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Hello everyone and thank you for reading this.
I currently have three monitors on my desk.  Two Dell U2415 and one Dell U3011.  The 2415s are new and the 3011 seems to be failing after about 4 years.

My question: Is it feasible to use a high-end TV as a monitor?  I don't do gaming and so the refresh rate won't be an issue I don't think.  My work consists of building websites, doing graphic arts and doing a good bit of architectural drawings using AutoCad.

I'm looking at this TV
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Client gave me a Dell XPS 13  #9365...
His kid spilled apple juice on it...
He bought a new laptop...gave this Dell to me...

If I can get it cleaned up I can keep it...

The apple juice got spilled on the keyboard and soaked thru...with the back off I can see the dried up apple juice
around the right side of the battery and right speaker...and along the front edge...

The top of the keyboard is clean and all the keys seem to move just would never guess that it got soaked with apple juice...
I took a few photos in the docx attachment...

So...the question is...what do you think the chances are of getting the apple juice cleaned out...???
How would you do it...???
I assume the keyboard would need to be replaced...
And getting all the parts out cleaned and re-assembled looks like a pretty big job...

thoughts and comments aDell-apple-juice.docxppreciated...
Has anyone successfully installed and run esxi 6.0 U3 on a Dell R410? It is not on the HCL because is was not tested, but they say it might still work.
I have a question about a RAID6 configuration with (8) 600GB 10K RPM drives on a Dell PE330.  The T330 chassis can accommodate up to (8) drives.

Phillip Elder suggested the following to a previous question titled "VM 101 Question!"  Posted on 2017-11-15:

Expert Comment

by:Philip Elder
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Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
ID: 42386217
RAID 6 is just fine for a virtualization stack. Many questions answered here: Some Hyper-V Hardware & Software Best Practices.

Two RAID 6 logical disks: 75GB for host OS and balance to guest data (RAID 6 6x 900GB = ~3.5TB)

Once the host OS is in set up the second partition and once the Hyper-V Role is set up make sure to set the configuration and VHDX file setting to that partition.

I believe in order to setup each RAID6 logical volume it requires at least (4) drives.  So, how does the above recommendation make sense.  I am just trying to understand the premise.

Are we saying, setup  each RAIbD6 logical array with (4) 600Gbs disks which would provide approximately 1.2TB of storage each.  That does not make much sense to me if that is the case.  Placing hyper-v os on the first logical disk use no more than 100Gbs of storage.  Trying to make sense of this response.
I looked at the following article about RAID6 logical disks:
User had bad monitor.  Replaced monitor with dell uz2315H on a windows 10 machine (Dell Vostro 200) and had an issue with the monitor turning off randomly.  Thought it was a bad monitor, so RMA'd and got a new one.  Issue still persisted so switched from onboard video to pci-e video card using the displayport connection.  Problem still persists.  Screen randomly turns off while the pc is being used.  I checked Windows 10 power options, they are set to performance and to not turn off the display.  When the display turns off the power button on the monitor must be pressed to turn it back on so i don't believe it is going to sleep. I have updated the drivers for the video card also.  Windows 10 version is 1803 17134.1.  Also when monitor turns off pc is still on and sending signal, so when power button on the monitor is pressed user can go right back to work.
Recently the domain controller in office had been shutting down maybe once or twice a week so wanted to know which event log to look at to possibly isolate cause of shutdowns.  Its a 2012 server and what i did notice on the system event log was that an error was generating referencing group policy failed to replicate from one domain controller to another.  I cant give the exact error right now since the server is down and nobody can turn it on till tomorrow morning.  I also checked the the raid5 using dell open manage server manager to make sure there were no issues with the drives and all reported healthy.
I'm trying to install Dell OMSA on Server 2016 but it keeps giving me errors.  I'm following the guide here,, and installed the 6.0 vib files.
Next I go to install the x64bit OMSA version on server 2016 and it keeps complaining about the https listener.  I've tried doing so many different things but nothing will work to clear this error.  If I continue with the install and do custom, once its complete, it doesn't launch the web version.
My personal laptop is having an issue.  It’s an ancient Dell Vostro 1500 running Windows 7 Home Premium x86.  After some recent Windows update, the laptop will spontaneously reboot after logon.  (If left at the logon screen, it will stay there indefinitely.)

I have traced the issue to the CNG Key Isolator service—if that service is disabled, the laptop will not spontaneously reboot, but it also will not have any network connectivity.

There is no minidump file, and the settings are enabled so that Windows should create one.

If I do an in-place upgrade (basically a Windows repair), the laptop will boot and run normally with all services enabled, but as soon as it hits whatever Windows update (out of the ~180 that are needed), it goes back to spontaneously rebooting.  (I have tried the offline WSUS updater and it runs in the same issue.)

If booted in Safe Mode with Networking, the CNG Key Isolator service starts and runs, and the laptop has network connectivity and does not reboot.  

