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Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.

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I have an old dell r710 server with an embedded hardware RAID controller. This is to be a test box, it only has 1 1TB drive in it. I am unable to install an OS on this machine. I suspect that I must create a RAID which means I need another hard drive. Is this true? Also when I boot to system manager it states that no virtual disks have been configured
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I have Dell Power Edge 2950, configure RAID 1 with 2 Driver of 2 TB, One Drive show amber light so i replace the drive, when restart it  show foreign config, i clear foreign config,  System boot and working, but 2 drive only one green light blinking.  i restart and press CTR_R and see the one drive online and 2nd missing, while press F2 no option enable, only start blinking option available.
while Press CTR+N to next page 2nd drive is ready but not online, no option enable to online the drive.
kindly suggest me how to online the 2nd drive for RAID 1 working, i cannot clear config, because of my Data.

My laptop is dell inspirion 3537 and my video card is amd radeon r9 m200x and when i played it gived me blue screen whit error code thread stuck  of device manager or something like that and im banned this video card and now im playing on integrated video chip
Dell Optiplex 9010... no sounds.  Device manager shows Intel Display Audio and Realtek High Definition Audio banged out with "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled.  An alternate drive may be providing this functionality"

I've uninstalled both and restarted... same result.
I've removed the Realtek software from add/remove programs.
I've tried updating to most recent drivers available from Dell ...

I'm at a loss..
I ordered a new Dell R530 and it was supposed to have 3 Raid 5 drives and 1 hot spare.  However, they did not configure the 4th drive as a hot spare.
I can call them tomorrow, but was hoping someone can tell how to to make the 4th drive the hot spare?
I am setting up an Equallogic PS6500, older firmware, version unsure right now. and when i browse to IP i get "Your browser does not seem to have Java support enabled, or it does not have a Java plug-in.

You can download the latest Java plug-in by clicking here."

I have newer firmware equallogics v9 and dont have this problem.  I am trying to hunt down how i can upgrade firmware over db9 or if this is an Java issue.

Help is appreciated.
I recently created a 14TB logical volume on my md3200i and mapped it to a Windows 2012 server via iSCSI..  It's still initializing on the md3200i...  I went ahead used the iSCSI initiator in Windows to connect to it..   I created a logical drive D: in Windows and started to copy data to it.  Well..  Drive D: disappeared during the file copy..  I looked in the event logs and as expected a network iSCSI error occurred..  Below are the logs..  Now..  I have two portals that I connect to but multipath is not enabled.  I wouldn't think that would matter..  But.. It seems it lost connection to the iSCSI target.  I was able to re-connect.. Any ideas?

Error      1/17/2018 2:38:55 PM      iScsiPrt      20      None

Log Name:      System
Source:        iScsiPrt
Date:          1/17/2018 2:38:55 PM
Event ID:      20
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      VEEAMHost1.domain.com
Connection to the target was lost. The initiator will attempt to retry the connection.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
    <Provider Name="iScsiPrt" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="49152">20</EventID>
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-01-17T20:38:55.756325100Z" />
    <Security />
I have a Dell r320 server running Windows 2012 r2 server hosting 2 Hyper-V Virtual Machines.  About once a week, the server and both VMs come to a slow crawl.  My event viewer shows no major events at all.  Suggestions?
I have a Dell Latitude 5414 Rugged laptop with internal cellular with the following problem:

The cellular card stops responding to pings when an ethernet or wifi connection is established.  This is not a routing issue but rather a windows 10 issue where it disables the cellular card when it detects another connection.

I have tried all the standard troubleshooting, updated drivers, changing network metrics, powershell hacks and many others but nothing works other than downgrading windows 10.

This is causing a problem for me because the machine needs to have a camera system connected to the ethernet port while connected to cellular.

This problem began with windows 10 version 1709 and is not a problem with version 1703 or earlier.

I can also confirm that the Windows 10 mobile hotspot feature does not work ether because of the same problem.

Can anyone else confirm the problem with their laptop with built in cellular?

The cellular card is the dell wireless 5806e gobi 4g lte.


Do Dell have software that updates all the firmware on servers? HP    have HP Service Pack for Proliant.. do Dell have an equivalent

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I get an error on a machine and it has this every time the computer is shutdown for more than a day. Anything that can be done?

The computer was turned off for two days and when it was turned on it gets the error below. The shutdown was done cleaning and Power Plan set to high performance. The computer does not sleep. This has happened before and the power button has never been pushed or held. It is also connected to a newer UPS not via USB though.

Dell Computer XPS 8930
BIOS 1.0.5
Windows 10 1709 Clean Install + Updates 1/12/2018

Log Name:      System
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date:          1/12/2018 10:16:32 PM
Event ID:      41
Task Category: (63)
Level:         Critical
Keywords:      (70368744177664),(2)
User:          SYSTEM
Computer:      DESKTOP-1V74ewA
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
Event Xml:
Also lights 2 and 3 are light up

Not Booting at all
I am interested in knowing what the max drive capacity for an EQ PS6500 are.  I am seeting that http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pvaul/en/equallogic_ps6500e_specsheet.pdf states max 1TB but wondering if anyone has ever exceeded this and what drives you used and or what performance or other problems you had are.
I can't figure out how to set up PXE booting on a precision 5510 or any precision that requires a gigabit adapter. Can anyone assist me on doing this?
I have not been successful downloading subject.  I am on windows ten dell desktop. However I have downloaded Java Development series but it did not help me program at interactive brokers which needs jre 1.6.
my Dell OPTiPlex 780  runns through repair and then trys to load and Boot to no effect...  what can I do to fix the Problem other than F12 on start up ( forced Boot ) ?
Dear Support,

While trying to open word or excel my pc screen goes black, need to remove and connect the power of the screen, then it will come back.
I tried a lot of ways but still could not fix the issue. Tried to change all power office in the PC, changed Screen, changed profile user account (I can login her desktop via team viewer while monitor goes off – her monitor only goes off, PC not going to power saving mode).

