Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.

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I no longer have support on this machine and EMC is asking almost $3k with no guarantee this can be done or at least they will not give me a definite answer.  Is there a way to reset the sysadmin password or factory reset the device?  We do not need any data from the DD since we have not used it in about 2 years.
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we have not included some small application running for company internal applications . we are in the process of getting  centralized backup solution  . is there any way we can get the one time backup and copied into external HDD . or any other third party application to get this  bare metal backup
Dear Team,

We are building a DR site in one of our remote offices. We are using Dell Rapid Recovery software to replicate our production machines to our DR site and export them to a VMWare environment and have them ready to be used in case we have to switch (active standby). Our DR site is also a site that is in production in another city, this site has a Domain Controller and a few file servers always running for the local office over there.

The issue that we have is networking. I would like to know what is being done out there or what is the most efficient way to accomplish this. At this point our DR site has a network in vlan 900 which communicates with vlan 200 in our productions site, these two vlans know of eachother. When we restore the servers in our DR site they will be assigned an IP of vlan 900 which will be different then the vlan 200 they were in the productions site. This will create conflicts because we have some applications servers with odbc connections configured by IP address and all of this will have to be changed in that case. Additionally, we can’t have the same machine turned on with the same name in 2 places at once unless we have an isolated network to do this which is one of the reasons we’re thinking about creating another isolated vlan 200 network in our DR site but not sure if it will work when switching over.
Since we are using rapid recovery, an active standby machine gets overwritten by a backup of the production machine every 2 hours, …
Hello all,
we did loose all our servers including DPM, and now we built everything from scratch, and reinstalled DPM 2012 on a new server, attached it to tape library, and ready to recover.
but obviously, there is no recovery points. ZERO. how can i access those tapes, and recover from them ?
I am trying to copy our windows server backup drive to another hard drive, restore this to a different piece of equipment, and then recover back something from 1+ month ago.

I was able to restore this to a virtual machine. However, I was not able to restore back any individual files / folders from using windows server backup. Using the windows server backup to restore it says the drive is offline "the disk that contains the backup is either not online or is not accessible" clicking any of the different backup dates. I guess since this is a copy it is looking for something specific... how would i mimic this onto the copied disk so i can access the recovery data?
When I hook up a Win7 drive to a slaved hdd I have no permission to view files

When I click next on the user it fails after taking forever (done loads of times)  

So without file permission issues can I use knopix or something ?
i bought a surface 3 and it asks for a bitimage recovery key,i dont have it nor any paperwork with it i tried all of the options in advanced troubleshoot it says cannot restore till the windows drive is unlocked ive tried running command prompt chkdsk/f and it doesnt work there is no recovery image or linked cloud account
Hi Experts,

We are running nightly onsite backups for our server (DC + File Server) using Veeam, and I want to store an offsite copy of these backups on AWS. What AWS Service should i go for? Do you have any documentation or KBs i can refer to for setting this up?
In the process of restoring SBS 2011 to another identical hardware for troubleshooting and testing purposes. and it is prompting:
'To restore this computer Windows needs to format the drive that the Windows Recovery environment is currently running on. To continue with the restore shut down this computer and boost it from a Windows installation disc or a system repair disc and then try the restore again.'
'If you don't have a system repair disc you can create one now.'
This morning my PC couldn't start up. It worked normally yesterday but i did a hard shut down (holding the power button) and went to sleep. When i wanted to access the computer today it didn't start up, had BSOD (blue screen of death) right after the windows logo animation was finished. The error was; c000021a (Fatal System Error) The session manager initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc000003a(0x00000000,0x00000000) .
I tried resetting to Factory setting (by the f8 method) but the screen that popped out offered no Repair option. I'm no tech guy so i'm asking for some help

Note; The PC is very old around 7 years and I've had recent BSOD issues but not of the same type, once I deleted a file I suspected caused it the issue was gone
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WordPress Tutorial 1: Installation & Setup

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We have had SRM working in vCenter (6.0) for some time. Last night we have to do a reboot of vCenter to clear up some issues, as the Web Client was becoming wholly unresponsive. Upon reboot, the SRM servers in both sites were unresponsive, so the administrator bounced those as well. Coming in this morning, I see that all of the Datastores in our Protection Groups say "Datastore x is not replicated". Have been Googling, but don't see any articles on why it is no longer seeing them, and what we can do to troubleshoot. Would welcome any suggestions.
I know we have many options to clone a raid 1 on server 2008 r2.  I want to know if Clonezilla live can make a backup image of this on a single drive for recovery purposes only?  Just asking!

Thanks ahead of time.
Hi Everyone,

I am hoping you can help me with this.

We have several cloud servers and are going to purchase more.

The hosting company does offer several options for back up.  One of the options is a server in the cloud to manage all of that but it's being stored in the same place?  My management wants to know our options for backing up in the cloud.

