A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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Friend has a Dell desktop and it arrived with Windows 7 installed and a disc to install Windows 10 at any time, even after the date Microsoft gave as a deadline to upgrade for free.
At some point he will ask me to help him with this. What can I expect on how this installation will go? Insert the W10 disc and follow all directions will it be that easy?
I think this was a Windows 10 system originally and there was a demand for Windows 7 so they sold some like the one described here. Some program files for the two O/S must be the same. What to expect in installing the W10 disc. Thanks.
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I have a desktop computer (Alienware) with four internal hard disks, with a RAID motherboard.  Two of the disks are striped (the c:\ drive) and the other two disks are mirrored (the d:\ drive) and contain all my data.  The c:\ drive contains my operating system (Windows 7) and all my programs.  I want to replace the c:\ drive disks with 2 SSDs.  I want to clone the c:\ drive and then transfer this clone to the 2 SSDs, which will constitute the new striped c:\ drive.  I have cloned and transferred an old hdd's content to a new SSD, but without RAID.  It was easy.  But how do I do the same with a RAID system?  I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.  

Thanks, WmABradnan
I am looking to build a cheap storage device using a DELL perc H330 PCIE RAID adapter and a few HGST 6TB SAS disks.

I tried using a couple of older (6+ years) desktop motherboards but neither of them would allow the RAID controller as a boot device.

Can you please recommend something relatively cheap that's proven to work in this scenario? UK market preferrably, can be second hand.
Windows 10 Pro ver 10.0.18362 Build 18362  ALL Browsers (iexplore, firefox,chrome,oprah) except edge intercept keyboard strokes and replace with garbage. keyboard usb attached via Bluetooth Logitech K270

When using Browsers (NOT EDGE) must type input into notepad, copy-paste to browser to enter correct text.

See attachment below. Have Reset the Keyboard Language, but problem still exists.2019-09-10_Keyboard-Typing-Errors.pdf
We will be implementing a GPO that will require USB drives to be encrypted before they can be written to.  I have this GPO working, but I also need to exclude this policy from applying to certain users (Domain Admins, Desktop Support, etc.).  So far any attempts at this piece have been unsuccessful.  We are using BitLocker for the encryption.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?
I recently acquired my first MACAirbook (I'm a dyed in the wool PC guy).   I went to an online continuing education course, and "printed" my certificate using "Microsoft Print to PDF" (my local printer wasn't available due to security issues on the education website).  I selected "Desktop" as the location for the print (and subsequently I selected "Documents" and "Downloads").  However, when I went to my Desktop (and Downloads and Documents) to find the PDF file, nothing is there.  How do I find out where the MAC put my document(s)?


When I send an email with the following text:

"Individual federal and state income tax returns are generally due by April 15th of the year following the one in which the income was earned. However, partnership (including LLC) and S-corporation returns are due by March 15th"

and open the email in Outlook on my desktop computer, the text appears as above.

When I open the email message on my Apple IPhone 7, the same text appears BUT the words "due by April 15th" and "due by March 15th" appear as hyperlinks.

I do not want any text to appear with a hyperlink.  How can I prevent the Apple IPhone from reformatting the body of the text of my email messages?
Can a Lenovo Centre M 5032 AF8 desktop PC support a nvme to pcie adapter card with an nvme m.2 ssd ?

I would like to install an nvme to pcie apdapter into this desktop, and then install nmve M.2 SSD in the adapter.
The nvme ssd would be used only for database storage.
I am not interested in booting up from this device.
I have upgraded the bios in this desktop to the latest bios version.
Before I buy an nvme m.2 SSD, I would like to know if this desktop will be able to support an nvme m.2 ssd.
The desktop has a 64 bit version of Windows 7 installed on it at this time.
All thoughts appreciated.    Thanks, Jim
Dear Experts,

I want to use Bitlocker encryption for my USB flash and USB portable drive.

I encrypted my 1TB USB portable drive by my laptop, both my laptop and desktop PC can access as they prompt to key in password.

I did the same for my USB flash drive on my laptop. I then want to access it from my desktop, there is no drive appearing on my PC neither in disk management, nor in diskpart.

But when I insert back into my laptop, it prompts for bitlocker password.

Both portable and flash drives I convert to GPT.

Any idea what went wrong that causes the drive to appear in my desktop?
Hello I'm the Domain Admin\Enterprise Admin for our environment, I've verified all the necessary privileges are in place, I can copy other stuff no issue in fact this is the first time I've run into this issue.
I can copy the same files\folders to my desktop but when i try to copy to share i get access denied on a few of the files, not all of them.  I'm the current owner of the files\directories in question.
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I am using a Dell tower desktop with an XP operating system. I use it mostly to run several programs to write and print simple things, as well as some pretty elementary stuff. As you may imagine, it works just fine for such things.

