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A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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At our office we use one shared office email address and are receiving e-mails to 10 locations via Outlook 2007. The last few months email are not showing up on on every desktop (for many years they did). I have reconfirmed they all have "leave a copy of messages on server" checked.

We are not against upgrading versions but it's a large expenditure and we would only do that if we were sure that solves the problem.

Separating the emails (one per station) is not a viable option since everyone check the general email box.

Any ideas?
Free Tool: Site Down Detector
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I have a program that was written in Paradox (DOS version) and I didn't write this program someone else did.  I've had to move it to a Windows 7 machine but it won't run.  I then installed XP Mode.  I can run the program from the actual folder that it's in but if I make a shortcut on the desktop, it won't run.  Any suggestions??
Over the past year, I have purchased MS Visio 4 different times using Volume Licensing Services.

When I look in the Volume Licensing Services website, it shows that each of the keys has 50 activations available.

A couple of the purchases were for multiple users.

How do I track if I still have licenses available?, since my understanding is:

1) The same user can install MS Visio on both their laptop and desktop and only require one seat.
2) The totals are activations and not users. So If I purchase a new computer for a user, and install the same key on their new computer, it now shows as a 2nd activation even though only 1 license is required.

For example, one purchase was for 2 user licenses. I can see that the activation count is 2, but is that a laptop and desktop for the same user or 2 separate user installs.
I'm faced with a new issue that I can't seem to find anyone else having posted about on here or via Google Search (unless I'm not using good enough keywords in my search).

We have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga with Windows 10 Pro that can't seem to Remote Desktop to ANY computer when trying to use her specific username. Through a series of troubleshooting steps via process of elimination, I determined she can Remote Desktop to 3 of 3 PCs in her office if she logs in as a different user. But on all 3 of these other PCs, it attempts to login, only goes to a black screen, then disconnects saying: "Failed to reconnect to your remote session. Please try to connect again."

Though, as I was typing this up -- I just realized it's not absolutely specific to just her username. There's now a second username on one of the PCs she gets the same error/problem with, but on some of the other PCs, she CAN login as other users -- just not hers. Wow.

The logs under Event Viewer seem to tell me it's logging in, as I see "Remote Desktop Services: User authentication succeeded:"

That explains why, if I'm logged in via Remote Desktop from another PC (which works fine with the username in question), I get kicked out -- even though the other PC (with the consistent problems) stays on a black screen for a few more seconds before getting the error above.

One thing is for certain: The issue is consistent with her ThinkPad X1 Yoga and consistent with her Username on all 3 of these Desktops. …
Hi.  I am a small MSP and so far have not really needed a way for customers to send help requests via an icon in the system tray or something similar.  they just call or email us.   But as things get bigger, I am finding it would be more helpful.  I am looking for a something that would allow the customer to click on an icon in system tray and they could send in a service request.  This program could also be monitoring the desktop for issues.   Also, could be integrated with the anti-virus program.  Looking for ideas and something affordable, being a small company here.
We have just recently set up and have deployed 150 phones using the Meraki MDM +Android, so far so good. My question is, is there a way of deploying a link that will appear on the desktop? So far I have the backpack item that appears in SM but need it on the desktop


Hi I have a network that is cat5 connections that has good fast internet and RDP into a cloud based windows 2008 R2 server. It make connection logs in ok then while you are working it times out and goes through the reconnect process 1of what ever until it connects again. Some times it won't reconnect but most of the time it does. You can ping the ip of the server and it does not time out. Does anyone have any ideas?

Sometimes when receiving an important mail, that might be relevant to a planner Project, it would be Nice to be able to add informaion directly to planner or make a New planner case.

