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A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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Using Win 10...
I have never setup One Drive before...should be simple....Reading around the inet I have come up with several ways to do things...
One of them is to go into the Library...Documents (for example)...Properties and change the location from the C:\%username% to C:\%username%\One Drive...so my thinking is that anything you put in Documents on the desktop will automatically get copied to One Drive...

I did that and my Documents folder in the library disappeared...

So...how can I get  the Documents folder back...If I create a new folder...Documents...the property to change the location
is not there...so that is an incomplete solution...
Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

desktop alerts do not show up on my desktop as they used to. Please help
We've used Brother Control Center 4 for a long time now. All of our users have a desktop icon for it and use it for scanning. We just upgraded a few PC's and now they have the latest version of Control Center 4. It works the same as the older version except we can't create a desktop icon to launch it. (There's no shortcut to it in the Start Menu either.)

We can launch it in a couple steps via the system tray or Brother Utilities but we'd love to have the convenient one-step launch of a desktop icon.

We have several other computers here with an older version of CC4 and we've tried replicating their desktop icons (accounting for any changes in folder structure) but it doesn't work.

Can you advise us on how to create a desktop icon for it?
How can i solve this problem?
At work it is all perfectly. At home I can't log in. It seems allright, but in stead of my workspace, I get a black screen en after a while the Error in the quenstion.

I have updated tot VMWare 4.7. My laptop has windows 10 home edition. The virtual location of my work is Windows 7 enterprice.

How can I log in the workspace?

Thanks for your answer.

I used this question in the past to solve a Remote Desktop problem:


However today I have a problem that is not resolving.  A user needs to remote onto her desktop and I keep seeing this:

Login failed. (4320)
 Try using Administrator credentials or ensure you have User Access Control permissions.

what should I look at? Her machine is Win7Pro and the domain server is an SBS 2008.

I am looking for a seamless way to start a program at startup automatically for normal user as administrator in Windows 10 Pro so the user can interact with that software. The program in question is Hikvision CCTV software.

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,
Dear Guys
I am planning to change my computer to another I want to be able to save all my document in desktop and other files in other location but I want to save it like a zip file is it possible. My OS is win7
How do you create a user-centered user experience on your website? And what are some things you should consider in the process?
Experts out there,
I am trying to run the speculationcontrol script at my desktop and  getting the following error.
I downloaded from Microsoft site and saved it in ADV180002.
I ran all those commands one at a time

PS C:\adv180002\SpeculationControl> Import-Module .\SpeculationControl.psd1
Import-Module : The 'C:\adv180002\SpeculationControl\SpeculationControl\SpeculationControl.psd1' module cannot be impor
ted because its manifest contains one or more members that are not valid. The valid manifest members are ('ModuleToProc
ess', 'NestedModules', 'GUID', 'Author', 'CompanyName', 'Copyright', 'ModuleVersion', 'Description', 'PowerShellVersion
', 'PowerShellHostName', 'PowerShellHostVersion', 'CLRVersion', 'DotNetFrameworkVersion', 'ProcessorArchitecture', 'Req
uiredModules', 'TypesToProcess', 'FormatsToProcess', 'ScriptsToProcess', 'PrivateData', 'RequiredAssemblies', 'ModuleLi
st', 'FileList', 'FunctionsToExport', 'VariablesToExport', 'AliasesToExport', 'CmdletsToExport'). Remove the members th
at are not valid ('RootModule'), then try to import the module again.
At line:1 char:14
+ Import-Module <<<<  .\SpeculationControl
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (C:\adv180002\Sp...ionControl.psd1:String) [Import-Module], InvalidOperatio
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Modules_InvalidManifestMember,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportModuleCommand
got roaming profiles configured with the profile path in AD for each user account.
works fine for all users except 1. if user deletes a files from desktop. it reappears after restart.  i posted same question here before. got some great help from you guys and re created the profile . it seemed to be fixed but not completely.

now the problem is , if i delete a file and logoff and logon. its working fine.
if i delete file and restart without logging off, its re appearing ! any help ? sorry guys to post similar questions . guess restarting not syncing with server, while logoff syncs perfectly.
Free Tool: SSL Checker
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Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

desktop computer

If the time is not right then I get ssl warnings with every browser
No connection to google earth pro

I try in ie, firefox, chrome

experts-exchange looks different

does not matter for me if time is correct
I had this question after viewing Increase performance of google earth pro.

Using same wifi
Why is google earth so much quicker on windows7 desktop than windows10 laptop
Specifically street view is so quick it is like I am walking outside. Hardly any blurry moments.

Is there a super computer where google earth is quickest
Is video card responsible?
If I spent $100k would I get an experience that is so optimal that street view would be same as driving in same area?
Ok I currently have my desktop background searching through my whole pictures folder of thousands of pictures and folders.

