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A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

I'm getting the 'Remote Desktop cannot connect' error. See attached.

I have been able to connect in the past successfully. We have tried several things including rebooting and the networking admin has tried other things as well. I CAN log on successfully from another computer using my IP address but not my computer name.

This issue seems to occur when my computer goes into sleep mode and then when it comes back I can't get back in through remote desktop. The Chrome screen goes completely black too and I can't get back to my tabs. Other users are having a similar issue with RDP. Seems like something is stuck and needs to be cleared out. I did try deleting my registry setting here (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default)
but then the item still remains when I go into Remote Desktop Connection.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
With having to work from home, I am connecting to my work computer and every 4 hours my connection is closed.
I am not aware of any group policy that is setup to automatically drop me after being connected for 4 hours.
Is this a default time for an RDP connection and is there a way to override that to like 8 or 10 hours?

Your help is greatly apprceciated.
I have 2 remote desktop icons on my desktop named:  Arizona_Office.rdp and Florida_Office.rdp  Both are connected simultaneously.

When I create a 3rd remote desktop icon and the "computer field' is set to,
how does Remote Desktop know which office network I am trying to connct to?

In other words:
will it try to connect to computer on the Arizona_Office network
will it try to connect to computer on the Florida_Office network?

What do I need in the "computer field" that can tell it what network to connect to:
for example:  \\Arizona_Office\  or \\Florida_Office\

do I forget about using the IP address, and use the computer name and domain name:
\\AccountingPC.Arizona_Office.local or \\AccountingPC.Florida_Office.local

Thank you for your assistance.
Citrix Xeanapp desktop windows 2008.

Our users connect citrix over Web browser https://mycitrix.domain.com.(netscaller)  webpage ask username and password for login  We want second Autentication TOKEN. We generate Token from Mobile app.but we do not know we can login page change and add this Token login space .

How can i add on this web login :

Token password :
I have a  server Citrix Xeanapp 6.7 .one of my client works at home with her Laptop and She can open Citrix session over Netscaller.

She has a HP 404nde  Printer at home and connected USB to her laptop .She has when she log in citrix desktop seesion ,she can see Universell Printer (from laptopname), till here i think every thing is ok.

But when she open word or pdf document for printing and choose Universell Printer (from laptopname) under Citrix desktop seeion BUT NO PRINTING FROM LOCAL PRINTER AT HOME:

Can you please help?

Thank you
Suppose you were a home user with a VMWare Horizon client for accessing your work virtual desktop. You have an HP printer scanner and you want to print via a print server at the data center. If you setup a port at the work firewall - would it be possible to configure a printer to register with the file server with authentication? The net result being that the home user logins into their VDI and prints to their home printer via the print server in the data center.

Is that possible and done all the time? I have small offices with lan to lan VPN and that's easy to just enter the IP of the destination printer.
I have a number of Flash Shockwave (.swf) videos that no longer work in the current browsers. I believe Flash videos have fallen from grace. I can play them on my desktop just fine, but not in a browser. I do not have the original source. The .swf files are all I have.

I've tried converting them to mp4, avi or mov files with Prism Video File Converter and while it accepts them and says it's converting them, the resulting file is useless.

I also tried Adobe Media Encoder and it doesn't accept them.

Does anyone have a solution?
I am trying to work at home.

On my work computer, I have 2 monitors, set to "extend" these displays.

On my Windows 10 Pro laptop at home, I have the two monitors (the laptop screen), and an external Dell 24" monitor connected via HDMI.  These 2 monitors are set to "extend" these displays.

On my laptop, I remote (using Remote Desktop Connection) into my computer at work with the setting in Options \ Display tab set to "use all my monitors for the remote session".

I would think whatever appears on the left monitor (at work), would appear on the left monitor (which is my laptop screen at home), and whatever appears on the right monitor (at work), would appear on the rightt Dell monitor (at home).

Am I missing something here, because this is not working as I thought it should work?

Can i extend the RDP screen to use up both monitors at home?
We are a very basic Citrix Environment, we are using Citrix XenApp 7.6. We hae a delivery controller server, a storefront server and 4 app servers.
We have one delivery group
with the 4 servers part of that group.
All our users connect using a full desktop. the citrix environment load balances the four servers and balances the environment. We have 80 users. Rarely do we have all 80 conencted. During these particular times we are haveing many more people connecting remotely.
In particular we had to install a software application on one of the severs for 3 people to use.  The software cannot be installed on all 4 servers at this time.
My Question:
What do i need to do to have the three people have access to the one server I need them to connect.
At this time I put the server in maintence mode so nobody accesses that server now.
As I said we have one desktop published . called Citrix Desktop.  I was thinking of creating another desktop called XYZ Desktop. but it seems that will be part of the same delivery group so once i take it out of maintenance mode  all other users will also connect to this server.
I'm niot the Citrix expert in my company, so maybe I'm just not seeing something basic and easy.  Hopefully this is understandable and I can answer any further questions
I have laptop and Two monitors.  I see full display on laptop and one of the monitors but my primary monitor or desktop monitor does display entire image?   Please see attached.

Full image was displayed on laptop and Two monitors but when I brought them home from my office, the primary monitor isn't displaying full image?
So one of my peers setup a 2016 on a VLAN/Subnet. He came to me the network guy to try and figure out why only 40 or leases had been assigned to his VMs. The subnet is a /23 with 512 potential addresses and 20 or so reserved. There's no helper address here - just a party on the VLAN. So I hopped onto the DHCP server to make sure he configured the
IP address OK etc. But what surprised me was when I ran arp -a I found like 450 addresses associated with MACs already. The DHCP manager showed only 40 or so assigned. Anyone have a thought how all of these addresses might have gotten assigned to the mac addresses while the DHCP server failed to make a note of it? I pinged a few of the addresses from the arp -a and could not reach them. These are VDI desktops to-be. If the addresses are not pingable DHCP should go ahead and assign an address right? It's not concerned with what's in the arp cache right? Or no??

