A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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We have both Tripwire and Cimtrak.  Tripwire is up and running normally and can capture and run reports just fine.  On the other side, our Cimtrak is not up and running 100%.  Is there a way to mimic Tripwire's policy and bring it into Cimtrak?  We wanted to capture information regarding PCI and other security models, but I'm new to both Tripwire and Cimtrak.
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Price Your IT Services for Profit

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I need a good strategy for deploying UPS units for desktops and laptops across my organization. We are fairly spread out geographically and I don't want to spend all my time running around replacing batteries. Are the batteries fairly standard? I am thinking I can order a bunch of replacement batteries to have on hand when batteries need to be replaced.

As far as what type to purchase, I am more worried about irregular power (brownouts and surges) and less worried about data loss. What's the best value for my needs as far as model lines e.g. APC Back-UPS vs APC Back-UPS-Pro?
We have a client that has just kitted out a conference room with a large display and conference kit, including camera and microphone. There is a pc connecting all of this together running Windows V10 pro. (internet connected)

This client would like to share the desktop and be able to invite people to join them for private presentations, skype meetings etc.

We use a lot of Microsoft products, but are having a great deal of trouble finding out from Microsoft exactly what we need to use / buy to do this.

Can anyone advise what is required? Please bear in mind that this is a stand alone computer. No local teams or groups that we need to communicate with, these will all be external clients.

We considered Skype for Business, but this requires a dedicated local server, which we don't have here. Someone suggested Teams, but again we are unsure whether everyone would need teams themselves to take part, and even whether we can share our desktop using this.

Can anyone suggest the best solution for this stand alone meeting room?

Any advice much appreciated.

Many thanks.
Maybe I'm overthinking this, but how can I mirror a PC screen (or extend) to a TV across the room without using an HDMI cable or similar and without using WiFi? The PC is a regular wired desktop PC. I believe I've seen products in the past that could do this without wifi, but everything I find now requires wifi. While I could perhaps purchase a wifi USB dongle for the PC, I've seen this cause network issues when a wired and wireless network are both active on a single PC, so I'd prefer to avoid that.

How can I save all Outlook  2016 attachments from a specific folder for emails which was manually created into a folder on your desktop?
We now have a 23 inch Acer monitor and a Samsung 17 inch monitor. A Lenovo desktop ThinkCentre M Series which is about 8 years old.
It has a VGA port and a display board.
How do we utilize two monitors with this one system. Both the hookup and getting content of webpages on the two monitors. If looking inside the tower any way to know of the computer can support both monitors. Thanks.
New Samsung Android phone is no longer updating contacts from Outlook.  
Prior to switching to a new phone, whenever I added a contact into my Outlook on my computer, the information would update in the contacts on my phone. Now that I have setup outlook on my phone, I cannot get the updates to show up when I add or change a contact in my Outlook on my desktop.  
I did notice that the new Outlook mobile version (which comes with my O365 subscription), does not have an actual contact section.  
I'm running Outlook 2016 on the desktop.
The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7.
I have a client who is running a Citrix remote desktop environment and they need to access some legacy file shares and applications from an old domain.  The client would like to use a service account to access the legacy applications and cache the username and password so that the other Citrix users can access them with out being promoted for credentials.

The client is currently going through file explorer to the IP address of the machine, then when prompted puts in the credentials of the service account and then ticks the box to connect always using that account.

My understanding is that this is stored in Windows Vault for the user account, not sure if it is possible to use the cached credentials across all Citrix users ?
Excel 2016 (standard) is slow (takes about 1 minute and a half) to open spreadsheet and when it finally opens it has this as an error:

"" cannot be accessed. The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding.

When the file is copied from the network share to the desktop it opens quickly (as expected) without any delay and also has no error and is ready top be edited (as expected).

Here is what i have tried so far:

removed any protection mode settings
turned off validate links on open
repaired office
replaced hard drive
reinstalled windows 10 pro 64 bit and office 2016 standard 32 bit

When i reached this point i decided to tried opening the same file at the same network shared location from another windows 10 pro 64 machine and got the same exact behavior.

