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A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.

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I have Office 365 installed and am using OneDrive on my work account. I have shared a folder which I can see when using OneDrive in a browser, and I would like to sync this to my desktop. For example, with dropbox if i share a folder it will show in that persons file explorer, they dont have to log in on a browser, can I achieve this functionality with OneDrive?
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Experiencing strange keyboard input behavior - different brand physical keyboards and remote desktop session keyboard input incorrectly assigning characters to certain keys:  j=v, o=v, w=f, 3=f.  The capital version of these inputs produces a consistent behavior:  J=V, O=V, W=F, #=F.  This behavior is noted while typing in the user ID and/or password, before logging into a users profile, on a Windows 7 Pro PC in a domain environment.  No other computers in the domain have been reported to be experiencing this issue at this time.
Hi experts, need some help please

I am migrating a desktop app from vb6 to vb.net using vs2015.
when populating a listview I get the error "Cannot add or insert the item more than one place. You must first remove it from its current location or clon vs2015"
the vb6 code is:
Set myNode = TreeView1.Nodes("a" & CStr(x))
Set myNode.Parent = TreeView1.Nodes("a" & CStr(y))
since in vb.net I cannt set parent - the vb.net code:
myNode = TreeView1.Nodes.Item("a" & CStr(x)
 TreeView1.Nodes.Item("a" & CStr(y)).Nodes.Add(myNode)
hi citrix experts

We have in our environment Citrix users profile problem. we have XenApp 7.12

We are using Citrix user profiles and we do this via delivery controller policy

We do folder redirection for (( desktop – my documents – download – APP data – contact – links – pictures – start menus – etc ))

But recently our user profiles getting bigger so much and I found the biggest directory



I found online this links  which shoes which paths I have to include


here the configuration but with AD GPO but we use Citrix policy from delivering controller


I have two questions

1-      In the delivery controller policy, I can add the exclusion directory  and exclusion files but I don’t know the syntax

Should be like this      AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache

Or like this the all path from the shared file system     \\filerone\CTX-Profiles\%username%\UPM_Profile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache

2-      After I configure this policy and let say it worked what will happen to the data inside the old users profile some of the users has more than 6 GB \INetCache directory. it will be removed automatically or I have to do it manually

And any side effect to user work
I am trying to configure a new Dell desktop workstation. It is very confusing. I presently  have a class 40 1 tb ssd boot drive.  The model 5810 is probably the one I will purchase. The choices for hard drives alone is mind boggling to me. My most intensive programs are CorelDraw and Photoshop. What is the difference between class 40 ssd and class 50 ssd drives? This is only the first of probably several questions so that I get what I actually need with some headroom but not buy options that are for more intensive use such as cad/cam. I occasionally will use Camtasia to create and alter videos. I am happy now with c": = 1 tb ssd and the same thing for D:. I have 2 four TB high end drives in raid 1 mainly for onboard backup. From the raid drive the important files go to thumbdrives or blueray or dvd.
hello Everyone,

can someone provide step by step guide on how to restore the data in a FirefoxOLD firefox data browser using the "Old Firefox Data" folder placed on the desktop by Firefox during a browser upgrade.

I was upgrading the Firefox browser, as usual it create a data backup folder and it place it on the desktop. when i restarted the computer the new Firefox browser is working but completely new. non of the bookmarks or favorites have been saved. So i hope i can recovery the favorites from the folder i have in the desktop.  

i tried for option to restore or import but i can t find any. can someone please help me to restore the favorites ?

I am attaching the folder created by Firefoc hopefully containing all de data belonging to the old browser before the upgrade,

Thank you
Hey guys,
I just had an interesting experience.  I called Lenovo support because a user's computer had Windows Activation issues.  She got an error claiming that the computer was licensed for Home but was running pro.  I was told to do all the Lenovo System Updates and sure enough it fixed the problem.

I am wondering if there are any specific Windows Updates that are causing this that we can block on our system to prevent this from happening to more computers.  Thanks
I'm curious about Windows indexing files (and how to speed up my computer)

I am running Windows 7 Professional.

PART A:  I do the following steps:

1.  Double click on My Computer on the desktop
2.  Right click on the local C Drive (600 GB in size)
3.  Left click on Propeties

A box is checked, next to:  Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.
Question #1:  If I uncheck this box, will it help speed up my computer?

PART B:  I do the following steps:

1.  Double click on My Computer on the desktop
2.  Right click on a MAPPED L drive (900 GB in size) that is located on a Windows Server
3.  Left click on Propeties

A box is checked, next to:  Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.
Question #2:  If I uncheck this box, will it help speed up my computer?


Question #3, Since we have 10 computers in the office, all with a local C drive, all with a mapped L drive, does the access to the mapped L drive become slower, with all these computers 'indexing" its contents?


Question #4, If I disable the "Indexing Service" under Services, will it override the "box" that is checked "Allow files on this drive  . . ."?