I also had in hooked up to the Internet for very limited, infrequent use and again, no problems.

Now I am rearranging some things and have moved the computer to another area in the same room, with everything the same except for the addition of a new monitor. I did have to use an older connection to get the monitor  video into the computer, but no problem.

BUT when I plugged my Internet cable into the  SAME router, I could not get an Internet connection (using Google Fiber). Tried a second cable with the same result.

I can't figure this out. Surely a new monitor is not to blame for this situation?
I am trying to install Power BI Desktop on my Windows 10 Desktop.
I click on the installer file
I select Next
Then I get the message displayed below.
I select no
and I get the last screen and nothing happens.
Any guidance appreciated.
power BI issue
This has happened to 2 different clients within the past couple of days.

Client #1
New computer with MS Home & Business 2019 installed. Configured Outlook with client's Yahoo account as IMAP. All email goes immediately into Deleted Items! Moved the email to the Inbox and all seemed to be OK for a day or so...then all Inbox email ended up in Trash again. There are no rules configured in Outlook. Checked Yahoo account settings and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Client was previously using older version of Outlook on previous computer with no difficulty.

Client #2
Office 365/Outlook desktop installed with multiple Office 365 email accounts with his own domain name.
All email in Sent Items for 1 email account disappeared over the last few days.
All Inbox email in another email account ended up in Deleted Items this morning!
No rules are configured in Outlook.

What is going on? Given the similar outcomes, yet with different email systems, it appears to be an Outlook problem...but where to look?

I have a windows server with a 2 port team for the network card. from time to time the main team randomly picks one of the to Mac addresses when the server reboots. This creates havoc with 1 of my licensing server apps that runs on this machine. can I use the team settings on the server to force one of the Mac addresses out of the two that I want it to use without any adverse effects?

Also this will be done from remote desktop.
We had a server named SERVER_A that we are decommissioning on it and it contained a share with software installation directories on it.  We have moved that files and folders to a new server called SERVER_B and and created that share with the same name and rights.  Because many of the software installations on our desktops and laptops still reference SERVER_A I thought I will just create a CNAME record in DNS and point SERVER_A to SERVER_B.  And that works for purposed of pinging the server, but when I try to access the UNC Share-Error.PNGpath of the share at \\SERVER_B\Software, I get the attached error.  Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do because I have a couple shares that I need to be able to access from the old hostname?
I am using the latest version of MS Outlook (Office365) on my Windows10 desktop. I have about 30 email accounts and I want to add another one. This one, however, requires the username to be entered in a special way. So if my email was I would have an account such as lev.seltzer.

Back two decades ago this was easy, as all the account and server fields were available when configuring a new mailbox on MS Outlook. Now I just have access to the email and password. If I manage to get an advanced tab, so then I can also enter the servers. But no username.

The technicians at the server company suggested going to Windows Mail, clicking on a new account, and then choosing other (advanced). I did that and was able to easily configure the account - but for WINDOWS MAIL and not OUTLOOK! The newly created mailbox works fine, but does not show up in Outlook.

Is there a way to configure my mailbox so that it will work in Outlook?

Below is a screenshot of a very simple Dashboard that I created in Power BI Desktop.  When I uploaded this to, I created a bar chart afterward.

When I pinned that bar chart to the Dashboard, I could not move it onto page 1.  Instead, to see the added bar chart, I have to scroll down.  This is shown in the second attached screenshot.

Anyway, not being able to drag the chart onto page 1 does not make for a very nice looking presentation.

In Power BI Desktop, how do I shrink the size of page 1 so that I can add charts, graphs, KPIs, or whatever I want later in

Thank you!


Power BI ScreenshotPower-BI-Dot-Com.PNG
We have vmware version 6 and using desktop client. All are good for now. I am going to have Windows 10 PC.
What is the best way to manage vcenter?
I guess desktop client is not supported on windows 10.

Some time ago I tried to clone the main SSD disk and the only partition where I'd installed Windows 10 to another disk / partition using this tool :

So,I chosen as target the disk and the only partition that was there (it is solid state disk) and as a target the only existing partition on the destination disk and I started the process. After some time Windows 10 started to working bad,I saw that the icons on the desktop gone away and nothing worked anymore,so taken by the fear,I stopped the operation. I must not do that,really. All the informations stored on every disk and partition (USB and SATA) attached on my PC was gone. I still don't understand why it deleted all the partition tables of every disk NOT involved in the operation. I lost everything in every disk. Maybe that tool has some kind of serious bug. I don't know. Fact is that I found another case like mine.

