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The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an auto configuration protocol used on IP networks and an extension of the Bootstrap Protocol. DHCP allows for computers to be configured automatically to communicate with each other over an IP network without the need for manual setup by a network administrator. The implementation of DHCP relies on a DHCP server to hand out network configuration information to DHCP-capable clients that request an IP address (and other information required or useful in communicating with other devices on an IP network). In addition to an IP address, common configuration information served over DHCP includes a default gateway, subnet mask and DNS sever(s).

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Recently i decided to add a secondary DC since the one i have is a virtual server, I did DCpromo (Both Running Server 2008R2) went thru all the normal steps, DNS is working flawlessly, AD is also work…

What Is Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence is often discussed, but rarely understood. Starting with a precise definition, along with clear business goals, is essential.

My secondary DC is not taking over the role when the primary is down, it shows is AD as DC, DHCP replication also did not work. the secondary DC shows in both DNS records however the PC does not shows…


I have a handful of computers connected to a switch with a port of the switch connected to an ASA 55505. I have a DHCP server on the LAN. I would like to make use of the other ports on the ASA. I woul…


I have a few AD integrated DNS 2008 R2 servers. I notice a lot of stale record entries. I notice that scavenging is not enabled. I would like to enable it but from reading up on it there is more to it…


netsh dhcp server export C:\Users<username>\Desktop\dhcp.txt all,   on SBS 2008  server
copied file over to new desktop

Ran the wizard on 2012 installed DHCP Role then ran

netsh dhcp serve…


I was going through some of my ASA 5505 configs and noticed this dhcp config on one of them:

dhcpd auto_config outside
dhcpd address inside
dhcpd dns 192.1…


I have the scripts. Simple enough but what is best practice? What is the most acceptable for exporting or backing up ALL of DHCP and then how do I import it properly.

Some scripts:

## Export th…


Everything was working normally till I replaced a router. Windows 2012 R2 server (AD, DNS, DHCP) local domain. I installed the new router and forgot to turn off DHCP in the router. A windows 10 workst…


We have a DC in a single server environment that we want to reload. The server handles DNS, DHCP, it is also a File Server. What is the best scenario for preventing workstation issues later. Do I need…


If you setup a DHCP server in Windows like in a Windows server in a VMWare environment, assuming all VM are on the port group, will the DHCP server still work by giving our IP's of a specific IP range…

IT, Stop Being Called Into Every Meeting

Highfive is so simple that setting up every meeting room takes just minutes and every employee will be able to start or join a call from any room with ease. Never be called into a meeting just to get it started again. This is how video conferencing should work!

I have a Windows 10 system that was upgraded from Home to Pro.  It is now running anniversary edition.  I have successfully joined the system to a Windows 2008 R2 domain.  after the reboot, When I att…


I have a Cisco 4507 with multiple vLans and I am trying to configure the ports for my ESX Server.
What I did was:
I know for a fact that there is a DHCP scope for this , but it is not gettin…


I have been trying to get a Ricoh 6430DN printer to connected to a Comcast cable modem so that it will be accessible to other computers on the same network.

I have connected two known good network …


Hi mates,
looking to reinstall DHCP server(Serv-A) from 2012 to 2012R2 with same name and IP. This is partner server in dhcp relationship of two servers.

2nd partner(Serv-B) is already on 2012R2(i…


Good day EXPERTS, I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 and after running the built in BPA I receive the above error.  Can one of the EXPERTS shed some light on the issue...thanks.


I am looking to create a wireless guest network on my Ruckus Wireless AP for my work which has it's own VLAN that can't access any of the work environment VLANs.

Current setup:

Multiple VLANs wi…


In Windows 2012 R2 DHCP services, is it possible to create a policy that would block an IP from attempting to be register in DNS if the client DNS suffix does not make two domain names?

In case oth…


Hi Guys,
Currently, I have one server room, we are going to install a second server room at the back of a large building. The main reason for this is, in the event of a fire, we will have a copy of t…


Hi Team

I wanted to know if its possible to use 2 routers that are congured with HSRP on the same subnet.

Router 1 (R1)
Port G0/0.3
IP Address
Standby 3 ip

Router …

How to improve team productivity

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I have a MS 2008 Domain with two servers that are domain controllers and Global Catalog servers.  When the primary server (also an exchange server) goes down for maintenance, workstations that reboot …


We have a very large DHCP server environment with 320 scopes. Using powershell is there someway to search each scope recursively and list all workstation that match a specific naming context and their…


Hello Experts,

We are moving our network from four separate vlans to a single network to simplify things down the line.  we will keep 10.100.81.xxx as our network and because all of our servers are…


So I have been trying to get IPv6 up and going internally and a big part of that is getting our DHCP server to hand out addresses to clients instead of using autoconfig. However, it has been a huge pa…


Small network with 1 Server 2008 Enterprise R2 box ... has been increasing slightly throughout years ... adding a few ip phones and ip cameras and need a little more than the standard /24. I will cons…


Server: 2012 R2
Mode: Native
PXE: Response set to respond to all then require approval for unknown...
Computer account location: specified to same domain as WDS
Boot: Set to Require the user to pr…

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