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On a Dell PowerEdge T110, shipped in Nov, 2011, we have this 1 of 4 hard drive with predicted failure.  It's set up as RAID 6, I think I saw (no spares... but raid 6 you can lose 2 drives before failure? Not that I want to get to that : )


Replace the drive? Right away?  You can wait? Any indication of failure predicted today vs. next month vs.....
If you are going to replace the drive, I thought I heard that you have to get it from Dell? They build / built? their systems to require dell branded hard drives to work?
Where do you get a drive like that from? I don't see it on the dell website?

Or is this the argument to replace the server?  1 of 4 drives failing.... the others are as old, the whole machine is 6 years old (SBS 2011 standard OS)
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Client has 1 year old Dell Win 10...
There were 2 profiles...Sharon and Norma...
Norma's profile...the current user...had disappeared...does not appear as an option on the login screen...
Sharon's profile is a local profile...she no longer works for the company and they do not know her login password...

I need to be able to boot the computer and create a new profile for Norma...

I have several bootable CD's that I used on Win 7 to reset the admin or any user password on the older OS's...
Both Linux based and Win PE based...None of them work with UEFI on this Dell PC...

If I change to Legacy mode...and change boot order to CD will NOT boot at all...

If I leave it in UEFI mode and try to change the boot order...I do not have an option for CD "first"...only Onboard NIC IPV4 and Onboard NIC IPV6 and disabled...

The default boot is Windows Boot Manager and evidently it cannot identify a CD in the drive and boot from the CD first....

Does anyone have a fix...workaround...boot CD recommendations that will allow the PC to boot from the CD while in UEFI mode...???

Apprecaiste any and all help and suggestions...
Any considerations on Dell Servers vs HP for internal infrastructure for remote office?
Particular looking into PowerEdge R740XD Server to be a VM host for multiple internal stuff.  AD,DNS,Print,Radius,mgmt,File,etc,etc.
How would you compare to HP DL or similar servers?
Any commentary on components below?

PowerEdge R740 Server 1 64,000.00 64,000.00
CS SW-VMware VS6-STD-C VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1
2 5,643.53 11,287.06
CS SW-VMware VS6-STD-G-SSS-C Basic Support/Subscription
VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1 processor for 1 year

PowerEdge R740/R740XD Motherboard
1 Intel Xeon Silver 4114 2.2G, 10C/20T, 9.6GT/s , 14M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2400
1 Chassis with up to 16 x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hard Drives for 2CPU Configuration
1 PowerEdge 2U Standard Bezel
1 Riser Config 2, 3 x8, 1 x16 slots
1 PowerEdge R740 Shipping Material
1 No Quick Sync
1 2666MT/s RDIMMs
1 Performance Optimized
8 16GB RDIMM, 2666MT/s, Dual Rank
1 Intel Xeon Silver 4114 2.2G, 10C/20T, 9.6GT/s , 14M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2400
1 iDRAC9,Enterprise
8 480GB SSD SATA Mix Use 6Gbps 512e 2.5in Hot-plug Drive, S4600, 3 DWPD,2628 TBW
1 PERC H730P+ RAID Controller, 2GB NV Cache, Adapter, Low Profile
2 Standard 1U Heatsink
1 No Internal Optical Drive
1 Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 750W
1 No Trusted Platform Module
2 Medium Jumper Cord (2M), C13-C14, 10A (China/Korea)
1 Broadcom 5719 QP 1Gb Network Interface Card
1 QLogic 57800 2x10Gb BT + …
Step by step guide to map emc vmax lun to iscsi target using emc unisphere
Dell Vostro 220 Desktop PC.  Windows XP Pro.  Will not boot.  Says:  "windows system32 config file is missing or corrupt, insert the windows xp cd and click r to repair.  OK.  What if I don't have a windows xp pro cd.  What are the steps to fix this problem?  BOOT DISKS?
****While My Question was Pending I learned the Dell PS6510E Unit is not a server and is for storage but any ideas on how I can use this to my advantage*****

I am a Newbie in this department for sure. I have been running a Website on the AWS EC2 T2.Medium Ubuntu Linux for the last 2 years and I am rethinking some options. I have in our inventory a Dell PS6510E server that I came across and I have not tinkered with it yet.

