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A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.

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We are searching for a touchscreen display/ TV to have in our conference room.

Ideally the size we are looking for is about 55 inches.

It will be useful for us but we are aware it comes at a high cost.

What is the cheapest 55 inch Touchscreen available?

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How can i spilt my single display into a single screen using four projectors??
I am trying to set up a 3 display setup, using a Dell desktop with an AMD Radeon HD 6670 Graphics card the monitors consist of two dell monitors and a Magnavox tv.  One dell is connected using DVI with is the main monitor and the second dell is using HDMI connection, this monitor is touch screen and trying to connect the Magnavox tv using the VGA connection. The system is running windows 10. In display settings, I can see 1, 2, and 3 for all three connections but I never can get all three to display at the same time. When I click and highlight 3 which is the TV under Multiple displays I get Disconnect this display,  Duplicate desktop on 1 and 3, Duplicate desktop on 2 and 3, and Extend desktop to this display.
Display 1 is touch screen using HMDI, Display 2 is the DVI connection main screen, Display 3 is the VGA tv connection.  When I turn on Display 3 and choose, extend to this display Display 1 goes off, and only Display 2 and 3 shows.  Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
Hello everyone,

I have no idea how this laptop developed a cracked screen and have been using it for the past two years but just wondering if we could get the screen replaced as the touch screen functionality doesn't work on the left side of the crack.

Anyway, contacted Dell support regarding this and their recommended part number DT2CR costs a total of $221 which is obviously a very expensive replacement for an old laptop.

Could someone recommend something similar at Amazon or eBay? That would be tremendously helpful.

Thank you so very much for your time.

What is the best option for a giant TV on a rolling stand for a conference room? possibly 100 inch 4K but not crazy expensive

I am using python as RPA.
For that, I have to change the resolution of monitor or laptop according to my requirement.
Can we do or set the same resolution so that one code will run in both, laptop as well as monitor.
Hi Everyone,
I have a client with Dell Latitude 5580 and a USB-C/DP port with a StarTek dual DP connections and 2 external monitors. She is mobile so she disconnects/reconnects the StarTek adapter  regularly. Recently she tried connecting the StarTek adapter but the laptop does not recognize the adapter or monitors.
I have tried:
>Uupdating the Graphics Driver
>unplugging/replugging the DP connections at the monitor and at the adapter
>Making sure the monitors are set to DisplayPort input
*The monitors do not have a DP out so I cannot daisy-chain them, they have to use the adapter

Any other suggestions?
DP-USB C connection
I bought a Dell U3415 Ultrasharp Ultrawide monitor and connected it to my laptop HP Spectre 360 via HDMI. The monitor is great, however... When the computer goes into the screen saving mode, the laptop starts to continuously exude chimes typical of what we hear when we connect a new device, like insert a USB flash key. That goes on indefinitely until the computer is woken up from the screen saving mode or the HDMI cable is disconnected. It does not matter whether the lid of the laptop is open or closed. I have replaced the monitor with another one of the same model, that has not changed anything. I use Win 10 Pro.  Any suggestions? As a last-ditch measure, I would be willing to turn the chimes off entirely, if I knew how to do it. Any suggestions? Thank you.
My main Windows 10 desktops that I use both at home and at work are both connected to six different monitors.

Are three any utilities that will allow me to define which applications or programs will launch on which monitors?

I would also like to be able to define exactly what part of the screen these programs open on.

Are there any utilities or programs currently available that will allow this to be done?
macbook reboots every time i connect my monitors

i have the latest macbook, and the LG27 inch Mac Monitor with USB-C connectors that connects directly into the macbook, everytime i disconnect and reconnects the macbook restarts

i got this from the logs
Wed Jun 20 10:46:23 2018

*** MCA Error Report ***
CPU Machine Check Architecture Error Dump (CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7920HQ CPU @ 3.10GHz, CPUID: 0x906E9)
CATERR detected! No MCA data found.
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Hi everyone, I have a customer with a Dell Latitude 5580 and a USB-C/DP port. Is there a DP adapter that will connect to this USB-C port with dual, standard DP ports? I am trying to connect 2 external monitors?MysteryDP
This movie was made by amazon and I am testing on amazon.com
May be typical of all amazon movies.