Here is what i don't get.

In trying to work on disaster recovery here, we are looking at backing up to the cloud, these servers I am trying to get more information on now are already in the cloud, so what is the recommended way that we should be backing up our cloud servers?  I can't back them up to here I don't think.

I hope that made sense, just didn't know how others are doing it.  

Thank you,

How to setup backup report using gstclreport.. EMC Networker
gstclreport emc Networker.. Scheduling report
Scheduling Missed backup and other types of report
Any command given to the other raid storage disk is returned by an input -output error .

So know I can't use the ESX [5.1] and all of the machines although I had the raid which is supposed to help in case of disaster recovery.

Please help
I can not access my yahoo mail (vianski76@yahoo.com) for I forgot my password  and my recovery email and phone  number is not active anymore.  kindly need your immediate help for me to change my recovery email and phone so that i can change my password. I really need to open my mails.
Thanks for your kind help....
Please forgive my ignorance, I'm an amateur and have learnt my lesson!!

I have recently upgraded to OS Sierra and I didn't realise how full my HD was - I hadn't checked in a while and there were no warnings.
Yesterday, I went to use my computer that was in sleep mode and it was really slow, wouldn't shut down or restart, so I saved everything I had open and turned it off using the button. When I tried to turn it back on it got stuck on the loading bar and when I checked it this morning it was stuck on about 80% and wouldn't move. So, I did the dreaded turn off and wait and on again, same result. I then did the command+R to access the disk utility and it would not let me repair (first aid) and it would not let me restore onto the external drive I just bought to back everything up onto (yeah I know I'm so prepared!!). Obviously because the external HD isn't installed, it doesn't recognize it and I tried to install it using the online help in disk utility but the internal HD is too full.
When I tried to repair it, it said 'file system verify or repair failed' and when I tried to back it up it said something to do with the partition map.
Please help! I don't want to do anymore damage!
Thanks in advance.
we are in the process of having complete BC and DR implementation  . the Issue is how we can implements the right approach  . Currently we have bit by bit not in the proper documents
Hello running windows 2012 r2 for our file server and we have a old server with backup exec 12.5 on it

Can anyone confirm me if version 12.5 of backup exec can support data deduplication at the os level if i activated this option in Windows 2012 R2 i want to be sure backup will be ok when i will do restore

Thanks for the information
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I have Windows 2008 and 2012 servers monitored by APC Powerchute with APC UPS's.  For some servers I want to create a Powerchute script that will run on a power out situation and bring down individual VM's.  For the remaining VM's I want HyperV to shut them down.  Is there a way I can mix these two options?  So if I create a Powerchute script to shutdown VM1 and VM2 and in HyperV Automatic Shutdown option choose to have HyperV shutdown VM3 and VM4 the two styles of shutdown will play nice with each other?
Hi all,

I'm trying to install Microsoft Azure unified setup for the on premises server( configuration server) but i guess i'm making something wrong, when it comes to install the IIS features it gives me an error, is this error familiar to anyone?

Attached is a screenshot of the error.

Thanks in advance.

I am looking into a Nutanaix hyperconverged system to replace some ailing DELL PowerEdge servers.  We currently utilize Windows DataCenter 2012 R2, running as our hypervisor and have virtualized all of our servers on this hypervisor.

The Nutanix solution allows us to continue to run this hyper visor within it's Acropolis O/S.  

I have some concerns regarding this system, since the hypervisor is now housed on a "foreign" o/s.  I worry that at some point there will be a problem and getting support will be convoluted, because MS would say this is an unsupported environment, and left bouncing back and forth between MS and Nutanix for help.

Our main goals are to provide fail over for DR.  Initially our thought was to buy new robust servers, continue to run datacenter and look into replication and HA.  A datacenter server housed at separate sites connected with high speed fiber links.  Providing us failover if a hardware failure occurs, or if a site is rendered unusable.  Can I accomplish this with just utilizing MS Datacenter?  A single Nutanix 3-node cluster will provide us with failover in the event of a hardware crash, but would require a completely separate 3-node DR cluster provide failover in the case of a site being rendered unusable.

I would like to know the answer to the question above, and first hand experience with Nutanix.

Thank You for your help.
Hi Team,

Can someone please help me to provide the steps required to make the standby commserve active if production commserve goes down or in case or DR.

I have read the advance failover configuration in commvault documentation but didn't understand the DNS configuration part. How the DNS record will automatically update to standby server.

Hi ..
I am building a customzised Windows 10 image using this guide:

Now, I am looking for the best way to create a Recovery Parition (like a manufacturer does), does anyone know, please, to help out.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi. I have a Q see 16. And am trying to recover a video from Aug of this year. But, I believe has been taped over. Can I still recover this video?

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.