Thanks for your help!
is there a way to add to the windows credential manager via the command prompt
I'm not referring to cmdkey but the actual windows credential manager apparently they are not the same thing.
When I use cmdkey /generic:TERMSRV/server /user:username /pass:password
it works fine it I run mstsc /v:server  
but if I run it from the desktop by clicking on a shortcut it prompts me for the password; however, if I put the credentials in windows credential manager I do not get the prompt

so, is there a a command to add a username and password to windows credential manager ?
I don't want any user interaction I want to run it through a bat script or psexec or something.
First I have reviewed a few different solutions listed on Experts Exchange, but none seem to work, this is why I am posting this question.

Cannot connect to a network share across sub-domains.  History on situation:  Setup TEST AD ( My IT staff and I we looking at applying a AD for Desktop security.  
We joined about 5 computer all IT staff.  
When the AD was active we all could share data across the subnets.
Worked great but when we went to Office 365 we decided to no use local AD and demoted our Domain server after dis-joining our computers.
So we are all using work groups.  
Now as long as everyone is in the 0.X sub net they can see the shares in that sub-domain, but are unable to connect to the 30.X shares, and visa versa the 30.x users cannot see anything in the 0.x sub domain.  
I tested the same situation on the 30.X sub domain and I am able to share across 30.x subnet but the 0.x subnet cannot connect.
I am looking for any type of suggestions to help?

My router does not have any rules for sub nets.
Our work stations are connected as a workgroup.
We are not using anything in the AD except we are connected to Office 365, we have not implemented Azure.
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I Am Working With A  JavaScript Proprietary Stock Charting Product called AnyChart Using their AnyStock JS Charting Component and Library…


I Downloaded a working example of a AnyChart stock chart JS candlestick stock chart that I want to modify

You can try this stock chart out using the provided attached file components all in a base folder -- See attached zip file called JS_StockChart.zip
this code is found: https://playground.anychart.com/gallery/Stock_Chart_Types/Candlestick_Chart 

I also Uploaded these components to one of my websites to show it works perfectly with their CSV file that they reference in their code

Also works perfectly if I/you put these JS AnyStock Charting components on ones desktop system in a base folder and click on index.html…

Chrome will render it perfectly in the browser for your private desktop.

5.      My PROBLEM…
--- Working with the supplied/referenced CSV file as my own unchanged but referenced local CSV data file...

--- That is referenced in the original index.html first code group below on line number 10 of first code group
--- https://cdn.anychart.com/csv-data/csco-daily.csv

--- My code ref is in the second group of code on line number 2
--- C:\StockChart\csco.csv

--- Anyone can download the sample csv file from the link referenced in the code and try it out for yourself.

I have an RDS enviroment with Windows 2016 servers. 2 broker servers set up in HA mode, session host server, web access servers and one gateway server.

Internally login trough the rdweb is quick and the enviroment is healthy.

Externally it is very slow via the remote desktop gateway server. It takes from 20 seconds to almost 3 minuttes before the connection is done. When loging in it switches from "initialise remote session" and "configure remote session" several times. I have used wireshark to log what is happening. And it is not located on the client, because the delay is between the client is sending request to the answer is coming back from the gateway server.

I am trying to figure out what the gateway server are doing. It seems like it is looking for something, and times out before proceeding the login sequence. I am using a public wildcard certificate.

I need a tool to monitor the the gateway behavior and windows processes. A packet sniffer tool is to much. Any suggestions?
I initialized a new WD30EZRX SATA HDD using a StarTech USB-SATA enclosure.  Overlooking the fact that the 3 TB drive appeared to Windows as 746 GB, I've just spent days transferring data to the drive, only to run out of disc space just now.  Moving the drive to an internal SATA header in my desktop does not change the erroneous 746 GB specification.  I'd like to avoid needing to perform an operation which would necessitate starting over with transferring data to the new drive.  Hoping for a suggestion.  If the solution involves updating the driver for Intel Rapid Storage Technology, I'd appreciate some guidance in finding the driver.  The motherboard is Asus P8H67-M_PRO.
Hi All,

Would like to install a cheap GeForce 210 video card into a Dell Optiplex 7010. The video card states 300 watts required; the Dell only has a 240 watt Power Supply.

Do you think would work anyways? I do know the DELL has an SSD HD and not a mechanical so this is less power draw. There are no other peripherals installed in the computer.

Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone.
We are testing the following scenario for a classroom.
We have a thin client that will be used in a meeting room. The thin client will be connected to a monitor and also connected to a big LED display.
I have two questions:
1.      How can we connect to a remote desktop session on either a client or a server desktop using a thin client?
2.      Will two displays work over a RDP session.
Do we need something like citrix Xendesktop or vmware horizons for getting this scenario work. or can I connect a thin client directly to a demote deskop.
I'm confused. I bought a Dell Precision 3420 Small Form Factor Desktop Workstation with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. Before booting up for the first time, I installed a 3rd party graphics card (Radeon 7750 with 4x mini DP). Then, I attempted to boot into a disk cloning software so I could replace the stock 1TB spindle drive with an SSD. At first, I had to use the integrated video, as the 7750 wasn't being recognized. In the Dell BIOS there is a video selector and it was set to Auto, but it defaulted to the integrated graphics (Intel HD 630), however I was able to choose the Radeon to be the default and when it rebooted, it picked up the signal from the Radeon and everything seemed to be fine.

After the disk cloning, I attempted to boot Windows 10 and no video. In fact, the fan on the Radeon isn't even spinning, as if there is no power to the card. I connected my monitor to the integrated graphics and it came right up. I went back into BIOS and the Radeon choice is gone - only Auto and Intel.

I started all over, with a different SSD, and everything went just like it did the first time. As soon as I tried to boot windows, the Radeon stopped working completely. Within Windows, there is no indication whatsoever that WIndows sees the Radeon. It is not present in Device Manager or other hardware identifiers.

Anyway, I assume I am missing something, but I haven't been able to find it on my own, so I beg you all for help. I am emotionally prepared for the reality that I …

I have a device, camera that connects to wifi and transmits the video via wifi. How can I read this video buffer from this device using Delphi Desktop application and display the video in this desktop app? Via ethernet LAN connection. Using TCP read buffer? But how to read the right buffer exactly from this particular device? Please show me some code.

Imagine this scenario. I have a video surveillance  camera transmitting video via wifi in country A and I want to see the video in country B. Via LAN.

Regards, Bogomil
A client is building a new Desktop machine, and with the PS installed, no video is being generated, either from the mobo with no other video card installed or with the selected video card when installed.  The configuration is a Prime Z370-A mobo, a  Supernova 550 G2 Power supply and (when in place) a Radeon RX 580 Armor Mk2 8G OC display adapter.

The fans and connected drive are being powered, the VGA cables from the PS are connected to the corresponding mobo port, and power is connected to the Radeon adapter when it's installed.  With all cases, there is no video signal reaching the display. There is no OS installed, so no drivers can be installed, and since there is no video at all I cannot access the BIOS.

How can I test this out and get a video working?

Thank lots!
I spilled hot tea on the right side of my monitor. I wiped it immediately, but some may/must have gotten into the crevice where the screen meets the black plastic frame(monitor for a desktop).

It seemed OK after, but this morning the bottom right has a black spot in the corner and I can't see the taskbar because it is flickering very fast.

I can't move the taskbar because what's in the flickering portion seems to be images of icons on my desktop.

I am trying a system restore to an earlier date, but it's not done yet.  Please advise as to what to do. I don't really know if it's because of the spill or some other issue. Thanks in advance.
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I have a problem with my desktop is not showing items that I save to it until I click refresh then that item shows up. Can someone help me please?
Question Remote Desktop Users for the Servers

I have a new client where im doing an audit and they have a Hyper V Host with 2 DCs and on both Dcs under Remote Settings i see under Remote Desktop Users Inetpub, IUSRE_MS and IWAM_IWA. Im not sure why these users would have access to RDP. Any suggestions on why this would be?
This is a funny issue,

one of my client called as said that her cat walked over the keyboard on her laptop and since then the desktop displys backward, actually its upside down. I remember that years ago i there was a virus that was causing that. So the first question is its really her cat the cause or she got a virus. the second question is how can i fix the issue ?
i told her to ask the cat to walk backward one more time on top of the same keyboard to see if that fix the issue :) ….

does anyone has the solution to this problem ?  is there a reverse key combination that can fix the issue.

i am attaching the screen shot she sent me

Thank you,
How do I get list all the users  using the vbapp.exe.
I am using vb.net desktop app.

We are using the Sonicwall Global Client VPN and then MS Remote Desktop to access a office PC.
The problem is the printer redirects are not there?  We want to be able to print from the Office PC back to our Home PC connected printer.

Office PC is Windows 7 Pro (this is in a AD Domain)
Home PC is Windows 10 Pro

Any ideas why the printer redirects are not showing up on the office PC?

May I please have FOUR opinions please.  I will split the points 4 ways for the opinions.

The question: If you were to purchase a 6 tb mechanical hard drive to be used in a workstation desktop with 256 meg of ram, what brand would you choose and why? It will not be used for constant video use. My computer is a Dell 6810 Workstation with two 1 tb ssd drives and I wish to add the drive I am asking the question about.






A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for use at a single location due to its size and power requirements, usually by one person. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply, motherboard, disk storage (usually one or more hard disk drives and optical disc drives); a keyboard and mouse for input; and computer monitor and printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally and placed atop a desk or vertically and placed underneath or beside a desk.