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Our client has an aging ( 8 - 9 years old) Dell server running MS SBS 2008 SP2. 8 users.

When there was the really big MS updates last week the sever took ages to come round. After this some of the workstations didn't properly recover. It had obviously had upset some of the workstations. Here is what our client said:

"Last week, Carlton pinned some icons (outlook etc.) to his taskbar. This morning he’s restarted his computer and when he logged in, it asked for the network username and password again. Can you look into this please as this issue seems to be recurring every time he switch his computer on, in the morning. Also, the icons he pin to his taskbar during last login session  does not reappear if he log off and login again.

I just tried Susannah’s computer and it also asks for the network password to connect to network drives every time you log off and login. Also, strangely, the “pin to taskbar” does not work for her at all. "

For now I've asked them  to work around it by locking the affected  computers instead of login off.

Seems that their desktops have been affected on some of the workstation. Workstations are Windows 10.

Any suggestions welcomed?
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.

ok, we have two Dell R730 servers with LSI HBA cards.  Those two servers are connected to a Dell MD1200 enclosure with 36TB of storage.

Server 1 was running ESX 6.0

Server 2 is running 6.7

I vMotioned the live VMs off of Server 1 over to Server 2 and upgraded Server 1 to 6.7

Both server are now running ESX 6.7

The problem is, Server 2 came up and while it is connected to the MD1200, the existing datastore does not show up in the list of Server 2 datastores.  The internal storage is there, and the IBM v3700 is there, but the Dell MD1200 didn't come back.

Now, Server 2 is connected to the MD1200 and all VMs live there.  I simple want Server 1 to reconnect and share that datastore, but I'm not sure what is going on.  

Can someone point me in the direction of making that MD1200 come back to Server 1 now that it's ESX is up to 6.7??



PS:  Reminder, Server 2 is connected to the Dell MD1200 and all live VMs live there and are on that host.  I just need my newly upgraded Server 1 to reconnect and share the storage.
The laptop does not detect the third external LCD, when the laptop’s LCD is opened; when the laptop lid is closed, it detects the third LCD. I will update the video card drivers. If that does not work I will replace the docking station.
Dell Latitude 7390 or 7490
Dell WD15 docking station.
Windows 10 version 1809
Two external LCDs.
I have a new customer with Dell T30 server.
- Unfortunately they purchased this without consultation
- The server only came with 1 1TB Sata drive
- 8GB of RAM
- Prior to us starting to work together my client decided they wanted raid10 redundancy
- They purchased 3 additional 1TB drives from Dell
- Enter me
- The server does not support any kind of onboard raid
- I contacted Dell and of course they do not make any raid controllers for the T30

Any one have any thoughts about either of these controllers as an add-on option?

Again it's aT30 so it'll be limited but trying to make some lemonade outta the lemons I've been handed :)
We have a Tandberg USB 3.0 RDX drive and media for backups

Some RAID cards I've been considering
LSI 9341-4i
Intel rs3wc080Intel

PS sure we can look at Battery backed , cache, onboard RAM, etc but this is just to get some basic redundancy beyond a single drive in their server.

Thanks in advance.
Have 2 Dell computers that came in today, both with failing hard drives.  The drives are successfully cloned over to new HDD.  However, upon installing the new drives into their machines no OS is found.  Both computers are running Windows 7 64-bit.  So, no big deal I will repair the MBR (Both systems predate UEFI).  I pop in an OEM Windows 7 Home (or Pro depending on OS installed) and it tells me "This version of system recovery is not compatible..."  Now I haven't needed to dig out a Windows 7 disc in a long time, so I may be forgetting something here.  I wanted to run bootrec /rebuildbcd and so on commands.  I have attempted to run these commands from my USB media for Windows 10 also, with no success of any kind.  I have tried multiple Discs (Even tried Home in the Pro system and vice versa).  I have confirmed they are running 64-bit OS.  As the old drives do boot, but it takes like 15 minutes to do so.  Old drives show many bad sectors.  I am currently running CHKDSK /r on each drive in another system and will reclone to see if that helps.  Note: The clone software did have to skip some sectors that were unreadable.  I have been using that cloning software (Many revisions worth that is), for more than a decade.  I am unable to download the Windows 7 ISO to make non OEM version, due to MS says they are vendor specific product keys that I cannot download.  I have had many people download an ISO to reinstall or repair Dell computers over the year.  Why has that changed now …
I'm running Windows 10 Pro version 1803 on a Dell Latitude 6330.  WiFi is disabled.  The WiFi switch in Settings is set to "Off".  Turn WiFi back on is set to "Manually".  I cannot get the switch to stay set on "On".  The Network Connection icon in the system tray says WiFi Turned off.  I have tried rebooting, turning the PC off and on, removing the battery.  So far I can't find a fix.  Ethernet is the only way I can connect to the internet.  Can someone recommend a fix?
Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend with a Dell Windows 7 gaming laptop.  His sound is not working, which I believe was disabled after a Windows 10 update... the Windows Audio service was not running (and refused to turn on), but a Google search revealed a registry edit, which resolved that issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled the two audio device drivers infinitum, (one Realtek and one NVidia... it is a gaming laptop), but when I clicked on the speaker icon in the system tray, the troubleshooter wizard kept stating that no audio device was installed, as well as when I tried to set the Realtek as the default audio device... this is despite the fact that the Device Manager showed both of these audio devices present and with the most current drivers installed. I'm not sure what else I can do, short of a reformat/reconstruction, which I would rather not do... any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi All

