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Digital Cameras / Camcorders

A digital camera or digicam is a camera that encodes digital images and videos digitally and stores them for later reproduction. Most cameras sold today are digital, and digital cameras are incorporated into many devices ranging from PDAs and mobile phones (called camera phones) to vehicles. Digital and film cameras share an optical system, typically using a lens with a variable diaphragm to focus light onto an image pickup device.  Digital cameras can display images on a screen immediately after being recorded, and store and delete images from memory. Many digital cameras can also record moving videos with sound. Some digital cameras can crop and stitch pictures and perform other elementary image editing.

I am trying to find a simple-to-use, motion activated, HD security camera for my home that will connect to the internet so I can view it and download video events remotely.  I bought an Amcrest camera which is horrifically complicated to use - and which saves video events as *.DAV files that none of my programs can read or convert.  Is there a simple camera that can do what I need?


what’s a compatible external webcam for  Samsung 60 inch TV
I would not normally beg for a device driver, being that we see enough of that already -- but this is a difficult case.

I have here two Samsung UF80-ST (identical to the UF80-DX except for the backlight) digital presenters donated to the local ham radio club.  Both are working.  They output DVI, VGA and correctly present themselves to a host PC on USB.

Samsung UF80
Unfortunately, Windows does not recognize them as video input devices.  I assume that the drivers are needed.

I can not locate Windows drivers or the original support CD.  The manual refers to a support site which is now cybersquatted.  Samsung does not have the support software on any of their sites.  I've goofled 30 pages of search without productive results.  There are "We have your drivers" hits but all of them are shady "install our software and we'll solve your driver problem" sites.

Is there a chance that some expert's IT or AV department has the support CD and could image an ISO file from it?
If I create an Outlook 2016 Template and save it, is there an easy way for other people in my local network to access and use this template for their own email use?

Example: The Template simply says "Did You Know" - ES Components has millions of EFI Thin Film Resistors In Stock for immediate delivery!

We want to have everyone in the company to send out their emails during the day with this line
in the body of the email.

Can we do this by using a template and everyone having access to it?

Thank you...
Can an iPhone 11 take a photo every second or two?

I want a high resolution photo from a stream of facial expressions, but find a video to be "lossy". So, I want highest resolution image, that of a still shot.

Can I time the camera to "push the shutter" every second?

iPhone 11 does not take High Resolution videos?

I have an iPhone 11 and take a video of myself with the back side of the phone, with 3+ cameras on it.

Record Rate: 4K at 60 fps
Record Slo-mo: 1080p at 240 fps
Camera Capture: High Efficiency

I take the video, then use Adobe Premiere to Export Frame.

The PNG I create looks blurry.

What am I doing wrong?

View video frame-by-frame

I do not have an active Adobe Premier license

What tools enable me to step through a video at a frame level? I have a video of myself and want to find a single picture to use in a brochure. So, I know Adobe Premier does this. What free tools also can do this?

Hi Experts,

I listen to a lot of Live webinars, both paid and free, out of which recordings for a lot of webinars is NOT available.
Also it happens that I have to indulge in some important work and so I am not able to attend the Live webinar. So
I need to record such webinar. But If I try to record the screen, it also tends to record all the working going on in the

Is there any method / way / application / utility to record ONLY the Live webinar in BACKGROUND, while I can continue
to do my normal working on the PC.

I use ShareX app from here
Kindly note that I don't have any extra PC at my disposal, so recording of the LIVE webinar using second PC is not possible for me.

I have purchased a logitech BCC950 for doing some meetings.  The device comes with a remote to adjust the zoom pan and tilt.  It works fine, if you are in front of the camera.  From behind, it does not work unless you are about 2 feet from it.  Must be the sensor not getting signal from behind.  I need to find a good camera simialr to this (does not need to have the speakerphone capabilities, but would be nice) that has a remote control that works from about 50 feet away.  Any suggestions?
Need Facial Recognition for thousands of family photos

I have tens of thousands of family photos and need a Facial Recognition solution to help me organize them and access them by person.

I recall Picassa was pretty good, but hear it's been replaced by Google Photos.

Is I use Google Photos, do the photos remain on my disk? (I prefer that).

What other tools should I consider besides Google?

Lastly, I also hear that if you "invested" energy into Picassa by training it to recognize people, that work is deprecated and no longer usable from Google Photos. Is that true?

Can I adhere to a standard and protect myself from Google making another change and leaving all the training I expect to do in the dust?

