Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.

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I cannot get windows 7 computer to play back .wav files.   I've tried Media Player, VLC, Real player.  It must be missing a codec pack but I cannot find anything online.   Any help would be awesome.


Go Raps.
Is there any way of bookmarking the MP3 music location on an iPhone X?

I'm currently listening to some dramas using my iPhone X (that are each one hour long). I have several hundred of these dramas saved on my iPhone.

I have no problems when all that I listen to is these dramas (when I listen to them sequentially) since I pause listening to these dramas and then go back into the iPhone music app and continue listening from the point where I left off before (when I want to continue listening to these dramas).

However, whenever I listen to other MP3 music files I always lose my place as to where I have left off listening to these one hour long dramas.

Is there any way (or are there any apps I can load) which will allow me to bookmark or save the exact location of where I am currently listening to these dramas so I can continue listening at the exact point where I left off whenever I want to listen to other MP3 music files?
Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask on how to make or create a flash drive auto play any mp3 music inside of it, to any music players that have USB port.
Because some players are not updated, and when we insert the flash drive that have music inside, it can't be read, but flash drive has no problem...
I'd like to understand how to make , from my pictures" creations that
move...How can I have control of the order they are shown?!? Adding " Happy
Birthday song???
Need a voice support that is not TOO loud

I need to give a tour to about 10-20 people in a public area, but my voice does not carry very far. And if the wind is up, it's even harder.

But I do not want to use one of those megaphones. They are loud and use up one hand. I would prefer some sort of clip-on microphone, that uses BlueTooth to connect to portable speakers.

Can I WEAR a small speaker? Is that possible?

Or I guess I could pull a small speaker behind me, but that would also need a battery.
Does COMCAST have poor quality phone service?

I switched yesterday from Verizon FIOS to COMCAST and had terrible telephone calls today on the land line.

I think we were sold >100 GPS upload speed. So, I doubt the poor quality is due to a slow internet connection. But maybe the old Verizon FIOS phone number was what they called a POTS line, a Plain Old Telephone Service line. Those were the ones where you cold hear pin drop.

Did I move from a POTS Line to an Internet based phone? And is that the cause of the major drop in quality?

My new modem is...

Dual Band Wifi

The phone cable goes into the back.

Would an Internet phone do better?

Is there anything I can do?

I really despise having poor phone quality and may go back to Verizon to escape a bad connection.


skype windows10
automatically adjust microphone settings checkbox

does this reduce background noise

does this cause moments of silence

will I do better when speaking to a machine (voice to text)

what else does this checkbox do when checked/unchecked

automatically adjust
I have 3 external mics

How can I test which mic is better?

I am looking for a mic that hears me and nothing else.

Is there a windows 10 mic test program. Not just testing to see IF microphone works, but how well microphone works
looking for a vxml consultant, anyone interested ?

We are unsure whether to use Spotify or Tidal for streaming music.

We would like to use the best music streaming service.

Pros for Spotify (Premium):

- We have a lot of albums and playlists setup with Spotify
- We are familiar with Spotify's interface.
- Spotify (Premium) is €10 a month where Tidal (HiFi) costs €20 a month

Pros for Tidal (HiFi):

- Tidal has lossless audio quality of 1411 kbps
- Tidal seems to have a larger catalog of songs available

I heard that you can't hear the difference in audio quality past 320 kbps.

We would like to only use one of these two music streaming services.

Which service would you recommend as being the best audio streaming service between Spotify and Tidal to use?


I have a MP3 audio file  on my windows 7 PC and the music is very slow. Is there any free software that can convert the music to play bit faster.

Are there video encoders that encode video in fixed duration streamlets and repeat audio frames if the duration of audio frames is different from the duration of a video segment to fill up the video streamlet?
Placing a video of me on the side of a presentation.

I have seen this done with great effect. The person leading a presentation has slide after slide and can appear in the corner or center, at will. That person is the speaker and the one leading the pitch.

Please explain how this works?

I always thought you'd need a green screen behind you to make that work, but apparently not.

I would use PowerPoint on a Mac.


We have plans to test the audio quality for songs played through Spotify on different audio quality settings as well as compared to songs played through TIDAL.

The ideal situation would be that we would play a song on Spotify for example and the audio quality would display through app/software as 160kbps or 320kbps.

Is there an Android app or Windows software that can be used to display bit rate of a song played?


