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Have an old 2950 dell server and it has gone done, the raid error is reading -Raid Status offline. Would like to know if there is any way of bringing the system back online. below are screen shots. Thank you.

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I have a dell poweredge r620 that is running some windows server guests (hypervisor is ESXi 6.5 build 7388607).  I was under the impression that the combination of the hypervisor build and the latest bios would take care of it, but running some scripts from GitHub on the hypervisor and the speculationcontrolsettings report on the guests would lead me to believe there is still some work to do.  Both report the vulnerabilities still exist.

When upgrading the hypervisor I used command line "esxcli software vib update path\" to get to the build number listed above.  Can any experts out there give me an idea of what I could be overlooking?
Any considerations on Dell Servers vs HP for internal infrastructure for remote office?
Particular looking into PowerEdge R740XD Server to be a VM host for multiple internal stuff.  AD,DNS,Print,Radius,mgmt,File,etc,etc.
How would you compare to HP DL or similar servers?
Any commentary on components below?

PowerEdge R740 Server 1 64,000.00 64,000.00
CS SW-VMware VS6-STD-C VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1
2 5,643.53 11,287.06
CS SW-VMware VS6-STD-G-SSS-C Basic Support/Subscription
VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1 processor for 1 year

PowerEdge R740/R740XD Motherboard
1 Intel Xeon Silver 4114 2.2G, 10C/20T, 9.6GT/s , 14M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2400
1 Chassis with up to 16 x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hard Drives for 2CPU Configuration
1 PowerEdge 2U Standard Bezel
1 Riser Config 2, 3 x8, 1 x16 slots
1 PowerEdge R740 Shipping Material
1 No Quick Sync
1 2666MT/s RDIMMs
1 Performance Optimized
8 16GB RDIMM, 2666MT/s, Dual Rank
1 Intel Xeon Silver 4114 2.2G, 10C/20T, 9.6GT/s , 14M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2400
1 iDRAC9,Enterprise
8 480GB SSD SATA Mix Use 6Gbps 512e 2.5in Hot-plug Drive, S4600, 3 DWPD,2628 TBW
1 PERC H730P+ RAID Controller, 2GB NV Cache, Adapter, Low Profile
2 Standard 1U Heatsink
1 No Internal Optical Drive
1 Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 750W
1 No Trusted Platform Module
2 Medium Jumper Cord (2M), C13-C14, 10A (China/Korea)
1 Broadcom 5719 QP 1Gb Network Interface Card
1 QLogic 57800 2x10Gb BT + …
Step by step guide to map emc vmax lun to iscsi target using emc unisphere
We have a new Dell Precision 7740 laptop, Windows 10. On w Windows 2012 network. When using the touchpad in our accounting app, Skyline, it works most of the area in the program and menus.  When we try to run some reports, we have issues.  The reports are created in Crystal Reports by the software developer.  

We can use the pad to point and single tap the pad on fields and buttons.  Once we tap apply button in report selections get circling pointer, we point at OK button and tap and instead of the report preview coming to screen we get the error in the attached Word doc.
When you tap the pad on the Ok button in the error it reduces the BadFromNum=9 by one number each tap on ok and then finally after 9 taps it runs the preview to screen.     If we use the touch pad to point cursor at fields and buttons and click with the left click button under or over pad versus tapping pad the error does not occurs.  We can use the TAB key on keyboard and enter key to move through the reports fields and buttons and no error.  We also have plugged in a usb mouse and it works fine.  There is something with the tapping on some buttons that must do this.
We have another Precision running Windows 7 Pro and it has been fine for 3 years no tapping problems. Also have a Dell latitude with Windows 10 and it works fine with tapping.
Dell installed a new motherboard and touchpad and connectors and still have the problem.  They are scratching heads.  The software developer doesn’t have a clue…
My Dell Poweredge R720 uses the PERC H710P Mini BIOS config utility 4.03-0002 and has been running RHEL 6 on a RAID1 array (Made up of 2 3TB WD SAS HDs). I installed 2 more SATA drives today as a separate RAID1 array (With the intent of using dd to clone my older drivers to these new drives), and now RHEL6 on my original RAID array won't boot. In the RAID utility, they show up as unconfigured physical disks, and my new ones show up as the new virtual disk 0. I couldn't see anywhere to tell the utility that I still need my old drives to be the primary virtual disk/boot device... Thanks in advance for your time.
Windows 10 Professional went from blue screen with "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" to replaced motherboard and now the blue screen is gone, but the D drive "comes and goes" and folders and their contents either show as empty or won't let me edit/save any files within them.  The folders and D drive are fine when I boot in Safe Mode.

