A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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we are having issue with 1 user's outlook signature

we are having citrix desktop where user can log in any desptop available in office and will carry his own profile.
we have signature files stored on network drive -appdata-roaming-microsoft -signatures

which is streamed from their C drive, for some reason under c drive - Hkey_current _user- software-Microsoft-windows-explorer-shell folders- on all other uers
desktop it is pointing to the file server.\\network server name\
but under the affected user name c drive - Hkey_current _user- software-Microsoft-windows-explorer-shell folders- appdata is pointing -c\users\users name\appdata\roaming

so whenever users logs off from desktop , his signature goesaway and has to manually create his signature.

anything i can correct in registry or environment variables on the affected users' C drive.
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Hi Expert,

I have a user which is getting the no internet access with a ! mark but in fact, they can surf the internet. I wanted to resolve this issue because I need to install office 365 on user pc. From our side when we uninstall the LAN driver from the device manager and go to action click scan for hardware changes can resolve the issue but somehow failed to reinstall the driver after a scan for hardware changes.

Method I tried

- Remove the scan for hardware changes using the local account.
- Remove the proxy server.
- Plug out LAN cable and restart and plug in back.
- Manually Download LAN driver from officially Acer website and install and don't work.
- PC model Acer Veriton, Windows 7 32 bits

Appreciated if anyone can assist me on.

I recently decided to start fresh with my Remote Desktop Services setup since the old one is running Windows Server 2008. I purchased Server 2016, and recently installed it. Not an upgrade, just a fresh install.

I connected it to my domain, but it is JUST a member server, not a DC. So Microsoft's warnings about domain controllers do not apply to me.

It is currently not in any OU's that I created.

But still, the Remote Desktop Management (RDMS) service won't start. I cannot configure licensing because it needs a deployment, but I cannot make a deployment because the RDMS service won't start. I cannot do anything really, because the RDS panel in Server Manager won't load, neither will most PowerShell commands for RDS.

In the Services panel, it just states that it starts and stops. It is running on Network Service, and if I change it to ANYTHING else, it gives the error about the account being different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

I have searched up the error and found very little.

The new setup is has not been deployed or publicized yet, but I would like to have it ready as soon as possible, as this business was not in my agenda.
Change in behaviour of remote desktop login (RDP) with Google Chrome.
In the last couple of weeks my remote login from home computer to work has changed with Google Chrome browser (but not Firefox or Microsoft Edge).
The new behaviour is:  instead of opening a separate RDP application it opens a remote session in a Chrome browser window itselfStarting to connect (new behaviour)Session starting in chrome .
This is annoying as multiple steps are then needed to get the browser to show the remote desktop in full screen mode.
I'm running Win 10 Pro 64 bit and Google Chrome Version  68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I have included images of the RDP session starting and logging in. Previously with Google Chrome (and still with Firefox and Microsoft Edge) a separate RDP task icon appears on the task bar with full-screen capability.
Windows 7 Desktop not receiving DNS settings from DHCP Server and static DNS settings automatically reset at reboot. Never seen static entries reset like this.
Is there any software that can record desktop screen. I am working on a SAP project which requires picking data 1 by 1 from the excel file and then  going to SAP field and thus saving it.
I have several folders that i sync from a different domain. I have 3 files in various local locations from the other domain that I can't copy anywhere. The files are ALL named RUN. Other files in the same location/folder copy fine. The server i'm trying to copy from is running Server 2012. The worst location (by length) is \\serverName\sharename\xxx\name\xxx\name\name\name\folder   There are 3 files in the folder, and all copy EXCEPT RUN  Right clicking on the RUN file results in about a minute delay before a menu appears, then IF i can hit copy, I paste the file to my desktop (same network), but receive the error:

 There is a problem accessing shared folder path. Make sure you are connected to the network and try again.

The other files in the folder copy fine and are twice the size of RUN. RUN is 92KB. I can try to reverse, and go from the sync server to my machine, and that errors too.