I am looking for a way to find out whether Remote Desktop Setting is enabled on remote machines.  Can anyone assist?


I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on configuring remote desktop. We're thinking about how to help people work from home and possibly remoting into their Windows machines. We do this for some persistent users who have work laptops and we're comfortable letting them connect from machines that have been secured to the best of our abilities. These are non-admin accounts on laptops that run nothing other than RDP and antivirus software.

My question is is it possible or practical to allow any machine to connect to a work desktop on our LAN? Should we allow users to use their own personal computers which could be loaded with viruses or any other unknown software to connect through RDP to our work machines?

What is the best/fastest way to implement this.

The machines that do have RDP already setup are hitting non-typical ports on the firewall which are forwarded to internal machines. I know the risk of this and check the firewall logs daily to make sure that only our approved IP addresses are connecting this way.
Remote Desktop Black Screen issue.  A lot of our computers show a black screen when we try to connect via remote desktop.  They are all windows 10 machines.  Any advice would be appreciated
My Remote Desktop Server = server1
My app resides on = Server2

I need to run an application on the Server2
I need it to run from drive k:\apps\tool\tool1.exe

Is it possible to publish it and have it work on Remote Desktop Services.
I need to implement this ASAP.  Help !!!
Expert out there, We have Vmware v 6.7. How do I copy and paste from my desktop while I am logged into Vmware remote console?
It does not work for me.
I have a user that needs to convert email files to pdf.  They have a folder on their desktop and for the past 2 weeks have dragged emails from outlook into the folder.  They are wanting a program that will convert these emails into pdf files.  Is there something like that?  And the other question would be if there is  a software, how would it handle an attachment within the email?
What is the difference between 1 KB and 1 Kilocharacter?
How many Kilocharacters are in 1 KB?
I am having this problem with Google Chrome Apps{GCA}. Whenever I create a desktop shortcut using Google Chrome it places the short under the specified path in the screen capture under chrome apps. I don't know why is it called apps when in act it is a shortcut first of all. Can someone first answer this question-Question Number 1.

I was able to click on any of these chrome apps and it opens up no problem till lately when I noticed that all of these apps icons had turned to a blank generic icon and when I click on it it does not open up that particular web site instead it opens a tab page  in Chrome with the Google home page the one with search bar and most commonly visited web sites under the search bar. The Address bar is blank. Can someone tell me why is this happening all of the sudden?-This is Question Number 2.

I just added a shortcut to my desktop just right now, it is Texas.gov and it was correctly placed on my desktop with the correct icon however in the Chrome Apps folder that you can see in the screen capture the icon was not correctly displayed but I was able to click on it and it opened up no problem in Chrome. Why the icon did not display completely and if this shortcut was left alone for sometime will it become like the other shortcuts unusable and could not be open?-This is Question Number 3.

Lastly, When I was uploading these screen captures I saw that the Normal …
Hi Experts!

Does someone know a fast way to map network shares? I am continually having to manually map drives for users (login script seems to be hit and miss at the moment) So I
am manually copying/pasting drives into Citrix Desktop via cmd > net use copy list of drives and pasting them one at a time to map the drive.
Is there a script or tool that can achieve this?


At my firm, we have various remote workers who utilise a combination of L2TP/IPSec VPN and MS Remote Desktop Connection to connect directly to their workstation onsite. In the wake of the coronavirus implications, I am having to expand to our full (generally less technically minded) workforce very quickly, so want to get rid of a unhelpful error message on connecting.

Some quick facts:

1) I have a AD integrated Certificate Server, already correctly configured to issue certificates appropriate for use in the Remote Desktop setup
2) I have applied the appropriate settings through Group Policy to apply the Certificate Template, and also things like enforcing SSL, etc.
3) Connections are straight from the RDC client to the workstation, no brokers or anything like that.
4) Users connecting in from home are NOT part of the Active Directory Domain.

When a user tries to connect in, they get the following warning:

"A revocation check could not be performed for the certificate". If they ignore this, the connection is then successful.

On closer inspection of the Certificate being served up to the RDC, the CRL Distribution Point they are being served is based on LDAP. As they are not part of the AD Domain, my feeling is that this LDAP location is probably inaccessible due to a lack of valid authentication.

I'm aware I can change settings on the CA server properties, but I'm weary of doing this as I do not want to break our domain in any way. What would be ideal …
Hello exports,

Currently, I use Excel Power Query to list unique items from a list.
It works fine in Desktop version of Excel 2016. However, in the free online version the Power Query can't be refreshed.

What other solutions are there for this? (maybe a formula that works in Excel 2016.
What are the differences between FFmpeg 32-bit vs FFmpeg 64-bit on Windows 10 Professional 1909 64-bit?
Hi Experts,

I just installed AutoRuns on my Windows 10 PC.  I have used it sparingly in the past.

Somehow I accidentally involked some thing that added the data in the attached file (less the specific details) to my Desktop.

How can I stop it from displaying this information?

Bob C.Autoruns-Desktop-Statistics-Display.docx

Hi Desktop PC fan has loud noise and power red light at front panel is flashing. the window cannot start. It looks like the power has some issue. Any one has suggestion to replace the power or something else? Thank you






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.