Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.

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We are looking at replacing our tape drive with cloud backup.  Having looked at Azure backup it looks very limited to what i can backup.  Running DPM looks like it caches the backup locally before sending to azure - which is  problem.
We use veeam on prem - i see they offer cloud connect - any good?
Any other cloud providers out there that simply copies the file up and restores them back?

Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
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Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Windows Server 2012 R2 server has an attached USB 3.0 4 TB drive attached and is dedicated for backups (Formatted in Windows backup just for backups). When Running a scheduled Windows Server backup the backup will stop at random times in the middle of the backup and dismount the disk. The backup will end up failing saying that it can't find the disk and the disk will be offline. The only way to get the disk to come back online is to unplug the backup and re-plug it back in. A reboot of the server will not even bring the disk back online.

When the disk is dismounted, the logs in Windows throw the following errors
Event ID: 14 - Volsnap - The shadow copies of volume \\?...8ee-4778-bc2f-cb437fbd30a3} were aborted because of an IO failure on volume \\?...8ee-4778-bc2f-cb437fbd30a3}.
Event ID: 157 - Disk - Disk 2 has been surprise removed.
Event ID: 153 - The IO operation at logical block address 0xc703168 for Disk 2 (PDO name: \Device\000001a8) was retried.
Event ID: 3 - FilterManager - Filter Manager failed to attach to volume '\Device\HarddiskVolume350'.  This volume will be unavailable for filtering until a reboot.  The final status was 0xC03A001C.
Event ID: 51- An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\DR148 during a paging operation.

It seems the disk is only ejected when the scheduled backup is running. I can intermittently run a one time backup and it will be successful.

Things I have done already
1. Made sure Windows Updates were installed and up to…
Hello we backup critical, financial files to the cloud and a domain controller VM. But we can’t afford to backup all the user and curriculum files, videos, etc to the cloud? It is massive, around 2TB. So what can we do for offsite backup of these folders?

Looked at google drive, as a school we have unlimited storage, and a sync tool but it never really got going, errors, 4K/sec...apparently down to the many small files and deep nested folders. Testing a single massive file and it worked ok.

in a mega disaster (someone’s cleared out all the on-site IT, which is kind of plausible) I need some offsite backup of everything....


Thanks for any ideas,
What is a good paid for .xls password recovery software?
My customer formatted a CSV (Clustered shared Volume).
Now I need to recover a VHDx file from that .
is it possible to recover VHDx?
A little history before I get crucified. Not my circus and not my monkeys.. I have a soft spot for the down trodden.  

Have a client that is still break\fix. 4 years ago I warned them I was no longer supporting Windows 2003r2. 2 years ago I warned them the server (Dell T300) could die. Offisite backup no… still using a 2011 version of Symantec Backup and backup had stopped working a year previously. However, I do have good System State backup
RAID 5 failed and hot spare flaked out, so had to send the drives out for data recovery. Data was recovered. All user folders and other files I put on a temp server so they could access them. Now the remaining problem is that they had a program that used SQL 2005. I have got SQL 2005 to load on 2008R2 and run as long as I put all the SQL service packs on it. The database will not restore. Their previous server was also the domain controller.

The software company said they would help, but wanted $15,000 upfront. The main reason this place was still on this system was that the company only supported server 2003R2 and SQL 2005 which was why they were still on it. The client was moving away from this company, but needs their accounting from the old software.

I have a client that has a T300 in the closet that was a domain controller with server 2003R2. It never got demoted because the access to old accounting software wouldn’t run on newer version of server. I got it and have it in the shop and it still runs 😊 So I was wondering if…
where I can use the lto ,,, ? for archiving or data backup ?
I'm looking to fix a server issue at a client site where the backup server has died and thus is in dire need to be replaced.
The current used configuration is VMWare 5.5 but an upgrade to VMware 6.5 will take place very soon.
The backup server VMWare host had usually the DRP storage attached and the replicas of the servers are stored in it.
The backup server was connected at the Storage with a 1GB link passing through  a Cisco SG500 switch.
There are about 10 Virtual Machines, including highly consuming ones like a SMB server and a SQL server

With the replacement server, I have two issues / Questions :
-  the replacement server has no storage  available locally and I don't see the point in adding it because the Thecus storage has already enough disk space with fast drives. Is it possible to use this disk space to run the servers ? I'm 98% sure but I like the 100% :-)
- The connection between the Thecus storage and the Fujitsu storage would need to be upgraded to 10GB to make sure the response time between the storage and the server is kept  at a correct level. Is it possible to connect the 10GB RJ45 port of the Thecus storage directly to the 10GB RJ45 port of the server to establish a fast connection between both of them ?
- If it's possible, I'd have in mind to put two IP manually on each network cards like on the server and on the Storage to configure the ISCSI adaptor on the VMWare Host.
- I'm also wondering about the DRP …
Hello everyone,
Looking for some possible suggestions and best practices in regards to backup internet.  We currently have a primary internet provider and then a secondary provider that takes over should the primary go down.  My question is, what is the best possible way to test that the backup internet is working?  Without our primary going down, we don't have a good system in place to know that the secondary is working.  How frequently should we test the backup internet?  What should the procedure look like?

