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Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.

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Hello, I am looking for some type of software that would be able to help me sort video files I have saved on my computer. Most of the video files were ones that I saved from youtube or from my digital camera, but I have literally thousands of movie files that I have accumulated over the past few years. I want to delete probably 75% of the movie files, but I have to go through them one by one.

For example I have to double click a single video file, wait for VLC player to load, then after a few seconds the video plays. I use the mouse to quickly fast forward and scan through the video to determine if it is a keeper or not. If it’s a keeper I have to close out VLC player and drag and drop the file into a “videos to save” folder. If I determine I no longer need it I have to close out VLC player and send that media file to the recycle bin.

I have to do that task over and over for each video and I have about 7000 total files. Also VLC media player has to be closed out each time I  move or delete a video file, because if the file as active it will not let you change the destination of the file.  

It would go much faster if I could load the files into VLC play list, and after I scan through the video to determine if I want to save it or not, if a program let me give that video a rating such as  5 stars (meaning it’s a keep file) or rate it one star (meaning that one can be deleted). Then once I rate it I could just hit the “load next file” button for VLC player and I can …
How to Use the Help Bell
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How to Use the Help Bell

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What is the best/simplest way to create a customized tracklist to display when playing a CD?

My mother is a (young) 83 year-old who spends quite a bit of time driving in her car each week. She really enjoys listening to recorded talks but has exhausted her supply and is tech-UN-savvy. She's quite comfortable using the CD player in her car however, so I told her I would be happy to create some CDs containing talks from the public domain.

The talks download as MP3 files and we agreed that the simplest navigation scheme for her would be to have the tracklist display as follows:

    |    Track #    |    Speaker Name    |    Date    |    Venue    |    Title    |

I haven't created many CDs in that manner but it seems like downloaded files (or maybe all MP3 files) usually contain data which appears by default in the tracklist. If that is correct, and:

if I've got the data I want to use in five corresponding columns in an Excel spreadsheet, what is the best method or software for:
    1) overwriting the default data and
    2) creating a tracklist from my spreadsheet?

By the way, I've got VLC Media Player installed. Is that a good option?


I have created a media upload website.
Anyway, I'm concerned that my dear users might upload songs or videos, only to have them stolen by renegades and losers
I applied for trademark of my website name today on legalzoom.
I once heard that having a provable version of art, eg, a recording/book in a mailing, is as good as copyright.
Can I have a text field for my artist 'Megatrons' to say for their song 'home invasion'
" Copyright @2017 Megatrons"
and that have meaning, legally?
What should I consider?
We use a Sony Handycam camcorder to record amateur sports team matches.

We have been using the software that has come with this camcorder called PlayMemories Home to merge these videos together.

This was done on a Windows 10 PC.

The problem is that we have experienced a lot of problems trying to merge videos together using the PlayMemories Home software.

This software does not seem to work with merging videos if the formats of videos are different.

What would you recommend as a better product than the Sony PlayMemories Home software for merging videos.

Hello everyone,
We have a ShoreTel VoIP system at out site and we use the Softphone in our board room to make calls, have small teleconference calls and calls into Spiderphone for larger teleconference meetings.
We ran into an issue during a teleconference meeting using ShoreTel Softphone to dial Spiderphone for a larger group.  When a video file was played on the same computer as the ShoreTel Softphone the participants on the other end of the teleconference could not hear the audio from the video being played.
Is there a way to fix this or do I need to just start using GoToMeeting?
My receiver will only play output on one mode. If I first ask the Echo Dot to play high quality music from an internet source it plays through the receiver. Then when I change mode on the receiver over to TV and ask the Echo Dot a question, e.g what time it is, it won`t answer over the receiver.

I am thinking of connecting my Echo Dot to PC speakers and the receiver using an audio mixer that has multiple outputs. Will it play over the Hi-Fi system or just play over PC speakers?

The problem with my receiver is that it needs to be on a certain mode for the Echo dot to respond. I want the Echo dot to respond no matter what mode the receiver is on.

Thanks for all your help,
I am currently setting up my home cinema room, where I want to control everything using my Echo Dot. I have set up Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV stick, Blu-ray player, etc.. to my  receiver, where each device has its own channel. All of that works perfectly.

As I`ve mentioned, I want my Echo Dot to control everything. Because of this I want the Output from the Echo Dot to come through the receiver, no matter what channel the receiver is on,  i. e. if I am using Sky Q I still want to be able to talk to and hear the Echo dots.

Does anyone have a solution I could apply?

Hi experts

I saw this boombox at Best Buy.


The important features that I need are am/fm radio.

The reviews I read on this are mixed. Sound reviews said this boombox doesn't sound good.