This makes me believe it may be something related to the VPN tunnel setup between the location and the destination (HQ) where the San in question is located.

What in the VPN tunnel should i look for that could cause this type of behavior. Also i tried to look for microsoft support phone number for office 2016 standard and i am unable to find onw - it wants me to log in to get the number but i dont have the creds for this license. Does anyone have the specific office support number for this version of office 2106 standard 32 bit? It is not office 365 as far as i can tell and it has a serial key.

Thanks in advance for any help you could supply!
Is there a free software that works like remote desktop or citrix which you can install on window and find ways to connect like teamviewer?
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Working with Windows 2012 R2 remote desktop services. Is there a way to identify under which user login an event is logged? For example, application errors that are in the event log but I'd like to know under which login the error occurred. Or Outlook logs that it has unloaded an add-in but I see no way to identify the user account which logged the event.
I have one desktop with Outlook 2016 and we are trying to add the user's GMAIL account into Outlook. After several tries, I can see test emails sent to the my gmail accounts using port 587 TSL. But IMAP connection still not working. IMAP connecton is on port 993 SSL - the error is secure connection cannot be establish with server.

On Gmail, I have already turned on POP and IMAP and I have turned on Basic Auth (allow lesels secure apps)

I then installed Thunderbird on that computer and then setting up the account, I get this strange certification error (pls see attached). I have blurted out the CN name. The CN Name is not Google or gmail, etc.

1) Do you reckon that the problem could be due to this certificate? Looks like a self-signed one
2) How do I locate this certificate? Its not installed on the computer, DC, or the Web servers? Is there a way to find where this is installed on the network
3) Assuming its not the certificate issue, how do get Outlook to connect to Gmail.
I have a request to give a new administrative assistant that has been approved for access the CEOs calendar. In the old days I would just show the CEO how to grant access to another user from his local Outlook, but in this case I do not know him. We all work in remote offices and I would have to try to get him to take my call, explain the situation and convince him to share his desktop with me. I would much rather just do it through Exchange if possible. We are running Exchange 2010 and I am a Domain Admin and have all other rights on our network. Is there a way through the exchange server or maybe powershell ? We are running Exchange 2010. If I can just enter a simple command and avoid a long explanation and convincing someone I do not know to give me access to his machine, that would be great
Hello, I need a fast computer for business use, and an all in one computer would be ideal. I found two that I think may be good on ebay and it seems like a pretty good deal. Can someone else take a look and let me know what the best deal is?

option 1 (new) $800, touch screen

option 2 (refurb) $400, NOT touch screen

Or if anyone knows of another deal, feel free to recommend another model
In an environment in which a desktop computer is using an Nvidia GTX 1050 video card, a Dell monitor is plugged into this card's DVI port.  From the HDMI next to the DVI port, an HDMI cable is going to an Inland HDMI 5 port splitter's HDMI In port from the HDMI outport an HDMI cable is going to an Iogear cat5 HDMI extender to two Vizio televisions.  A program titled Media Shout is installed that requires the computer to be set to Extend displays and works fine.  But for some reason if we want to Duplicate the display, the television screens go black.
Have Windows Server 2016 set up with redirected folders so that the user's desktop and documents are on the server.  Normally, the user logging into a new computer will receive the user's desktop from the server. If a computer is not updating the user's desktop from the server, what would be the problem?
I have dual monitors at home with my home pc.  I have a corporate laptop (newer Dell).  Is there any universal docking station with a KVM switch that I can setup to switch between my laptop and desktop so the I can use the dual monitors with either configuration?  

Any recommendations appreciated.
where do I find the setting to undo the lock that is enabled by GPO to restrict a desktop wallpaper from being changed?
I recently began doing contract work for a small company with offices at 2 locations.  Their server (Windows Server 2012 r2) is at one location and contains their QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise company files.  The remote location accesses the server data via VPN through their firewalls.  QuickBooks is extremely slow over VPN.  Their solution was to use Teamviewer and have each person connect to a computer at the local location to work on QuickBooks.  They have 4 remote QuickBooks users, so 4 computers are tied up.