Also a planner desktop app With Notifications would be awesome. Is there a desktop app for Microsoft Planner? Please share the link
Hey guys,
I have a user with an issue with his remote desktop display.  The RDP file is set to view via full screen. He had his laptop connected to a TV.  When moving RDP session to the TV, it does not display in full screen and it shows scroll bars.  When I do a ctrl alt break, I get it on full screen and the scroll bars are even worse.  He wants the display of the RDP session to match the external screen exactly.  I don't think that there will be a solution to this so I think I will have to end up giving him a different remote access solution, but I wanted to see if you guys had any ideas first.
My Application was developed in Lightswitch Framework using Silverlight. This is a desktop based application interacting with Database and fetching records , However it has been giving errors for few users. The errors point to Sivlerlight website which doesn't have great answers either. here is the URL where the error points me to. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=106663&Version=5.1.50907.00&File=mscorlib.dll&Key=Arg_TargetInvocationException

There was an interesting finding on this one. When I locally login to my laptop and try running the application , it gives error, However when I try to RDP into my machine and work on this application, it just works fine.
Also, attaching a screenshot of the Error.
Reinstalling Silverlight did not help either..

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Starting today, I can no longer remote into a couple of PCs at the office.  They are both using the latest build of Win 10.  PCs on the same network, not yet upgraded to 1709, work fine. Remote Desktop Connection does not work on or off the network with or without a RD Gateway.  The problem appears only on 1709 version.  
Is there a fix for this?
Used to login to the virtual servers through the client windows remote desktop. Suddenly it refused me logging and displayed error message "AN AUTHENTICATION ERRO HAS OCCURED; "the local security authority cannot be contacted"
Suddenly PaperPort 14 will not allow the saving of files on the PaperPort desktop using the dragging method. Copy and Paste still works however.
Okay... Here's the situation. I have sort of inherited a system. I have a 'working' location and a new location we are creating. Horizon View 7. We use dedicated pools with static machines assigned to users. There is a mix of both Win7 and Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu and something else I can't remember). All the VM's have to autologin to a desktop with a local user. This is a requirement that can't be changed. According to users in the other location, they are able to connect to their running VM's with no issues and it connects to the running session. In testing the new environment, this doesn't work. We get the resource busy or unavailable error. On my Win7 VM that I am testing with, I have installed the console plugin. This allows me to connect directly to the VM with a user already logged in, but I'm prompted for the local user account. Connecting to the Horizon server, does not work. The VM's we started working with at the beginning of this were VM's from the other location. Now we are building from scratch.

We've had our networking guys investigate it was well and according to them, this is all connected at the switch level and nothing is being blocked. I would not rule out networking though.

Any ideas what the issue is or if what we need to do is even possible? I've been told to make this work even though it does seem like it would be easier to just allow console access.
Have an HP PC1-1113w desktop that has now giving us low memory errors when scanning more than 2-3 pages. It has 6 GB total RAM on a 2GB card and a 4GB card.  Through Windows 7 Task Manager usable RAM is showing around 800 Meg, even though available RAM is almost 4GB.

Got desperate for any solution, even simply tried swapping Memory cards in their slot locations.  Actually worked for about 10 minutes and showed all the available RAM as being usable.  Then, back to the BS it was doing earlier.

The HP branded BIOS is nearly useless for making real changes, and no chipset/RAM adjustments are even listed.

The scanner is a Canon MFP Imageclass unit.  Could it's software be holding some memory hostage?  If so, it's not obvious by examining Task manager performance and application screens.

This is a 64bit Windows 7 system.

Thanks in advance
Gale W.

I am setting up a AWS server for my company and I have used an Ubuntu 16.04 server AMI.

In order to allow GUI access I have installed XRDP and the Mate (v 1.12.1) desktop (click here to see the instructions I followed)


After some initial permissions problems with the 'ubuntu/.config' folder I have been able to log in successfully. HOWEVER when I log in I am getting duplicate 'desktop furniture' in that I have two system menus, two workspace controllers, two trash cans and two 'power control' icons (top-right corner - looks like an old toggle switch)

Also when I select the restart the machine (from the top-right drop-down menu) it doesn't always take effect - sometimes I have to do it twice. I suspect I am selecting the wrong menu from the two that are there.

If I log on using another user account the problem has gone - there is only one system menu etc... This shows that it is clearly a user profile setting but i have no idea how to resolve - after all I didn't double install anything.

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this ?

Example of the duplicate Mate desktop
how can i autodelete particular file name from the system using usb.  for eq if i want to delete file name tally i want all the file should get deleted once i put usb in the system.

moment we insert usb it shoud search file by the name tally or software by the same name it should delete all.

gud luck and best of luck
I had a Samsung Evo Pro SSD drive as my System drive. When it failed I found out that my backups images were bad. Major pain ensued.

