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Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.

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My computer is a Dell M4800 Workstation/Laptop. I am using Windows 10. I wish to  increase the  width of  the vertical  sliding bar on the  right  side of my screen to make it easier to select and  work with it. How do I  accomplish this?
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I installed a Startech PCI serial card in a slot in my Dell Optiplex 960 desktop running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.   I downloaded the drive from the Starctech website but when I try to  install it, it says "installation is aborted".
hi experts,

 I have 5 dell computers that came with office 365 and the 30 days is about to expired. I need to purchase the 5 license but I don't want subscription. where or how can I buy the permanent licenses without having to uninstall and reinstall office 365?
I get the Dell Splash screen and it freezes there. I tried unplugging the power and draining by pressing power button. I cannot use F8 or F2. I reset the memory. Same issue still. Any suggestion?
Hello experts,

I got to do a replacement of my T320 server failed hard disk drive.  I am currently in RAID 10 with 4 Hard disk drive, while each drive is (Part number:F617N, HARD DRIVE, 300G, SAS6, 15K, 3.5, S-EG, E/C), one hard disk is failed.

The supplier sale offer me "400-AJRR 300GB 15K RPM SAS 12Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive,3.5in HYB CARR" , I am not sure if this model of hard disk drive compatible with my server or not. the sale said it is compatible, so please help to advise any problem when I replace with this Hard disk drive, the server are running Win2008R2 and SQL 2008.

My Raid is PERC H710 Integrated RAID Cont roller, 512MB NV Cache, Full H eight

Havent been able to find any good info on this, anyone know the answer?
A person contacted us with an older Dell B3465dnf printer - the printer works fine but when they put a paper in the ADF, it says its Scanning but doesn't pull the paper thru.  Also if you put the original down on the glass, it will scan/copy but only a half of the page.  We looked over it in general but really didn't see anything?
On an old Dell 2950 I noticed "I1912 SEL Full" on display. OS is 2008 R2 Standard
Through OpenManage (Hardware > Logs), the message is:

Wed Mar 02 12:33:26 2016      System event log (SEL) is full.

2 question:

1) the only way to clear event log is through BMC menu (reboot required), according to this URL?

2) few days ago I registered a disk hardware failure. I configured alert with "DellSMTPNotify" application.
Is it possible to I didn't receive an email for that failure, due to Event Log full?

Thankyou very much
I am running a Dell T110 ii server with a PERC S100 controller, in what I am told is RAID 5, I am remote from the site so I cant confirm that it is defiantly RAID 5

We had a problem a few days ago when I saw the following errors in Dells Open Manager

Disk medium error detected: Physical Disk 0:1 Controller 0, Connector 0
Redundancy lost: Virtual Disk 1 (Virtual Disk 1) Controller 0 (PERC S100)
There is an unrecoverable medium error detected on virtual disk: Virtual Disk 1 (Virtual Disk 1) Controller 0 (PERC S100)

Disk 0:2 was Offline, and the Virtual disk was showing Degraded

I set disk 0:2 as Hot spare and it started to Rebuild the Virtual drive, which failed after 7 or 8%

I now have all 3 disks online but the Virtual disk is showing as Failed, the only option it gives me is Delete, which I am hesitant of doing, any pointers on what to do next, I don't know the condition of the drives apart from they say they are online

Disk 0:2 was offline but Disk 0:1 had the error?
How to install wifi driver on dell 15R 3521 laptop windows 7 64 bit

when i have install dell wireless wifi driver following error occur so how over come this problem and install driver 64 bit windows 7
Veeam and MySQL: How to Perform Backup & Recovery
Veeam and MySQL: How to Perform Backup & Recovery

MySQL and the MariaDB variant are among the most used databases in Linux environments, and many critical applications support their data on them. Watch this recorded webinar to find out how Veeam Backup & Replication allows you to get consistent backups of MySQL databases.

I've got an interesting issue with just a few devices and PDQ Deploy.  Perhaps someone else has run into this issue and found a fix.  Support at Admin Arsenal was unable to help me despite their best efforts.  

I have several Dell Latitude 7275 laptops hooked to WD15 docks.  Out of about 15, four of them experience this issue:

When I go to Deploy a package, it will eventually timeout with a message, "Target computer unreachable" .  