Do you guys know a boombox similar to this one but that sounds good? It must have am/fm .
Even if it costs more.
Hello Experts!!

I am in the need of creating an automatic process that automatically extracts the audio of an 60 minute long MP4 video stored in a folder, converts it to AAC format and then stores it in blocks of 5 minutes.

I wonder if there is an already-existing tool that I could implement to automate this process?

Thanks a lot.
Recently, I visit Amazon and place a order of Plantronics Backbeat Pro. when i receive the order and open it it has no cushion on one side. I feel so angry and post bad review on website. So please if anyone knows good website that can be trusted to shop online then please reply me.
Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

what is the best audio editing software
I have an audio file that has multiple people speaking on it.
I want to reduce the sound of one/2 persons and enhance  the voice of other person. it looks there is some hiss sound and some kind of noise. I also want to remove it.

in short I could say.. I a looking for a software that has the capability to split multiple sounds edit/enhance them individually and then save it.  

is that possible???
As the title mentions, Realtek HD Audio Manager is consistently muting my headphones for some reason. I have tried using the microphone/headset on other devices and it works perfectly fine. But when I plug the headphones in, it works for the first few seconds then mutes. I have to manually go on the application and un-mute the microphone device in order for people to hear me online.
I have tried to convert my mix cds to mp3 without any breaks between the crossfaded tracks.  Each time I try it there is a slight pause where the tracks blends in.  This is very disturbing since I created the mix cds to have a continuous flow of uninterupted music.  Is there any way for me to create a mix mp3 file?
I am actually trying to implement text-to-speech conversion in Salesforce by hitting a third-party api.

When i send the request through Postman, i get back the proper response in .wav format. However, I'm not being able to handle this reponse programatically in salesforce end, as I am not able to store the response in any audio object.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
please contact me there seems to be an equation for tuning it looks like if pitch shifting is done right using the equation even in equal temperament it will be fine
I have finally managed to get my Cool Edit pro up and working on Windows 10. I am downloading directly from a recording desk via a USB interface. All the settings are the same as on my other computer and the device setting box on the program is recognising the USB device. But nothing is being recorded. Any ideas?
I use Lenovo laptop windows 10, I downloaded Itunes to this laptop, the problem is Itunes music that is transfered to the usb won't play in a usb player please help, thank you
hi, Whatsapp archives audio attachments as .opus files. I have saved them to a dropbox. Surely there is a way to play them on a browser without going through a complicated series of conversion steps. I need this to work for non-techies who can click on a link but that's as far as I expect the user involvement to go. I can generate the links if there is a site that will stream the opus files.


Hi, Appreciate it very much if anyone can help.

I want to burn a few songs to a CD for a friend who is in a hospital.  But tried window media player of microsoft , Express burn of NCH Software and a few other burning software, have not been successful.  

Express burn's error message is sense data 03 73 03, don't remember what window media player's error message is.  

I am not sure what is wrong.  I used a disc which is Sony CD-R 700MB.  

Is there anyone having any idea of what is wrong?  Very frustrated at the moment.  Thanks a lot.
Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya
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Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya

In their most recent webinar, Skyport Systems explores ways to isolate and protect critical databases to keep the core of your company safe from harm.

I just realized I have set up 2 different Itunes accounts under 2 different email addresses I have. I am trying to add music to a 2nd generation ipod shuffle but it seems it will only sync with one library or the other, wiping out all music under my 2nd account. How do I merge the two libraries?
doing research for a online  free or subscription music streaming service:


must be able to upload my personal collection of 50k songs
must be  able to access library in the car (ipod, cellphone)
must be able to access on computer
must be able to migrate library from ipod
must be cloud
must be secure
must offer backup & restore

would be nice to have full step-step instructions
What media player should be used with 64 bit windows 10
I want to create a video editor software for my graduation project. But I first need to learn about digital video principles, what are codecs, containers, formats , mono vs stereo , resolution , sound processing ....etc (to use ffmpeg / mlt framework properly and know what I'm doing and how they do that when I use them)
The software should be able to transcode , edit , add effects and most other functions that are found in professional video editors.
What kind of knowledge should I have ? what to read and what not to read?

I bought many books about this topic , but they are talking about irrelevant stuffs , like pal & ntsc for TV and cables , a lot of math ..etc

Please let me know about the topics I need to read , books to get , any online references

Digital Audio

Digital audio is technology that can be used to record, store, generate, manipulate, and reproduce sound using audio signals encoded in digital form. Following significant advances in technology, digital rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas. Digital audio systems may include compression, storage, processing and transmission components. It is important to distinguish between the audio coding format, the codec performing the encoding and decoding of the raw audio data, and the container file. Common file formats include .wav, .aiff, .au, .m4a, .mp3, .wma, .ra and .raw.