Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.

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Hi folks,

I recently inherited a Quantum-branded Certance LTO unit complete with tapes. Most tests pass, but as soon as the drive gets to writing 13GB of data, it fails. Does anyone recognise this symptom and have an suggestions for a fix?

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Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409

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I have a synology with 2 4TB HD raid 1 and 1TB of data (as per the data analyzer tool on the synology, and ThreeSize) but is the disk overview it shows 98% full

Please advice
I'm not very Famaliar with drop box

So dropping a folder doesn't move the folder it just adds a short cut to the drop box folder as a wish for it to sync it - correct ?

1tb for 100 euro and I like the interface

But a mate got an encryption Virus and after a sync that's all he was left with - was .bac7 encrypted files in Dropbox

Would keep versions help - it's an option in Dropbox or once a file is deleted or renamed the  incremented back up file will be gone as well?

Looking for a new server which will be a domain server/file server/exchange/and terminal server

Currently there is 10 users but estimated to grow in the next 5 years to about 20 currently have 10 mail boxes estimate over the next 5 years to go up to 35 terminal server will start with less than 5 but maybe over the next 5 years will switch more office staff to terminal server.

The way I would architect this, 2 servers one for exchange a domain and one for file and terminal, the terminal server should be a box that can expend so if we decide to move to terminal it can be upgraded.

Also would add power so each server can back up to each other and in case of deserter host for temporary.

Does this make sense or am I off? Also what spaces would you recommend?
I installed Crashplan on a windows machine and have a mapped network path as drive letter f: and crashplan cannot back it up, but on a MAC I installed Crashplan and it can backup the same network path. What is the limitation in windows that prevents this and is there a work around? I have even attempted mapping the drive in windows then creating a symbolic link and it still does not work.
I want to do a backup with robocopy for 3 folders would the flowing be the right way to do it?

f:/ data \\DC2\Backup /mir /r:1 /nfl /ndl /copyall
f:/ clientdesktops \\DC2\Backup /mir /r:1 /nfl /ndl /copyall
f:/ clientdocuments \\DC2\Backup /mir /r:1 /nfl /ndl /copyall
Hello experts I've got a laptop that was dropped, now it wont boot.  I've taken out the HDD connected to USB to atempt to recover data, however I having some issues.  Is there any thing special i should be doing since its a GPT not MBT?

Thanks in advance.
Installed SP SPX. Made a MIXED backup schedule. If I want to restore the full volume, what do I chose from the list of backups - the base image, or the most recent incremental image. If its the most recent incremental image, I take it the base backup in restored as well. Yes?

We were getting a replace battery pulsating beep and have since purchased a Tripp-Lite Smart1500LCD.  However, there's some UPS curiosities that have come up and I hope to have answered here.  

    Does everyone always replace the UPS unit or do they ever simply replace the battery in the unit?
      The servers were shutting down as if there was a power outage on the APC Smart-UPS SC 1500 but there was no outage.  Why would this happen?
        Tripp-Lite Smart1500LCD has a USB cable for initiating safe shutdown of my ESX Host.  How do I ensure that process works?
        Free Tool: ZipGrep
        LVL 9
        Free Tool: ZipGrep

        ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

        One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

        Hi friends,

        I'm in (preemptive !) need for some bootable antivirus rescue disk for offline scanning of Linux systems - preferably a flavour that could be banned onto a bootable USB stick and with good test results ...

        Any recommendations ?
        Have a synology diskstation which is join to my domain and the domain administrator group has read and write permissions to all folders but will not accept any domain credentials to access the diskstatuion in file explorer (or when windows backup tries to access it).
        Exchange 2010, have two sites and need to do a switchover due to a planned network outage at once site.

        What is the best way to go about this?  I'm referencing two a couple sites with different methods.....

