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Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.

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I am looking for a decent wireless microphone system with at least 2 channels for small presentations of less than 60 participants.

Ideally, this is what I am looking for...

- 1 wireless lavalier microphone for the presenter. Ideally one without a bulky transmitter.
- 1 handheld wireless microphone for audience participation.
- A channel mixer with a line out to record audio on computer.

The device needs to cost under $300.00

I have searched Amazon and I can't find any units that have a good rating and offer a handheld wireless mic with a lavalier style presenter mic.

Any ideas?

Thank you. :)
Which version of Dragon Naturally speaking will transcribe from a file, such as an mp3?
I cannot access BBC 5 Sports Extra for some programs which have broadcast restrictions. I accept that. However before I could access the channel and if the item was restricted I would be told that. Now when I try to contact BBC5 Sports Extra I get  the following:
'The sound of silence
We're trying to play this station, but we're having problems. Apologies.
The station's stream may be broken, or there may be a mis-match between this stream, and your device.
Please click here to retry'

 I have tried this on other computers and laptops, but with the same result. Can anyone explain?  I have no problem in getting BBC Radio Four and other BBC radio channels.
I have an MP4 video file.  I and extended family want to watch it on  TVs.  Curious what ways you can suggest I do it.

I have a PC with VGA output connected to a VGA port on the TV (an HD capable 55" TV a couple years old).  That works.

But what other ways for those of us without the PC connected to the TV?

I have the MP4 in my iphone's pictures / videos.  It plays great on that little screen.  but it doesn't seem to be able to stream / mirror to a TV.  I hear that an apple TV box WOULD work.

Any other ways?  with a chromecast? with an apple firestick?  Can most newer DVD players play a DVD with an MP4? Or I have to convert it into a DVD format (the audio and video folders, etc.?)  and then there's actually 3 different videos.  Do I need 3 DVDs or can a DVD player select between 3 different MP4s?  Or in DVD format, have to make a menu?
automatic call recorder pro android.
I plugged in mic/audio cable and phone call did not record

I know that amolto call recorder for windows skype stops recording when mic is changed

Is this standard among recording apps/programs to stop recording if mic gets unplugged and then plugged in again.
Saw a youtube link (which I've now misplaced) that Bluestack software could
replace VCE exam dumps player:

I've installed it on my Windows but doesn't seem to find any option that could play it.
Anyone knows?  Or any other freeware player to play VCE dumps on Windows (not
for Android)?
I wrote a lot of music and am curious about the potential of spotify.

Do kids really listen to it as much as it seems?

Taylor Swift had an entanglement w them, but that was sorted out, concerning payment to artists.

Is this only for seemingly professionally managed artists? who can play gigs on a moment's notice?
Didn't some dude put a song he'd recorded at home on and it became huge? What happened to him?
I have always used iTunes for my music but finally got tired of them updating it every two weeks so I'm trying to set up Windows Media Player.  The first thing I noticed is that you can't drag and drop folders into a playlist like you can on iTunes so how do I create a playlist that I can put my music in.  I created one playlist (gave it a name) and attempted to transfer a bunch of songs into it by dragging them but it won't accept them.

The music is in a sd card which shows up on the computer as Drive (F). I know that it found the music because I can see a bunch of songs in WMP but they are not "by folder", the way I have them categorized.  i.e., Country, Jazz, Big Band, etc.
This movie was made by amazon and I am testing on
May be typical of all amazon movies.

90 minute drama movie from amazon movie studio 2017
wonder wheel
(which was in movie theaters)
audio and mouth movements are 1 second apart

I tried restarting and using different windows browsers.

Is it better to get dvd movies.
I dont watch many movies and cant compare.

Testing on asus laptop windows 10 on laptop screen. No additional displays.
No external speakers .  Using laptop speakers.

confusing because and also have a movie studio.
Maybe comment on netflix movie studio movies played on
Highly specialized: is anyone familiar with the audio program GOLDWAVE?

It's a powerful audio processing program, but I am having trouble understanding some of the instructions on applying the effects across many multiple files.

If you know anything about the program, please let me hear from you!
Need a Movie recording program for Mac

I use iMovie sometime, but can not find how to set my microphone. My Shure microphone with a U-PHORIA UM2 shows up as CODEX on Audacity. Can I use this with Movie?

What alternate movie tools are there?

Can I use Premiere Pro? If so, how do I record? And can I set my Mic.?

What other tools are there to record my video, and use my CODEX? I have High Sierra

I am trying to digitize cassette tapes using Audacity 2.2.2 and am not having much luck.  I have looked at several You Tube videos but none of them address my issue.  The problem I'm having is that even before I connect  a cassette player into my computer, If I click on the microphone in Audacity and select start monitoring,  I can see activity on the mic bar but can not hear anything.  If I try to record that activity, it does not record so when I play it back, I hear nothing.  The computer I'm using is HP ENVY - 15t -k200 CTO Notebook PC - Windows 10.

