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Hi, Im trying to delete a virtual disk but i got this message
These are all the alarms that I got.

Please Help, I am really new on all this storage thing :(
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Dear All,

I have some business pc Optiplex 9020 with OS Win8.1 .My issue is that with raid the pc takes a long time to boot from 40 minutes to 2 hours.Also when we i tried to update some software in the workstation it took many hours and in some pc it fails.
I would like to ask if you have any similar problem with this type of pc and how you have resolve it .

Hi all,

Picked up a client where the customer had installed a new DELL Poweredge T330 and someone had started configuration and performed setup with the 4 disks in PERC H330 controller as individual disks (non-RAID).  Is this the default configuration when these servers are delivered with the OS pre-installed.

The domain controller role is already up and running with about 30 machines joined.

They are are now asking to have their primary vertical market software system loaded asking where on the server it should be located.  Right now we have this:

Disk Mgmt
 do not want to install their production operation software on a non-RAID volume, so I am wondering if it would make sense to go into the PERC controller BIOS and allocate two of the 3 remaining disks to a RAID 0 mirror. Or should I just use the Win2012 Disk Mgmt to build a mirror array in software?
I have a Perc 5/i installed on a PowerEdge 1900.  I have four 750gb hard drives that are in a RAID5, potentially.  The Virtual Disk was initialized and when I just hit the Enter key on Controller 0 I am told:

Configuration is not allowed!
ERROR Code: Unknown

There are no errors outputted on the tiny screen.  Yesterday it told me that the ROMB battery was dead, so I replaced that, and now no more errors.  However, there is this problem now.
Dear Team,

We are building a DR site in one of our remote offices. We are using Dell Rapid Recovery software to replicate our production machines to our DR site and export them to a VMWare environment and have them ready to be used in case we have to switch (active standby). Our DR site is also a site that is in production in another city, this site has a Domain Controller and a few file servers always running for the local office over there.

The issue that we have is networking. I would like to know what is being done out there or what is the most efficient way to accomplish this. At this point our DR site has a network in vlan 900 which communicates with vlan 200 in our productions site, these two vlans know of eachother. When we restore the servers in our DR site they will be assigned an IP of vlan 900 which will be different then the vlan 200 they were in the productions site. This will create conflicts because we have some applications servers with odbc connections configured by IP address and all of this will have to be changed in that case. Additionally, we can’t have the same machine turned on with the same name in 2 places at once unless we have an isolated network to do this which is one of the reasons we’re thinking about creating another isolated vlan 200 network in our DR site but not sure if it will work when switching over.
Since we are using rapid recovery, an active standby machine gets overwritten by a backup of the production machine every 2 hours, …
I have 3 Dell R420's Running Server 2012 R2.  One runs as a DC, another as a Database Server and the last as Hyper-V host.  All were setup the same time using the same USB drive and are backed up using WIndows Server Backup to USB Drives.  The Hyper-V is running 5 virtual machines, 2 Server 2012 and 3 Server 2003.  The Server 2003 machines are old physical servers that were converted and migrated.  The 2 Virtual Server 2012 machines, 1 is the remote server and the other the terminal server.

A few months ago we started having a problem where the rdweb site wouldnt load and no one could remote in.  The server would respond to pings and if I have a monitor and keyboard physically connected to the server, I could attempt to login and it would just spin like it was logging in but never go further.  I would eventually just have to hard reset the server.  I checked the error logs and could not find anything that pointed to a culprit.

This is now happening about once to twice a month, still nothing in the logs that point to errors which could cause this behavior.  It works fine when the last user during daylight hours logs off, usually around 6 pm, and I'll be notified by night users if they can't login around 12 AM.  The only task I have running between those hours is the Backup.  I have errors in backup but those seem to be for the server 2003 machines not being able to be backed up. The next entry after that is the boot from the hard reset.

I have reinstalled the OS on …
Hi guys,

Recently came upon the requirement for DATA Center for which I don't have any knowledge.I am in R&S, IP Telephony, Structured Cabling
Can anyone tell how I can get trained in Data center design?
what is the best way to get trained in data center designing, and what are the training courses offered by CISCO, HP, DELL.
About a week ago this 3 year old Dell Optiplex 790 running Windows 7 service pack 1 is having problems accessing certain websites like and some other secured websites.
It's on a local domain network with a Server that is handing out DHCP but it cannot resolve the IP address so I have been using a static IP address of GW DNS (Server's address) and even added the external DNS of the ISP and even added WINS of the server's IP of
It will no longer let DHCP resolve the IP address but all of the other 7 PCs work fine.
I even copied down those exact IP addresses and changing the local IP inserted it with a static IP and it still has the same problem.
Emails come in using the POP/SMTP through this same NIC.
I loaded new NIC drivers to this onboard Intel embeded NIC - same problem.
I even purchased a new NIC and it does the same thing.
It had McAffee so I removed it and the same problem.
I turned off all of the Windows firewall and same problem.
This PC is on the LAN and can get access to all of the network shared drives with no problem.
I tried to go back and do a system restore before this problem but it has the same problem.
I also checked the HOSTS file in the system32 - nothing blocked.
Thank you!
This issue has started to occur every few days to a Dell PowerEdge R430. I am having to restart it from iDRAC or the power button to bring it back to life.