I have turned off Windows Search, Because the file is so small, I thought about permissions, so I have gone to the root folder and forced "replace all child object permissions with entries from this folder" All files have the same permissions. I copied the file to the ROOT of the share, still won't copy.. I copied it to the C; of the server (share is on different letter) and after the long delay from right click, then longer delay after hitting copy, it will copy to my desktop.
i have heavy computations i need to run in excel.

i am looking for suggestions on a cloud based service that has a lot of CPUs in a desktop like environment for me to have a UI, like
I have 2 computers for my home network. a desktop and a laptop. both are windows 10 1803. I want to view files on the laptop which are on the desktop. I have shared the folders in file explorer but I cannot see the desktop from the laptop. I can see the laptop from the desktop but can't open any folders or files that I set up sharing with. How can I get this to work? I don't want to bring one drive into the mix. I have local accounts on each computer and they are set up as administrators and I have shared them with full rights.
I have a client that is running some production critical software on 4 separate desktops, all different hardware but essentially all they require is a serial port and multi display graphics card.
There is currently no decent backup on these devices and the hardware is out of warranty.
I'm looking to implement some backup and redundancy so in the event of a hardware failure we can minimise the time to recover the systems.
My thought process is to replace all 4 machines with new hardware, get supplier next business day warranty for parts and install backup software on each should the OS get hit with anything nasty and require a rebuild.
I will also suggest buying a standby system to take over immediately should there be a hardware failure (unless it’s the hard drive)
I would like to backup each system every hour to a central backup server located onsite and from here have the capacity to restore an image of the backup to the standby desktop.
Is there any backup software you would recommend that could perform this? We currently use a datto as our go to backup but there solution requires a monthly fee that performs cloud backup (cloud backups are not required)
I'm thinking possibly Acronis or Veeam from what I've read but haven't made contact with their sales yet, Thought I would ask here to save me the pain of the usual sales process so when I do call I know exactly what product I want
Any help would be much appreciated
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On a Dell optiplex 3050, it has HDMI and DP video ports

The DP port is connected to a Dell H2216 monitor (that monitor also has 1 other port - a VGA port.

The user is asking for a 2 screen experience.

Is that doable on the 3050? Using the HDMI port to another monitor? Or a video card? any recommendation on a video card that would support 2 screens. NOT for anything exotic / fast refresh... just email / word / things like that.

THey are looking at this as a kluge -- they want to use the OLD VGA monitor as the 2nd monitor... thoughts on that? It's an OLD monitor so getting a newer monitor would be an easy pitch to them.  2 the same size / model woudl be good.  Can we just get 2 monitors with DP and HDMI ports on them (or can you convert DP to HDMI or the other way around?)  and connect using the 2 current video ports on the desktop computer?

my problem is when i tray to use Remote desktop to server 2012 i find error .
it was working before can any one help ?
thanks  a lot
Dear all,

I have a Macbook Pro configured in my company with a parallel desktop installed. Windows 10 Enterprise version 1803 is installed and updated.
The issue is that I am not able to configure o365 email on the outlook application as you can see in the below screenshots. Even, I am not able to login through the Internet explore.
I tried ipconfig /flushdns , reset IE settings, cleaned cookies, history and everything then change the DNS to Last thing I did is installed MalwareBytes and it catches some cookies and other stuff.
 Is there anything else I can do please?
In ADCU, when I add/create a User to a Security Group, the Security Group doesn't show up in "GPResult /r" under the heading "This User is part of the following Security Groups." This happens to existing Users, new Users, and on ALL Systems connected to the Domain. Becuase of this, Security rights are not being applied to the systems for the epecific User, and they're losing functionality. However, if I add the "Domain Admin" group to their Security Group, everything works as it should; all Security Groups now show up in "GPResult /r" under "This User is part of the following Security Groups." If i go into ADCU and check the User Security Group, all the memberships show up correctly.

My Process is as follows:
1) Create/edit User in ADCU
2) Add User to the "Local Admin," and "Remote Desktop Users" Security Goup.
3) Log User on to ANY system in the Domain
4) Run "GPResult /r" on the system to check the User Security Groups to find they're missing.
5) Try to perfrom Local Admin tasks >>> fail
6) Try to RDP to ANY system on the Domain >>>> fail

My configuration is as follows:
1) 1 DC, 1 Site, 1 Forrest

If I add the "Domain Admin" Security Group, keeping the other Groups, everything works as it should; the correct groups show up, and User can perfrom associated actions. If i remove the "Domain Admins" group, Keeping the other Groups, everything fails; correct Groups do NOT show up, and User can NOT perfrom associated actions.

