
 (1) Ran BIOS update and rebooted
 (2) Installed new CHIPSET and rebooted
 (3) Uninstalled USB keyboard and mouse multiple times and rebooted.
 (4) Restored the system to 2/22/2016 when the computer worked fine.
 (5) Instead of DELL mouse and keyboard, I tried different brand and mouse.
Currently I am using remote access program to control this DELL computer as USB keyboard and mouse that are directly connected to the computer do not work.

 Any suggestions?
Device Manager
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Display will cut off after a few minutes and it won’t come on until you restart it

Btw this machine is nearly 10 years old
I have dell optiplex 960 which has all of a sudden stopped powering on. I have tried switching power cables power socket but nothing seems to be working need help.
I have a Dell T410 server with Perc s300 raid using RAID 1.  There was a failure of one drive and the other is degraded.  I replaced the failed drive because I only had one spare available.  In the boot utility (Ctrl-R) I configured the new drive as a hot spare.  When I rebooted and hit Ctrl-R again I see that the Virtual disk is listed as degraded but both drives are listed as hot spares.

I can still boot to Windows Server 2008 R2 and in Open Manage Server Administrator the Virtual Disk name says NONE and status says Failed.  The only task available is Delete.

Under Physical Disks 0:0:0 has a state of Degraded with failure predicted YES and 0:0:1 has a state of Online with failure predicted NO.  For both the only tasks available are Blink, Unblink and Unassign Global Hot Spare.

The system is running but there is a bad sector in the middle of my SQL database.  I cannot perform a successful backup using the installed Shadow Protect nor can I get a successful database backup using SQL Server.

Yikes - I've ordered 2 additional drives.  How can I proceed with having Server Administrator recognize my the Virtual Disk so I can initiate a rebuild.  It's unclear whether or not the 2nd physical disk is actually functioning as a hot spare.  I did try booting with only the second drive and that failed.  I'm concerned that if drive 0 fails I'm SOL.

I'm looking for very specific advice applicable to this situation and the details described.  Please no woulda, coulda, …
How do I fix this

It’s integrated

I uninstall it from device manager

And reinstall but same problem
Hello There,
I have Server DELL POWER EDGE T620 IT HAS RAID 6 AND WORK very will.
 I need create mirror for this Array Raid 6.
So i poet this steps :
1. I will buy The new H.D The same size and the same type .
2. i will take out the old hard drives out the server, that already has OS system and
     Application    and data.
3. i will BUT THE NEW HARD Drives on the server, then i will   build the same RAID .
 When i finch build the array RAID for the new hard drives i need retainer the old H.D to the same Server , this time the Server it has the old hard drive and the new drive,
NOT:  a)the old hard drive It has (windows SERVER 2008 R2, AND APPLICATIONS , and data)
     b)The new H.D  it has the ARRAY
2)IF THE server run the window shod see the virtual HARD DRIVES AS UN LOCATE SPAS?
code i create mirror on this vertical  hard drive ?
All i need just i need the new shards as backups for server any time the system crache      

please can you help me ?
When I open Dell OpenManage Server Administrator, it is correctly showing the inventory of the server, except for the physical and virtual disks on the machine. Instead, it is showing me the physical and virtual disks and RAID-5 array on a DIFFERENT machine. I have tried opening OMSA with localhost, the IP of this machine and its name, I have checked that NSlookup is only reporting the IP of this machine. Is there some way to force it to check the inventory again? I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now.
I'm reinstalling Windows 7 Pro on a Dell Precision MP4800 laptop.

 I boot to the DVD, delete the old partition, create new partition, format and proceed with OS install.  It all goes fine until the install finishes I get a message that says "Windows setup could not configure to run on this computer's hardware".

 I found an article here:
that said to do the following which worked.

1)  At "windows setup cannot configure windows for this hardware" screen
2)  Pres Shift F10
3)  Type -Cd..
4)  Type Cd..
5)  Type Cd c:\windows\system32\oobe
6)  Type Msoobe

Any idea what is causing this?  Do I need to install a driver for the hard drive during the Windows 7 install?   The drive is a Seagate FireCuda 2.5 SSHD hybrid.  

Any help is appreciated.
twice now I don't know what is causing it I get this error message when I log in. every where I look online it says its related to Visual studios. I don't have that program on either of these PCs. they are both bran new Dells one is an inspiron 24 3000 all in one and the other is an OptiPlex 3050 micro PC.
I have a Dell 2950 poweredge server with an sas array on it but there is no software installed in the Windows 2008 R2 OS to manage/see the condition of the arrawy...
I looked at Dell Open Manage that I have on anoter older system and it is not compatible with this one.
I my section DOWNLOAD under Dell, I see drivers for the sas control, firmware and such but no "managing" software...
What would it be
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USB mouse and keyboard have stopped working.  Everything was fine mid-afternoon yesterday, and a few hours later they didn't work.This is a Dell Lattitude 6400 running Windows 10 64 bit, with an external USB mouse and keyboard. I have ruled out the obvious - tested mouse and keyboard on another machine and they work fine. Rebooted, no change.  Updated all drivers, no change.  The mouse is recognized as a USB Optical Mouse when I plug it in, but when I go to Device Manager it is listed under "Other" (not under Mice and Pointing Devices) and when I check properties it says it has no driver. I try to update the driver, but no driver is found. Tried restoring to a previous restore point, no change. However, if I go into the BIOS setup, the optical mouse works fine. Also, when I booted from a Windows10 install disk, the optical mouse also worked fine. Since there doesn't seem to be an actual mouse driver (just built into Windows) I'm at a loss.  I REALLY don't want to reinstall windows and lose all the apps already installed.  Any ideas? Please? Thanks in advance!
We have a Dell Percision T7600 server that was working fine until recently.  We powered it off and powered it back on and it now has a number 3 and number 4 lights on in AMBER (not green) and will not boot?

