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Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital for...

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Bring Windows Phone ringtones to iPhone

Many loved their Windows Phone for its superior design. That included the contemporary ringtones. Now, having an iPhone, you are kicked back at square one with a dull variety of ringtones of yesterday. Rejoy, here is how to retrieve the superior Windows Phone ringtones and bring them to your iPhone.
Pre-Amp Connect

Record Audio Card in Windows

How to record audio from input sources to your PC – connected devices, connected preamp to record vinyl discs, streaming media, that play through your audio card: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 – both 32 bit & 64.
Midas M32

How to get the best live Audio Mix

New to live audio mixing? Member of a band who wants to improve the quality of your bands sound? Need to brush up on mixing techniques? This article gives a basic overview of techniques I use when I mix.

Sennheiser ActiveGard Technology: Your investment in Sound Safety

Great sound, comfort and fit, excellent build quality, versatility, compatibility. These are just some of the many reasons for choosing a headset from Sennheiser.

Audio in Google Slides

Not everyone is tied to the Microsoft Office suite these days, as more free cloud-based solutions …

How to Delete Music from your iPhone

Are you looking to clear some space on your phone for the latest iOS 8 update? Did you switch to …

The Best Media Player

I have been fiddling with (oops, I mean evaluating) media players for over a year now.  I purchased …

Pandora - the music geek's way to learn new artists

I am by no means an expert at anything pertaining to either the music industry nor the technology …

Is your question affected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?

First of all what is the DMCA? The DMCA is a set of laws first enacted in 1998. The Act was modified…

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