At present, we are using Spotify as our source for playing quality music on Denon AVR X4300 through our Dali speakers.

We would like to have the best quality sounding music.

Which music streaming service offers the best sounding quality music, to be played on Denon AVR X4300?

I will soon be starting a podcast that will ultimately feature 2 or 3 episodes weekly. I travel a fair amount, so I know that having a system in place that would allow me to have automated uploads on certain dates and times would enable the episode updating to be a smooth process.

"Uploads" may be a little off the mark. I already have some cron jobs ON a website (freelanced out, since I am not a techie) that replace existing files on he website each Friday with new ones at a specified day and time on a weekly basis that has run very well for a couple of years now. I upload the new files on Wednesday or Thursday at my convenience and that's all I have to do.

To be sure, the names of the uploaded files are exactly the same as the ones being updated (or simply written over, that is).  I have not yet dug deeper into the names required for podcast files, if there are any such requirements, and want to get an expert view of what I want to do, as described.

I did some searching on Google, but they continue to descend into Internet Hell, insisting on providing search results that do not fit the search terms. On a recent trip. I needed to find a laundromat to do a load or two of laundry and a search on "laundromat" with the city name resulted in a list of DRY CLEANERS! Not even "close but no cigar" as far as I'm concerned.
delete first 2 minutes of audio .aac file

Is there any software on windows 10 desktop that would allow me to do this to .aac file

Not looking to record audio/video.
Just a simple program to delete a small amount of audio (no video)
How can I fast forward within MP3 files on an iPhone X?

I listen to MP3 files that are around an hour long and sometimes want to rewind or fast forward several seconds or several minutes within the MP3 files while listening to these files using the iPhone music app.

How can this be done?
I have no need for groove music. I have no idea where it is from nor do I care. It is not listed in my programs that I can remove. How do I eliminate this program?
I had this question after viewing phone calls and google voice.

How can I use audicity to record a google voice (it is called google hangouts now) phone call
on windows 10
I rented a movie on itunes and I am trying to transfer it to my ipod classic 6th generation.  The movie says it is HD.  When I try to move it to my ipod it looks like it will transfer and then it moves back to the other column and is not tranferred.  I assume this is because my generation ipod cannot download it.  When I go to itunes on this movie it does show some details of size that shows an sd version that is smaller in size than the hd one.  I can't seem to find this on the itunes page for the movie.  I also see in my purchased area of itunes that you can uncheck the box that says download hd movies if available.  So here is the question, if I delete the movie (not just try to redownload) will I be able to download it again?  Will it show that I purchased it or is it gone?  I want to do this to try and start from scratch and uncheck the box that says download hd movies if avaialble.    Maybe this is not the answer, any ideas?
final draft dictation : how to enable dictation in final draft?
What settings do I need to configure to record audio from a YouTube video onto Audacity?
I'm running windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.1
I recently found a bunch of my cds of music I've gathered over a couple decades.  I have imported them all into my Macbook's iTunes.  I looked for a short time to see if iTunes can do what I want, but it seems like the files have to be physically on the devices to do this.  Or I have to turn on Home Sharing.  Meh.  Not really a solution I'm looking for.  I didn't see an option to put them in the cloud and then stream to my devices?  Did I miss that?

Ideally, I would like to put the files in the cloud and then access those songs from my devices.  Essentially, I'm asking for a way to stream my music, right?  I'm new to Plex and imagine that can do what I want it to if I install the Plex client on all my devices and buy Plex Pass, but wanted to know if there is another option I should look into?  
What have you used and recommend?

(If you've experience with Plex Pass please share your experience!)

I have a Macbook, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku and iPad.

Thank you for looking.
I went through this a couple of years ago, and the situation has changed a bit, but once again, I am stuck!

I have an iPDTL account. I want to have a friend connect with me online. He will be talking on a microphone through his computer and I will be doing the same, We should be able to hear each other just fine with headphone plugged into the computers. I want to record our conversation using Adobe Audition.  

That's it.

But I am having MAJOR trouble simply understanding how to set this up. I am technically challenged big time here.I need a simple step-by-step solution starting with giving my friend a log-in and EVERYTHING after that. I have written the iPDTL company and find I am unable to follow their simple reply.

Help, anyone? (Remember: keep it simple. I really need to be led by the hand through this. Assume nothing.

Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.