Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.

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I have an electric ukelele and I need to find an adapter that will allow me to connect it up to a PC so I can record/mix it.

It uses a 1/8 " headphone type of out.
Anyone know of a radio chip or Arduino project that will all you to extract the digital info from the broadcast ?
Example would be: Station ID, Artist/Program, Album ....


I asked another music question, but not this. My other Q involved the poisonous influence of AGT, the Voice and American Idol on music.

Anyway, my question today is EDM - - the solution?

I became a man in the 90's a bit after the alternative wave.

If that has completely evaporated, I can't get a handle on today's perspective. I was in a band in college. sing, guitars, keyboards
All I see are the songs on the TV at the gym: Taylor Swift, Gaga, etc - and dance / trans online
As a musician with a lot of material to try and go public with, do I need to sell out? What to? Looking at and all the non-music that is on their lists, must I just forget everything? Would a new type of, not copy of, but similar to: Radiohead, Queen or Pearl Jam be lost?

If EDM is the current thing, fine, I can change my songs to be bouncy beeps and swooshes, and whatever.
but I'm not dressing up like an F-ing rat made out of 2x4's, garden hoses, window netting and kitchen tupperware.

I know that the industry is struggling with CD's no longer in stores, and digital copying and swapping. But, is there any place for a self-managed, non-label artist. Should I focus on live performances? I understand that live is a crucial way to generate sales, digitally? I have a site that can print both CD's and LP's, but someone said not to print records until I am picking up serious momentum.


I just ordered software, but sent it to my parents' house zip code 28412 by mistake
I live in 28403
They are adjacent counties. My new road is well known as it is on the edge of UNCW. Do you think it will go to the dead mail room?


I'll probably be performing my music live in not too long, and I'm concerned that my Macbook can't send decent outage to a mixer. I'll also need the ability for some Pearl Jam type or RATM intensity.
I have a Delta 1010 for my PC, a rack mountable pro audio unit, that can send perfect 1/4 inch cable sound to a mixer, but what about a Macbook? I have an 1/8 in to 1/4 inch stick, but I doubt that is good enough for decent sound transmission? - I am also concerned about losing stereo with one cable, since my sounds could be moving.
I'll be sending the sounds that Shreddage digital/software instruments produce. The keyboardist in Duran Duran has a MacBook on top of his synthesizer.


I am broadening my Logic software-instrument library,
and today, based on an amazing demo, I acquired Shreddage 2 SRP  - software instrument guitar package by impact soundworks for Logic Pro X

The download
came as a .rar file
I expected the usual .dmg file, but .rar seems to be unrecognized.
The 2 files came as 763.6 MB   and  2.15 GB,
so they aren't trivial.

All their other software instruments installed no problem.
What might be going on here?


Yes, the music industry is messed up somewhat, but

1) Millions of people are doing their own home-studio type work.

2) there is basically no exposure for most new music.

A previous question o mine had a point advised that the music industry is basically run by bankers, and nothing else, other than the moneymaking, exists - no question. For people like me, who like me, like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, others that are expressly non-commercially driven artists, I can only do this for my own personal pride, theoretically.
CD's being removed from stores is also a big downturn.

What do you think I can consider focusing on? They make their money touring, now?

I have written close to 80 songs, mostly non-Top-40, integrity-type art, but many, in fact,  that could definitely be top-40

It seems on soundcloud, all the music in their top 40 is hip-hop, even in the alternative top-40, it is exclusively rap.
Local bands here don't have rappers. Is that the current trajectory of popular music? Maroon 5 has no rap.
Are all major groups/artists corporate puppets? At Gold's Gym, the videos they play aren't all rap. It is never, almost never, rap.
Where are these corporate puppets gleaned from? Is there a corporate puppet academy? I know the Biebs was discovered on Youtube, and Taylor Swift in a cafe, Gaga by Akon.

I had assumed that I would still personally be in any band/music I did. I am almost 40. I don't look ancient. I have thought that maybe I could instead run a …

I'm about to buy this really good guitar synth package, called shreddage. - For my Logic Pro projects.

Can anyone comment on the reliability of the vendor site -
Is it in Nigeria?
I'm not giving my card to a shady website!

Must I choose  "shreddage 2-SRP standalone" in the dropdown? Why is there that drop-down? They are both SRP's
Is it because there is also an IBZ aspect?


tool on windows to delete first 3 minutes of an audio file on windows 10

I am preparing to do some DAW digital audio workstation work.
A previous question concerned consideration for using 'Komplete' as a software instrument package inside Logic Pro...

When I went to the Geek squad at best buy to discuss installing a 1 TB drive on my macbook, the geek said it wouldn't be the best solution.
This didn't surprise me, because that was suggested here at Experts Exchange. So, I was pleased. He suggested a new machine might be a consideration, for newer, updated hardware, and a bigger HDD and faster chip. He said mine was getting old, it is.

I also acquired, not too long ago, a different Macbook for my RTS Java project. I wanted a decent secondary machine.

My Macbook for the RTS (which I have concluded because it achieved its point, thanks merete, Doug Pearson. etc)

...has, I didn't even know, a 500 GB hard drive!
But, I'm not sure what else the Geek might have feared concerning the secondary MacBook for digital audio.
I think he suggested the hardware? processor? was getting old on my main. My main machine is a "2.3 GHz Intel Core i7"
My thinking is that the new, secondary macbook has 500 GB, and that is great for digital audio (my audio, at least, I can add software instruments) It is newer than the one the Geek mocked, and is what he suggested. The new machine is a "2.4 GHz Intel Core i5" With 8 GB memory.
I'd prefer not to buy a new Macbook. Is my new one a good choice?
Also, if I bought Logic in the app-store, can I simply …

I've asked questions on Digital audio Workstations before, but not this.