We have searched the Internet and the manual of the machine and found information about the diagnostic codes in green but not orange.

Nothing has changed on this system and was running fine so we are trying to figure out what 3 and 4 in orange mean so we can fix it?
I have a dell OptiPlex 3020 windows 10 64 bit latest updates.  I have an issue with the keyboard and mouse.  It's not working.  I'm not on site just remote (and I can't be on-site user in a different state), so I had the user try to get into the bios first and that's not working either.  I upgraded to the latest bios but that has not effect either.  Then I updated all the drivers I could fine and still nothing.  The machine has no backup or system restore set.  I actually just set that up yesterday. The strangest thing is I can remote in via vpn and rdp and I have keyboard and mouse, however the user can't use it on the local machine.  I tried to uninstall the keyboard and mouse like 10 times already but it still comes back with yellow !  Any ideas?
I just got in a Samsung EVO 960 and put it in a new Dell Optiplex 3050. I started off trying to restore a Acronis image backup and Acronis did not recognize the EVO 960. Next I tried installing Windows 10 from a DVD and Windows 10 doesn't recognize it either. Is said to go to Samsungs web site and download the drivers but the driver there is not a "F6" driver.

   I think the Dell recognizes it. It see it in the M.2 slot. So what am I missing? Nothing recognizes it.....

I wondered if anyone out there has ever successfully added a Dell MD1200 attached storage device to an existing PowerEdge host running Hyper-V Server 2012.  As it’s Hyper-V Server, there’s no GUI, so OpenManage isn’t obviously an option.

Currently looking at accessing the basic ACU at boot, but struggling with this also.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or ideas?
Hi All,

We use Dell RapidRecovery for our backup and recovery software.  Quick question regarding the retention policy setup.  If we make a change to the retention policy whereby eliminating some days in which data would be covered, will the software delete the unnecessary recovery points on its own?  Does this happen in the overnight process when the Roll-Ups occur?

Thanks for any help.
Having problems replacing a faulty drive in a Dell Poweredge T410. The Server is running VM ware with two server 2008 r2. I have tried to just hot swap the drive and it did not rebuild. Do I need a third party tool to rebuild the faulty drive. When booting up the server is shows Virtual Disk degraded status.
Randomly yesterday and today I have had two different locations with an 2-3 year old Dell and a brand new Dell have their keyboard and mouse stop working.

I checked Device Manager and the keyboard and mouse have a yellow exclamation point on them and the properties show "no compatible driver for this device".

I can remove the devices and re-detect, removed the USB controller and reinstalled and also updated USB and chipset drivers and BIOS with no solution?

I also don't see any recent Windows updates that should cause the issue.

Not sure what's going on here.
I'm posting this in PHP because I can't find a good topic for this question.

I am creating a website where you can stream recordings of jam bands. Because I'm a college student I'm going to host this on a Dell Poweredge T310 server.

I get 12 MBPS upload speed.

How far will this get me? How long until I'll need to upgrade internet?
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I am trying to use Dell OpenManage to log in to the server its installed on. All I keep getting is Login Failure Connection error. Anyone know of this error and what to do.
I have 6 Dell poweredge VRTX'S. I have set up each VRTX in its own cluster and each blade with VMFS6 datastores. Managed by vCenter.
I am not setting up DRS or HA. Is there anything further I could do with storage. I do not have any extra hardware for an NFS server , if that is needed.
What would be the advantage of shared isci /nfs storage , and are my vmfs datastores in each cluster already shared ?


Hey all.  I have a system that is crashing every now and then.  It's a Windows 8.1 "server".  Which means it's Dell server hardware with Windows 8.1 on it.

This machine is used as  backup solution using Storage Craft.  The backups are made to this machine, then they are copied offsite.

The issue I'm running into is that the machine crashes and can corrupt the backup job, then we have to start over.

This is all the machine does.  I'm not thrilled with the setup but it is what it is.

I'm attaching a mini dump file.  I tried to look at it, but I'm just not sure how to delve into it and if I did, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell what was going on.

I have a Poweredge T110 with Perc H200 controller.  It's running RAID 1 with 2 600GB 15K SAS drives.  One HDD1 failed so I bought the exact identical 600GB 15K SAS and installed it in place of the failed HDD1.  I held Ctrl-C to go into the controller boot menu and saw both drives and it said that the RAID was degraded.  From dealing with Perc controllers in the past, I figured that I could boot into Windows 2012 R2 and go into Openmanage and make sure that the RAID is rebuilding--at least when I'm working with RAID5.  It still shows the RAID is degraded in Openmanage.  Here's what I'm seeing:

The available tasks are Delete and Change Policy...

I don't even see the second drive anywhere in Openmanage.  The available tasks for PERC H200 are create virtual disk and reset configuration.  I'm not sure where to go from here to setup the second drive as the second drive in the RAID1.  Thanks in advanced for your help!
Hi Experts,

I just bought a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 for quick access to my Outlook and files. I am thinking that I will not use it that often. When I need it, I will need it quick.

I am wondering if I can just close it without shutting down for days or is this bad?
Hi, I have a new dell optiplex 3050, that we have installed an amd radeon 7400 into. on windows 10
The system shows 3 monitors on the display settings. even thou we only have 2. the live screens are 2 and 3 on the picture.
We had an issue where a windows update went on and it looked like the login screen was on screen 1, which made life fun.

I have seen  few forums, I've updated the dell drivers, bios, etc and also updated the amd drviers. yet it still shows a 3rd screen
display propertises


Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.