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My laptop is a Dell M4800 Precision Workstation. Windows 10,  32 ram, fast  processor, lots of HD storage left. Everything is extremely slow. It seems especially odd the the internet is also slow on this one machine even though it is on the same network as other machines that are having no problem. Our internet speed is 1000 up and down. Here are the steps I have taken so far: Dell diagnostics all complete with out error. Malware bytes does not detect any difficulties found. I am requesting the steps I need to take in order to find the source of my problem.
What would be a good SAN recommendation to back-end (3) Dell R440 servers running VMware or Hyper-V?  Solution is not only for running VM load, but disk backups and Azure copy. 80tb would cover storage load that includes double growth.  And what would be best connectivity option for them?
My OS is win 7 enterprise which is a dell laptop e 6500.  I also have Internet  download manager -   ver 6.36 Build 7.   I usually view videos on  Before I used to see the "Download this ..." on the top right corner of the screen.  but now it does not show anymore.  How do I get to display this again?  thanks
I have a Windows(ver. 1903) 10 Dell 9020 desktop.  
1. This computer is part of a domain
2. I have mapped several UNC (to the servers) drives from M to P
3. All of the drives function properly with the exception of the M drive
4. After mapping the M drive ( have tried both with an IP Address and a Computer Name) the drive functions properly.  I can view the contents of the drive.
5. HOWEVER, each time the computer is restarted the M drive is disconnected (I cannot see the drive in Windows explorer).  
6. All the other drives continue to function properly.
7. After the computer has restarted I can map the M drive again and it functions properly until restart.

Notes: a. I click to reconnect on restart
b. The M drive is mapped to a folder that goes to an Accounting program (in other words if the M drive is disconnected the Accounting program does not open.
c. Other computers on the network are able to use the M drive successfully.  It is only one computer.
d. I have used the netuse command "net use x: /delete" followed by "net use x: \\server\share" however the drive does not show in Windows Explorer.
e. I have browsed but the local group policy and the startup folder for anything related to override or disconnect the M drive

Please Advice
Thanks in Advance
Dell 1235cn printer driver for mac OSX 10.15 Catalina

Dell has not released new driver support for Max OSx 10.15 Catalina which requires 64Bit software.

I've read that some Dell printers can use other drivers such as Fuji/Xerox or Lexmark but the ones that have OSX 10.15 support are not ones that I have been able to find a match for the Dell 1235CN. I don't need all the MFP functions. Just straight printing.

We recently replaced Virtual infrastructure and have installed 2xDell PowerEdge R640 servers and 1 Storage.
The servers and SAN is connected with SAS connections.

During procuring these new servers, our core switch was a 1Gig switch, so I asked Dell to add 1Gig and 10Gig Lan cards.
On the ESX servers, I can see that there are 2 separate LAN cards and each of them have 4 Ports.

First card is a 1 Gig card which is connected to the 1Gig core switch at the moment.
(4xPorts of Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet BCM5720)

Second card is 10Gig card and none of the ports are connected.
(4xPorts of Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-T) Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet BCM5720 .

Now we are going to replace our core switch Core switch and the new core switch is a 10Gig switch

On the ESX server, I would like to remove the LAN cable connected to 1Gig port and connect it to the 10 Gig LAN port.

Firstly: Do I have to configure the same IP address that was setup on 1Gig port to 10 Gig Ports on the server.
Or do I need to set up a different IP address on the 10Gig card.

Secondly: If I have to configure the same IP address or different IP address, how do I configure the IP address.

Any help would be great and thanks in advance.
Microsoft updates claimed another machine.  this domain workstation this morning gives the 'no computer account for trust relationship' error refusing login to domain network/server.  i can disconnect the Ethernet cable, log in, reconnect the cable and all is perfect.  this is a doc workstation with client server patient management, xray, patient charts,  plus all the usual suspects.  6 mo old Dell 640 single Server 2016 domain controller, dhcp role, dns role, os raid 1, data 8 drive raid 6.  medium size dental practice.

i know to recreate the trust the hard way but will recreate user and loose his desktop, setting etc which i would prefer to avoid as would he.

can i reestablish the computer account trust via a simpler and less destructive procedure?
Morning folks - I want to set up a Dell 2724 Managed switch for my home / home lab to differentiate some of the traffic.

So, a quick hardware breakdown

Dell 2724 Switch
Internet Router (DNS done through this for home etc)
Home network on 192.168.0.x private network
I have introduced 3 VMWare Esx boxes with 4x NICs each, together with 2x NAS boxes (again 4x NICs).
The home network will just go out from the switch to a central DHCP server and should be on VLAN "Home" (Cables 1 - 10) (192.168.0.x) - the first NICs of the ESX hosts and NAS boxes would also go on this subnet.
I want to set up a second VLAN for the vMotion and data migration for the ESX boxes (Cables 11 - 15 for example (3x ESX, 2x NAS) (10.10.10.x ip range), using the 2nd (and possibly third) NICS of the boxes.
The VLANs would need to be separate, so no cross traffic between the two for data, basically I want to flood the ESX network without slowing down the home network.

