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Hardware: Dell Latitude 7490
OS: Windows 10
Office: 365 Pro Plus
Issue: The Outlook application sometimes goes white.
Setup: two external LCDs in addition to the laptop's LCD.
 Troubleshooting steps: Ran Windows Update and Office is updated.
2. Hardware acceleration is already disabled in Outlook
3. All the  device drivers are already updated, via Dell Command Update

Additional hardware; Dell WD15 docking station with the latest firmware.
2. One LCD is a 22 inch and other I believe is about 17 inch.
3. A HDMI to DVI adapter is used to connect to the 22 inch LCD and a VGA adapter is used to connect to the 17 inch LCD.

Observation: Since the problem only affects the Outlook application, it is related to video memory.

Any suggestions?
This is my first time using Dell Digital Delivery.

We just purchased and received 28 OptiPlex 7060 workstations with Windows 10 and Office 2019 OEM. Apparently Office is downloaded and installed via Dell Digital Delivery.

Once I have the first workstation fully configured, I then run Windows SYSPREP to create an image which I then apply to the other 27 workstations.

My question is how will this affect the Office 2019 install and configuration?
Battery warning on Dell Studio XPS laptop tag # DBMZKL1
"Warning the battery cannot be identified"
it's the original battery and it no longer charges
The laptop power Adaptor works fine and I also tried another power adaptor
I have not tried another battery because I do not have an extra one
I tried to update the BIOS from Ao1 to A11 be this will not install, it says "BIOS update failed the battery must be charged above 10%
anyone know a work around before purchasing a battery?
I have a Dell T7500 workstation I use as spare. The only thing wrong with it is that the largest of the two front facing fans will after powering up slowly go to full speed and remain there. I had an exact factory spare fan and installed it, but got the same behavior. The environment is 67 degrees and the unit is spotless inside. Is it fair to assume that my motherboard is toast?T7500 large fan
Can an x86 appliance running ESXi from dell work on Cisco Viptela or Nuage SDWAN plaform? Aaron Tomosky is most qualified to answer and he is my local EE Guru.

EMC Unity550F, Is it safe to perform a conversion of a LUN from Thin to Thick using the Move request in the EMC Unity550F?  These are VMware VMFS Luns that have VM's on them.  

I was thinking I should first Storage Vmotion them off this lun before I do the conversion.  But I wanted to check here if someone can confirm it is safe to do the conversion while there are VM's on the LUN.

Please can anyone confirm?

EMC Unity 550F
VMware Vcenter 6.5
Dell PowerEdge 2970 Windows 2008 R2 running three 300GB 20K SAS drives 3Gbps RAID5

I have a much newer server that is a file server for a dozen users, I want to rebuild this newer server  so I'd like to move around 4TB to this 2970 server temporarily but I'll have to add some storage. Would anyone know if these hard drives will work on this 2970 server?
is my Dell 660 (2012) probably done for its work life?
hi.  i'm just looking for any possible quick fix to my current desktop pc situation.

setup: 2012 Dell Inspiron 660
Core i-53330 CPU @ 3.00 GHz
running Windows 10 Home edition with auto updates..
Ram: 8G
two 1TB hard disks

the set up has been faithful for the last 7 years or so..

as of two days ago upon book up, the DELL logo popped as usual,
then .. screen goes black.. with a small text blinker on the upper left hand corner..

it's hung there several times for over several hours.  i've hard shut down with the power button and same result.

any quick fix suggestions?  i have a win 10 recovery disk that i'm going to attempt to boot through ..

i'm of the opinion that it may be near its useful shelf life.. this is my home office desktop setup and i rely on it heavily when i work from home.. need dependability and this concerns me for the future..


p.s. i booted from Win10 USB boot drive.  ran REPAIR.. and got the "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC" message.

i store EVERY data in the cloud so i'm more concerned with whether my motherboard has issues.  i suppose i could just reinstall win10 and see if that solves the issue, but if there is a quick way to see if there is any death issue, it would save me time to do a reset of my pc one time..

i've already installed a clean Win10 baseline just under 6 months ago.
New Dell Precision 7820 Tower.  It came with the LSI 9440-8i Raid Controller.  I need to downgrade the operating system on this computer to Windows 8.1 Pro to accommodate a software package.  Since Windows does not recognize the controller card, I am struggling to find the driver in the format which the Window 8.1 will install.  Dell has the appropriate driver, but even "unpacked" it consists of .exe files.  