I am setting up a video stream of our company meeting using gotomeeting and I have purchased a logitech BCC950 conference cam for the event.  I have tested this camera for sound and video and it seems adequate.  I am not familiar with video conferencing quality and want to know the opinion of the Experts on this camera for the event.  The setup for the event is this:  There will be 3 speakers presenting at a podium, 1 hour each.  They will be standing in the same position for the most part and the Logitech cam will be on a table in front of them about 10 feet away. (I want to use speakerphone and not a lapel mic)   Like I said, I have tested this and it is acceptable.  Are there any other cameras out there (between 300 and 700 in price) that would be a significant upgrade from the Logitech device?
I have a working camera on my HP Pavillion G Series laptop. (Windows 7).
However, I can't seem to activate it.
I go into device manager and I can't enable it!
Is there a BIOS setting?  If so, how do I get into BIOS.  (It ain't F1 BTW).

Referring to above link which lists various Auto Focus spectacles, does such glasses really work?
Is there such a technology out there for auto-focusing?  I'm not referring to those "progressive
lenses" where the "degree of the lense varies from top to bottom" & user/wearer moves his
eyeball to an angle to get a clear focus while reading.  Hoping this auto-focus glasses is more
comfortable & clearer for short  distance reading / computer viewing.

Hoping to get something that eases my reading of computer screen & books at 30cm - 60cm
away which I think my current progressive lense (that supports both short & long sightedness) is
not that good with short distance (& this short distance degree of my eyes change every 1-2 yrs.
I would like to know if I am buying the right SD card for my DSLR Canon T3i. In the chart attached from Amazon it states that my CPU has to have 128GB of RAM. I only have 16 GB. Does that mean I will not be able to use the card to transfer content of the SD card onto my PC. Also what should I look for when buying a SD card? There are so many numbers on it . It gets confusing. Class 10 , The read/write speed, UHS class I, III. I just need something with large capacity and fast transfer to my PC . Also does the image quality of pictures or video depends on the camera it self and NOT the SD card. Please help me.

Thank you,

Basem Khawaja

SD Cards.JPG
Dear Experts
We are evaluating CCTV surveillance system appox 25 to 30 cameras which should store 03 months of recording hence NVR hard disk capacity we have sized 6 TB.  We have connected this location over MPLS link to the Head office hence we are thinking to look for solution but not sure at camera side or NVR side the recording to happen parallel to NVR and also to NAS device and this NAS device will replicate to another identical NAS device over MPLS link at head office
1.Please help is there any specific type of cameras OR NVR we should consider so that at the same time two places the recording is done one at NVR disks this is going to rotate once in month hence at any given time only last 30 days recording is available.
2.Also simultaneous recording in additional to NVR to store to NAS box for example synology NAS box ( one at site and another one in head office every day replication scheduled to head office)
Hello Experts,

I am looking for a camera streaming solution over the Internet. The cameras will be installed in a remote location with limited bandwidth (1 Mbt)

Does anyone know of a good solution?

CameraCameraHow can I connect a microscope camera wirelessly?
I am looking for an indoor security camera that will work in a location that will not have access to Internet or a WiFi network.

Furthermore, the camera will need to record video, on motion detection, and store to a SSD memory. Downloading the video should be possible via a local hotspot connection with an Android or iPhone.

The Problem: This may seem like easy requirements but I am tested about five cameras now and found that all of them require a WiFi connection to operate. :(  
The one camera that works without WiFi is an inexpensive "hidden camera" model: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PQK9LKJ 
Unfortunately, this camera isn't acceptable for my requirements. Why? Mostly because the field of view is extremely narrow (about 90 degrees or less).

I think that a solution to this question will help others because I am confident that I'm not the only person who has a need for a recording security camera in a location without WiFi or any form of Internet connection.

My requirements:
- Must be a dedicated single-use security camera.
- Must be designed to be wall mountable.
- At least 720p but higher resolution is better.
- Dome type configuration is ideal.
- Must be a single stand-alone camera with a power (AC or DC) connector.
- The field of view should be about 110 degrees. Although, I suspect that 110 degrees may be a 4K resolution camera (acceptable as long as it's under $250)
- SD memory storage (at least 32GB).
- Cell phone app to …
Need to easily make a composite matrix of images

I have roughly 20 images of faces I need to make into a composite. Think Brady Bunch...


4 rows, 5 columns...

But I do not want to need to reduce the size of any image. I want it to auto adjust to fit.

Suggestions for a tool?

Word has a table layout where I could drop each photo. But there will be white space. I instead want this to look like one image with 20 faces.


