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DELL M4800 WORKSTATION LAPTOP stuck in startup. This computer had not been turned on in six months. Upon trying to turn it on I found the battery was dead. I hooked up the power supply and attempted to boot. The Dell logo appeared normally for a few seconds. Then the screen went black. The hard drive led kept flashing and has been flashing for an hour.  It is randomly flashing. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow. It appears that it thinks it is doing "something" not just stuck in an endless loop. Should I let it continue this activity or take another action. Note: the laptop has a 1 TB SSD and the laptop has seen under a month of use. Virtually like new. Note: The caps lock, num lock and other key leds are operating properly.

I do not see an option to close this question prior to any comments being given. I was worried that it might be destroying data so I forced a close and rebooted it. It seems to have liked that procedure and all seems to be OK at this time. I rebooted once again to make sure and all is OK.
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I'm buying a new Dell PowerEdge R740XD with a 4port 10GBe NIC and am looking into the best Switch to connect it to. We are primarily a Cisco Shop so I've been looking at Cisco Catalyst 3850 series. I'm looking for everyone's opinion here.
Keyboard function keys not responding as intended.

I am using a Dell Inspirion 13 7000 Laptop.  The function keys are not working as intended.  When I press the F2 key in my Excel program, instead of the EDIT function enabling, the volume control pops up. In order for me to envoke the EDIT function, I have to hold the FN key and press is simultaneously with the F2 key.

How can I fix this?

thank you

We have a DELL PE R630 server with PERC H730P RAID controller. It has a RAID 1 VD containing Server 2012 R2 Standard. It has 2 more RAID 5 Virtual Drives containing data. Can an additional Virtual Drive be added with a group of new physical hard drives?
Hi Experts,

This morning we conducted a high availability test on our virtual infrastructure. We have 2 esxi 6.0 hosts connected to a dell md3400 direct attached storage. When our esxi host was shutdown the HA worked fine, but the LUN from the storage was gone.

All looks well on the Storage Array itself, the host is in the group and LUN and port identifiers for the host appear to be fine on the MD3400. On the host the PCI storage adapter is there, but no storage.

I did a re-scan on the host and rebooted the host again and still no storage.

Thank you
The Recycle Bin on H:\is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin of this drive.

This seems to be a problem of missing recycle bin. How does one create recycle bin?
At random times while using a Dell T5810 Precision Workstation (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit) I get  a System Stop blue screen. The code is
DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and the failed device is iastorb.sys.

A minidump file is attached.

The system reboots on its own. I've seen it maybe three times over the past couple weeks. There are no hardware or software changes I know of that were done just before this problem started occurring. (I just removed an internal SATA data drive and added a new external hard drive but this crash problem started before then.)

The hard drive configuration has two sk Hynix 1TB SSDs on a PCIe 3.0 x16 expansion card. Drives are NOT in any RAID configuration. There are no drives connected to the SATA ports on the motherboard. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise is installed on the computer.

The external drive (Western Digital Gold 4TB WD4002FYYZ) connects through a StarTech docking station to a rear USB3 port.

I ran the Intel Driver & Support Assistant and the Dell update checker. They say all drivers are current.

Device Manager shows no devices with problems. In System Information no problem devices are listed.

Do I need iaStorB and iaStorA?

Assuming I do need them, any suggestions how to troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks, Pete
Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, running 64 bit Win 7 Pro, and there were no recent hardware or software changes.
When starting up, I'm getting the message 'Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. Yada, yada, yada...', then gives the option to start normally (which will bring me right back here), or Launch Startup Repair.
Launching startup repair just takes me to a black screen, like the one I’ve currently been staring  at for about an hour. Now when I say black screen, it's not black like its off, it’s lit, just never gets to any progress bar, etc.
I tried booting from a Win 7 DVD, which will give me the ‘windows is loading files…’ screen, then go to the ‘Starting Windows’ screen, then it will go to a blank (black) screen, with an oversized cursor (arrow) that will move with the trackpad or a mouse.
I have stared at that screen for close to an hour, as well.
I have also run the diagnostics & everything checks out fine.
What’s my next best move?
Using Windows 10 on a Dell laptop for about a year.  All of a sudden, every time I boot up, it asks for a Bit Locker recovery key, and I have to enter 48 f'n digits!  I had never heard of Bit Locker, and to my knowledge I have never turned it on or off.  Per a You Tube video, I have disabled Bit Locker, but I still get the prompt and have to enter all 48 digits again.