From what I understand, the CNG Key Isolator service is calling to some file or service that is having a problem, but I am not having any luck figuring out what.  The Event Log is pretty much worthless.  This laptop has multiple specialized pieces of software on it that are either hard to come by or difficult to reconfigure, so a format and reinstall is not an option.
Dell PowerEdge R630.
Installed RHEL7.4 on a physical server (not VMware).

I configured the network-config to use the old naming convention by placing "net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0" at the end of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in the /etc/default/grub file.

Then I ran:

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
mv ifcfg-em3 ifcfg-eth3

Open in new window

In this server, ports 2 and 3 are connected so I am working with port3.

Then I disabled the Network Manager because I found posts online saying this could cause issues.

systemctl stop NetworkManager
systemctl disable NetworkManager

Open in new window

When I reboot the server - I do see the eth3 connection up when i do 'ifconfig' but I have no connectivity at all. No pings works except pinging the local IP.

I checked the HWADDR in the ifcfg-eth3 files matched the actual MAC address by appending that file

cat /sys/class/net/eth3/address >> ifcfg-eth3

Open in new window

and then setting that address as 'HWADDR'

when i try starting the network.service I get this error:


Any idea what I am missing here? This is config of ifcfg-eth3:


EDIT: I noticed I had an 'ifcfg-eth1' file with no config inside. I wrote in ONBOOT=NO and BOOTPROTO=none. Rebooted the server and now the network.service is active but still do not have any connectivity.
There are still multiple messages stating 'RTNETLINK answers: File exists.
I have a Dell server with

2 x Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v4 @ 2.40GHz, 240Mhz and 10 cores each
2 x DDR-4 16.00 GB
2 x 300GB HDD in a RAID 1 array
4 x 1TB HDD in a RAID 10 array

Using Windows 2016 I have installed a Hyper-V server, a Primary Domain Controller and a SQL Database server.

As a starting point, how much memory and how many cores should I allocate to each of the PDC and the DB?

The servers will support 15 concurrent users on a local LAN
Managing Security Policy in a Changing Environment
Managing Security Policy in a Changing Environment

The enterprise network environment is evolving rapidly as companies extend their physical data centers to embrace cloud computing and software-defined networking. This new reality means that the challenge of managing the security policy is much more dynamic and complex.

The user is unable to see 5G Wifi networks on their Dell Laptop.
It's a Dell Latitude 6430U - Windows 7 Pro
I checked, and the latest WiFi driver for this model is installed.

Device Manager General Tab says:   Dell Wireless  1504  802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)
Drive Tab adds  Driver Date of 12/13/2013,  Driver Version

The computer is 5 years old - is it possible that there was no support for 5G at that time?

I am used to using Crystal Disk Info to see about smart status for SATA hard drives

I took a SAS drive out of a dell server running OpenManage.  The drive was part of a RAID 6 array. Openmanage was warning of predictive failure.

For the experience / learning curve, I set up a desktop computer with an older LSI SAS controller and the correct cables and can connect that drive / format it as NTFS / read & write to it, etc.

I was curious to see what smart data / statistics of run time, etc  is on the drive / how bad it looks.  But Crystal Disk Info doesn't even see the drive.

Is there another app that can read SMART info on SAS drives... Do SAS drives even have SMART info?  and if not, what's OpenManage looking at to have flagged it as predictive failure?  Just keeps track of the drive as it read / wrote to it over the years? (it IS a 6 year old drive).

So putting it in a new computer / controller, the drive would be considered good? untill this controller starts seeing problems itself?  (the flag that a controller decided that the drive is 'predictive failure' is not transferable to another machine / controller? )
I have a Toshiba Sata 5400 ROM 500gb ModelMQ01ABF050 Drive Rev AAD AB00/AM0P1D on a Dell 3340 with originally with Windows 7 and was trying to go to Win 10. This is a students laptop in a Elementary School during a State Testing exam that failed. The laptop came back with a message of NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND.  Cannot seem to make any headway with this or get anything to work. Even tried imaging a total of 3 times to no avail.....Does anyone have any ideas of what we can try...?
I have a quote from Dell on a server I am buying and they are quoting Exchange 2016 and asking how many inbox CALS we need.  Does this version come with any?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard - License - 1 server -
Open License - Win - Single Language

Next question, we have been using Exchange 2007. It came as part of the SBS 2008. We haven't had to buy any Exchange CALS for that.  Any idea if that means we also don't need to buy CALS for 2016?
Hello Experts,

I am getting the following error on a Dell R720 running Linux-64.  

PC1360 fatal error on slot 4. reseat PCI CARD.
pc1320 bus fatal error bus 64 device 2 function 0  power cycle system.
Sending email to UNIX team.
any ideas?