Its strange issue and this is the first time we are facing such issue.

We have a client that has 30 users on qbooks 2017 enterprise. they are running on a new dell server in hyper-v and using RDS. This environment has been running for 10+ years without an issue (other than quickbooks sucking). windows 10 dell pc's. the file runs well for a while then an error comes upthe error we get when quickbooks goes unresponsive. no one can get back in after this. we've had the file rebuilt thinking it was the file and it worked for 8 hours. intuit has been no help can't get a competent tech. watchgaurd firewall, cisco poe switch. backups using replibit device. we really need quickbooks high level tech expertise. we have a dba, programmer and two techs on the tshoot.

the file fails even from the console.

we tested on multiple stand alone pc's off the network and the file fails

we put the file on the hyper v host and attached local quickbooks installed pc's to it and it failed. (taking out rds).

the failure is not predictable happens 7 hours in, then may go another 1hr then 30 minutes, etc.

our log shows no discernible trend.
Hi. I want to run Dell Power Supply l1100 without server. What pins needs to be connected to run it?  Almost tried everything i have found on the internet but nothing worked.

It's like on this picture

Please help.
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

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Hi All,

Is there any suggestions for creating a CentOS image template for CentOS?

Below are some of the information of what i am trying to achieve.

- Installed CentOS and virtualized it. Used Clonezilla for V2V and V2P on the hardware it was prepared on works.

Problem: Tested Using Clonezilla on another hardware e.g Dell R610 with Raid Controller doesnt work. It goes to dracut recovery mode. In dracut recovery, blkid does not show any hdd.

Reading suggestions online, some suggested to try baremetal backup and recovery tools such as shadowprotect/acronis still has issues with unable to boot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Guys,
We are just implementing a Dell EMC VRTX failover cluster. Each VRTX has 4 M630 blades. Failover is setup VRTX1B1 fail to VRTX1B2, VRTX1B2 fail to VRTX1B3, VRTX1B3 fail to VRTX1B4 & VRTX1B4 fail to VRTX1B1, replication for VRTX1 to VRTX2.

We wish to test the failover and are using the supplied tools within Hyper-V, however half our team want to pull a blade from the live running VRTX and verify what will happen.

Has anyone got any experience of this?
I’m looking at replacing our current w2k8r2 Storage Server based NAS sometime next year.  Currently we have two DELL NX3200 each with about 15Tb of storage.  The storage is RAID10 and is split into 8 basic volumes (to stop things getting too big) the biggest volumes being around 2.5Tb.  We have 4 volumes that are shared amongst our users and use user based enumeration as well as NTFS permission, a volume for users Home Dirs (with a quota) and two volumes where users can “archive” stuff, basically like their HomeDirs but with no quota, and finally a scratch volume (basically a dumping ground). So each user gets (depending on permissions) a couple of mapped drives to shared volumes, a mapped drive to their home Dir and a mapped drive to their “archive”

We use DFSR for some of the smaller volumes and RSYNC to sync other larger volumes a couple of times a day.  Users are mapped to one of the servers and the other is there purely for a basic DR.
I’m looking at improving on this without spending too much cash!  So I‘m after some ideas, but am thinking Storage Replica with server 2016.  I was thinking of getting a couple of DELL xxx servers with say 8*4Tb RAID 6 giving around 24Tb RAW with a 14 bay server I’ll then have room for a couple of boot SSDs, a Hot Spare and room for a couple of SSDs for the logs and a spare bay.  I could then set this up as a basic server-server replica and put it in to our DFS to give us a manual DR failover (don’t really need any more than that so…

I got a dell thin client and got rdp set up in it to connect to the server.
I just want to know how to use usb drive in thin client, so I can access it in server ?
Is there any settings do I need to enable to make it work in thin client ?


We recently migrated our MDT environment to a new server. I installed all the components required for MDT on the new Server 2016 box.

Did a test deploy on a VM and all worked fine. We purchased a new Dell laptop and tried to image it, 70% of the way through the installing windows phase, we get a BSOD "Stop Code: UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP". I have tried another laptop onsite which previously worked fine, but is now receiving the same issue.

I initially thought it may be drivers as the VM deployed with no issues, but it's not trying to deploy any drivers during the Installing windows phase.

Any advise would be much appreciated.


We have a Dell PowerEdge R720 server.  We have monitoring set up that checks the hardware health status.  We recently noticed a flashing amber / green LED on one of the drives (which indicates predictive failure) and this is confirmed by the iDRAC website and the Dell OMSA.  However, it show the status of the storage, physical disks, virtual disks, and server with a green tick, so the monitoring software didn't notify us.

We want to be notified automatically (i.e. without having to physically check the server) in case of future failures (predictive or otherwise).  How can we make sure that the iDRAC and OMSA reports a failure?


Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.