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A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.

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I'm running a Toshiba Portege z30 and have a display issue. It's hard to explain without a photo so I have attached one for review. The screen starts breaking up into multiple black boxes at random. I've sent it back to Toshiba repair but the issue still persists. Anyone experience this before?

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I connect from my home PC (Win10) to my office PC (Win7) using RDC. Both machines have dual monitors. I connect using MSTSC /SPAN and get mostly great results. 1 application I use doesn’t play well. When the /SPAN is used the application stretches out badly and is pretty much unusable.

When I asked the vendor, they say that /SPAN is very old and I should be using /MULTIMON instead.  However, when I connect using Multimon, I don’t get both screens, just one. All applications appear on screen 1 only.  

Why would /SPAN work but not /Multimon?
Is something wrong with my setup?
What kind of adapter is needed to connect two external monitors to a Lenovo Yoga 720-131kb laptop?

Is it possible to do this without having to purchase a port replicator? If so what kind of adapter is needed?
Hi Experts,

i have tried looking on-line but have so far been un-successful. I need to get a guide which can be given to users to help them setup monitors. not with regards to the physical setup but more so the software side. I don't fancy writing the document myself as i would have to include all the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: you have 1 additional monitor that you would like to connect to the laptop to duplicate or extend the display.
Windows 7
Windows 10

Scenario 2: You have 2 additional monitors that you would like to connect to the laptop
Windows 7
Windows 10

Scenario 3: You have 3 additional monitors that you would like to connect to the laptop
Windows 7
Windows 10

is there any content online which would answer these questions in a generic way as i know that display settings can be a pain but the common issues here are users having issues getting the monitors the correct way round or resolution / size of icons are incorrect.

worst case scenario i will have to bring together several articles online with screen shots etc but was hoping there may already be a john and janets handbook as such on this.

thanks in advance,

Hello experts I've been provided a laptop from my company.  Its a Dell Latitude E5570 with a Intel HD 520 Graphics card, driver is up-to-date, which connects to a Dell DisplayLink.  I cannot get it to disconnect the built in display when connecting it, it always has three displays.  Not sure what to do, I've gone through the display driver properties, display setting in windows, switched cables, docking stations & monitors.  I've exhausted all my ideas.

Oh yeah its got windows 10 pro

Thanks in advance.
We are having an issue with a group of brand new Windows 10 PC's that are located in an area where multiple users log into them throughout the day. Users are reporting that they can be running an app and the screen will go blank and the monitor power cycle itself, like sleep mode kicked in and then it came back on. Some say it happens so frequently that you can't hardly use the machine.

This problems happens more often at night than during the day, as the PC's are located in a 24/7 office.

We've made sure to install the latest video drivers, updated the BIOS, checked all the cabling, checked the power settings so nothing sleeps or hibernates, and even swapped out two of the PC's with two brand new machines - all with the same results.

Yesterday I noticed one of the PC's had 7 different users logged in. Apparently, nobody knows how or bothers to log out and so by the end of the day there could be a dozen active logins on some of the busier computers. I think THIS might be the issue. The users are blaming Windows 10. Event Viewer doesn't show any one particular app crashing but i just can't seem to find what's making the monitor cut off and back on.
I have a 5yr old LCD TV which goes black after being switched on, but there is sound. Someone tell me that it could be the Panel problem. Kindly Help me in fixing the problem.
Hi Guys,

i wanted to purchase an Intel Compute Stick to run a some basics, powerpoint, VNC software, AV. nothing intense!

i wanted it to be windows 10 pro but none of the sticks come pre-installed with it. you can purchase an upgrade through the Windows App store but reading online many people have had issues with this. and also many people have had issues with the stick breaking and then having to re-purchase the licence for the 10 upgrade on the replacement unit due to no product key being given.

so does anyone have hands on experience with upgrading these to 10 pro? are they reliable?

does anyone know an alternative which would also run windows 10 pro out the box?

what do i need the stick for: to plug into a monitor and be used as a display board. need to be able to remotely connect to this on our domain to up-date the slideshow or information being displayed.

all help appreciated,

Three laptops are having issues when a second extra monitor (BenQ) is plugged in via HDMI. Testing similar monitors on the ProBook 450 G3 seems to work completely fine (models of laptops having issues listed below).

1.      HP ProBook 450 G2
2.      HP ProBook 450 G0
3.      HP ProBook 450 G0

Won't work with two BenQ monitors plugged in via VGA (GL2450-T) and HDMI (BL2405PT). The VGA monitor works, but the HDMI monitor will say "No cable connected" despite it appearing on the Screen Resolution menu as a "BenQ LCD".

We have updated the BIOS and GPU drivers with no luck. We have successfully plugged the BL2405PT monitor in via VGA and HDMI on its own, which have both worked. (Have yet to test the monitor on its own via HDMI ,to rule whether it's an issue plugging in via HDMI, or an issue with multiple monitors).