They recently tried using a hosted environment and everyone would do a remote desktop session to it and work.  The local users didn't like that since it added steps to their process.  The remote users loved it.

Why can't I create a "hosted environment" on their server?  4 virtual desktops they could connect to simultaneously.  Does anyone have any other ideas, suggestions, and instructions on doing something like this?  They all have windows computers and are all on one workgroup.  They do not have PRO software.
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Busting 5 common myths about IT jobs.

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I am having issues scanning to a folder with a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C250iF  printer/scanner.  I am trying to scan to a shared folder on a windows 10 desktop.  The scan user has read/write permissions under the file share and under the advanced sharing the user has full control.  I can browse to this folder on any other computer in the network with the scan user.  However, when I try to scan to the folder from the Canon scanner it gives an error that says there is no connectivity to the destination.

The canon printer is setup in the address book under one touch with the following configuration:

File SMB
Host (not the actual IP)
PATH      \scan                  (when I browse to this from another computer works fine \\\scan)
username  scan
password  xxxxxx

I also tried using the Windows Fax and Scan program in combination with the Canon Color_Network_Scan_2 driver/application.  The Color_Network_Scan_2 finds the printer with no problem, but the Windows Fax and Scan program still fails to work.  Has anyone else ran into this issue?

We have an issue with offline files for users who use multiple computers.


Windows 10 / 1 Desktop with No Offline Files (at workplace)
Windows 10 / 1 Laptop with Offline Files (at home)

Both domain joined and laptop has DirectAccess.  

We have issues with the laptop that doesn't seem to want to update with the latest files consistently.  Sometimes the user will logon on the laptop and see an older version of the file.  The user then opens it and saves it loosing all work done on the desktop almost on a consistent basis.  I am assuming that this happens before DirectAccess est. connection + Offline Sync process happens.

Is there a way to force Offline Sync during logon via PS or script?  I tried looking but the GPO settings for this are only for older OSes.
I am setting up some new company workstations which are connected to a Domain. I have been unsuccessfuly trying to apply Group policies to the machines but with no luck.

The GPO is linked to the OU and the Scope filter is set to Authenticated Users.

I am trying to control the Desktop background Wallpaper, set the Power and screen timeouts, hide the run command and other system admin options like the Control Panel.

I am using a Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller with AD installed and the workstations are running Windows 10

Can someone provide some suggestions for reliable and easy-to-use remote access or screen sharing solutions?

I have been using a free service from TeamViewer for several years but since their latest version, I get a pop-up whenever I attempt remote access which states I am required to upgrade to a paid service in order to have that functionality.

By the way, my screen sharing needs are not commercial, but personal (due to paralysis from quadriplegia).

I have a desktop PC as well as a hybrid laptop/tablet and both are running Windows 10. I want to have unattended access in either direction so that I can transfer files as well as see and work on one system from the other.

I'm sure there are a number of different solutions but I'm hopeful that someone here can point me to one which they have found to be simple, straightforward and reliable — and preferably free.

A number of our customers are interested in upgrading their copies of Office, but we're concerned about steering them towards Office 365 if it's missing IT-centric features where the desktop apps are concerned.  In particular, we need to be able to control the desktop apps with Group Policy, perform mass deployments, and control the update 'cadence'.

1)  Does Office 365 support the use of Group Policy for its desktop Office apps, and to the same degree that 2019 does?  Do you have to subscribe to a particular O365 plan to get this, like ProPlus, or do all plans allow Group Policy control?

2) Can we use deployment tools other than SCCM to deploy O365, or does it have to be installed manually?

3)  Can we control when O365 updates get installed, and how?  Can it be managed with WSUS?

4)  Are there any other drawbacks or shortcomings of the O365 desktop apps that we should be aware of, from an IT management and 'centralization' point of view?

Thanks for your help!
Gmail not working with Outlook. I have set Gmail to use IMAP but it is still not loading email into Outlook. I have tried on a desktop and mobile. Anyone had luck?






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.