We are providing Dell notebooks and desktops to our clients in batches of 10+ units and would like to streamline the install process so we arent spending too much time onsite reinstalling applications etc.  Typical apps include Office 365, Sage Payroll / Accounts etc, plus some client specific software and windows updates. As these are all OEM pre installed licenses on the Windows 10 Pro systems what is the best method to image these without breaking software license agreements etc?
At some point the card reader on my Dell mobile precision M4700 laptop stopped working. I believe it happened when I performed a clean install of Windows 10. The original installation of Windows 7 was factory installed. I'm guessing that the software and drivers supporting that port were obliterated. I'm not sure how to get them back. I've been to the Dell website and installed everything that seemed relevant, but nothing I've done has restored the functionality of the card reader. The following is the message I get when I insert a card:

I've tried updating and uninstalling the device, to no avail.

I'm not sure which brand of card reader is installed on my laptop, but it appears as though the port is labeled with the SanDisk logo.
I have a Dell PowerEdge R710 that gives CPU1/CPU2 has an internal error (IERR).  Also gives CPU machine check error.  I have updated drivers, etc, flea drain,.  The strange this is this happens when I try to start an OS (2012 R2) install via DVD.  I have tried the install both using the built in DVD drive and an external DVD drive via a USB port.  No OS errors that correlate with the Open Manage errors (given above).  

Thank you!
Ensure Business Longevity with As-A-Service
Ensure Business Longevity with As-A-Service

Using the as-a-service approach for your business model allows you to grow your revenue stream with new practice areas, without forcing you to part ways with existing clients just because they don’t fit the mold of your new service offerings.

Dell Latitude 7280
Dell Command Update only found  drivers for the docking station.
I executed a Windows update
Challenge: The system randomly restarts
Hardware diagnostic test passed
Windows memory test passed
The SSD diagnostic test said, Unused Reserved Block.
There's been a thread of this error, but no solution applicable to my situation. (Dell XPS 8930/Win64/pro 1809

Every couple of days, particularly when using productivity apps, my screens will go black for five seconds, then come back.  In EV I get event 4101 and this: " Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

This did not start until an MS tech, helping with another problem, updated me from 1803 to 1809.

My instinct was to update the display driver. I see two in DM: Intel UHD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GeFore GTX 1060 6GB. Can't figure which one to dry to update.

Some other considerations. On 3/30 when the machine was updated to 1809, this appeared in DM Events for the NVIDiA:
And this appeared for Inter UHD Graphics 360:
Another complication: Can't find latest driver for NVIDIA on their site. Went to Dell site for drivers for my machine and was offered this with service tag:
It does not appear to be the driver listed in device manager GeFore GTX 1060. I'm guessing there might have been two options for graphics cards when the machine was purchased, but wouldn't my express service tag picked the right one? And for the life of me, I can't find a driver for the GTX 1060 on their site.

Hi: I have a problem with backing up and restoring protection groups in System Center DPM 2016 - 1801. I have a Dell R730xd server  ( windows  2016 )  attached to a Dell TL4000 Tape library ) . I get this error message: The operation failed because of a protection agent failure. ID: 998 Details: Access is denied (0x80070005)

We currently have Dell PowerVault MD3220i in our office. It's setup with two Dell PowerEdge R620 servers in a fail-over cluster configuration.
We purchased the PowerVault with only half of the disk slots occupied. I recently purchased 12 more drives in order to expand the volume capacity.
I've been told that this is a seamless process which should not incur any downtime. I have looked at the owner's manual but don't find the instructions to be clear.

