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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.

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Basically i have essentials plus licensing with vdp, replication, and vcenter server appliances running.  All are the latest available from vmware.  I have three hosts in a cluster and i am using local storage for all three hosts.  I am doing nightly backups of all virtual machines and i wanted to do replication of VMs within this cluster to another datastore to provide another layer of protection for disaster recovery.  

With that being said i am worried that i will have trouble recovering if vcenter server is unavailable and i wanted to replicate it to another datastore as well.  I really can't find any information about doing this.  Any experts out there have any thoughts regarding this setup?
Want to know how to use Exchange Server Eseutil command? Go through this article as it gives you the know-how.
Working for a small law-firm client setting up a disaster recovery protocol, utilizing Acronis True Image with Universal Restore. I have used this solution before for other clients and it went flawlessly.

Source machine: Win7 Pro Acer 4GB RAM dual core. Did the Acronis image save and created Acronis Universal restore media.

Took an old box and attempted to restore to it and got BSOD, spent a day or two then bought a refurb HP Elite 8100 from Amazon with quad core icore 5 and 8gb ram.

I attempted Acronis Universal and it gets stuck on missing driver. So I went everywhere I could and got all the drivers I could However some drivers are EXE and I do NOT want to run those exe's on one of my production machines for fear that they will attempt to overwrite perfectly good drivers on the production machines.

Where can I get .inf, .sys, etc. PCI drivers for HP Elite 8100?

I used to rely exclusively on ExpertsExchange back in the day, now I find myself back into the trenches and wondering if you all are as good as you used to be.

Thanks in advance for your attention, regards,
Hello everyone,

I'm looking to do a Failback from ASR for a few of my servers but lost the "process server" I used to have on premise. How do I failback without it or do I first recreate a new "process server"?

Thank you!
I need to create a script to spin up an Domain Controller (RODC and Writable) from the script in the event of the emergency.  In case the DC  tanks Admins should be able easily spin up a replacement using a script.  This would eliminate a human errors and increase a recovery speed.
Can someone point me to the right direction, how its being done and experiences.
Thanks in advance!
Background:   iMac, Sierra.  There are damaged sectors.  There is a 30GB  Parallels file that appears to occupy some of those sectors.
  • I ran Disk Utility, which stopped as soon as it found a damaged sector, and reported that it couldn't help.
  • DiskWarrior showed a "preview drive"   I could only copy about 15GB of the Parallels file before I got an error message that file couldn't be copied.
  • Mac Data Recovery Guru - they found the sectors, kept running, but no Parallels file showed up on the list of recoverable files.
Is there any other software or method that can recover the large Parallels file, or enable me to extract whatever undamaged files are located inside?

Long story short, I accidently deleted the volume using fdisk.  It had the Windows OS. I think  Windows 7 Professional on it. Nothing on there truly important but would save me a lot of time if I could just recover the volume instead of reinstalling everything. I have the HD attached to my computer now. Attached Pic shows HD as Disk 1 and missing OS is the Unallocated 450 GB partition. I have installed testdisk but it doesn't find any missing partitions. Not sure how to use it. Should I use one of the advanced options? Would appreciate any help, step-by-step on how to recover this volume.
Are you an Exchange administrator employed with an organization? And, have you encountered a corrupt Exchange database due to which you are not able to open its EDB file. This article will explain all the steps to repair corrupt Exchange database.
Have a supermicro x8sax and cannot boot from USB even in the bios it's set for the first to boot
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Free Tool: IP Lookup

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Looking for a software to clone my current c drive (with 2 partitions on it) to a smaller ssd both sets are in a raid config

Windows 10
MAR-3286-SupportTexas-Onsite.jpg Proud to work for a company committed to giving back to my second home and other Gulf states impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Check out how you can make a difference and how technology is making a positive impact in the relief efforts.
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Help technology professionals recover in the aftermath
Do you have experience recovering from water-damaged equipment or general disaster recovery? Post a short How-To guide as a response to this post and we will consolidate your responses into an informative article to help those affected. If you prefer to write your own article, post a link to it here after it’s been submitted.

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I donated some shirts, thanks.  I also sent a package to Houston yesterday.  People have lost their homes, cars, pictures, jobs, businesses, and more. Animals need help too. Some of my friends who are there are getting crews together and helping others clean up. Now Irma is kicking up and enormous -- pray for the safety of those in her path.

Too much water from the hurricanes, and not enough to stop the wild fires to the west.