I have tried Diskpart and removing readonly on the drive and folder security settings to no avail.  I have installed much software on the D drive and to rebuild it would be a miserable option.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

VMware 5.5 hosts intermittently losing connectivity to Dell data store using fibre channel
Hi all,

I have an Inspiron All-In-One 7459. Every time I boot up, I receive Error: 2000-0723 Hard Drive Alert, visit I can boot into windows and everything seems to be OK but have also noticed issues with the 30Gb Partition SSD drive which (cache drive) that there are issues with this when I boot into windows.

After reading forums and other posts on this issue and even speaking with Dell support chat, I am getting no where quickly in resolving this issue. Dell support suggested downloading the OEM operating system and reinstalling, which I did but this doesn't seem to clear the error on startup. I even did a full recovery on a brand  new hard drive, which still had the same errors.

Thinking that all the forums suggested that it could be the partition, I thought I would install my other laptop Hard drive into the Inspiron. After installing my (working & close to brand new) Hard Drive, I still receive the error: 2000-0723 Hard Drive Alert, every time I boot which tells me that it couldn't be the hard drive and has something to do with either BIOS, Dell Support Assist or the RAID function that is built in for the cache drive?

I have updated BIOS to version 1.7.1, reset the BIOS back to factory default. Disabled Support Assist in Bios. disabled Fast Boot within Windows 10.

There is no issue with the physical hard drive as I have tried 3 HDD's now (1 being brand new) so I would like to just clear this alert when I boot.

Any help would be …
The company I work for in Dallas wants to become an authorized service center for Dell, HP, and Lenovo to work on systems in and out of warranty; order parts directly from them, etc.  I easily found how to apply for a Business Partnership with Lenovo (first step in achieving the stated goal).  However, I cannot find how to even start the process with Dell.  I used to carry such a technician code and password but it's been years since I worked in a Dell center and I don't recall what it was even called anymore.  Any suggestions/help would be most appreciated.
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We Need Your Input!

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I'm wondering how bad preformance will be if I send two Dell R610 servers out with a Netgear ReadyNAS 316 with 18TB of space.  I would connect this via ethernet crossover cables to both servers, install vmware esxi 6.0 on the servers and use the ReadyNAS as a shared storage space.  The drives are WD30EZRS: IntelliPower 64MB Cache.  SATA 3.0Gb/s
Hi There,
I'm new in VMware. I explain the requirement and you give me your advise about hardware and software. (we try to keep the cost minimum).  

We need to setup a set of VM for test and development:
- It's not production and can be done for a day until it restore.
- 4 Ubuntu Linux and 2 Windows 10 maybe one iOS (If possible)
- If one VM or machine crashes I like to be able to restore it, the image can be a few days old and restoring can be manual.
- In my wish list I eventually like to have some high availability. (Depends on cost.)
How can I setup this with minimum cost? if i want to get a bit more HA how would be the cost?

For hardware:
We are thinking about getting 2 Second hand/refurbished Dell server, maybe: Dell PowerEdge R620 with 2*Xeon
any thought or suggestion about hardware? We are pretty open about that.
Please let me know what you think.
Thank you in advanced
We have a Dell Precision 3420 with Quadro K420.  The graphics look great on pc...but almost too good.  The pc is used by a dentist, and the xrays viewed on the system have vivid / dark shadows throughout.  It is causing improper diagnosis of decay, etc which rely's on shadows within the xray images.  The weird thing is this is a dual monitor setup, one monitor plugged into Quadro and one into the onboard Intel.  Both have the issue.  Have tried settings on the monitors to no avail, and have swapped out monitor to test.  Another pc, exact same setup, next to this one works perfect.  I'm stumped!!!
Android Latency using Ubiquiti AC-AP-PRO.

I have a network with 12 AP's above. The underlying layer3 switches are Dell and the POE switch for the 12 AP's is Ubiquiti with 1Gb connections.
I have done ping tests as attached and the normal stuff checks out, (WiFI device to router, servers or fellow Windows PC's etc).

What doesn't fully check out is mobile devices, mobile printers and Android Point of Sale devices . Their latency is erratic or so it would seem with 2ms, then 500ms response times like a yo-yo, averaging 150ms with no packet loss!

With so much testing done on AP settings, including shutting down all WiFi AP's except 1, and removed all Wireless devices expect for 1x Android device and the result remains the same.

I came to the conclusion that Mobile devices, especially Android and the cheaper WiFi devices do operate like a yo-yo in terms of Ping(ICMP) response, however I need confirmation please.

Hope you can assist?
Its basically end result - Unusable Drive space.