I believe it has to do with the selection of the type of input on the program but I think I have tried them all and can not hear anything.  Aside from this issue, am I right in thinking that if you connect an audio signal to the computer, that the sound should now come from the computer?  (like using a speaker?).  If so, that doesn't work for me.  What do I have to do to be able to hear the audio on the computer?
Need to convert MP3 to text on a Mac

I can swear I did this on my Mac but I need to use an MP3 file as the source

Can anyone remind me what built-in Mac functionality there is?

I need MP3 as the source.

I have a client who uses Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7.

Recently (he doesn't know exactly when), his Playlist list suddenly includes the names of many non-music folders (his Simply Accounting, for example), from his Documents folder.

If you right-click the playlist and select Open File Location, you can see they are documents in random folders (looks like from Documents).

Occasionally you can see a status message at the bottom of WMP saying (can't remember the exact message) that it is scanning a folder for updates, and the folder it is scanning is *not* Music, but rather the c:\Users\Owner folder, one level above Music, Documents, etc.  Is this normal?

I can find no settings at all about where WMP looks for music or playlist location, etc.  Can anyone help?

I have a collection of audiobooks on MP3. I would be interested if anybody knew about good MP3 app that has the feature to be able to rewind the last 15 or 30 seconds of the audio track instead of rewinding all the  way to the beginning of the audio track.


There are just so many apps out there. I have tried a few different ones. But if anybody can help out with something that you’ve heard about that works well for that, that would be excellent. Thanks
Using a clip-on Mike with my iPhone 7 video recorder?

I have a microphone that does well in the wind. So I want to use it for a video on my iPhone 7.

I have this connector adaptor that converts from a round plug to the flat one used by the iPhone 7.

What do I need to do to make this work?


I have an on-hold audio file which is played when we are waiting to join an online conference. The music is played down the phone line.

The problem I have is the audio file, which is just a regular MP3 file, sometimes cuts out while playing and I am not sure if this is because the file is not suitable to play on a phone line - it drifts in and out of the music, especially when the music is quieter.

Is there anything I can do to make the ranges of the music file suitable for a phone line or should it play ok? Wanted to ask for anyone's thoughts/opinions.
I subscribe to several popular magazines such as Time, Smithsonian, National Geographic, and Reader's Digest.

I don't have the time to read these magazines but do spend several hours a day commuting and driving around on business.

So are there any audio versions of these magazines I can listen to? If so how can I obtain and listen to these audio versions?
Need a microphone to do a video outdoors

My BlueTooth microphone and MacBook onboard mic. were terrible in the wind. The iPhone 7 was the best, but still not very good.

I find that wind causes terrible background noise, and see the TV people use a big foamy mic. on windy days.

What can you suggest that is not expensive and blocks the noise?

I cannot get windows 7 computer to play back .wav files.   I've tried Media Player, VLC, Real player.  It must be missing a codec pack but I cannot find anything online.   Any help would be awesome.


Go Raps.
Is there any way of bookmarking the MP3 music location on an iPhone X?

I'm currently listening to some dramas using my iPhone X (that are each one hour long). I have several hundred of these dramas saved on my iPhone.

I have no problems when all that I listen to is these dramas (when I listen to them sequentially) since I pause listening to these dramas and then go back into the iPhone music app and continue listening from the point where I left off before (when I want to continue listening to these dramas).

However, whenever I listen to other MP3 music files I always lose my place as to where I have left off listening to these one hour long dramas.

Is there any way (or are there any apps I can load) which will allow me to bookmark or save the exact location of where I am currently listening to these dramas so I can continue listening at the exact point where I left off whenever I want to listen to other MP3 music files?
Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask on how to make or create a flash drive auto play any mp3 music inside of it, to any music players that have USB port.
Because some players are not updated, and when we insert the flash drive that have music inside, it can't be read, but flash drive has no problem...
I'd like to understand how to make , from my pictures" creations that
move...How can I have control of the order they are shown?!? Adding " Happy
Birthday song???
Need a voice support that is not TOO loud

I need to give a tour to about 10-20 people in a public area, but my voice does not carry very far. And if the wind is up, it's even harder.

But I do not want to use one of those megaphones. They are loud and use up one hand. I would prefer some sort of clip-on microphone, that uses BlueTooth to connect to portable speakers.

Can I WEAR a small speaker? Is that possible?

Or I guess I could pull a small speaker behind me, but that would also need a battery.
Does COMCAST have poor quality phone service?

I switched yesterday from Verizon FIOS to COMCAST and had terrible telephone calls today on the land line.

I think we were sold >100 GPS upload speed. So, I doubt the poor quality is due to a slow internet connection. But maybe the old Verizon FIOS phone number was what they called a POTS line, a Plain Old Telephone Service line. Those were the ones where you cold hear pin drop.

Did I move from a POTS Line to an Internet based phone? And is that the cause of the major drop in quality?

My new modem is...

Dual Band Wifi

The phone cable goes into the back.

Would an Internet phone do better?

Is there anything I can do?

I really despise having poor phone quality and may go back to Verizon to escape a bad connection.



Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.

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