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Delphi is the most powerful Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform Native App Development with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. It provides powerful VCL controls for Windows 10 and enables FMX development for Windows, Mac and Mobile. Delphi is your choice for ultrafast Enterprise Strong Development™. Look for increased memory for large projects, extended multi-monitor support, improved Object Inspector and much more. Delphi is 5x faster for development and deployment across multiple desktop, mobile, cloud and database platforms including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10.

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The following command string exports a PDF to be saved or opened.

start explorer "<http://ServerName/ReportServer$NamedSQLInstance?%2fPurchasing%2fPurchaseOrder&PoNumber=103290&rs:Format=PDF"

Need to NAME and SAVE the file Automatically, from a Delphi desktop application.
In my Delphi application, I have a TMemo on a form
I put some text in it, but quiet long (wordwrap = true)
That's not a problem, user can go down in the text but sometimes the beginning of the text is not shown at the top right of the TMemo
How can I have text visible from the beginning of it
I have two forms shown in my application
Says FormA and FormB
How can I programmatically do to have FormB becoming visible when it is "behind" FormA ?
On a TForm I have a TMemo
I fill in the TMemo lines with some text (variable) (wordwrap is true)
I want to programmatically adapt the height of the form so that the entire text is visible (no scrollbars and anchor is adapted)
I want to move from FTP to HTTPS due to Firewalls being nasty to FTP.
For HTTPS I will need a SSL Certificate.
   Can I get free valid certificates anywhere ?
   Should I distribute my certificates while deploying my Application ?
I use Delphi (ICS HTTPS component) and my application runs on Win OS.
I have developed a backup application which is installed on every machine of my customers.
The HTTP Server will only be installed on the Destination machines and monitoring machine.
I´m  installing Delphi 5 Application on virtualbox running windows XPSP3. This old application use MDB database. Now I´m facing this error when starting the App.
Invalid configuration parameter on ALIAS: DATABASENAME

How can I solve it ?

I have been looking for a long time on how to create a Delphi based HTTP proxy tunneling and yesterday came across this one http://portmaptunnel.sourceforge.net/, unfortunately it is compiled with Delphi 7 and Indy 9, I need help to convert it to Indy 10 on the later Delphi releases.

thank you
Using Delphi XE8 I get errors all the time when compiling a project:

1. [CreateAndroidManifestFile Warning] android:hardwareAccelerated attribute not found. Please review AndroidManifest.template.xml
2. [PAClient Error] Error: E2312 Unable to execute '"C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\16.0\PlatformSDKs\android-sdk-windows\build-tools\21.1.2\Aapt.exe" package -f -M "D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\AndroidManifest.xml" -F "D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\bin\Clicked-unsigned.apk" -I "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\16.0\PlatformSDKs\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-21\android.jar" -S "D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\res" -A "D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\assets" "D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\library" "D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\classes"' (Error 1)

[PAClient Error] Error: E2312 D:\myprograms\NEW\Delphi\Test\Android\Debug\Clicked\AndroidManifest.xml:1: error: Error parsing XML: not well-formed (invalid token)

How to solve the problems with this Manifest XML? I didn't input Api keys and all other keys at testing stage. What needs to be done to get rid of this Manifest problems?

Thanks for help.
What is the best way to communicate between a Windows Service application and a UI Application within the machine.
Currently I am writing into a SQL lite database and reading every second in both applications.
My Service application has Socket Communication for inter machine, I do not want Sockets on UI (to avoid Firewall blocking).
IPC at times gives problems when the users are different (Local System and Standard user)
I use Delphi Seattle on Windows
Hi Experts,
I would like to track the number of pages printed via a printer.
Ther are multiple printers installed, including pdf printer.
I need to get the number of successfully printed pages (number of copy / number of pages) from a specific printer.
Documents are printed by Fastreport . Have you any delphi example, how to realize this?
Thanks in advance, Tom

I have an FMX application.
I have a problem with anonymous method, please share your strategy, how to workaround this.