It need to be easy...

I have a json file "inventory.json" file that I am trying to show in an xamarin android listview but am having trouble understanding the adapter.  Here is my code which is throwing this error:  Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: Cannot deserialize the current JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) into type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ProfilesScan.Model.SelectInvItemlist]' because the type requires a JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) to deserialize correctly.

public class EOMSelectItemActivity : Activity

        public Button _btnSelect;
        public ListView _listView1;
        public TextView _txtFilter;
        public string jsonString;
        public string inventoryitems;
        private ArrayAdapter<string> adapter;
        public string items;
        private List<string> invItems;

        protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
            base.OnCreate (savedInstanceState);

            _listView1 = FindViewById<ListView>(Resource.Id.listView1);

            string filePath = Path.Combine(FileSystem.Current.LocalStorage.Path + "inventory.json");

            invItems = new List<string>();

            var jsonContents = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(filePath);
            items = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(jsonContents).ToString();

            ArrayAdapter<string> adapter = new 

Open in new window

Need to create a Mac Based Image Library

I have thousands of photos of all sorts, and need to build an automated search where I can add attributes and pull up images which satisfy my search criteria.

These are not modern photo's of people, so face recognition is not relevant. Photos are of buildings, maps, historical details, and a few faces, but even those are not usually photographs and tend to be paintings.  So, no face rec.

Also, these are my own private images and do not warrant a cloud solution. Privacy and being able to protect my datas is more important to me. BUT, I would consider using an Azure solution, IF I also had total access to my images with no Internet connection. (I do want some exposure to Azure, as a .NET Developer)

What tools exist that are configurable for this?

I need to add as many attributes as I would like. I need the search tool to reconfigure to include a new attribute.

I am a .NET Software Engineer, so a bit of coding would not scare me.

I would not be afraid to use a cloud solution IF I could also be able to ensure I have the ability to run it locally on my MacBook. My images are controversial, and could cause the master of the universe to try and cut my account...

What about a WordPress plug-in? I would host WP on my Mac if required for this.

I am trying to find a tool (or tools) I can use that will save me a world of work.

After doing a lot of research we decided to go with Hikvision for our CCTV security system. It seems like they are one of the major players. We kind of hit a snag with the computers we monitor the cameras on. We can view maybe 6 cameras simultaneously but the CPU usage at that point runs a constant 80% and is very, very taxing on the computer. Is that normal at the 6 camera mark?

   We were told by their support early on (about 8 months ago) to alleviate this issue by running all the cameras in sub-stream. That solved the issue for 8 months until the other day. I added a camera and everything went to pieces. Half the cameras would not reconnect. Don't know what changed but when I called Hikvision support they determined that the Lorex cameras we started out with couldn't be ran in sub-stream and needed to run them in main-stream. It seemed to work but why, after running fine for 8 months in sub-stream, would the Lorex camera no longer be able to connect when in sub-stream?

   So we changed the Lorex cameras back to main stream and the CPU usage re-reared its ugly head. I called their support and was told that more memory would drastically improve the situation. I called a second time and was told a Video card would drastically improve the situation. Alas on a third call I was told neither would really help. Well I double the memory from 8 to 16GB and put in a nice little Radeon HD6450 with 1GB and unfortunately my third call in was correct. Neither really helped.

We have a Canon PowerShot SD300 and when it is turned on we see the menu for entering the date.

Generally speaking in what mode does a camera have to be set so that when connected to the computer the images are imported.
What software program can do something like the below
since I want to take multiple photos on my camera,
then reduced MB size before emailing them ?

 1. Select all files in one directory (C:\pictures\........)
 2. Click compress
 3. Keep original photo height & width size
 4. Compress MB size (making it a little more pixelated)

I have a JVC video camera GZ-HD40EK and we had video recordings of exams  on the camera. Somehow the videos have been deleted or may  be formatted.

Now the examiner wants the videos.

Guys please help , is there any way i can recover the videos from this camera.
Thanks is advance

Digital Cameras / Camcorders

A digital camera or digicam is a camera that encodes digital images and videos digitally and stores them for later reproduction. Most cameras sold today are digital, and digital cameras are incorporated into many devices ranging from PDAs and mobile phones (called camera phones) to vehicles. Digital and film cameras share an optical system, typically using a lens with a variable diaphragm to focus light onto an image pickup device.  Digital cameras can display images on a screen immediately after being recorded, and store and delete images from memory. Many digital cameras can also record moving videos with sound. Some digital cameras can crop and stitch pictures and perform other elementary image editing.

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