(found on Reddit)
1- In Windows Explorer, head to the folder that contains all your other picture folders.
2- Do a search for type:image
3- Select all, right-click, set as background.

Now I want to see the path to the picture on the screen.    IE  C:\pictures\folder755\subfolder2\image.jpg

Looking for either a way to accomplish this or a new program which will do the same.

Thank you,

usb 2 devices
do not work on usb 3 port

windows 7 desktop
custom made computer
Updated Windows 10 to the latest service pack and I noticed a slow down and the following notepad files pop up on the desktop. I have to close them before I can launch anything on my desktop. Does anyone know what might cause this?McAfee
Hello, I have a Verizon Fios G1100 router, the reset button was hit yesterday so I had to reconfigure the wifi so I create the main SSID and a Guest SSID. On the main wifi, SSID the 2.4Ghz and 5Hz SSID are the same names using WPA2/WPA mixed mode and the guest account. The problem I am having is when users with their laptops trying to connect it takes forever for the connection to complete most users will just give up. My desktop users with older systems are connecting without any problems so this morning I renamed the guest account and removed the password and the laptop users could connect but it still took a fair amount of time for the connection to complete sometimes we would have to reboot and turn the wifi on and off.  Any direction on what I am doing wrong or settings that are not set right?
One of my desktops (Desktop A) is showing the following error:

The Kerberos client received a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED error from the server (Desktop B)$. The target name used was cifs/(Desktop C). This indicates that the target server failed to decrypt the ticket provided by the client. This can occur when the target server principal name (SPN) is registered on an account other than the account the target service is using. Ensure that the target SPN is only registered on the account used by the server. This error can also happen if the target service account password is different than what is configured on the Kerberos Key Distribution Center for that target service. Ensure that the service on the server and the KDC are both configured to use the same password. If the server name is not fully qualified, and the target domain (DOMAIN.COM) is different from the client domain (DOMAIN.COM), check if there are identically named server accounts in these two domains, or use the fully-qualified name to identify the server.

None of the involved machine names are AD servers, they're all workstations running wither Windows 7 or Windows 10.
I have a user that has a 2010 Access database that when he double clicks the database from the folder location or a shortcut on the desktop it opens just fine. If he adds that file or shortcut to his quick launch toolbar in Win 7 pro it opens the Access program and he has to select the database instead of opening the database?
Hi I have a RDS server and this morning star showed me this message

Remote Desktop Services has taken too long to load the user configuration from server

any idea how fix it?
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Concerto's Cloud Advisory Services

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I am working on a project with a company that is using filemaker on the desktop. They want to upgrade the system since it is slow. The requirements are that it can be accessed from the web with security. The application stores images that will be shown on a web and printed in a book. Text is also collected for both the book and web.  There are adjustments made to the images like cropping or recentering which are currently done out of filemaker and then resaved into filemaker. The company uses both Mac and Pcs. I have been looking for a tool that would give them what is needed but have not found one. Is there a tool that would work? I am not sure if filemaker cloud is a good option. Thanks
If i were after a laptop, my question would be answerable in one word: 'Thinkpad'

But what i'm looking for my client is a small netbook with say a 10 inch screen that is light and as powerful as possible that can be picked up cheaply as a used item. I used to be pretty happy with Sony Vaio netbooks with Atom processors, even ones with 1GB of RAM. But i don't think even double that is realistic these days, web pages being as bloated as they are. This would be for general use, with a Debian Linux ( probably Mate) desktop. I'd probably be using ebay.co.uk but am willing to look at new options as well as used. Any good recommendations?
Trying to upgrade to Mac OS Sierra from El Capitan.

Start the install by copying file to local desktop, double clicking the file and install starts fine.
After the first install wizard starts, and all ready to restart, mac then just hangs with blank screen with mountain backdrop and no menu bar and wont restart, even if left overnight.

Have tried several times to install.
Tried running first aid several times to check disk, this runs ok and then you click on done, restart the mac and try the install again but no joy.
Tried enabling 'root' user but install doesn't even start.
Tried deleting files in '/library/launchagents' and '/librarylaunchdaemons'

Can anyone shed any light on this issue of a way to install sierra please?.

Many thanks for your time and input.
Just plugged an external hard drive into my computer (as I have for years with any computer I've owned) and clicked on a folder to search for a file, and up popped the message:

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program, or if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel."

I can't open the folder??!!!

Running windows 7 on an HP desktop computer less than 2 years old that seems to otherwise be working just fine.

What's the deal here?
How can i check a windows computer to see a list of all remote desktop sessions by users, when they last logged on, how long they logged on for?
System will boot but after a while a red light turns on next to CPU and system shuts down






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.