I've had a look at the setup of the 2724, but am getting a bit confused about the T and U bindings of the VLAN setup.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
I need Dell Euallogic PS6210 Firmware but don't have quallogic support account because i'm not authorized to download it.
I am a database person who was asked to see why users are getting timeout messages on their workstation when using a client/server application. One of the things I saw was on their server, which is a Dell Power Edge 110 II running W2012 Standard Essentials, was when I checked the power settings there were settings in their to turn off hard drives after 60 minutes and settings to auto negotiate network speeds. I told these folks to check with their IT people and was told they have no IT people. Any suggestions as to what major settings I could check would be appreciated. I do have their service tag so I could take them to the Dell website and download and install the latest drivers.
Is Microsoft adjusting power settings to meet their carbon footprint goals?  and if so, why aren't they telling us?

The power options not working on updated newer high-end Dell Microsft Windows 10 Pro machines is alarming.  I have run firmware updates, adjust all power settings possible, run multiple virus scans and still I have computers "locking up" at some interval after being left idle.  Users can't login to continue work from home.  Users can't resume work when returning to the computer in is clearly powered on, even shows available for remote connection, BUT no keyboard or mouse input is received, only hard boot power down and back up brings the computer back to a working state.  Frustratingly, it is hard to duplicate or troubleshoot, because the computers work perfectly after the hard boot.  More frustrating, this does not happen on a set interval and I can't find anything indicative in the Event logs.  More frustrating isn't happening to all computers.  I have narrowed it to Windows 10 computers, but not all Windows 10 computers.  It seems to be with ssd drives, but other clients have same builds with no issues.

This has become an increasingly disruptive problem.  Could it be Microsoft using hidden power "updates" could manufacturers be "in on it"?
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like many devices are becoming "deep sleepers" after years of normal operation. My Brother printer is now "deep sleeping" instead of just …
I Finally got approved to do the upgrade 8 years past due in my opinion From Exchange Server 2007 to 2010 or 2013.  I want to be able to keep my exchange server 2007 online so I was wondering if I should Install Exchange server 2010 and do the migration from 2007. Are should I install 2013 and do the migration from Exchange 2007. I currently have set up a new Dell server and have 4 servers running 2016 1 is a Domain controller, I also have a backup domain controller for 2012. I have raised my domain and forest functionality only to windows server 2008 so the current exchange server 2007 will still work while this migration is taking place. Any suggestions on opinions on how I can accomplish this task with no data loss and no issues or minimal issues Thank You
Dell Powervault 200S. Two drives are flashing amber and I can't see the data. Can I just swap out those drives one at a time and will that possibly solve my problem.
Hello all!

I have a Dell Optiplex 5070. I will be supporting more that one chassis going forward.

I’ve done a capture
Got a new task sequence where I’ve pointed it toward my gold capture.

Deployed the capture with no problems.

The thing is I want to add drivers to the task sequence. When I add new chassis to the estate I want to use my gold image and just inject the drivers.

 I’ve downloaded a load of .exe (chipset, audio etc). And other EXEs that extract it’s contents (the setup.exe included)

I done a bit of research and found that I should create a folder under ‘out of box drivers’ and name it Win 10. Then under thar create another folder with the chassis type. Then another folder with the name of the driver itself (folder named video, chipset, etc). I take it you can’t just get MDT to run the EXE like you would an application? Do you need to extract the contents of the driver and then copy or import it to the relevant driver folder?

Also how do I get MDT to detect different desktops and then select which drivers to load?

I'm wondering why some programs take so long to load on my computer.  One good example is Quicken.  Sometimes it seems to take forever to load.  I'm running Windows 10 Home on a Dell Inspiron 15 7547.
I have a PowerEdge 2950 that we just upgraded to ESXi 6.0 with some performace issue
I also have a PowerEdge 2900 (older) that is running the same ESXi 6.0 version without any problem.
RAID adaptor is the same (Perc6i integrated)
HDD type are identical (300 Gb 15krpm SAS 6 Gbps)
Raid level is identical (Raid5 5 disks)
Memory is the same 32 Gb
Processor are a lillte different
2900 has two Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5430  @ 2.66GHz
2950 has two Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5405  @ 2.00GHz

Disk write/read on VM to local disk are twice as slow on the 2950 than on the 2900
Network speed is 10 time slower on the 2950 that on the 2950
Network speed is better with the E1000 adaptor that with the VMX NET3)
Firmwares were updated on the 2950 (no change in performance)

