A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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We have 3 VMware servers to be migrated to 3 new 2019 VMware Servers.

What are the best practices and easier methods to do the migration?

My boss said that SEPM migration is very easy inside the Symantec website, i have not found the documentation yet.

File server migration - i keep seeing windows admin centre, my customer servers are on-prem, anyone knows of a website with a step by step guide on how to do the migration of file server and remote desktop server?
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Hi experts - I have a client with a deliverable due on Monday.. so I'm under the gun...

Basically we need users from the AD Global Security Group, "company rdpusers" to receive a limited desktop with just the one icon and prevent them from creating any additional shortcuts, using shortcut keys etc...

I've been working on this for a couple of days and have found out how to lock this down for all users, but I just want this for the specific user group...

Any thoughts or advise would be most welcome!
My client has an HP Omen 880-1xx desktop pc running Windows 10 home. This has 16GB of Intel Optane memory and a 2TB regular mechanical hard drive.  I want to replace this with a Samsung NVME drive that will go into the Optane memory slot.  I'm thinking I will create an image of the current configuration onto a regular Samsung 860 EVO SSD then clone that drive onto the NVME drive.  I tried booting Acronis True Image but that did not see the Optane accelerated C drive. Are there any tools or a procedure that will allow me to do this?
Hi all,

Not sure where to start to solve this. Here we go.

I have a user who is trying to get some files so he can perform his consulting duties.
He was shared a link from our client to join a team within their Domain (now on ClientDom).

When he clicks the link he was emailed, teams opens up and says he's been invited to ClientDom and click continue to switch to that account(Teams considers joining another domain as switching to a newly created user-account within that domain).

All well and good. So my user clicks the continue button and teams does its cute scrolly thing with all the faces as if it is loading while it presumably creates the guest@ClientDom account and logs in.

But when it finishes "loading", it has returned to the same screen it just came from prompting to click continue to join the ClientDom.

We have tried this with both links in the email, and with the online app as well as the desktop Teams application. Same result in all cases, it loads as if it is contacting their tenant.

I've also thumbed through all of the Teams Policies in the admin center, to find I can restrict guest access from our tenant, but am hard-pressed to adjust Anything about our users in Guest-mode if you will... (Makes sense to me Tenants can protect their own information but not effect other tenants unless explicitly shared.)

Another thing; we are only one of several firms which our client shares files/information for consulting, so, this is not …
We have a major problem with Windows 10 user profile.

On some occasions after a power outage, or only after a reboot to complete Windows updates. The users lose all his local profile, the system restart with a brand new default profile. No more files on the desktop, no favorites, Outlook signatures, Documents and Downloads.

Some time, we are able to recover the files if System restore is enable (Shadow Copy). If it is not enable, the user is losing all his settings and files.

The versions of Windows 10 affected are 1709 and 1809.

This is not related to the early bug of 1809. It happens after a reboot, not a feature upgrade.
This is not due to the creation of a temporary profile, in this case, we are able to recover the files easily.

I thought that local profile is safe, but it's not.

Anyone aware of a Windows Update to fix this problem?
Are you backing up user profiles on your network?

Added December 14, 2019
By the nature of the answers received, I will clarify some points.

- This is an initial installation of Windows 10 (1709 or 1809) and never been upgraded.
- Profile folder (c:\users) contain only folders for other users and a fresh default user folder with his username.
- This could happen to any users, must of the users affected told me that it is after restarting  due to Windows Update. Others, after a power outage, but might due to Windows update cause the power outage forced a reboot.
- We are using WSUS, updates are approved by me and…
Hi, for quite some time I used Google Drive File Stream to sync/link my Windows Documents, Photos, Videos, etc., folders to GDrive.  I created folders named for those in GDrive, then pointed Windows' location to that location in GDrive (G:\My Drive\Desktop for example).  In the Drive File Stream app, these folders are all set to be 100% available offline.  

When I start Windows, I get an error stating that "G:\My Drive" is unavailable -- and desktop icons are missing, as well as any app icons I've pinned to taskbar.  

This wasn't always the case -- this is fairly new.  Previously the desktop and taskbar would appear as normal with all aspects in place.  Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on?  

Thank you!
Acrobat stopped today for no apparent reason.   I uninstalled it then reinstalled it, but when I click the shortcut on the desktop, nothing happens.   Adobe tech support suggest that because I have both AVG and Malwarebytes installed, that was the problem.
We have 2 x Remote App Collections (1 x remoteapp published app collection and 1 x Session Host) which have security filtering on the collection set to a user group.  

Server 1 is the RDS session host, Server 2 is the Remoteapp collection host and Server 3 is the gateway, connection broker and web access server.

We have pushed out the web feed URL in GPO to machines and these are received fine.  However the remoteapps do not seem to update to the user via the webfeed however if we log in to the Web Access site, the apps are there and work fine.

Its like the webfeed is not updating server side?