I updated hardware in a Dell tower which originally had an Intel i3-4130 and a Dell Inc. 088DT1 A01 motherboard. The updates made it so Windows would not boot, of course. I tried restoring from image backup, but still no boot. So, I installed Windows 7 from scratch, which worked fine. Normally, there is a sticker on the side of the computer box with the Windows license number, and normally I can type that in to active Windows on an updated computer like this. However, this Dell has no such sticker. The installation/repair DVD that came with it likewise seems to have nothing with a license key, nor does the DVD envelop.

Is there a way I can find out what the license number is so I can activate this Windows 7 properly?
Need help with Dell PowerEdge T710 with a PERC 6/I RAID controller.  I would like to add two more drives as a separate but new VD.  I do not want to delete or hurt the first RAID 1 VD.  So I have some basic questions.  One, if the drives come up as foreign, do I need to clear this?  Will this only clear the new drives and not hurt the first RAID 1?

Then second, how do I add the second RAID 1 without disturbing the initial RAID 1?  Do I "Create a new VD" then select the two new HDD's?  (I know this seems like a silly question but in years past if you select "new configuration" it would delete the current VD, apparently you had to go to view/add Configuration to see the current VD and add in a new one.)  I just wan to make sure I do not erase my primary RAID 1 VD.

By the way this server does not have the admin tools in Windows so I will need to do this through the PERC 6/I interface during boot up.
Updating Dell drivers
Newer Dell OptiPlex 7010 Windows 7
trying to update drives
after I download the updates from and I try to execute the install Windows asks what program I want to use to open
Dell openmanage server administrator do not run

Hi all
i can't run dell openmanage server administrator cos this

The installer has detected that the HTTPS listener is not configured for Windows Remote Management. You can either configure the HTTPS listener before installing Remote Enablement, or install Remote Enablement now by selecting the "Custom" installation screen and configure the HTTPS listener later. See the "Remote Enablement Requirements" section in the Server Administrator Installation Guide for information on configuring the HTTPS listener. Note: Remote Enablement is required to manage this system from a remote Server Administrator Web Server and is applicable only for those systems that support Server Instrumentation. Click here to configure HTTPS Listener for Windows Remote Management.
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Become an IT Security Management Expert

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There are two SQL servers connected to a PowerVault MD3200 DAS. This MD3200 is connected to a PowerVault MD1200 for additional storage.
These are both using 3.5" drives.
I am looking to expand the storage for both the SQL servers and am looking into attaching another MD1200 or maybe an MD1220.
I read the Dell guidebook and it looks like it should be possible to attach an MD1220 to this setup:

Even though the MD1220 uses 2.5" drives, looks like it should not be an issue as long as the disks are not used in the RAID as the 3.5"? (they won't be)
Is this guaranteed to work or is there something else on the SQL servers and/or DAS I need to check first before expanding?
Does anybody know where I can download simulators for the following technologies ?

-      Juniper Firewalls SSG5
-      Dell Equalogic SAN
Dear Experts

We have server hardware Dell Power Edge R730 with with dual processor of Intel Xeon ES-2630 V3 2.4GHz,20M Cache, 8.0GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT,8C  with dual (2) processors of Intel Xeon ES-2630 V3 2.4GHz,20M Cache, 8.0GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT,8C , 48GB RAM and 15K*6 SAS Hard disk   procured in 2016 Jan and another one year onsite warranty available, as our applications server moved to cloud at what rate we can sell now , we had procured it at 4.25 lakhs INR, can you please suggest for what rate we can sell this and and where to sell. thanks in advance
I am using a Dell T7500 Workstation 24GB Ram 2 * X5570 2.93 ghz processors. set to use 8 processors
and CPU running at 98% memory 28% Disk 1%
This is while doing calcs on an Excel worksheet consisting of 123,000 rows and 130 columns.
The data size shown in the Task Manager is 1,309 MB   The max Excel can handle is 2,000 MB
My question is:  Why is the processor usage so high ?
Dear Experts

looking for the entry level or mid range server for web based application and maximum users working on this application not more than 25 users, please suggest cost effective Dell server or IBM , thanks in advance.
Is there a way to connect a SAS hard drive to (preferably external) USB A or some other way to format it as a stand alone drive / wipe it / etc?  NOT trying to read data from when it was in a server / connected to raid controller, etc.  Looking to start new with the drive.

I have something like this for SATA.  Looking for something like this but for SAS:

I'd rather be able to connect to the external USB, but would you think this would work?  The description says 'Allows you to connect a SAS hard drive to a SATA controller that supports SAS drives'.  Any idea if most dell optiplex desktops support sas drives?

Reading the reviews for that item on amazon , it seems no, desktops don't handle SAS drives.

So what's the cheapest SAS controller and is there one that connects via USB?  Yes, totally not what SAS is inteneded for (many drives, RAID). I am just looking to be able to wipe / format / write new to it as a JBOD... and bunch being one : )


Since 1984, Dell has been delivering technology to fit your life.
Dell is in Enterprise, Home Office and Consumer sectors of the market, supplying a broad range of customizable desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, storage, and network devices.