I'm a single user and have little need for sophisticated security.  How can I get rid of this stupid prompt?
I have a home/work network with 3 Dell machines. Two machine running Windows 7 Pro and now one running Windows 10 Pro. I installed Windows 10 on the one machine yesterday. But now I cannot get the W10 machine to connect to the home/work network so the other machines can share files and folders. I did all the usual stuff...turn on network sharing...file and print sharing...added the W10 machine to the Workgroup...but still I cannot access it form the other machines. I thought W10 was supposed to be easier. What am I missing?
Do You Have a Trusted Wireless Environment?
Do You Have a Trusted Wireless Environment?

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I want to know if I can monitoring my Dell switches using MIBs as a custom device or using SNMP v2.

Found this guide

But I have read that even using open standards. Sometimes Cisco Prime couldn't recognise the device.

Any experience with Dell switches?
I want to compare the Dell Latitude E7480 laptop with its replacement, the E7490.  All things being equal, is there any great difference between the two?  If the 7480 has the same features at a lower price point, is there any reason to get the 7490 instead?

I'm looking at both laptops on the Dell small business outlet site.  They have good deals on refurbished, scratch and dent, and returns.  They all come with the same warranty as new.

The customer I'm buying this laptop for is not a power user, but wants to be able to take advantage of new hardware as it becomes available.  We need some idea of the relative value of various features.

For standard laptops, not 2 in 1s, how useful is touch versus non-touch.
I won't get one with resolution below 1280X1024. But some of the 7480s come with 2560 X 1440 touch (and gorilla glass).  Is it something to jump at?
USB C versus Thunderbolt 3.
NVME versus standard SSD drives.
(NVME are blazing fast, but how much difference does this make to an average user?)  How important in terms of the future?
They both take DDR4 memory.  Looking at user manuals, memory seems to be a relatively simple upgrade on both. To me a lower amount of memory, 4GB versus 8 or 8 versus 16 isn't a deal breaker.  Do you agree?
6th versus 7th versus 8th generation Intel processors.
Windows 10 Home versus Pro. (almost all are Pro but I just notices a Win10 Home.  Is that a deal breaker?)

Any other observations?

I have two disks in Predictive Failure on a Dell Poweredge C2100 (Using Open Manage 8.2). We got new SAS drives to hot swap in. I started with the Global Hot Swap (in Predictive Failure) and replaced it with the new drive.

At first it gave the Green Check Mark, "ready" and i could assign it to the Global Hot Swap in the Physical Disks Section but got the attached Caution message. It still allowed me to assign it as a hot swap but was not being recognized as a virtual Disk in the Raid Array. Prior to swapping we could see disk 12 in it's own "Global Hot Swap" section under the other 11 disks in the array.

When i tried the "Create Virtual Disk" and "Assign/Unassign Global Hot Swap" options in Virtual Disks it would not show up as an disk i could select.

When i went back to the "Physical Disks" section the new drive is now showing as "Foreign" and i don't see an option to reconfigure it.

Help is very appreciated.

I have a Dell R720XD running a Perc H710p raid card.

I am in the process of setting it up and want to ensure i can increase the raid capacity at some point down the line.  I have read the H710p user guide (attached) which states that if i use Raid 6 i can add more disks and do an online capacity expansion.

To make sure i have setup a Raid 6 using 4 x SAS drives.

I have then turned the server off and installed a further 4 x SAS drives (Same model and capacity).

When i then go into the raid config using either the OSMA or the CLI there is no reconfigure option or even tasks option as per the below link.

The server and raid controller are running the latest bios versions.

I have also attached a screen shot of what i see in the OSMA.

Please help, thanks
I have two Dell R410's, that first Fans seem to run loud.  Is that normal? Second, both of them are giving me temperature errors.  The Server room is cool as there are other servers that are not triggering any alarms.  Google results are saying that BIOS and Firmware upgrades dont resolve this.  Any suggestions?