I have to access the target manually and open the adapter properties and uncheck File and Printer Sharing. Close the properties. Re-open and recheck File and Printer Sharing.  

Now, I can relaunch the deployment and it works perfectly.  It will work for any subsequent deployments until the computer is restarted, then we are back to square one.

There is nothing different about these four devices as opposed to their 11 other brothers.  Latest Firmware, BIOS, and drivers all installed.  All running at least Win 10 build 1703.  All listed in DNS (both forward and reverse zones). None of the 30 OptiPlex desktops in my domain have this issue.

I'd appreciate any insights you might be able to share.
Hi All,
I have a new Dell 3050 with 2 monitors. The Dell has integrated DP and HDMI ports for video out. The Monitors I have, have 1 DP connection each. For Monitor 1 I used a DP/DP connection and the monitor works - no problem
For Monitor 2, I used a HDMI/DP (DP on monitor side) but the computer doesn't recognize or ever know a monitor is connected.

I was told the the cable I have is a DP to HDMI and I should get a HDMI to DP or a Bi-directional DP/HDMI cable. Is there such a thing?
Any suggestions to make the dual monitors work short of a video card or USB/VGA adapter?
First of all let me explain that I am in the hospital and my ability to respond as quickly as I would like is impaired.

I have a Dell  M4800 laptop/workstation with me. It began to stop displaying my desktop icons. I only get the bottom line to the left of the system tray. If I right click the system tray I do see the "show desktop" option. It is not checked. If I check it it does not bring the desktop back. It does accept my click to show the desktop. My operating system is Windows 10 64 bit. I thought it was a new installation of Fences 3 but, after  un-installation of Fences 3 it did not help. I am anxious to try any and all "easy first" suggestions.
I have a Dell OptiPlex 3020 Small Form Factor (SFF) running Windows 7 Professional.  I want to replace the 500 GB drive with a new Western Digital 1000 GB drive I just purchased.

The Small Form Factor motherboard has only 1 Sata connector for a hard disk drive.  (otherwise I would have connected both the old and new drives to the motherboard, and used Western Digital Acronis software to clone the old hard drive to the new hard drive).

Note:  When I click "Backup and Restore" \ Create a system image \
A window opens and says it will make an image of the C drive and the Recovery partition.
After a few minutes, a window pops up and says:
The backup failed.
The system cannot find the path specified (0x80070003).
Click Close (to close the window)

Checking the event viewer:
The application logs says:
The description for Event ID 517 from source Microsoft-Windows-Backup cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:

11/7/2017 9:36:46 PM

The resource loader failed to find MUI file

- - - - - -
The system log has 3 errors:
Event 11, Source atapi
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0.

- - - - -…
Hi Expert,

Good Day.

My Dell Latitude E7430 when docked to docking station my screen will turn upside down, this happens after my bag hit my external keyboard.

Below are the method I have try.

- Windows Icon + Left, right, up & down arrow key.
- Checked the setting it's on the landscape.
- Try on other docking and it's still same.
* Windows 7

Appreciate if any expert can advise on.

getting more idrac servers to manage and need to have office/company/free text name on idrac message instead of service tag.
Hi All,

Had a conversation with a customer today, where I noted that the CMOS battery on one of their PCs in the warehouse has a 'low battery' warning on boot up.

It is a Dell and you can press F1 to bypass / acknowledge the warning, and continue to boot up the OS.

I said they should replace the battery or the machine, to which I was asked, 'Why - what are the implications?'

I said that the battery allowed the machine to keep track of time while powered off, to which the customer noted that when the machine boots up it gets it time from time.windows.com or ntp.org or wherever, so why does it matter.  The machine is not domain joined, so any implications from that are not applicable.

I didn't have a reply!

Is there any implication to just leaving the machine as it is other than having to press F1 after it boots (which does mean if it automatically updates, then it won't reboot into the OS, but will get stuck on 'Press F1').

Also, if there are no significant implications, does anyone know if we can change a setting somewhere (BIOS perhaps) to disable that warning?  I did have a look, but nothing jumped out at me.


I have an Equallogic 6100 with multiple failed HDDs. Its out of warranty and I ordered and received HDDs. Refurb Dell SAS drives. Same exact model and on the label the firmware says it's the same. When I insert them they give me the error that they're not approved and are unavailable.