I have a Dell R610 with 6 bays. I grabbed 6 - 600GB 10k drives to be put into a RAID5. I installed the drives - went into the RAID controller utility - selected all in a RAID 5 - no problem. Put in my Dell Systems Management bootable DVD - selected Server 2008 R2 SP1 and ran it. It finished - asked for the 2008 R2 SP1 media. I put that in and it brought up the Windows install that we all know so well. Everything going great until I got to where to install the OS. I had two choices (Both showing Disk 0 unallocated). One was 2048GB and the other 748GB. Truth be told - I wanted to have 1 entry so I could carve out a 100 or 200GB OS partition and install there. After trying to figure out why it was doing that I gave up and tried to choose the 748 allocation since the data I need to put on this server is a little under 2TB. I was welcomed with an error: Windows is unable to install to the selected location: 0x80300024. Fine. I give up. I'll choose the 2048GB entry and click New and choose 100GB of it to install Windows. I allowed it to complete and when the OS was up - it only showed the 100GB C drive so - I went into Disk Management. I right clicked on the first (1948GB) black uninitialized space and created a simple volume. Good. Next tried the 748. No options are available in the 748 selection.

What I was trying to accomplish was a single VD - RAID 5 config with a 200GB OS and rest to a single Data volume. I tried …
When trying to run updates, I'm getting a message

Dell Storage Manager Driver - Please read Microsoft Knowledge Base article 941024
Uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with Windows 10

Not finding a KB article with that number, just a whole lot of posts where various 'fixes' haven't worked & suggestions to do a clean install, neither of which is appealing!
I've got a Dell XPS 15 9560 - anyone else having this issue & have a fix?
Unknown Device on Dell Inspiron 5759
I have tried different downloads/drivers without success.Unknown Device
HI shunt down computer Dell E190S again turn on message showing ther is no signal coming for your computer press any key on the keyboard or mouse wakeup this pharma industry NDC Scanner pc cant on pc can you teach with me how to on computer
Computer hardware tech for 28-yrs running.  (I'm weak and rusty in the network arena!)  I run Win 7 Ultimate/Pro and I cannot get Netstumbler to scan.  Error Msg:  NO WIRELESS ADAPTER FOUND.

I have one Dell Gaming Tower - and 5 laptops.  Besides the built-in laptop WIFI adapters, I also have a couple of USB WIFI adapters.  (All attempted Netstumbler scans result in same error msg.)

I know I'm missing some simple DCHP or or other protocol tweak??  Please enlighten me....

Many thanks,

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IT Degree with Certifications Included

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How to connect to a Dell Equallogic SAN

I have a Equallogic SAN that is no longer used (a PS4100)
As there is still value in it, I'd like to sell it complete with the drives that sit in it...

Before I do however, I need to ensure that there's nothing on those drives, IE: they're formatted.

How do I go about doing this - I see no ports for keyboard, mouse or monitor on the back, just cat5 ports labelled management and ethernet.

II have very little time to get this sorted, so would appreciate a simple step by step rather than a referal to official documentation.

If it helps I have a spare switch, PC and all the cables I could possibly need!
Hello There,
I have Server DELL POWER EDGE T620 IT HAS RAID 6 AND WORK very will.
 I need create mirror for this Array Raid 6.
So i poet this steps :
1. I will buy The new H.D The same size and the same type .
2. i will take out the old hard drives out the server, that already has OS system and
     Application    and data.
3. i will BUT THE NEW HARD Drives on the server, then i will   build the same RAID .
 When i finch build the array RAID for the new hard drives i need retainer the old H.D to the same Server , this time the Server it has the old hard drive and the new drive,
NOT:  a)the old hard drive It has (windows SERVER 2008 R2, AND APPLICATIONS , and data)
     b)The new H.D  it has the ARRAY
2)IF THE server run the window shod see the virtual HARD DRIVES AS UN LOCATE SPAS?
code i create mirror on this vertical  hard drive ?
All i need just i need the new shards as backups for server any time the system crache      

please can you help me ?
When I open Dell OpenManage Server Administrator, it is correctly showing the inventory of the server, except for the physical and virtual disks on the machine. Instead, it is showing me the physical and virtual disks and RAID-5 array on a DIFFERENT machine. I have tried opening OMSA with localhost, the IP of this machine and its name, I have checked that NSlookup is only reporting the IP of this machine. Is there some way to force it to check the inventory again? I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now.
twice now I don't know what is causing it I get this error message when I log in. every where I look online it says its related to Visual studios. I don't have that program on either of these PCs. they are both bran new Dells one is an inspiron 24 3000 all in one and the other is an OptiPlex 3050 micro PC.

I wondered if anyone out there has ever successfully added a Dell MD1200 attached storage device to an existing PowerEdge host running Hyper-V Server 2012.  As it’s Hyper-V Server, there’s no GUI, so OpenManage isn’t obviously an option.

Currently looking at accessing the basic ACU at boot, but struggling with this also.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or ideas?
Hi All,

We use Dell RapidRecovery for our backup and recovery software.  Quick question regarding the retention policy setup.  If we make a change to the retention policy whereby eliminating some days in which data would be covered, will the software delete the unnecessary recovery points on its own?  Does this happen in the overnight process when the Roll-Ups occur?

Thanks for any help.


Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.