I'd like to get into software instruments.
I have a lot of songs to put them to use in.
I have Kontakt 2 and it was pretty good, primitive, I think, but there is komplete, that contains everything, latest kontakt, even others that I like

I use logic. It says this is good for Logic
Is this purchase page good for komplete? There is a more expensive version somewhere. Is this a decent product?


I've been working on a part of my app for the past few days where I need to simultaneously play and record an audio file. The task I need to accomplish is just to compare the recording to the audio file played and return a matching percentage. Here's what I have done so far and some context to my questions:

 - The target API is >15
 - I decided to use a .wav audio file format to simplify decoding the file
 - I'm using AudioRecord for recording and MediaPlayer for playing the audio file
 - I created a decider class in order to pass my audio file and convert it to PCM in order to perform the matching analysis
 - I'm using the following specs for the recording AudioFormat (CHANNEL_MONO, 16 BIT, SAMPLE_RATE = 44100)
 - After I pass the audio file to the decoder, I then proceed to pass it to an FFT class in order to get the frequency domain data needed for my analysis.

And below are a few questions that I have:

 - When I record the audio using AudioRecord, is the format PCM by default or do I need to specify this some how?
 - I'm trying to pass the recording to the FFT class in order to acquire the frequency domain data to perform my matching analysis. Is there a way to do this without saving the recording on the user's device?
 - After performing the FFT analysis on both files, do I need to store the data in a text file in order to perform the matching analysis? What are some options or possible ways to do this?
 - After doing a fair amount of research, all …
I have no problem using Windows Media Player to sync to flash drive. I am having no problem getting it to play in the car. My problem is there are so many folders that when on shuffle some songs play two and three times while others haven't even played once. if i take the stick out and start over then it will be a different group missed. Any way to have just one giant folder. I am grateful for any help...thanks
documentary film has NO volume change
even measured in seconds

this may not be related to question but the documentary film name is
"the marketing of madness"

no musical score that is super loud
no gun shots or screaming

could this be measured with a decibel tool

does this film have a high budget to have a perfect consistent volume

please add zones to this question because I am unsure of zones
I have an iPhone which is an LG Optimus and the carrier is ultra mobile.  I am trying to copy the MP3 files to my iPhone without success.  In previous attempt, I was advised to bring it into Audacity then output and use the Tags which will be attached to the file, like Genres, Music, etc.  It worked initially, but when trying to duplicate after many months, now it does not work.  Not sure if technology has changed.
Is there any software, a free one preferably, that could do this.  i.e. receive the input Mp3 file then create a file that could be copied to the iPhone directly, or maybe thru iTunes.  Thank u for your advise.

I have an audio file ending in .MP4 extension, and I am using the simple HTML5 audio element to play it (see code below). I works on all browsers except Safari. I’ve even tried using different types of MIME types but to no success.

<audio controls>
    <source src=“/some_audio_file.MP4 type="audio/mp4”>
     Your browser does not support the audio element.

Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks in advance.
I have three pages of text I need to scroll across the screen, in a marquee.

What software does this?

It's similar to the way credits are shown, for a movie after the movie's over...

Actors, music, directors, etc.

But this will be a script, for which there will be audio exactly matching the text.

I will take a video of this as it scrolls by. I want a smooth flow of text with no breaks or jumps.

Then, I will overlay the audio to match the text exactly.
the below was working fine on an old pc..

that pc was disposed and replacement PC was setup and this speaker attached.
simple setup.. USB and stereo.. that's it..

but with the new pc, it does not work (light does not come up..)
i brought in a laptop to plug into it.. it does not work in that also..

is there a way to confirm that this speaker suddently quit?
Dear Experts,

My clients need to open and listen to a group of .sri files, created by VXI Voice It recorder.  The problem is, the product has not been manufactured, and supporting website for player is no longer available.  I found many file converters that claims to handle SRI, but when I try these converters, it will not open SRI files.  I have tried SONY Voice Editor, Dragon Naturally Speaking, NCH Switch, etc.
Please advise.
as in the title -what's your favorite free CD ripper to mp3 ?
I have a lot of CDs that I want to play in my car. It has a input that is USB for a flash drive. My radio will only recognise MP3 music. How do I transfer the music from the cd to the flash drive? Thank you!
I've been using Cakewalk PC recording station since '97.
Been using SONAR last decade+.
My friend used Pro-Tools.
I'd prefer to stay w SONAR?

How can I find some truly freaky / unusual instruments / plugins? instruments and beats,percussion? I want to work on my own music, but not make it a my-Generation X sounding history lesson. I want some sounds / instruments that will blow me away.
'where should I look other than this, like this ? here
What else?

What kind of interface would work best to get sound from an electric violin into a multi-track Windows based audio editing software?
Initially thought of using an iPod, old smart phone etc. but changing adding music, creating playlist, editing playlist, etc. would need to be done by physically accessing the device.  Can someone recommend a device that would allow me to play music through my stereo system that can be controlled through an app or web interface?  I can add a small laptop that someone could remote into but that is the best idea I've had.  Wondering what else exist.  Thanks in advance.
Hi music people

How do I indicate power chords in a regular score? I see some score with chord letters in capitals, but I can play a power chord A on the 5th fret and regular open chord A

Do I just do the 1,5,8 in the bass cleft with the tab square above it, or is there a conventional way? is putting the chord letter in capitals in that beat's spot indicative, understood?


Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.