DCDIag and Repadminn commands come …

I do not know the WebSphere MQ environment and I have to remove two queues manager and 2 channel.
Which mq commands from unix command line should I use?

Here are the current queues, with the flag "to be canceled   >>>>" those to be removed.

display CHANNEL (*)

to be canceled   >>>>display CHANNEL (EAIINTATL1.ZI6E3IT)             CHLTYPE(RCVR)
to be canceled   >>>>display CHANNEL (ZI6E3IT.EAIINTATL1)             CHLTYPE(SDR)

   start chl (ZI6E3IT.OTOEAI1_INT)

QUEUE(MN1U)                             TYPE(QLOCAL)

to be canceled   >>>>#ZI6E3ITQA2
display CHANNEL(ATLASINT.ZI6E3.01)              CHLTYPE(RCVR)
display CHANNEL(ZI6E3.ATLASINT.01)              CHLTYPE(SDR)

to be canceled   >>>>#ZI6E3ITQA3
When users connect to the terminal server, the Start menu is immediately displayed. Need to View the desktop directly at startup or logon on Windows Server 2012 RDS

I Don't have Windows 2012 R2.  My Windows est Windows Server 2012 RDS.

Please help me.  I don't find anything for this sujet.

Thank you.
Our company has  multiple users on a domain based network. All workstations are connected to our Windows server. We want to block our users from using whatsapp desktop app from running but without blocking their internet connection.
hello all,

i am trying to create a Query to find out which workstations have particular application shortcut. I mean we want to check which machine have specific application shortcut on their desktop.

I am beginner to Cisco , and I would like to pass through video stream multicast address 239.x.x.x. from one site to other site . I have created Site to Site VPN tunel. both sites are using Cisco ASA 5510. the Site to site VPN  tunneling is working properly...I can use remote desktop on the other site using the private ip adress. I would like to know what are the access rules or NAT  should be applied  in order to feed the  video stream to one site to other. and how can I check that the stream is working

Thank you

Yuor fast response is much appreciated
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Hi expert

Please kindly assist the RDP license was rejected the remote connection.

How to resolve the following or remove the access.
i want to be able to provide remote access to our network users so they can access their desktops from home. this is s relatively small scale affair with say 4 users on one network having remote access to their desktops from home or when on the move.

i have several sites that need this facility.

most of the products i have found seem to be for support like us wanting to access multiple sites to provide remote support.

looking at teamviewer it only allows a single connection at one time, unless you go for the corporate edition, then it provides 3.

can anyone recommend a remote access product, that is aimed at the end user getting access to their own desktops, allowing more than one connection at once?

that was one of the good parts of small business server, which we are now replacing with 2016 server running a couple of virtual machines for dc and exchange.

providing a suitable replacement for this part, is being more difficult than i imagined.

any advice appreciated.
Dear brother and sister, i have about 5 Desktop HDD, and my question is: is it possible to combine them into one  with power and sata cable and with 1 usb cable to make it as external HDD?
Note: Photo in attached.

Thanks in advance.
It opens up remote desktop but does not fill in username or password.
Have issue with User Profiles loading on my VDI environment. I am using VMware 5.0 and View 5.2 to manage desktops. I have enough licenses for 90 people to login and currently maybe 60 can logon and 30 are dead in the water. I checked the event logs I had a DRS error 2 days ago but eventually disappeared. Resources and space issue checked to be fine. The error people are getting when they logon to a desktop is " The User Profile Service service failed the logon user profile cannot be loaded" . Win 7 is running on the desktops (VDI). Thanks.
is it possible to create a spreadsheet which will automatically assign date and time in one cell on the action?
I would like to scan a barcode in cell A1 and when I scan, excel will automatically assign date and time (with minutes and seconds if can) of that scan in cell B1. So I can track when was each scan created or scanned.
Also, is it possible to create VBA scrips where that Excel spreadsheet will automatically on a predefined time in a day do file/save as on specific folder in Desktop?
Thanks in advance.






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.