The server still responds to ping, but I cannot access it via RDP. I can access some remote management tools, but not all. For example, the event viewer is accessible, but the services snap in is not. Services running on the server appear to stop responding too, e.g. file shares, print server etc.

Looking through the event logs, I suspected an issue with Symantec Endpoint Protection at first, so uninstalled that and replaced it with another AV product, since I had seen a similar issue on another server and this had fixed it. It hasn't fixed this server though.

The System logs seem to stop recording anything after the time that the problem occurs, until I reboot the server. There doesn't appear to be any common thing that is happening just before the server suffers this issue. I have looked for a particular warning, error, info message etc but nothing that jumps out at me.

If I plug in a KVM, I get no display, no login screen or anything.

I have updated the BIOS, firmware and drivers to the latest versions. The server is kept up to date with Windows Updates.

The server runs Hyper-V and has two guest VMs running on it. Sometimes these also become unresponsive in the same way i.e. can ping but can't RDP or get any response from services e.g. file shares, print services etc.

I'm now at the point where I'll…
Have a desktop, Dell XPS Studio, that came with 2 1TB hard drives set up as Raid 0. One of them is now failing & it won't boot, get the error message "AHCI Port0 Device Error Press F2 to Continue". F2 brings you to the BIOS setup and it's just stuck in that loop.
The client said it boots up every now and then but i've tried it at least 20 times & no joy so reckon it's after getting worse.
Any way of extracting the files from this as they've no backup?
Visualize your virtual and backup environments
Visualize your virtual and backup environments

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Wonder if anyone has run into this before - I'm stumped.

My lab environment requires removable drives in caddies to be swapped out for different learning scenarios.  What I want to do is configure the computers to ALWAYS boot to the removable drive if it is present.  In other words, the removable drive is the default.  I've got the removable drive set as the first device in the boot order and for the first boot, everything works fine.  But as soon as I remove the removable drive and boot to the internal drive, the internal drive becomes the default drive in the BIOS.  If I then re-insert the removable drive and boot the computer back up, it goes to the internal drive, not the removable drive.  

I've tried a bunch of different things, to include swapping SATA cables around, enabling AHCI, editing the BCDEDIT boot loader, etc, but the same thing always happens....once the computer has booted to the internal drive one time, it becomes the default boot drive.

Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/workarounds?  The computers we use are Dell 3020's, BIOS A15, and both internal and removable drive have Windows 7 images on them.  Interesting side note - one of our labs uses Dell 7010's, and the dual boot scenario I described above works fine with that model.   Just can't get it working on the Dell 3020's.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

My tech team is having some major issues. I don't want to brush them off as simply VMware's USB problems without digging a little deeper.

- We have a VDI environment using VMware solutions.
- We have Dell thin clients deployed at all locations.
- Our data line for our main location is 100MB fiber.
- Data line at our data center is duel gig fiber lines.
- scanner is an RDM7000 series.
- Vendor is web based and requires the scanner to be USB attached.

The scanner will work for one or two scans but then become unresponsive. The VDI looses communication. We have to restart the VDI instance to get the scanner to work again. Not the VDI thin client but we have to have an admin go into the ESXi and restart the user's instance. Support team believes the lack of full USB support by VMware is causing communication issues over the USB. They are suggestion deploying local desktops for check scanning. This is not an option.

We have a test desktop setup with VM Horizon client. The scanner has no issues. We have tested multiple thin clients from different vendors, all with the same issue. So this has eliminated the Dell thin client.

We are testing the RDM9600i which is a network connected machine. We are trying to setup the machine as a spoofed USB connection on the VDI but that has not yet worked out. Plus the vendor does not support the machine.

I have a new Dell server that I installed Win 2012 R2 and I want to change it to Win 2016.  The best way to make sure it is a fresh install is to initialize the server.  
Dell helped me with it, but I've already forgot how.

so how?
the wire connecting my dell charger to the pin head cut at a point where i cant join it anymore. I have an alternative pin but its carrying red, black and white wires. How do i connect the White, Black and Blue wires to the Red, Black and White wires with correct polarity?
I have an old EMC CX3-20 which I am trying to get to hang around for a few more months. To make a long story short I lost a a HD in the unit and found a gentleman that was selling 5 brand new Dell drives, just what I needed. I had them shipped to me and I popped in a replacement drive but I can't get the orange light to go out on the array. Here I am thinking that it is just hotswapable and replace the failed drive I start searching and I come to find that I need to use the Replace Faulted Disk wizard in the Unisphere Service Manager. I do this and the wizard says it is actively looking for changes to the array and I insert a new disk but it never see's it. I know that the wizard detects a faulted drive because it is reading me the serial number of the replacement drive that I am sticking in. I know that all 5 of these drives that I ordered are not bad so I think I am missing something.  I am running Flare version Can anyone out there maybe help point in the right direction?
This problem is regarding Terminal Server connectivity (Remote Desktop Connectivity as per window server 2008). We have
following working scenario :