        1. Moving the Active Database Copy to another DAG Member (aka Switchover):  http://techgenix.com/uncovering-exchange-2010-database-availability-groups-dags-part4/
        2. Moving a server:  Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd298068(v=exchg.141).aspx  and   https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/exchange/en-US/239804df-9236-476c-ad7b-fa27a08ce237/switch-over-procedure-for-exchange-2010-in-a-dag?forum=exchangesvravailabilityandisasterrecoverylegacy

        Infrastructure I have at each site:
        4 servers / CAS Server, Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server, Public Folder Server, Personal Archive
        2 servers / CAS Server
        2 HA / CAS Server, Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server
        Then one DAG for each site
        I'm looking for a reliable utility I can create a bootable USB from a ISO I'm currently using windows 7 USB download which does a great job but will only convert one ISO on each USB I would like to be able to boot all versions of windows from one USB (I have them as ISO files)
        New to exchange.  What I need to do is move all mailboxes from one site to another site, like a DR

        Topology is:
        Site A and Site B:  Each have Four servers, 2 have CAS Server, Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server, Public Folder Server, the other 2 have CAS Server, Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server

        Have one DAG at each site and two CAS servers

        From what I understand, I believe I'd want to move the active DB copy to another DAG member, switchover?  Looking at this link:  http://www.techrid.com/exchange-server-2010/moving-the-active-database-copy-to-another-dag-member-in-exchanger-server-2010/

        Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
        How can I Reset forgotten local administrator user password in window 2008
        Asus X555LA - how do I get into recovery mode - I can't seem to find it
        My understanding is that these are two separate areas.  Testing DR is about being able to recover a service/system in line with documented RTO/RPOs.  This may include the recovery of data from a backup but to me its main aim is the service/system as a whole to perhaps a secondary datacenter.
        Backup testing is just ensuring that data can be recovered to a live environment where the service or system is unaffected.  It might be a single file or all of the data in a database if it were to become corrupted.  It is also about testing the integrity of any backup media and also the processes involved in restoring data from media or an offsite location.

        However, my manager believes this is all just the same thing.  I can see his point, data does need to be recovered in DR testing so you could argue that you don’t need a separate backup testing schedule.

        What’s everyone’s thoughts, is DR testing and backup testing two separate functions or do you include backup testing within DR testing and don’t have a separate backup testing schedule?

        Many thanks.
        I had this question after viewing cc cleaner on windows wiper.

        Drive wiper is running deleting free space 35 times

        now I get warnings from windows that there is no drive space remaining

        and my system restore images are being deleted

        so I run drive wiper and my computer could crash beyond repair because system restore is gone
        Three Reasons Why Backup is Strategic
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        Three Reasons Why Backup is Strategic

        Backup is strategic to your business because your data is strategic to your business. Without backup, your business will fail. This white paper explains why it is vital for you to design and immediately execute a backup strategy to protect 100 percent of your data.

        Does anyone scan Disaster recovery site, UAT, SIT & Development

        For cold DR site that uses the same public & even the same
        internal IP (as in ours) & same URL, I presume external it's not
        possible as we'll hv duplicate IP.  One PCI-DSS doc suggests to
        do VA & PT scans only for warm & hot sites: is this the common

        What about internal VA?  Do we do it on UAT, SIT & cold DR?

        Assuming cold site DR is powered down / isolated (ie not used
        by even internal users), still worth doing external pentest &
        internal VA?  When we apply fixes/patches/address vulnerabilities,
        we propagate to our cold DR

        Any best practice papers / authoritative links will be appreciated
        how does drive wiper know what is free space and what is used space

        could drive wiper forget to delete some areas
        could drive wiper delete existing files by mistake

        sdelete is a difficult command line tool to use

        is there an easier tool that will overwrite previously deleted data on windows c drive so that data can not be recovered

        I dont want to try to recover the data and then triple delete it
        on windows
        how can some files be deleted without ability to recover

        not all files

        want to keep os and applications and some files
        iPhone stuck in recovery mode.  We've tried resetting and DFU mode but to no avail.  Is there a program that I can just install on my computer, plug in the iPhone and the program allows me to manually find the pictures on the phone's hard drive?
        Please tell me how to recover user name and password.  Thanks.  Ken

        Disaster Recovery

        Disaster Recovery is the planning for and creation of policies and procedures related to the resumption or continuation of an organization's functions following a catastrophic event. The term is most frequently used in relation to failure of networks, but DR preparations also include other business systems and personnel considerations.