Does anyone have a set of clear step-by-step instructions on how to add additional hard drives and expand the volume on the PowerVault MD3220i using the Dell Management software without any downtime?

Great appreciated!!
User has a Windows 7 Dell laptop. When watching Netflix or Amazon Prime video, they report that the sound stops. Sound can be restored by a restart.

I have gone to Dell support, and installed the High Def audio driver

Are there any common causes for sound cutting off?

I have Dell Power Connect 3448P which is setup in stack mode. The switch currently has 5 built-in fan and 1 is in non-operational. I tried cleaning out the fan but still getting the same status. What would be the best way to resolve this issue considering its in stack?
Need some clarity before Exchange 2019 Server trial runs out. Ordered a PowerEdge Server with 2016 Server Standard with Exchange 2016. The issue is Dell shipped the purchase with Exchange 2019 which is not compatible with Server 2016 Standard. Dell recommends I downgrade Exchange Server 2019 to 2016 however they've only sent information regarding downgrading licensing and not the actual process.

Would someone assist with the procedures to downgrade Exchange 2019 to 2016 in an active environment? I've read all I need is the 2019 keys and by adding these the 2016 trial will resume however I'm concerned if this is not the case then Exchange will stop working after the trial ends.

I am about to do a server refresh.

thoughts on a HP Server running PureStorge and underpinned with DATTO Siris all flash backup device.


DELL EMC running DELL EMC SAN (all flash) and DELL DataDomain to store the Veem backups.

Any thoughts....
Hello all,

My office is having a planned power outage and will need to shut down our 8 year old Dell EqualLogic PS6110 and start up after outage.
The SAN is connected to 3 ESXI hosts with total of 44 VMs.

I am wondering if anyone has a SOP on SAN shutdown and start-up process.
From what I know, the sequence goes like all VMs > ESXI hosts > SAN array > power off SAN.

Does this sound right? Am I missing any steps?

I am also curious about the start up process for the SAN array. Do I just power on SAN then use DB9 console to connect to array and start it?

CEOs need to know what they should worry about
CEOs need to know what they should worry about

Nearly every week during the past few years has featured a headline about the latest data breach, malware attack, ransomware demand, or unrecoverable corporate data loss. Those stories are frequently followed by news that the CEOs at those companies were forced to resign.

I'm using a DELL server with iDRAC6 firmware ver. 1.97
After Updating Java from7u79 to Java 8, the virtual console doesn't run.

If only the java version 1.7.0 up 79 is installed on the PC, the virtual console works.
If I install the 1.8.0 up 201 on the PC it does not work.
I have configured the security exceptions (List Sites ...) and I have overcome the security problems.
Start the virtual console, Java 7 start up and then:
the error message is "Unable to Launch the application"
In details error: "Found an unsigned resource item:
https: // ......: 443 / software / avctKM.jar"
I have a Windows 10 64 bit Dell system which is based in an office. I am connecting to the network remotely through a VPN and using remote desktop to connect to the system. I am now running into a problem where I am being thrown out of the session every couple of minutes. The message I receive is attached. Data Encryption Error
I ran into this issue on a previous job when connecting remotely to a server. I was able to resolve the issue by doing the following -

Local Area Connection -> Properties -> Configure -> Advanced -> IPv4 Large Send Offload =Disabled.

Unfortunately, this option is not available when I go into the properties section of the Network Card.

Any suggestions?
We have several Dell PowerEdge R515's with PERC 700 controllers. Each has several sets of RAID 1 mirrored disks. I would like to know whether there's a procedure which will allow us idle/offline a mirrored pair, remove both of them from the chassis, and later re-insert them without incurring a rebuild. If so, then is it also possible to use a similar procedure to move the two drives to another server, import the foreign configuration and also to resume operations without a rebuild?
I have DELL SAN Equallogic 6100 and showing amber light on the front panel. In the console, there are two members and when I click on controller1 has got control slot 0 on fw version 9.1.2(secondary) and control slot 1(active) on fw version 8.1.1. Controller2 has only one slot 0(active) with fw version 8.1.1

warning shows "control module cache syncing. do not turn off power to this member during this operation" How to fix this amber light/warning?
Dell precision 5530 with Windows 10 OEM. How the activation works?

Is windows 10 keys are embedded in BIOS?

Will it still be there if I upgrade BIOS and factory reset it?
Dear Experts,

I have two dell servers with the same specifications.

But one Dell servers is showing lesser storage devices than the other.







Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.