I appreciate all of your guidance and suggestions!
Ooops. I believe I have quick formatted the wrong HDD (Windows - NTFS).
Does anybody know of and has experience with a program (preferably free) that can recover pictures
and documents from a formatted HDD.?
Microsoft Azure 2017
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Microsoft Azure 2017

Azure has a changed a lot since it was originally introduce by adding new services and features. Do you know everything you need to about Azure? This course will teach you about the Azure App Service, monitoring and application insights, DevOps, and Team Services.

Had a Lenovo windows 10 laptop crash and it came up with Boot manager boot failed. It then progressed to the OneKey recovery screen with an option to recover. I presumed this would overwrite all data so I wanted to get some data off the disc first (I know it should have been backed up but it wasn't).

I removed the disc and put in an enclosure to attach it to another laptop.

When I had done this I tried to get to the folder where the files I wanted were but I could not access it. There were messages from windows that the disc had errors.

Chkdsk was run, although I think this may have been a mistake, and now I cannot even see the directory under which the files I want should be found.

I have downloaded a couple of 'data retrieval' apps but neither has been able to find the files I want to recover.

I am now at a loss what to do next.

I have considered going to professional data recovery experts but my wife won't sanction the expected expense.

What do they do ? Can I learn and do the same myself?

Is there anything further I can do to retrieve these files?

Any help would be gratefully received.

How delete an app that is locked?

I no longer use CrashPlan, but can not delete it, since it's locked. (Mac)

CrashPlan Locked
I can not log in since the account is gone.

I do seem to be able to access CrashPlan Service Preferences, but doubt they would do anything since there is no connection to the host.

I have a client who set up a Seagate Blackarmor NAS box a number of years back.  It has 4 Seagate 4T SAS drives in a RAID-5 configuration.
I was in their office last week and took a look at the device as it was running very slowly.  I looked at the front panel information (scrolled through the menus) and all four drives were listed as "Good".  The volume was listed as "degraded".

I looked at the web interface and saw that drive 3 was no longer part of the array (not sure if it said offline or bad).  I used the Action button to remove it.

I have since rebooted the box and now the volume is shown (on the front panel) as "Failed".  All four drives show as "good".  On the web interface, all four drives are listed as "good" but there is no volume shown.  I'm hearing no odd noises from any of the drives.

The client's backup is not as recent as he'd like, so he is very interested in trying to get this back up.  I realize that the safest option is to go to a (rather expensive) data recovery service.  He's not likely to want to go that route.

If these were NTFS-formatted drives, I'd have numerous options to analyze and possibly recover the data.  I'm assuming that the box runs Linux and that's not something I deal with except in very rare situations.

One option is to replace the drive that was removed from the array and see if it will recreate the volume.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed.
Veritas Backup Exec 20.3 fails backing up System State since upgrading OS from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2.
Local drive backups work ok within Backup Exec, just not system state, a failure occurred accessing the writer metadata.
Vssadmin list writers shows all VSS services in a stable state
Wbadmin systemstatebackup works fine.

I did read that this can be caused when the Windows Recovery Partition is missing from within Windows Disk Management.
This is the case, yet wbadmin works ok, and I have 2 other identical servers also upgraded which work fine in Backup Exec
Hello Everyone,

I am trying to recover data from a faulty hard drive. I would like to clone the HD before starting the data recovery process.

does any on recommend a fantastic software to clone hard drive bit by bit. if free even better thank you for windows OS.

Thank you,
Hi ...
After creating a bootable USB  using "etcher" utility from ISO files on a USB flash drive, the USB drive becomes the same size as the ISO file and cannot add more files. Moreover, inserting it into Windows OS , the usb key is not recognized anymore. Is there a better utility supporting any kind of bootable ISO files and still be useable to add more files to it.

What power outage TRACKING systems do you recommend that would do what my
currently does, but every 1 minutes instead of every 15 minutes ?

