A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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The ability is needed to scan relatively small 5" wide x 6" high paper tags, at a quick speed.
The ability is needed to scan these documents using a conventional type desktop scanner perhaps with a document feeder.

The issue is that the thickness of these tags is less weight than conventional copy paper, so not only is the issue that they might get jammed
in a conventional copier/scanner but they might even get torn.

What is suggested for situations like this?
Would a very fast hand scanner be an option?
Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
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Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

windows 10 pro workstation connect to domain, cannot remote desktop to computer.
1. Remote desktop access to computer is turned on.
2. Removed Webroot antivirus (not antivirus installed)
3. Go to control panel windows defender firewall, there is a yellow bar with, "for your security, some settings are managed by your system administrator."
3. Domain networks is green and connected
4. Private networks is red and not connected
5. Guest or public networks is not connected.

6. I have tried to turn off this through gpedit on my one domain controller and on the local workstation. (Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Network / Network connections / Windows Defender Firewall / domain Profile) set Windows Defender Firewall: Protect all network connections to disable.
7. I did gpupdate /force on the DC and then gpupdate on the local computer, (rebooted pc also).
8. I have tried the following command on the local computer, Turning Off Firewall Using Windows Command Prompt admin, "netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off" restarted computer and in control panel it domain firewall is still grayed out and on.

9. I am at a loss to turn this off and allow remote desktop to access this computer
I have Symantec Encryption Desktop on my computer.  When I login at the PGP screen, it accepts my password or PGP passphrase and begins the startup.  But after a minute of seeing the "Starting Windows" screen with the Windows logo, it seems to get stuck in a loop and reboots the computer, taking me right back to the PGP screen again.  I feel like an update was pushed through recently that is causing this.   How can this be fixed?

I was fiddling with my update setting recently and noticed that a windows component icon was added to my desktop - wushowhide.diagcab. I know it's used to hide updates from installing. I can use settings to do that. Question: 1. should I leave it on my machine? 2. If no, can I simply delete the icon (I can't find any uninstall procedure for it). 3. If I should keep it, where on C: can I move it to get it off my desktop (there is no system tools folder per se, right?) Thanks.

Icon on desktop
I've written a VB.NET desktop application.

The main form appears wider on a W7 machine than W10.

How can I fix this?  Using a tape measure I see that the W7 machine displays the form about 1" wider.
I have Power Supply and Motherboard from HP Z420 workstation. I bought a case for it: Corsair 275R. The problem is that HP's PSU will not fit there at all and even if it did, the CPU cable would not reach the top of the motherboard where it is supposed to be plugged. So I have a new PSU: Corsair VS550. The problem is that ATX and CPU plugs are different on HP's power supply and Corsair's one. See attached pictures. Does it mean that HP is custom that I won't be able to get PSU for that motherboard or I can't use that specific Corsair I have and have to get something else? or am I missing something else?

Thx in advance
I downloaded an apps called Fing in my iPhone.  That apps Pings, Speed Test, Trace and finds open ports.  I ran "find open ports" to see my Desktop and gave 3 ports open results can be seen in the attached image.

Question, the 3 open ports found open on my desktop 135, 139, 445,
- what exactly is open?
- Should they be closed?
- What is you recommendation.
Hi, I would like to scale Firfox browser down to use about half of my desktop on Windows 10 PC and can't seem to figure out how to do it.  I would like to have it open at the same time that I have an Excel workbook open so that I can copy and paste some information.  Can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks.  PS. when I click on the center square in upper right corner, the entire page just shakes - the size remains the same.
we had previously msi version of office 2010  installed in our desktop environment.

right now we have mailboxes in office 365 and we have only AD and ADFS SERVER ON ON-PREMISE .

We have no exchange server

i installed office 365 proplus with shared computer licension feature from office deployment tool for our users.

but my question is we have around 40 to 50 windows servers where we have application installed which are using office professional 2010

some servers are having 32 bit MS office some servers are having 64 bit office professional 2010

i am told to upgrade office 2010 on these servers. right now i believe we have KMS licensing key installed

i am not sure how office is activated on all 40 to 50 windows server which are either 2008 or 2012 servers

i am not sure how KMS works here. -

1st question

any body can through some light on how office would be working on KMS environment

2nd question

can i go gor office 365 proplus (shared computer activation) same way as i did for desktop users

or this method wont work here.if not this method then which office version should i go for upgrade

3rd question

any script where i can automate teh installation on all servers.
like install the conf. xml file on all servers.
Dear All

            i am using a GPO to copy the SHOWIP.bat file from server share drive to all clents desktop, but doesnt seem working, can anyone check what goes wrong with my GPO ?


HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
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HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

Build a website from the ground up by first learning the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3, the two popular programming languages used to present content online. HTML deals with fonts, colors, graphics, and hyperlinks, while CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed.