I would like to use this as:

If  MyFunction1 <>'' Then


Function MyFunction1:String;

  With MyForm Do
      Query1.Sql.text := 'select * from xxx;'
     showing the query in grid etc.

   procedure(ModalResult: TModalResult)
     if ModalResult = mrOK then
         // Here I need to give back the autoincrement field of the selected record, but how? Result is not available here



Thank you very much for your help!
I have designed a website using Delphi Seattle with intraweb. Everything works fine until I have a html file that need to be open and filled with value. It has a button that run a script function that will produce a hash key based on the value entered. I have look for solution. All solutions pointed to TWebBrowser which I tried as test application - It works beautifully. I can filled the fields and even execute the button and retrieve the hash key (with coding). Problem is when I used the same component TWebBrowser, I found that it is not compatible with Intraweb. I have tried a lot of ways to workaround the  intraweb restriction. I tried IWFrame but when I add the frame, it would not work. Since that don't work, I tried IWURLWindow component. I can display the HTML file and I can interact with the fields and button but I cannot access the fields and button by coding. There is very limited to no documentation to this compont. Is it possible to access and retrieve the elements field value and execute the button by coding? Or is there another alternative? It has to work with existing website.
Thanks in advance.

After so many tries to find a way to play youtube videos and getting severalls code from internet, I confess that I couldn't get something that works.

Then, I am here asking you a help.

This is a small project and I'd like a help or hire you for this small project.

Take a look what I need:

1) To inform the youtube link
2) To play the video directly from internet without download it
3) The possibility to stop, play and reward the video

I hope you can help me. This can be a hire project and you can send me the price for that.

Waiting for your contact

PS: I use delphi XE7

Hi there experts,

An update query is failing to execute inside a oracle stored procedure, detail as below:



SwapUser executes a oracle stored proc where it updates a table.

AssignUser also executes a stored proc which is different from above but updates the same table as above.

When i debug the oracle procedure i found it halts at the update statement.

Can i not update same table in two separate stored proc, is there any issue of locking the table or something for which it does not allow to update in another stored proc?

How to handle this issue?
I have been using Delphi 7 in Windows 10 for quite awhile.

I use ESET Internet Security as my anti-virus/anti-malware protection.

A recent update in ESET has caused problems with D7 - when I run a program from the IDE, the program never starts - it appears as though ESET is blocking the "integrated debugger" from attaching to the process.

I can disable all protection and everything works.

I'm looking for alternate solutions - something I might be able to add as some type of exception rule in the anti-virus to allow the integrated debugger to work.

Is the integrated debugger actually "integrated" in delphi32.exe, or is it called by the IDE?  That is, is there a DLL or exe that can be identified as exception to anti-virus program?


I have a backup program during which I want to avoid backup of 'Recycle Bin' , 'C:\Windows\' etc.
I get all the special folders using SHGetSpecialFolderPath but I cannot get Recycle Bin ( CSIDL_BITBUCKET) .
I know it is a virtual folder but I need it specific to a Drive say for C: or D: etc
SHGetSpecialFolderPath  for CSIDL_BITBUCKET returns ''

I have a Delphi project (Delphi Seattle) which uses a dbf file as a resource.
It works very well.
I use this code:

RF_SaveResourceAsFile('Dbf_abc', 'RT_RCDATA', ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'abc\' + 'ABC.DBF');
procedure RF_SaveResourceAsFile(const ResName: string; ResType: pchar; const FileName: string);
  with TResourceStream.Create(hInstance, ResName, ResType) do

Open in new window

However I have a new project which needs exactly the same function.
But here when I want to use I get "Resource Dbf_abc not found" exception.

This is what I did:
-I added the resource to the project (I tried to to this both from Resources and Images and manually , editing the .rc file)
-I included the resource
 ( I  tried {$Resource myprogram.RES} and {$R 'myprogram.res' 'myprogram.rc'} both at the dpr and the main.pas (separately and together)

What am I missing? If I open the .res file I can see the definition of the dbf file so it was compiled ....