Does anyone have a way around this issue.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Hello Experts,

We have dell storage array.  It ran into some issues of running very slow yesterday and eventually resolved its self.  Attached is the majoreventlog.  Any input on the situation would be great.

Thank you,

I have a batch of refurbished Dell 086DD 1.92 SAS SSDs that I would like to test for TBW / remaining health before installing in a production environment.  I posted another question and learned that I can use an SAS Host Bus Adapter card to allow Crystal Disk Info to read the usage information from SAS drives.  However, the problem that I am now having is getting a card that will work with these specific 086DD drives.

I have used the following cards.  All of them will recognize and access a Kingston 240GB SATA SSD and a Dell Toshiba 0GWFRY 300GB SAS HD.  
--Supermicro SAAS2LP-MV8 HBA - 1.92TB not recognized
--PERC H700 - 1.92 not recognized
--PERC H710 - 1.92 not recognized
--PERC 6i - 1.92 IS recognized!!
EDIT --H310 - 1.92 not recognized (one of my guys got the IT firmware flashed)
EDIT - PERC 5i - 1.92 IS recognized

Of the four cards I've tried, the oldest card is the only one that will recognize the 1.92TB SSD.  Since it's not an HBA, though, I can't use Crystal Disk Info with it to access the drive status.  

I also have an H310 that I am trying to get flashed into HBA mode with the IT firmware, but it's giving me some grief with a "failed to initialize PAL" error.  However, I am not optimistic about the H310 working as I assume it's the same generation as the H710.  

So, what SAS HBA do I need to buy that recognize and access a Dell 086DD 1.92 SAS SSD?
I have a relatively new (12 months) Dell XPS Workstation running Windows 10 Pro that randomly drops the Power Option I set, which is "Never".
I'm looking for either a fix or work-around?

Ideas anyone?
After uninstalling some drivers and doing a hard shut down the machine is not fully booting. I believe it has Windows 8.1 on it. I can hear it running, it boots to a Dell circling screen, but after that, it goes black with an occasional network connection icon in the lower left portion of the screen. Moving the mouse produces a pointer with a blue circle sometimes, but just a pointer the rest of the time. This screen has been black for probably six hours now, so I don't think it is just a matter of a slow boot.
I am about to buy several MS Office Home and Business 2019 licenses from Dell and wanted to know if there are "issues" with it, before I do.  Should I get Office 2016 instead?  We are installing these, as I don't want to go cloud with our email.  Does 2019 have issues or bugs?  I can go with 2016 if that is the more reliable solution. We are using 2007 now.  Our server and Exchange are being upgraded next week to Exchange 2016, so I have to get the new Office software, as Office 2007 won't run on Exchange 2016.

Please don't distract from the purpose of this question with commentary about the cloud, especially 365.  That is not a good solution for us, for multiple reasons. Please help me with the decision of whether to install Office 2016 or 2019.
Problem switching on power in Dell PC Studio
I have to press the on/off button numerous times before it works.
It does not seem to be a problem of the power supply as the small green light new the power socket (at rear of PC) lights up as soon as I connect to the Wall socket.
I have a Dell DMPU2016 KVM and I'm not able to find what dongles I would use to connect to the servers. Just need the RJ45 to USB/VGA dongle part #.

I was told this is just a rebranded Avocent KVM but I don't know which one. But are these dongles product specific or can I use 3rd party?