My UPS is plugged into a natural gas "always on" generator, therefore the UPS would show a 5 hour
power outage only lasting about 30 seconds, just enough time for it to switch over to natural gas

  ** Maybe something like
              ** https://www.isocketworld.com/en/isocket-smart-sockets/
              ** https://www.absoluteautomation.com/alerts-monitoring/
              ** https://www.pumpalarm.com/power-failure-alarm/
1.      Plug into an outlet by my desk that is NOT on battery backup
2.      Setup to email me anytime
            •      TEMP is > 200 = NEVER happens
            •      DEVICE cannot access the LaCrosse $12/yr web portal to report current TEMP = happens every time power is out since WIFI will NOT be on
3.       Get below in TEXT form + an automatic email when power is out, then back on

•         10/15/18, 2:45pm, STARTED
•         10/15/18, 3:15pm, STOPPED

•         10/17/18, 1:25pm, STARTED
•         10/17/18, 2:37pm, STOPPED
V3700 Remote Mirroring

vmWare Essential Plus V5 - 2 hosts
Storage Lenovo V3700 v2 - iSCSI

I Need a solution of Disaster Recovery, so I will acquire other storage V3700 and active the feature called Remote Mirroring.  With this solution, all datas will be replicated in two storages.

Imagine the primary Storage fail. What will happen to VMs?
How do I configure vmware essential plus to VMs will be running in other storage ( mirrored)

I am currently doing off-site testing of our backups and having a minor issue I was hoping someone could shed some light on or point me in the right direction for resolving.  We are a school district and our backup needs are not the same as a for profit business, so we are doing a mixture of backups both using backup exec, as well as nightly full backups using Windows Backup on a few 2008 R2 machines. Such as 1 domain controller that holds our FSMO roles, and our Mail Server which is hosting exchange 2010.

My problem is, when I restore the DC in our test environment, FRS is not up and running for several hours because it cannot find the other 2 domain controllers we normally have in our production environment. So AD is not fully up and running.  After a few hours of sitting, it magically starts working and event logs showing FRS is no longer preventing the machine from being a DC.

Is there something I can do to quickly resolve the issue in case of a real DR situation?  Once its fully up, I just do a metadata cleanup and remove the other DC's replicas in my test environment, but can't do that until FRS is up and running.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  =)
Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)
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Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)

We’ve posted a new Expert Spotlight!  Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX) has been on Experts Exchange since 2006. Learn more about this database architect, guitar aficionado, and Microsoft MVP.

We are restructuring the ownership of documents with new staff/teams being formed.

We currently have IT Applications teams (who run IT Quality Management & still running it), IT Security Governance
(new team), IT Infra Ops.

In general practice (or commonly adopted out there), which team or person owns the 4 documents below:
1. IT Application Delivery Framework :  applications PM, IT Security governance, IT Quality Managemt, or ?
2. Vendor & Contract Management Framework : applications team, IT Security governance, IT Procurement or ?
     (a mix of IT applications, infra, security vendors but most of the vendors are applications vendors)
3. Project Management Methodology : applications PM, IT Quality Management, IT Security governance or ?
4. DR Plan : We don't have a DR team;  so hv to choose betw IT Ops, applications team, IT Security governance or ?

Any authoritative references (eg: NIST, big four consulting firms papers) will be helpful.
I have a Hyper-V Server 2016 setup (the free one).  I experienced a system failure and have to rebuild.  How do I create a system image backup for disaster recovery that I can use when I boot up to the server setup and choose system recovery image?  All the information I can find expects a full Windows server install with GUI.
I have a Lexar Flash Drive, 128 GB and I need to do some data recovery.

Any suggestions on software that I could use, or is a professional service preferable?

Hi All,

I have a dilemma and wanted to get some feedback.

We have some Hyper-V server hosts that are lease is up and management is sending them back to Dell and a new Hyper-V server is being built as we speak.

The issue I am most concerned about is that the FSMO role holder virtual is on the Hyper V host that is going back.
This VM is currently backed up daily with VEEAM.

Here are the options for moving and or removing this server off of our host that is going back and not taking down our whole Active Directory.

1. Move FSMO roles to Physical 2016 DC, and move DC to new server and import into new host.
2. Restore Virtual to new host with VEEAM. ( I am concerned with different versions of Hyper V backing up and restoring too)
3. Demote the DC all together after transferring FSMO roles and rebuild new DC on new host.

The reason we use a virtual is because of back up.  I back up the physical DC but only C drive and system state.  VEEAM backs up the whole DC.

Any thoughts or new suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,

What are the differences between Veeam Backup Standard, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus software?

And what is a perpetual license agreement compared to a subscription license agreement?
So a customer accidentally formatted a 2TB hard drive to NTFS. I used the usual techniques to try a recovery but nothing worked (Testdisk, Ontrack).
After discussing with him it looks like the drive was previously HFS.

I was wondering if this new information can help me? I never tried a recovery from HFS but I don't think it should be very different with Testdisk.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.