90 minute drama movie from amazon movie studio 2017
wonder wheel
(which was in movie theaters)
on amazon.com
audio and mouth movements are 1 second apart

I tried restarting and using different windows browsers.

Is it better to get dvd movies.
I dont watch many movies and cant compare.

Testing on asus laptop windows 10 on laptop screen. No additional displays.
No external speakers .  Using laptop speakers.

confusing because amazon.com and netflix.com also have a movie studio.
Maybe comment on netflix movie studio movies played on netflix.com
I have a Dell Precision T5400 that I've had for a long time, which has been working great over the years. I recently purchased three new Dell Ultrasharp 24" U2412 monitors. When I installed one of the new monitors and plugged my system back in, I come to find out my power supply went out. So, I took my PC in to get a new power supply and at the same time I had a new graphics card put in that would support a three monitor display. The card I purchased is the following: ATI  Fire Pro card. The previous card that I was using was a NVidia GeForce GT 610 card that came with the system. The new card was installed with the new power supply and the old NVidia card was left in the system. My PC is back up and running, but I have encountered a few issues. First, my audio no longer works. In the sound playback it is showing that the audio is not plugged in, but I've checked and it is definitely plugged in. I believe that it was using the NVidia audio, but now that I have the new  video card installed that might have caused some issue and I need to go into the BIOS and switch to the onboard audio? I was reading an article about making that change. However, the problem I'm encountering is when I boot up, I no longer see the Dell logo screen or the Windows loading logo screen. My PC will start up, but the first screen that comes up is my login screen once the PC has booted up. Until that happens, the screen …
Hi all!

I have a bit of a piecemeal setup at work and I'm looking for a definitive answer regarding my setup, so hopefully someone out there can help me. In short: I want to connect 3 external monitors and close my lid. Is this possible with the following setup, and if so, how are some of the ways to accomplish it? If I need to purchase accessories, I can.

Precision 7520 - Intel HD 630 + AMD Radeon Pro WX 4130

E-Port Plus Port Replicator

2x P2417H

1x P2414H

I currently am using 2x DP out, but that leaves the third monitor unused. I've been browsing for an hour now and I'm not sure what my options are specific to me. Any help would be appreciated.


I bought below monitor.

It has 2 sources.
1. hdma(if i connect to the laptop laptop audio stopping even though video is coming on monitor)
2.  vga(if i conect to laptop both audio on laptop is not stopping making me to hear audio of the movie and also video playing on monitor fine)

my question is how to fix audio when hdma wire connected as one of my lnew laptop only has hdma no vga

all my laptops has windows 10 on them as OS

Please advise
Hello Experts

I just purchased the Blue Ray set of BBT Seasons 1-10.  I have a Blue Ray player attached USB3.0.  I've purchased Cyberlink Power DVD 17.  Following multiple errors I get error 0110.  It says "Cyberlink PowerDVD is unable to play this media because the required HDCP could not be initiated.  Ensure your graphics card, its driver and yokur display (e.g. LCD or projector) support HDCP."  

The CyberLink Knowledge Base says "In some OEM versions, CyberLink PowerDVD cannot output Blu-ray and CPRM disc content to analog display devices due to copy protection. To play this content, you must use a display device with a DVI or HDMI input interface that supports HDCP copyright protection."

My PC is a HP EliteDesk 705G3 with Windows 10 Pro, AMD A10-9700 3.5GHz Processor and 8GB DDRH 2133 RAM.  The video card is a Radeon HD7400 Series.  The display is a Sanyo FW40D36F 40" Flat Screen LCD TV.  The PC is connected to the TV using a HDMI cable.  

The Disk set is a UK import, Region Free.  I am able to play other Blue Ray disks (Titanic, Batman, The Hobbit) successfully.

Can anyone tell me where the problem lies?