Alternative methods to Disk2VHD to create a vhdx of a desktop to be opened in Hyper-V
A number of our users have to use GoToMeeting for attending training. When they run GoToMeeting it re installs and adds a file to their AppData folder. I have found that this folder keeps growing to the point several users had used 2 to 3 gb of space on the C drive of the server. Is there any way to prevent GoToMeeting from doing this?
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Management team wants a directory document as a part of everyone's Windows profile to sit on each desktop.  I figured this can be done through group policy.  I just need to be pointed in the direction of some instructions.
I have a few sites that are currently using RDS to share remote desktops so students can access a few legacy apps from “dumb” RDP terminals and/or Windows 10 computers in a lab setting.  I would like to covert these labs to chrome based os to solve some security and reduce hardware requirements.  The issue I have is when accessing a Share RDS Application the browser (Firefox or Chrome) requires the RDP client be installed.  Does anyone have any recommendations or RDS replacement (I know Citrix can) that would be inexpensive and easily managed?
Trying to import a Purchase Order from Google Sheets into Quickbooks Desktop. I found an IIF Template but it is very hard to look at and make sense of it all. Does anyone have a Purchase Order Template that will work with Quickbooks?
Windows wallpaper becomes black, we are using windows domain group policy to deploy it and it is added the shared file location in User Configuration- Administrative Templates - Desktop- Desktop -Desktop wallpaper. Also enabled the option in User Configuration- Administrative Templates - Desktop- Desktop -Enable Active Desktop.
It is happening with few systems and started suddenly, we tried gpupdate /force, logoff & logon, restarted, but still, the desktop wallpaper is showing black screen.

Can anyone help to find a permanent solution to solve this?
We have put in a new 2019 server in.
All is going well, However one of the Windows 10 machines can't log in.

We changed the Tick box to off,  so it is no longer running Network Level Authentication

This fixes the issue however login is slower. And its not really the fix I want. just seems like a work around.

How do I fix this correctly?
What is the best desktop search for Windows 10? I used to use Google desktop search and it was great but it disappeared years ago. Also, how can I search Google drive for specific file extensions (not necessarily the typical types like doc, xlsx ...)
I have active directory and I am set the home folder directory
I want to prevent map drive when user logging user using remote desktop or map any drive on it.
I am helping a client of mine with some AV issues. They have two desktops that are pushing out Powerpoint presentations to large flatscreens in a lobby area. But the problem here is the way they have the connections going to the large screens. If you notice in the photos they basically have pieced connections together to get something going on the Screens. I want to get a device that will take the display port coming off the desktops and go to a device that will connect the flatscreens and eliminate all this clutter. The client is reporting that the presentations tend to stop running and freeze up. I checked everything on the machine in relation to any hibernation or powering down etc etc. unless there is something Im missing i dont know what else can be done about it

What would you suggest as a secure portable desktop with portable apps to be installed on a USB key?
I have seen a suite which installs portable apps however it's easily accessible and the USB is not protected even with a password, which is dangerous.
Is there anything you recommend which is secure?
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Hi Experts,

we have remote desktop servers running in our domain.
But the license is always lost after one week.
The RDS license server is a WIN2016 machine.

Do you have any idea ?
Dear All,

            I have some desktop computer in-placed upgraded from window 7 to window 10, after that we found some computer when opening file explorer, and it will close it itself, having google it from web, i found below solution, but i found that the manage paging file sizes for all drives option is checked in the first place, any more idea ?

Try resetting File Explorer (explorer.exe) Process:

 1. Press Windows Key + R and type SYSDM.CPL in Run. Click OK or press Enter key.

 2. In System Properties window, switch to Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance.

 3. Next, in Performance Options, under Processor scheduling, make sure that Adjust for best performance of: is set to Programs.

 4. Then in the same window, under Virtual memory, click Settings button.

 5. On Virtual Memory page, make sure Automatically manage paging file sizes for all drives option is checked. Click OK, then Apply, OK on rest of windows.

 6. Reboot the machine and see if issue is resolved now.

 Let us know if this helps!

Hi,  I have RDS 2016 and TMG server 2010, internally RDS works fine, externally it is not working, I get an error message: "Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because the Remote Desktop Gateway server is temporarily unavailable. Try reconnecting later or contact your network administrator for assistance."
Running RDC client, we get to type the user name and password but after that, it is stuck in "Initiating remote connection" and after a while it just show the error message above.
Any ideas what is wrong please?
I would like to know for centos server and centos desktop without using windows active directory or win 10 clients
What are services need to be installed on centos server and what business apps need to be installed on cent os client
For example in windows env server has Active directory,Sql ,Exchange ,Iis,Sap , Network Printers and win 10 client join active directory and we map network path  for data and printers as we have outlook connected to exchange and most apps either have client as sap or web based
How will be the scenario with centos 7 servers and centos desktops in Business environment??
I'm getting the old "Preparing Windows" message when logging in as a roaming user to a brand new machine. Afterwards, the temporary profile message came up--but since it's roaming, nothing saved in registry to try the .bak fixes.

I reset the PC and got the same, but then tried my own desktop and much quicker, but same temp message "We can't sign into your account. Try signing out" etc etc.

I see DistributedCOM errors/warnings in the system log but not much else.
We have a client that wondered if there's a way to stop users saving to their desktop.  i warned that we wouldn't be able to do deny permissions or anything like that on their own desktop as it can cause problems.  but i didn't know if anyone knew of a third party tool that could do this for us, or a way to display a message if they attempt to save to the desktop?






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.