Thanks in advance.
In a Dell T430, we are going to replace the existing PERC H330 RAID controller with a PERC H730 RAID controller.   We have been advised that "all we need to do" is remove the existing controller, install the new one, and "import the configuration."

Can we use Dell's OpenManage softwaere to export the configuration (i.e. to a flash drive), then after installing the new controller, import the configuration?

Suggestions on how to proceed?

Thank you...
I have an older Dell PowerEdge SC1430 server that I is not recognizing the SATA 2 hard drives I have installed (WD2500YS).  I have 2 of these drives installed on SATA0 and SATA1.  I believe I have the latest BIOS installed (1.4.0) from Dell.  The drives are empty (no OS).  I get the following error when trying to install WIn7/64 bit (get similar error when attempting to install Win2003).  I do not have a PERC installed (RAID controller).  There seems to be only one SATA setting (under "Integrated Devices>Embedded SATA" where there are only 2 options (ATA MODE and Off).

Windows cannot be installed to this disk.  This computer hardware may not support booting to this disk.  Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.

Thank you.
I have a dell PowerEdge R610 physical server (W/Perc H700 Raid Controller) that is setup as an esxi 6.0 host. The 3 internal disks are setup in raid 0 for some reason and i want to know if i could swap the prefailed drive with a new one (which i already know will kill the raid 0 array configuration) will i be able to rebuild the raid array to be raid 1 with Dell EMC OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) without shutting down server? The hard drives are not dell certified disks.
I am thinking about ordering a few of these.  These Descriptions are from the Dell Quote, can you tell how many 4K monitors the laptop will be able to run?

Mobile Precision 7730 XCTO BASE

Nvidia Quadro P3200 w/6GB GDDR5

Dell Precision Dual USB-C Thunderbolt Dock - TB18DC

Ideally each laptop with the dock would run at least 2 different external 4k monitors.
My Dell laptop has a very dim screen. The brightness
Adjustment in control panel will not work.
Can not connect to the internet.
Would like to scan for virus.
Dell B2375dfw printer slow to start up, and then control panel doesn't work properly.  Have a client with 6 of these printers, and have seen some issues over the last 2 years.  I have upgraded all of them to latest firmware.  One lately will eventually work after powering on... but it could be 30 minutes or 6 hours before it works.  Then it might only work for a couple days at best.  The control panel most of the time has spinning dots while booting up.  When it is functional, the blue boxes on the panel are missing and only the white outline for the boxes appears.  You can touch a few areas and get a response, like toner levels or error message.  You cannot login to the device from the panel.  A firmware earlier this year helped other printers, but the latest problem child was not as lucky.  Is this printer junk, or does anyone have a magic wand?
For the last several years, we have been reselling Dell servers and populating them with much-less-expensive-than-buying-from-Dell aftermarket SSDs.  We are currently in the process of setting up a Dell PowerVault MD3820i SAN, and assumed that we'd be okay with non-Dell drives.  We are attempting to utilize Samsung 1TB 860 EVO drives.  The SAN indicates the status of all of the SSDs as "bypassed physical disk".  Some quick Googling has returned multiple results that indicate that the SAN requires Dell-branded drives.  That would be a significant hindrance to this project, both due to cost (haven't priced Dell 1TB SSDs yet but I bet they cost their weight in gold) and timeliness (client was hoping for us to deliver the SAN in the near future).  

So, this post is kind of a Hail Mary to see if there's any way to get these non-Dell drives working in this SAN, or if we need to start sourcing Dell SSDs and filling out RMA forms for these Samsungs.

I have a DELL XPS 8930 in the office. The bluetooth all of the sudden stopped working two days ago. I used BT connected to the PC. The headset itslef is good as I tested it to connect to different devices. I also use a different headset and still does not work.

Any ideas?

Hello Experts,

We have Dell R610 servers in our network, last few days i am getting unexpected server reboot issue, i try to find issue but unable to find out.
please help me out i am attaching 2 servers log files.

OS - Windows Server 2008 R2 Stranded SP1






Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.