I am using Display Fusion 9.2 by Binary Fortress to manage my 6 monitor set up. Something is stuck with it and I am getting very high CPU Spikes which is slowing down my system considerably. I have two NVIDIA GTX 640 graphics cards. I just update to NVIDIA 397 graphics drivers.  I have 24GB ram on a Windows 10 system recently updated. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi there,  Q
I have got an Acer Harman/Kardon (thats probably not telling you anything at all), anyway, its an  All in One Acer and its running Windows 7.
It only has a HDMI cable output and the second screen has the HDMI cable.  I have tired 3 cables but the Acer won't identify or detect the monitor.
I am reading I am likely to need an upgrade to the graphics card.  I really don't know how to to this. Do you actually have to buy something to the motherboard or do you simply add some software that allows the two computers to talk to each other?
I wish it was a simple settings issue, but I suspect it's more.
I hope someone can help.
Recently, when remote session is logged in, the host laptop's display monitor only shows only 2/3rd of the display.  Note the laptop itself has a complete screen as well as the computer system that I am conducted the remote session from.
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I have a Gigabyte z370n wifi MB.  It supposedly supports 3 displays. 2x HDMI and 1 Display Port.  My 2 HDMI's work but only mirrored.  The 3rd Display port does not work. It is using an adapter that is HDMI to display port. So there are two issues. Why won't the Computer pick up that it is multiple displays so I can expand separate displays and two, why wouldn't the display port work.  I am not using an additional GPU.  I'm only using the built in for now.  I was thinking maybe some software might help, but I couldn't find any drivers or software on the Gigabyte website.  Thoughts?
I had a follow-up question to a my previous post.

I had contacted a Dell rep about the new 24" U2412M monitors that I looking at purchasing and mentioned the graphics cards in my previous post I was considering purchasing to support the 3 monitor display. They indicated my current system, which is a Dell Precision T5400 might not support the card due to lack of the necessary power/wattage needed for the card. The rep came back and said that the cards would be supported with the power, but said the only Dell approved card was the Dell 2 GB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 510 (4mDP) (4mDP-DP adapters), 9NPC8 ((4mDP) (4mDP-DP adapters) (QMGA3) (Kit)) . They provided a very expensive quote for that card. I checked on Amazon and found a much lower price point, which made me concerned they were blowing smoke and that any of the cards listed in my previous post would work in my existing system. I also found that the price on Amazon for the monitors I am going to buy was $50 cheaper than the quote I got from the Dell rep.

So, I'm wondering if I'm being scammed by being told that the approved card by …
I'm looking to upgrade to a new graphics card that will support three monitors. I currently have a Dell Precision T5400 with a NVidia GeForce GT 610 display adapter. I'm looking at the following graphics card. The GeForce GTX 1050 shows it will support three monitors. I wanted to ask some experts if this card would work with the Dell Precision T5400 and support the following three monitors: Dell UltraSharp 24" - U2412M.

The 3 ports are 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 Display port, so am I correct that I would need three different cables to connect to the monitors? The monitors show that it has the following ports:
DVI-D, VGA, DisplayPort, so I would need one adapter that goes from HDMI to DVI or Display Port, correct? Are there any concerns about this graphics card supporting three monitors  or working in an older system like I have?

I'm planning on upgrading my system, but need to do it one piece at a time so I'm just trying to get the new monitors first.

I have a Dell OptiPlex, new, that I cannot get to work with my ACER X233H monitor.... Input Not Supported.

Googling hasn't helped.

As the computer boots you can see things but then once W10 is about to boot video is lost... lest I go into safe mode.

Attempting with HDMI (computer doesn't support VGA or DVI).

I currently have a NVidia GeForce GT 610 graphics card (see attached image with available ports on adapter card). Will this card support three Dell UltraSharp 24" - U2412M monitors? If so, what type of extra connector do I need to support the third monitor?
Hello Experts - I'm starting my budget for next year and one thing I would like to do is replace some monitors.  I work for a small architectural firm and right now we're using relatively inexpensive Acer 24" monitors.  They're ok but I'd like to do better.  I'm looking for recommendations for monitors that would work well for architectural designers using Revit and CAD.  Let me know what you think!

Displays / Monitors

A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.