Any idea ?
Symptoms: Slow network
I have a Dell Inspiron laptop.  I want to use a mic and external speakers but only have one headphone/mic port.  I found a splitter and when I plug in the mic to the mic port and the external speakers to the headphone port on the splitter and then the other end into the laptop, it does not work.  I can only get the mic to work.  Is this a laptop specific problem or a splitter problem?
Looking for Better Tool/Script /utility can be used for Esxi /vCenter compliance checking and to be applied so that same can be used with standard Host profile  to be applied on other Host in Cluster/Infra
Please help if this can be fixed and further applied using Host Profile
Hello All,

I have a Dell T140 server with Windows 10 on it (did not need server software for the way the computer is being used).  For some reason the option to change when the hard drive sleeps is missing.  I can go into advanced and change the turn off hard disk after to 9999999 but it seems that the option to put the computer to sleep in power settings is missing.  I can tell it to never put the monitor to sleep but I don't really care about that option.  I have checked group policy for the computer and the option to show sleep in the power options menu is set to not configured which should show it.  I even tried to enable it and it still did not work.  Very odd since the option for the monitor is there.  Any suggestions?


Rob Battaglia

I have been using I Cloud for Windows for years and i have never had this issue. now i bought a new Dell computer i installed Microsoft Office 2019, then I tried to install Icloud for Windows so that i have have all my contacts synchronized with cloud but this time i receive an error message that says: " Setup can't continue Outlook ins't configurd to have a default profile. Check your Outlook settings and try again.

i google error and i follow the steps where they want to make sure that Outlook is associated with a bunch of files. i did that but still not success.

who can help me with this headache please ? ( I have attached the screenshot of the error message.
Currently have a Dell Server setup with Server 2016 Standard, 32gb Ram 2TB Hardrives (new install) and will put 10 users on it.

Our current system:
We are on an old SBS 2008 with 32GB Ram on a Dell t410 with one NIC
This systems has server two roles.  A Customer CRM (uses SQL Express) that is shared among the users and Ex
change is just use for sharing calendars. Two public calendars for our two small conference rooms.

On new server...
Hyper-V Role has been installed and I know I have two Virtual Machine Licenses I can use with Server 2016 Standard.

So my questions are:

(1) Advice on how much storage-memory to allocate during setup of the VM's for AD and Exchange?
Of course I'm assuming I'm first installing Server 2016 on those VM's before doing AD and Exchange.
(2) Can I also assume I should do the Active Directory install before the Exchange VM install?

I'm a little confused when I've seen suggestions like

"To install Exchange 2016 we must update Active Directory. This update extends the current schema to accept the new 2016 attributes." followed by "Exchange can perform this automatically during the graphical setup. However, you may also prefer to do this separately ahead of time"

(3) After setup of Exchange, what about drives within the VM for Exchange Directory , logs and database?

Or any other advice on this exact setup other than choosing office 365, etc. I'm not changing my plan to use this server , this way.

(4) Do I need more …
I want to enable bitlocker on windows 10 machines. Is there a way to change bios settings from within windows for dell workstations? I need to enable TPM remotely. I have access to the Windows OS.
This is on a brand new Dell OptiPlex with Windows 10.   I have two 1TB Seagate expansion drives.   Every morning when I come in, they have disconnected.   (the drive letters are still there in file explorer, but you can't access the data).  I have done the following:

Turned off power management for the storage devices and everything USB
Disabled USB Selective Suspend in Power Management
Installed Seagate Device Manager
Switched USB ports (tried both 2.0 and 3.0 ports)

These drives never disconnected on the prior Windows 7 system.
Windows Server 2008 R2 name is FileServer1 which only has File Services role.
FileServer1 is installed on DELL Poweredge R710, not Virtual.
FileServer1 provides file share services to domain users to access files in the FileServer1 E and F disks.
Users access shared folder and files under \\FileServer1\SharedFolder
Because I failed to upgrade FileServer1 to Windows 2012, so I installed Server 2012 on another R710, name it as FileServer2. FileServer2 has E and F disk2 with same disk size.
I export shares from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\LanmanServer\Shares
I made a disk copy of FileServer1 E and F disks.
I install two disk copy into FileServer2 then import Shares into register file
user can access and read files from \\FileServer2\SharedFolder.
But when user create file, got error message: Destination Folder Access Denied. You need permission to perform this action.
I made test to change file properties of owner and user permission for specific user, still got same error.
I backup shared files NTFS permission from Fileserver1 via ICACLS, and restore to FileServer2. Nothing changed.

Very appreciate to any advice.

Our school has a small Windows 2019 Server AD domain with (2) DC's

I've got students with Dell Latitude E5440 laptops users/computers on the domain

Several of these student laptops are showing the wrong date/time....restarting does not seem to fix it

The DC has the correct date/time and is not a VM

I have 350 other laptops (Lenovo's and older Dells) where this date/time issue is not happening.

And, of course, not ALL the E5440's are having the problem.

Not sure what steps to take.

Can I use a logon script to force the correct date/time?

I'm stumped







Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.