Any ideas?
I have a Dell Precision Tower 5810 with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit installed.   The option to upgrade to Windows 10 was included.   I downloaded Windows 10 from the Dell website and burned it onto a USB stick.   When I booted to the USB stick, Windows 10 began to  install then the screen went blank.   Now I cannot even get into setup to try to get it to boot.   When I tap F2 on bootup to enter setup or F12 for selective startup, the screen is blank.
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Industry Leaders: We Want Your Opinion!

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We have so called server - Dell OptiPlex with Windows 10 Pro x64. it came with Windows 7 Pro x64 and an upgrade was done a while ago and now we are on the latest built of Windows 10. We have two 500GB hard disks configured through Disk Management  as mirrors (both dynamic) which have operating system and other files on two partitions; no other internal hard disks. I am not sure whether it has been configured like that on Windows 7 or Windows 10 as somebody did it before me and that person is no longer with the company.
The problem started on Friday after the restart on Thursday. On Thursday I noticed that there are some errors regarding file structure and MFT. As usual in such situations, I scheduled full check disk and restart for after business hours to occur. On Friday morning users called that they cannot access their dental software database which resides on the server. Upon logging in, I noticed that the dental software services are not running - and these services would not start at all, either giving dependencies error or that these did not start in timely fashion. We re-installed dental software on the server but no luck.
Then I ran (remotely) full check disk during the restart and although it states that the file structure has been repaired it seems like it does not do that because "chkdsk /r" should take at least more than 10 mins and the server restarts in 3 mins (I tried it with different switches and from safe mode probably about 20 times) - no luck. …
I have Windows 10 OS from Dell installed on a USB stick, using the Dell OS Recovery Tool.   I want to install it in my computer with a SanDisk SSD.   What drivers do I need to have on a DVD as Windows will look for a driver for the SSD?
Hi All,
I am in need of a Script (VB or preferably Powershell) to use for Desktop and Monitor Hardware Asset Inventory for approx. 120 workstations (Primarily DELL Desktops and Monitors though some TV's are connected and some have zero monitors connected. If amount of RAM (GB) could be added to the list, that would also be handy, but not essential.

I require the input to be via a TXT file list of Hostnames using get-content which I will run from a desktop machine while logged in as Administrator.
Not all machines will be turned on and not all devices will be connected so I need the script to skip to next device if issues connecting to one of them in the list.
I will be using WMI to obtain the details I think, unless anything better. Details are not available via AD I don't believe.
A previous example that I have tested parts of did seem to work, so possibly could use parts out of this script at: PreviousPostLink              

Output Requirements:
I require the Output to be either txt or csv file.
The Output is required to be in the below format and records:
[u][i]1st Line[/i][/u] > PC1 Hostname, PC1 Model, PC1 Serial Number, PC1 OS, Last/Most recent Logged in User, Monitor 1 Model, Monitor 1 Serial Number, Monitor 1 Date of Manufacture
[u][i]2nd Line[/i][/u] > 

Open in new window

I downloaded the Dell OS recovery file and tried to burn it to a USB drive.   Every time I do this, I get the error message below.   I have tried to do this as an administrator, with the same result.   The USB drive was formatted using computer Manage.
I replaced the hard drive in a Dell Inspiron ONE 2320.  The drive was a 3.5 1 TB, and I put in a Seagate Barracuda LP to replace it.
I had a 2.5 hard drive from another Dell all in one with Windows 10 on it, and I cloned that drive onto the 3.5

I can't get the computer to automatically select this hard drive when it starts.
I get the following screen:
Black Screen with missing media message
If I restart, and press F12 to get the boot selection, I can select the Seagate as a UEFI, and the computer boots.
UEFI boot device can be selected
However, if I boot, and press the F2 to use the Setup Utility, I can only choose a generic Hard Drive - there is no UEFI selection available.  
Setup utility doesn't work
What can I do?   Thanks.
I have a requirement come in for a workstation with redundant power supplies (a single PS with a UPS won't suffice). Other than that, there are no other unusual requirements that can't be met by the regular HP Z2x0 they normally get.

I found that Dell offers a rack-mount workstation with dual power, but it's very expensive compared to a regular workstation and rack-mount is not really practical for this application. Are there any other choices for a desktop workstation? Custom build is a final option, but would like to see what is available commercially first.



Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.