Hi experts, one of our clients wants to setup file server clustering. DFS is not a route they want to pursue. They have an existing 2012 server (non R2) and they want to add another 2012 file server and setup clustering. Both servers are VMs setup on VMWare and they want to use the same shared storage from a Dell Equalogic SAN. Is this a good article to follow to set this up? - 

Also the change needs to be transparent to end users, will in the process of setting up clustering end users get disrupted? Currently there is a login bat script which maps the drive

All end user clients are still using Windows 7. Will the users notice if one the servers they are connected to goes down?

No one inside the office has internet access.

I'm working with a Cisco 1900 series router,  Cisco 5520 ASA(firewall) and Dell Powerconnect 6224 switches.

Service has been confirmed up to the router.  The line out of the router goes into the Cisco 5520 ASA (firewall).  The line out the firewall goes into one of the Powerconnect Switches which are stacked (configured as master/slave (unit 1 & 2).

I can ping and connect to the switch from the Domain Controller but when I ping the Cisco 5520 (firewall) the reply I get is "Destination Host is Unreachable".  I get the same reply from workstations.

When the problem began one of the PC 6224 switches would not come on so the cables plugged into it were moved to the other switch.  Shortly after the switch that wasn't working came back on.  The cables were then randomly moved back into the switch.  I'm not sure if certain cables were designated for certain ports.

How can I get things working again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
i have a dell optiplex 790 USFF system here, and am wondering what this connector is for it; it is the one  in Yellow rectangle

We have an issue with a meeting room setup:
Dell OptiPlex 3050 Desktop
Apple Magic Keyboard
Apple Magic Mouse
Philips Bluetooth Conference Speaker
Startech USB dongle

The issue is that there are major issues when we connect the speaker to the dongle.
The dongle refuses to work.
The keyboard and mouse connect fine.

By default can bluetooth dongles connect to more than 2 devices
There is no inbuilt bluetooth on the PC.
Do we need another bluetooth dongle? Do we then connect the speaker to the other bluetooth dongle?

Just looking to see if anyone has had a similar issue.
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I have a client with a DELL server running Windows Server 2008 R2.
We are managing it via ConnectWise Automate v12
I want to schedule the computer to restart every Sunday at 1AM.
How is it best to do this? Via a Scheduled Task on the server or via CWA?
And which ever is best, how do I configure it to do so?
Thanks in advance.
I bought a Dell server with embeded vsphere 6.5. I get error  when i assign the license key for Essential kit.
How do we assign license key?
Should i have to have vCeneter? i never had any problem in the previous versions.
I have a Dell Inspiron 5555 laptop. I did a windows 10 reset because the OS was really slow and thought it would be a good thing to do as it hasn't been done in a while. Now it's boots ok. I put in the password to the account and immediately the screen goes black with the mouse cursor. I try alt+ctrl+del  and then task manager but nothing happens. I read if i can get to task manager i can run explorer.exe or work with registry but I can't even get to task manager.
I have 2 Dell Laptops that do not have DVD players.  I need to reinstall the Operating system which is win 7 pro.
I am using the Microsoft USB download tool and I am using a 64 bit windows ISO
Everything install perfectly and gets all the way down to where it says its completing and then suddenly it stops saying that this version of windows is incompatible.

Does any one have any ideas how to fix?
We have a Dell PE physical server with dual nic ports. We set the nic for team (Dynamic) in windows 2012 R2.
The Team shows as public instead of mydoamin.local. If we check/uncheck the IP6/IP4 then it goes to mydomain.local.
I am looking for a workaround for this.
XenServer VMs network connection only shows 100mbps.

Hello experts,

I recently setup Xenserver 7.5 (the Free Version) on a beefed up Dell PowerEdge server. The problem I"m having is that the Windows Server 2012 Virtual machines I created show their network interface connecting at 100 mpbs. Everything is 1gbps compatible, switch, physical NICs etc. I've been doing some reading but don't find an answer to it.

Has anyone experienced and solved this issue?







Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.