Desktop Machine
Windows 10 Enterprise

I want to place onto the (primary) desktop, shortcuts of certain file folders. (The "primary" desktop means the one that comes up by default when you first install the OS.) When I was working on Windows 7, I was able to Right-Click (and hold) a folder from the File Explorer to the desktop, drop it (release the Right-Click-Hold), and an icon would appear on the desktop. When you click on that icon, it opens the folder in a File Explorer window.

Now, on Windows 10, when I attempt the same procedure (holding the ALT key before dropping), the tool-tip text says, "Create Link In Desktop." However, the icon never appears on the desktop.

WHERE is the shortcut ICON stored when I attempt to create a desktop shortcut for a folder from File Explorer? I want to know exactly where that shortcut it is saved (by Windows) so I can either move it manually to the desktop, or delete it.

I already know a WORKAROUND for this, i.e., placing a shortcut icon on the desktop: Right-Click the desktop, select "NEW > SHORTCUT", and browse to the folder of interest;  that is NOT the question I am asking.
Change mouse cursor color from white to black on Windows 10

I spend too much time looking for my mouse, and realized it's white.

Can I change it and/or change it's size on Windows 10?

I am looking for a software that will Show the Info of the Computer on the Desktop

Host name
Login name
IP Address

Stuff like that and that it is easily modifiable

Is setting up Virtual desktops in a Domain something that can be done locally or do you need a service like Azure?

I am curious if this would be beneficial to our company and could replace physical computers.

Any explanation will be appreciated
Hi All,

I have an HP ProDesk 600 G2 SFF Desktop computer. I am looking to get another monitor for it but don't have the extra port.
Would like a third screen. The unit has two display ports out of the main computer from the system board.
If I get another graphics card for it will it just disable the onboard display port video?
Could do a USB to HDMI / DP port but would like another card on the PC.
What should I do?

Find the third character in the string and check whether it is - (hyphen)

I am using desktop.
I am trying to use a ASUS M5A78L-M Plus/USB3 motherboard along with Wirecast and was told that my built-in graphics card, the Radeon 3000, will only support DirectX 10.  I need at least DirectX 11 to run Wirecast, so I just want to make sure that I understand this correctly.  

It seems the only expansion slots on this machine are:
1 x PCIe 2.0 x16
1 x PCIe 2.0 x1
1 x PCI

Is there even an external PCI graphics card that can run DirectX 11 or do I just build another computer?
I must have missed something. The specific model of computer that has gone in to a state of backorder is the Dell Optiplex 3060 but when I look at other vendors like Lenovo and HP their desktop computers are nowhere to be found either. This shortage seemed to start a little over a month ago. Is there something wrong with Intel's 8th gen CPU or something? ANyone have any idea what is going on?

I am develop a website in wordpress which is like instagram. I need to develop a desktop app so to hundle it. Can I use .Net C# or UWP for this?
or what else can I do for that?

thank you
Price Your IT Services for Profit
Price Your IT Services for Profit

Managed service contracts are great - when they're making you money. Yes, you’re getting paid monthly, but is it actually profitable? Learn to calculate your hourly overhead burden so you can master your IT services pricing strategy.


I have a question regarding Windows Terminal Services.

Where do I install a remote app? On the Remote Gateway Server or on the Remote Desktop Server?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Experts

Got a major head scratcher to figure out. Joined my new Dell Windows 10 machine to our domain. When it joined the domain,the desktop background wallpaper does not come up and shows a black background, it does not show the wallpaper even though it shows that its set in personalization --> background as selected and that it should show. If I go to settings ---> start and enable "use start full screen" the background appears and stays no matter how many times i reboot!! If i turn off  "user start full screen" and reboot it goes back to black.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I do not want to have to keep "use start full screen" on in order to keep my desktop wallpaper on.
On a MAC if you have an alias on the desktop which points to a local server,
when you double click on that alias you need to keep entering the credentials based on DOMAIN\user and password.
And even if you check the box to remember the password in the keychain, it keeps popping every time you reboot and try to access the folder on the local server.
How can I resolve this?
Thank you.
primary Domain Controller for this domain could not be located.
I am not able to connect through Remote desktop for one of my remote DC. but on the same remote network I can connect file server through remote desktop.

second scenario.

on same remote network I can connect remote DC.
I just installed Windows 10 on a laptop and wish to get at my other desktop using Windows 7 D: drive. I can see it on the networks (I'm logged into the same network) but when it asks for a username password, I put in my username (no password needed) and it still doesnt give me access.
I can access C:\Users\Public.

I'm not a security wizard here - can anyone guide me through the process?

I would like to know if there is an easy way or if this can be done? I would like to move(export) a .pst folder from my outlook 2016 to my documents or desktop. Can this be done? If so the easiest way to do that.

Thank you.

Basem Khawaja, R.Ph.






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.