Thank you very much!
Any recommendations on how to go about creating a PDF file using the contents of a TWebBrowser component?
Hi guys
I am looking for a component or a method. to create a database application that uses the ribbon component with a client area as indicated on the image

these images are taken from an example of what I want to do
thank you all
I had this question after viewing Error EResNotFound when using custom component at runtime.

Sorry for errors in translation / concordance, I'm using google translator.

I have the same problem as the friend said in the link. The component has resource file, but when placing in the project it informs that the resource does not exist.
I saw the solution provided, however, I did not understand how to put it in my code.
how could i make Twsocket send strings in utf-8 encoding using sendstr ?
Hey there experts!
I have a importer app developed using delphi and oracle. What it does is, imports data into tables from excel files.
When i run the app it shows list of import files which come from table "importFile".
The structure of the table as below:

ImportCode          PackageName                TableName
A_21                       package_21                      tab_21
A_31                       package_31                      tab_31
A_41                       package_41                      tab_41
So actually when i run the app and select A_21 it runs the package_21 and inserts record into tab_21 similarly other import files.

I have records in tab_21, tab_31 and tab_41 which store the import information.

Now the suffix in importcode, packagename, tablename needs to be changed which means A_21 can become A_31, A_31 may become A_41 and so on.
For example now when i run the app create a new import file A_21 will become A_31, package name will become package_31 and table will become tab_31. The problem is i need to get the old records from tab_21 to tab_31.

So the logic is :
if A_21 changes to A_31, it will check if tab_21 has records or not, if there are records it needs to be copied to A_31. But A_31 may have existing records so those can be transferred to a temp table.

Now if A_31 needs to be changed to A_41, the records which is stored in temp needs to be copied A_41.

So precisely i need to suffle the table names with preserving the old …
I am trying to debug a custom component by using delphi to do it.

using : Delphi Tokyo 10.2.2, Windows 7.

this is my component source:

unit pvDBLookupCombo;


  System.SysUtils, System.Classes, Vcl.Controls, System.UITypes,
  cxControls, cxContainer,
  cxEdit, cxTextEdit, cxMaskEdit, cxDropDownEdit, cxLookupEdit, cxDBLookupEdit,
  cxDBLookupComboBox, strUtils, variants
  , Data.DB;


  TProVDBLookupEditProperties = class(TcxLookupComboBoxProperties)
       fSearchSQL : tStringList;
    constructor Create(AOwner: TPersistent); override;
     property ClearKey default 27;
     property GridMode default true;
     property ImmediatePost default True;
     property ValidationOptions default [evoRaiseException, evoShowErrorIcon];
    property SQL : tStringList read fSearchSQL write fSearchSQL;

  TProVDBLookupComboBox = class(TcxDBLookupComboBox)
    { Private declarations }
//     FSearchKind: TSearchKind;
     fIsRequired : boolean;
     fSearchDataSource : tDataSource;

    { Protected declarations }
//    procedure DoOnNewLookupDisplayText(const AText: string);override;
    { Public declarations }
      constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
      class function GetPropertiesClass: TcxCustomEditPropertiesClass; override;
    { Published declarations }
    //property searchKind : tSearchKind read fSearchKind write fSearchKind;

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Hello, (I'm using delphi 7 and paradox 9) , i'm coping data from table paradox to text file and i m using Timer (interval=30 minute) ,this table is updated every 30 minutes by another user which causes sometimes a blockage to the table paradox and if i close the application the blockage will be removed any solutions please .

I want to add optional two-factor authentication during login into my Delphi win32 application.
Using: Delphi 10.1 Berlin Enterprise
User logs in using normal username and password. On his mobile phone he receives an authorisationcode which he needs to enter in the application.

What would be the easiest way to set this up?
A very basic example would be appreciated.






Delphi is the most powerful Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform Native App Development with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. It provides powerful VCL controls for Windows 10 and enables FMX development for Windows, Mac and Mobile. Delphi is your choice for ultrafast Enterprise Strong Development™. Look for increased memory for large projects, extended multi-monitor support, improved Object Inspector and much more. Delphi is 5x faster for development and deployment across multiple desktop, mobile, cloud and database platforms including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10.