I was thinking about getting a second SSD and configuring them as mirrors but Samsung said this was not a recommended configuration.

I want to go back to a mirrored System Disk but I was wondering if hybrid disks might be able to be configured as a mirror.

If it is possible would the performance improvement be noticeable. Would it be worth it?

I have Intel Raid on my 2008 Gigabyte Motherboard

Thanks in advance


I am thinking of getting some Xbox one controllers for my PC running Windows 10 either wired or wireless.

I realize will need to get the wireless adapters. However, what I am not sure is the USB speed
for these controllers. Does it really make a difference. The ports on the back are USB 2 and USB 3.


Even though the amount of data would less IO then a disk, I am concerned about latency and general performance etc.

Be interested on what people think?


What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

Hi All,
I've been using my old Palm Desktop on Windows 10, and it's worked well until two days ago when my computer crashed.
Now the Datebook, Address and Memopad .dat files won't load. They also can't be read in Notepad.
(I no longer use the handheld Palm, so there's no backup available there.)

Any suggestions for recovery of these files, or data from them?

Many thanks for any help you can provide!
All the best,
I have a remote desktop server 2016 and the remote users computers are not joined to our domain. To log on they have standard domain user accounts. Is there any way to lock this server down so that they can not web browse other than to 1 particular internal webserver.

Everything I read points to using group policy which I don't think will work since they are not domain joined PC's. I wonder is there anything in the local group policy of this Server i could enable to stop people browsing. For example I notice people can browse to our ESX Host if they knew the IP just using the web browser..yes it then wants a username and password but ideally I'd prefer them not to get that far.

Thanks in advance
I have a Desktop running Win10 Home 64bit.  The existing user account is working normally.  I created a new user account via PC Settings. After logging in as the newly created user account, I am unable to open the PC settings.  If I try to go into the taskbar properties, the window would open, and then quickly close within 1 sec.  I am able to get into the Control Panel, and open individual modules in there.

I am able to open Firefox without issue, however, Google Drive (aka Backup & Sync) crashes upon load, saying "Error creating child process".  I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but wanted to mention it.

I also tried to create a new user through CMD, but that had no affect.  The second new user I created also had the same issues.
Hi Experts

All servers are windows server 2012 R2 and domain joined. The problem is that suddenly (this is what I´ve been told...) in the server manager remote desktop services console the info. about the deployment never loads. I´ve already checked that both connection broker servers are in  the "Windows Authorization Access Group" and followed other suggestions from this thread with no success.


This is the role configuration in the deployment

PS C:\Users\administrador.XXX> Get-RDServer

Server                                             Roles
------                                             -----
SRVTS1.XXX.local                                   {RDS-RD-SERVER}
SRVTS4.XXX.local                                   {RDS-RD-SERVER}
SRVTS3.XXX.local                                   {RDS-RD-SERVER}
SRVTS2.XXX.local                                   {RDS-RD-SERVER}
SRVDC2.XXX.local                                  {RDS-LICENSING}
HOST3.XXX.local                                    {RDS-VIRTUALIZATION}
HOST2.XXX.local                                    {RDS-VIRTUALIZATION}

I want to experiment with VMs but don't know where to start.  Some questions immediately come to mind:

I can do that on Windows 10, right?
What type of machine (processor, ram, hard drive) do you need for performance to be at least a walk, rather than crawling?
I've dabbled with VMs a while ago with win 7 I think it was.  There was a premade win XP VM you could download?  For win 10, do you have to start from scratch and make your own by running the win 10 install program on the VM?

And then to run a VM, install a program to see how it works then toss out that VM and start with that same original VM clean without any remainders of the test program you put on? without having to start from scratch and reinstall win 10 all over again in a vm?

any recommendations on a tutorial  / guide that gets you up to speed on the basics of making and managing VMs?

Hi Exeprts

we have Skype for business server standard edition

it work normally with many users

but for some other users it work for chat and video calls and share desktop

but for whiteboard sharing or poll or Q&A  the user get error (( pls check the attached file ))

so the issue i think not on the server level because other users work without an issue

it is not user or server issue

it is the pc itself


i removed every security update start with KB314

but still the same

kindly advice






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.