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The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an auto configuration protocol used on IP networks and an extension of the Bootstrap Protocol. DH...

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PXEClient, dhcp options 60, 66 and 67, what are they for? Can I use PXE without it ?

Ever wondered why you had to use DHCP options (dhcp opt 60, 66 or 67) in order to use PXE?
Well, you don't!

Using DHCP to Boot WDS to BIOS & UEFI with SCCM

Learn how to PXE Boot both BIOS & UEFI machines with DHCP Policies and Custom Vendor Classes

Update your DrayTek routers. Now.  Updated firmware is …

Update your DrayTek routers. Now.

Updated firmware is here:
Troubleshooting Solution

How to fix my workstations not getting the correct dns servers from my dhcp serever.

Windows 10 Workstations are not getting the correct DNS server from the Server 2016 DHCP Server.

Troubleshooting Solution

Sometimes no DHCP reply > switch problem ?


Weird problem here ... some of my machines, at times, don't immediately get an IP address …
Troubleshooting Solution

2 DHCP with same scope

I want to have a backup for my DHCP server which is one of my DC,
Is there any issues I need to …
Troubleshooting Solution

DHCP running but missing from Administrative Tools

I just stood up a new DC in a new forest and it is running Windows Server 2016. DHCP is installed …
Troubleshooting Solution

Software that will check the AD and report back how many free IP's there are for distribution

I would like to use software from a Windows 10 computer on the same network as the DC server and …
Troubleshooting Solution

How do I migrate DHCP server 2008 to  Server 2019 when they are on a guest network (vlan).

Hello Guys,
I need some guidance from an expert. This is kind of new for me!
I am building two 2019 …
Troubleshooting Solution

Change this Powershell script to only pull data from one server

I would like this script to query only 1 server.. for example "RVM20-SV"
What would need to change>?

Research Solution

Windows Server 2019 DHCP Capabilities

I would like to set up DHCP on a Windows Server 2019.  I looked at the controls and settings and …
Troubleshooting Solution

DHCP not working on Cisco 4300

So I've been tasked with setting up an new Cisco router 4300 & Switch 2960X

Basically very clean …
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot ping server suddenly

Hi Expert

We recently find around 2 PC having a symptom cannot connect to server SUDDENLY.

It …
Troubleshooting Solution

Looking for a simple and easy port tester on a network

 I have a new Windows server 2016 network and domain. It is the acting DNS and DHCP server
the router …
Troubleshooting Solution

DHCP Server

How do we determine our DHCP server is a Windows Server or a Cisco router from a Windows 10 PC?
Troubleshooting Solution

Computers are not connecting to the domain DHCP server

Computers that are part of a domain are getting their DHCP server IP from their ISP instead of from …
Troubleshooting Solution

Connect 2921 to internet while running CUCM lab.

I am running a home lab for Cisco CUCM.  At one time last week i had the lab erased and set up the …
Troubleshooting Solution

clients loosing default gateway and or 2nd dns entry.

Hi I have this one client that keeps loosing their IP settings on the client.

Never the IP, but …
Troubleshooting Solution

New Windows 2019  Domain Controllers DHCP

I currently have two Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controllers with DNS and DHCP
I built two New Domain …

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