Real Questions?????
Which would be faster and more reliable?
What is some insight or things I may be overlooking?
For AWS I know it is Sky's the limit on growing down the road but how far can the Dell PS6510E get me???

I am constantly import to my EC2 large amounts of files and this is eating up my CPU Credits and the time it takes is crazy.

I know every situation is different but i really need some guidance on if I should just stick with AWS or if this Dell PS6510E has real potential for growing or not.  Also the PS6510E is discontinued but I already have it. I thank you all for the help.

Here is the link to the Dell:
I have an existing installation of Dell Netextender on my home computer and need to know how to change the DNS setting.  

dns settings
What the docking station would you guys recommend for Dell Inspiron 14.  It should have 2x VGA ports for two monitors, and at least 3x USB.  
Thanks in advance.
In need of a graphics card for a Dell Precision 3420 SFF tag # 1HTJHK2 Windows 10 Prof.
The card needs to have Display ports, can I have someone recommend a card?
Task availableI have found that this Dell PowerEdge T110 II that has two disks with Raid 1 configuration seems that one of the disk has failed. I have screen shots that I took from OpenManage Server Configuration for you to review. I believe that Disk 0:1 is the one has failed and I must first assigned it to be Global Hot spare and then re create the Raid1. Please review the attached file and advise if this is how I have to do it either from here or from Raid Bios.

Change 2009
Storage Dashboard

Task available

Task available4--Physical-Disks-On-PERC-S100.JPG
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The Firewall Audit Checklist

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We have a Dell R410 server and decided that we would like to upgrade the OS to Windows Server 2016 standard. Once the OS was installed we are unable to change the display settings from 640x480. Seems like we are missing the driver. Tried looking up at Dell and Matrox all drivers that we found are failing. Can someone please let us know if there is a compatible driver for Windows Server 2016. The Grapics card on the server is a Matrox G200eW.
Mirroring drives on a Dell Poweredge T630.  I am in the Lifecycle Controller.  I am in Step 3 to select physical disks.  Do I want to select a physical pool and select both disks for that pool?
I have a client with a newer Dell laptop running W 10 which is asking for her Bitlocker key which she doesn't have.
It boots right to the Bitlocker page.
The Microsoft instructions, like use another computer and go to
is, as per usual, garbage. That link is broken and comes up with "This site can't be reached".
Any ideas as how I can recover access to the HDD or the key?
Hello.  Have an emergency with VMware 2 - yes that is correct - not binding properly, I believe, on a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 server.    I am running a legacy Novell 3.2 system in the Vmware 2 environment.  Since VMW 2 is non-dedicated it can run as services on the Windows 2008 R2 server.  Clients are running Vmware Player with the Novell IPX enabled This has been working flawlessly for the last 4 years, but last night I ran some updates from Dell for BIOS, RAID firmware and driver, and lastly Dell Open Manage server administrator.  Rebooted after the updates and now none of the Vmware player clients can see the virtual Novell server.  The VMW 2 server is normally configured to use the NIC in bridged mode, which is the only way that the Novell client and IPX will be transmitted through.  NAT will not work for the Novell client to access the Novell server.  Vmware player clients are all set up with Bridged mode to their NIC's as well.  Needless to say, Dell can not assist on this.

I've removed and reinstalled the VMware 2. but am unable to connect from any VMware Player client. I am beyond desperate as the client is now down and unable to access their main case management database, Saga DOS, which runs in the Novell virtual server under the VMware 2 environment.  Any help on this would be welcome.  Probably best for someone to remote access the server / webext style.  

Thanks in advance.

Hello experts - I'm looking for a solution to save me time when preparing PCs for deployment.  I work for an architecture firm and we use primarily Dell Precision PCs but each it built to order and there are no two exactly the same.  I have a standard set of software that all architectural users get.  Right now, I prepare each one manually which takes nearly a full day to get ready.  I'd like to explore other options but am not sure where to start.  Ideally I'd create a standard image containing all the software we normally use and deploy that to new machines without having to go through the install process for every application.  I'm not sure how that would work with each machine having slightly different hardware, windows licenses etc.  Where would be a good place to start with this?
I am trying to upgrade a RAID 1, virtual disk  configuration on a DELL PERC 710 controller.  Drive space has become an issue.  My initial thought on how this might work was to do it through Dell Open Manage ( Server needs to be online) and select the replace member disk function through the virtual array options and replace it with the larger disk,  after that is completed, then I would repeat the same process on the other disk as well.