Author Comment

by:Craig Kehler
Bulk shirt redemption requests have been processed. Thank you for your donations.
Hi All,

I'm assigned to work on System center operation manager 2012 r2 deployment project.
My environment is single domain Structure. And there is already established Disaster recovery site for the case main site failure.
SCOpMgr 2012 r2 also needed to be highly available within and across site.
Any best practice to design HA/DR Architecture.?

Any response appreciated.
we are in the process of getting a new backup solution  for following BCP plan

Phase 1
Data center Backup
Desktop Backup (Image and File /Folder ) -  which one is best Image vs. file/folder
Backup media  -  D to Tape / D to NAS   with NAS to NAS Syn.

Phase 2

Application level replication to Cloud with other extra features  like  recovery full recovery

I have 3 product in the list : Arc , VERITAS and commvault    . Please share your input on this
CrashPlan for Home is being discontinued.  I greatly depend on its ability to do computer-to-computer backups across the Internet, as opposed to cloud-based backups.  Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in CrashPlan's new "Small Business" offering.  What alternative solution can anyone recommend?  Ideally, it would:

  • Automatically back up the data on one of my computers and send it encrypted across the Internet to another one of my computers located on a different network.
  • Be easy to set up and maintain.
I'm replacing my server hard drive with a newer.
Any recommendation on a reliable cloning software
I saw a webinar on Datta and the ALTO 3 device.

I am always investigating backup and recovery solutions for small groups of computers.   The device seemed interesting.

Is this a good and reasonably priced solution?

Dear Experts,

Recently, I ran some disk cleaning on the server, and after reboot, it failed to get to the log in screen. ( Hung at "Applying Computer Settings" for hours.)  After doing some Googling, I booted the server to Safe mode, and changed all Exchange services to Automatic (Delayed Start), and got it to boot.  Now I cannot connect to Exchange server.  (MS Exchange Server 2010 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1)

I have manually started all of the Exchange services, however, I cannot get Exchange Transport, Exchange System Attendant,  and Information Store to start.  They will say Starting, and it stays there.  Service Host will error out saying The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

I looked into Event Viewer and am getting "Unhandled Exception "The Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service on server localhost did not return any suitable domain controllers." error every minute.
My DC is the same server, and AD works fine, so I do not know what the issue is at this point.

Please advise.
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Learn Veeam advantages over legacy backup

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I am looking at Disaster Recovery solution that is based on VMware SRM. The main challenge is SRM only protects VMs. Which is fine as the applications are running on VMs but their database is running on physical servers (due to support requirement). How do  to replicate physical DB to protected site and yet maintain consistency with applications (app use storage array replication) is the puzzling question.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
What's a good option ?

If we get hit with ransom ware want to have a cloud option in place

Something not too expensive


I have a HDD that is not recognised by BIOS. Is there a way to get data out of this disk when it is not recongnised by OS and BIOS?
Our existing environment only has one Window 2008R2 server. It has DS role and file services.

As a part of BCP part, we are thinking of P2V the physical server to a virtual guest hosted by a vmware machine. It will be only be used during Disaster Recovery.

Can I simply backup the system state of the Window 2008 physical server and restore the file on the virtual server in case we need it ?

Are there any tracks of education whether it be just video series or a certification for proper imaging techniques with various programs? The reason for this is my experience with the situation is we have used Paragon and Acronis in the past for file retrieval but have had serious issues with re-imaging a device for quality testing. Most fail to load whether it be incompatible hardware or bad archive files. I need to personally get a grip on understanding the techniques to secure myself and future clients with a reliable process and I don't want to half ass it. Sadly enough I do not have higher up technicians available at my current place of employment I can learn from and need to set the tone for this. Has any of you encountered these issues before and how/where did you find solutions?

Thanks in advance!
We have an Exchange 2010 environment with several mailbox servers a single DAG and one CAS/OWA server. (we are unable to upgrade the version yet due to compatibility issues but we are working on it)

There were some issues when we were originally transitioning from 2003 so the Exchange admin at that time never implemented a CAS array.  

As part of our Disaster Recovery plan I would like to set up a second CAS server in our DR/colo site and have mail automatically flow through it should my primary site go down.  Of course mail has to keep flowing while I set up the new server and move over to the new array.

My question is is it possible to set up a new CAS server, create an array and move over to it without causing an interruption in mail?  Would my users continue to get mail from the stand-alone CAS server while I am transitioning them to the array?  what would be the order of steps to implement this change?  

As an added complication we are using VERITAS Enterprise Vault to archive our mail so we need to maintain Enterprise Vault integration in OWA.  But this is not a part of my original question.

Thank you.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.