After some day I tried to recover the data lost with this tool :

and I have seen that all the files that have been deleted by that cloning tool are still there,saved on the disks,with the same organization structure. Now,I think that the Miray hdclone basic edition removed the first track of the disks and their partition tables. I would like to know if …
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intel i7 920 @ 2.67 GHZ

ntel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.7GHz Turbo Unlocked LGA1151 300 Series 95W

will this be meaningful upgrade for performance?
windows 62 os
will also get a newer ssd
How can i upgrade the processing power, FOR WORK WHERE I USE MANY DESKTOP APPLICATIONS IN WINDOWS, components in this computer for better performance without spending more than $500?

Intel Core i5-4670K Quad-Core Desktop Processor 3.4 GHZ 6 MB Cache - BX80646I54670K

 ASUS Z87-PRO LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s US

 NZXT HALE82 HALE82-850-M 850W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI

) EVGA SuperClocked w/ ACX Cooling 02G-P4-2774-KR Ge

Sound Blaster Z PCIe Gaming Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp and Beam Forming Microphone
When going to Teams online, the prompt to download is persistent, is there anyway to manage this prompt?

I saw this article, but not sure if this has been updated or is in the roadmap to disable:
Sonicwall TZ600 constantly disconnects that worked fine until about 2 weeks ago.  I'v reached out to Sonicwall tech support, and they try the same connection using RDP and the latest GVC(which is what we are doing) and Sonicwall has no issues.  I've sent them the TZ600 vpn logs and the GVC client logs, but they have not resolved the problem for me.  

Here is a copy of the remote user's log:
2019/08/15 16:20:01:748	Information	x.x.x.x8	The SA lifetime for phase 1 is 28800 seconds.
2019/08/15 16:20:01:748	Information	x.x.x.x8	Phase 1 has completed.
2019/08/15 16:20:01:848	Information	x.x.x.x8	User authentication has succeeded.
2019/08/15 16:20:01:948	Information	x.x.x.x8	The configuration for the connection is up to date.
2019/08/15 16:20:02:028	Information	x.x.x.x8	Starting ISAKMP phase 2 negotiation with
2019/08/15 16:20:02:078	Information	x.x.x.x8	The SA lifetime for phase 2 is 28800 seconds.
2019/08/15 16:20:02:078	Information	x.x.x.x8	Phase 2 with has completed.
2019/08/15 16:20:33:091	Error      	<local host>	Failed to send an outgoing ISAKMP packet. A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host..
2019/08/15 16:20:34:411	Information	x.x.x.x8	Starting ISAKMP phase 1 negotiation.
2019/08/15 16:20:34:471	Information	x.x.x.x8	NAT Detected: Local host is behind a NAT device.
2019/08/15 16:20:34:471	Information	x.x.x.x8	The SA lifetime for phase 1 is 28800 

Open in new window


RDP and multimonitor.

I understand that Win10Pro can use multi monitors when using RDP, ie I have 2 monitors, the far end PC has 2 monitors, I RDP to remote PC and I have image of 2 monitors.

My Question. If the far end PC is sitting in a cupboard with no monitors attached, can i still force it to provide an extended desktop to my 2 monitors?

Hello all.

I am going to be tasked with deploying about 70 new machines to one of our client.   I am trying to figure out the best and most efficient way to do this.   They will all be HP machines running Windows 10 Pro.   I plan to provision 1 unit with every piece of application software they run.   This includes their EMR software, Trend Worry Free Business AV, Office 2016, our Remote monitoring software as well.   My question is because or product keys will it be a problem?  We are using the HP Desktop Minis for now and will probably use them going forward unless they become unavailable for purchase.  I am guessing the product key is built within the registry of the bios to activate the software.  

My question is what would be a best practice to roll out all these units.   I was thinking putting it on the domain, installing all the apps, updates, etc.   When completed?  Should I run sysprep?  I have no idea if that's even a thing anymore.   Reason being is computer name.   I will need all the new units to have new names once they are on the network and want to ensure the product keys for windows 10 are all specified to that machine.   Trend Worry Free comes from the web portal so there is no license key, same for RMM and their cloud EMR software.   Office is volume license so I don't need different keys for that.  

Also what would be a recommendation for a free tool to image the machine upon deployment so I can just plugin 5 machines at a time and boot of USB to…






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.