What I am unclear of if the PERC 710 permits this?  From what I read in the manual, it doesn't state that it can't be done and it seems under the virtual disk, replace member disk option, that it is possible.  Will this work just on failed disks or can it be used on a functioning disks as well?
HI shunt down computer Dell E190S again turn on message showing ther is no signal coming for your computer press any key on the keyboard or mouse wakeup this pharma industry NDC Scanner pc cant on pc can you teach with me how to on computer
How can i find the service code of the hard disk example : "12312312323-2A7B"  Plz help
I cant see mine its just like this " 46S*********-2A7B"
And i need it for the Dell security manager passoword.

We have a Dell PowerEdge R420 which had 32 GB of Ram installed.
We have increase the ammount of Ram to 64GB but when cheking in the system information it states that only 32GB is usable.
How do we increase the capacity the server can use?

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Obtain windows 7 pro 64 bit iso
Dell can't provide me the media and i need to re install the PC, but first i need to check if the disk still works or recover the instalation
I need the media,
is any  way to download an iso file in order ti achive this
Windows 10 Dell desktop only 1 month old. Starts but no login details appear (username/password). Mouse & Keyboard inoperative. Full background is there with date/time and network icon, nothing else

This happened about a week ago too. In the end I somehow managed to do a system restore. I was able to go into sysstem retore again today, (don't ask me how!) but could not proceed because there were no restore points.

Am able sometimes to do an F12 key and it goes into some diagnostics, but finds nothing wrong.

Whilst starting up, managed to put it into Dell Support Assist OS Recovery (F12) it scans for "potential issues". Finds nothing.

Any ideas?
I've got a Dell XPS  15 9560 & am wanting to set up a VM to learn some point of sale software.
This model has no Win 7 drivers, so would I be better off making a VHD from a system we regularly use, like Tek Vison, posi flex or even a Dell Optiplex 7010, or making the VM as a new install?
All the systems are currently running Win7, BTW.
 I have a DELL Inspiron 3847 desktop computer with Windows 10 Pro running.
 All of a sudden, mouse and keyboard stopped responding. On Device manager, both USB keyboard and Mouse have yellow marks.
 So far, I have tried the following:
 (1) Ran BIOS update and rebooted
 (2) Installed new CHIPSET and rebooted
 (3) Uninstalled USB keyboard and mouse multiple times and rebooted.
 (4) Restored the system to 2/22/2016 when the computer worked fine.
 (5) Instead of DELL mouse and keyboard, I tried different brand and mouse.
Currently I am using remote access program to control this DELL computer as USB keyboard and mouse that are directly connected to the computer do not work.

 Any suggestions?
Device Manager
I have dell optiplex 960 which has all of a sudden stopped powering on. I have tried switching power cables power socket but nothing seems to be working need help.
I have a Dell T410 server with Perc s300 raid using RAID 1.  There was a failure of one drive and the other is degraded.  I replaced the failed drive because I only had one spare available.  In the boot utility (Ctrl-R) I configured the new drive as a hot spare.  When I rebooted and hit Ctrl-R again I see that the Virtual disk is listed as degraded but both drives are listed as hot spares.

I can still boot to Windows Server 2008 R2 and in Open Manage Server Administrator the Virtual Disk name says NONE and status says Failed.  The only task available is Delete.

Under Physical Disks 0:0:0 has a state of Degraded with failure predicted YES and 0:0:1 has a state of Online with failure predicted NO.  For both the only tasks available are Blink, Unblink and Unassign Global Hot Spare.

The system is running but there is a bad sector in the middle of my SQL database.  I cannot perform a successful backup using the installed Shadow Protect nor can I get a successful database backup using SQL Server.

Yikes - I've ordered 2 additional drives.  How can I proceed with having Server Administrator recognize my the Virtual Disk so I can initiate a rebuild.  It's unclear whether or not the 2nd physical disk is actually functioning as a hot spare.  I did try booting with only the second drive and that failed.  I'm concerned that if drive 0 fails I'm SOL.

I'm looking for very specific advice applicable to this situation and the details described.  Please no woulda, coulda, …


Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.