Architecture : Client-Server
Server : Dell T430 PowerEdge
Server OS : Windows Server 2008 R2(Standard Edition)
Terminals : Wyse S10 thin clients firmware version 6.1.0_08, 6.5.0_22 and 6.5.0_40

Recently we've shifted to a new server DELL PowerEdge T430 from DELL PowerEdge 2900. The thin clients used to connect

successfully to the old one. After the shifting process, the thin clients worked fine for about 1.5 months but suddenly today

afternoon they stopped connecting to the server all of a sudden.

Not able to figure out as to what exactly stopped the working terminals.

Hello Experts,

Does anyone know the procedure for backing up the Raid module configuration on a Dell MD3260?  We are replacing the Raid module controller battery and have it listed in the steps to save a copy of the configuration file in the MD Management console but it does not have any further instruction.

Thank you,

  I have a dell laptop N5050,4GB Ram,Intel Pentium processor,1660 MB Graphics,320 GB HDD
Previously i was using windows 7 64 Bit that OS working fine without any issue.Few days ago i was installed windows 10 Pro 64 bit on my laptop.Now everything working fine & Smooth.But i have a one issue

If i switch on my laptop it will come window logo screen then comes up log on screen then logged.After that later on i was switch on laptop it will come windows logo then black screen comes up.Nothing show on the screen.Then i was put sleep mode/switch off my laptop then power on its working fine.This  issue come will occurred each and every cycle .

Please suggest me what should i do?????
I have an old Dell Precision Workstation T7600 that is not booting or giving any video display.  It is caught in a loop and the diagnostic codes on the front are 3 and 4 together, which according to the owner's manual means a memory power failure has occurred.  

The diagnostic procedure is to remove one DIMM at a time, and I did this with the same result.

Would this situation possibly indicate a power supply issue with that section of the motherboard?

As I have some critical information on this system that needs to be recovered by a deadline, I would be willing to pay for support to resolve this issue and get the system booting.  Unfortunately, getting support from Dell on a system this old will be problematic.  I will spend the two days trying to get Dell to even acknowledge a responsibility to try to help.

What options do I have here, and what are some other troubleshooting steps I could go through?

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In w10 my Dell Vostro 5470 will not wake up from sleep
Hi Guys,

We are currently in the testing phase on the SCCM implementation.
 the laptops we use across site are Dell XPS 13 which come without an Ethernet port. instead we use the USB-C connection.

the USB-C connection requires a USB-Ethernet adapter so we can run the SCCM image. this works fine on the following adapter: Dell DBJBCBC064.

but it does not work when we are using the following adapter: DA200 dell

the annoying thing is - all users already have a DA200 Dell adapter as this is used to connect to the docking station. I would love to be able to continue using them or a very similar product.

so here is my question:

1 - Why does 1 work and not the other? from what I have read online it is something to do with PXE-Boot?
2 - is there an alternative to the DA200 which works in the same manor with same connections which allows SCCM to work (if PXE is at fault or something?)

I am trying to install ESXi v6.5.0 (release build 4564106 - Dell customised version) on to a Dell M630 blade and am getting a purple screen of death screen I have no idea what to do with. I have checked that the firmware on the blades is up to date and is compatible with ESXi v6.5.0. I have also installed ESXi on some other hardware which works so don't think this is a problem with the files being corrupted or something like that...

The error received is 'Unexpected early boot module vmkplexe.v00', there error message was longer but didn't seem to mean much. I have tried excluding this file from the install files, varying its case on a long shot but to no avail.

Anyone seen this before or have any pointers on how I can better diagnose this?
My laptop dell latitude d630c batter 2 write not present,pls how can I resolve it
Picked up 4 3TB Hitachi EMC SAS hdd, to put in my DELL power edge T310, which supports sas and Sata. Saw they are 520 sector and need to be formatted to 512 so i can actually use them. Linux CentOS doesn't even see the drives. Bios reports unknown device connected. Is it actually possible to format them? If so how do i do that?
I am facing some problem in my Laptop Dell E-6420. On 21/6/2017  I received this msg Thermal Fan 1 stopped, but I did not notice and neither I realize this msg. After that my laptop showing problem about start up , whenever I press power button, battery light blink and laptop do not start, but some time it start up after pressing 3 or 4 time, one day when it took start, I pressed F5, it shows event log
21/6/2017  thermal fan 1 stopped
1/7/2017    Thermal system board thermal trip
3/7/2017    Thermal system board thermal trip
4-7-2017     Thermal system board thermal trip
6/7/2017     Thermal system board thermal trip

I am not understanding the problem to my laptop, and kindly tell me the solution that what will I do ,if u guys understood the situation.



Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.