We're going on-site now, so will provide more details soon.
The monitor is Apple Cinema HD Display (23 inch diagonal)
Trying to connect it to recent model MacBook Pro with 4 USB-C ports

Here's how it's connected:
  • The USB from the "Octopus" connector goes to a USB2 to USB-C adapter, plugged directly in.
  • The DVI from the "Octopus" connector is first going to a DVI to Mini Display Adaptor, which worked fine when plugged into the Thunderbolt port of an MacBook Air
  • This adapter goes to a ITD ITANDA Thunderbolt  to USB-C adaptor, directly plugged in.
The power light on the Apple Cinema HD Display is on, the USB is plugged in, but the computer doesn't recognize the display.

Do we have the wrong Mini-Display port to USB-C adapter?

Is there a way to attach this second monitor?

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I have a display port on two computers that I need to quickly switch between.

I'm looking for the simplest solution to this issue.
I have a Samsung TV and an LG TV on the same computer as monitors. 32" 1080p

As long as I have the LG TV turned on, even though the picture itself has now turned completely black and the TV is worthless, the Samsung TV is crisp and clear and images are smooth and pretty.

If I turn off the LG TV, the Samsung gets grainy and washed out and looks really bad.

When I turn on the LG, the screen flashes that it is set to 60Hz when I turn it off, the screen flashes 60p. I don't know what those values represent.

When the LG is on, the TV setting on the Samsung offers me a Dynamic Picture mode and that is the setting.
Once the LG is off, the Dynamic isn't even an option, but Entertainment and Standard are the only 2 options, and Entertainment is a tad better than Standard, but images are still unacceptable.

I'm describing images, but fonts are also choppy. Just bad overall picture.

I have adjusted the resolution, the settings, everything, and I can't find the problem. The problem isn't with truetype or fonts, because images are horrific and have nothing to do with fonts.

I've reset the picture to default settings on the Samsung. I've altered color, contrast, sharpness, etc. etc. So please don't suggest that.

Any solution to this problem? I've googled and found a similar problem and the guy just ended up taking the TV back and getting a new one. Not an option for me.

I am also having issues running Server 2012 R2. I tried the above downloads but after installing I received the error message "computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software." Any ideas anyone???
The computer is a Stealth. I7 processor, DVI port, VGA port,16G of ram.
Thanks in advance
Using XenApp 6.5 r07 / Citrix Client 4.7
Running Windows 7 on the laptop with a Lenovo docking station
2 - 1920 x 1080 monitors connected to the docking station.
When I open a Citrix app (Putty, Notepad) the window cannot be resized (no arrow indicators on window corners) and when I attempt to move the window it moves one half an inch. Can't move to another monitor. No tool tips will display for applications within a Remote desktop connection.
If I remove the laptop from the docking station, moving / resizing / tool tips work.
If I only have one monitor plugged into laptop directly, it works.
Citrix admin says Citrix server Display memory limit / ICA Graphics is set to max at 131072KB.

I have checked all blogs and Cittix support and cannot find the resolution for this.
I am having problems with my Benq BL2400 monitor. Windows 7 doesn't detect it and offers me horrible resolutions to use.

Any ideas on how to make Windows 7 detect my monitor?
I have a Sapphire 280X Toxic graphics card that is not showing any picture on a Benq BL2400 screen.

When I connect the GPU to my TV via HDMI, it shows a picture like it is supposed to when the PC boots. But Benq BL2400 doesn't have HDMI. So I connect to Benq using a cable with DVI in one end (for the Benq screen) and HDMI in the other end. That doesn't work. I then connected a cable that is DVI in both ends, and that didn't work either.

Seems like my Sapphire doesn't like my Benq screen,

Is there any trick I am missing to get it to work?
I want trying to find a solution that many businesses are asking me so solve.  I have many people that want to display one computer screen onto many smart televisions.  i.e. it is trivia night in a big bar.  They have eight televisions.  They want the computer that has the trivia questions on it to be displayed on all the televisions. If the client had installed a hdmi matrix switch this would be a simple fix, but without that wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to mirror the computer to multiple displays.  
Any help would be thanked.
We have a LCD Projector that is about 50 to 60 ft from the laptop.  We are using a 100 ft VGA cable for the connection.  There is also a TV monitor that is being in the same.  One of our tech person brought a splitter and attached to the end of the VGA cable.  Then there is a VGA cable going to the laptop and another VGA cable going to the TV.   After setting that up, we notice that the projection on the screen is dimmer and both the projection and TV monitor have wavy jumpy images.  What can we do to get clarity and get rid of the wavy jumpy images.  Thanks
Hi, I have a docking station that I've used for three years.  It has not caused any problems.  The hardware that evolved over time is the latest purchase of a Latitude from older model to new model.  Also, I have went from one monitor to two monitors with an extended mode screen setup.  The Dell Latitude docking station has two display port connections on the rear of the dock.   The latest setup has been holding up well with Windows 10 until the last month.   I've always placed the computer in sleep mode to eject from the dock environment and take it on the go.  However, the monitors fail to display lately when I redock unless I flip open the laptop screen.  Then one screen pops open while the other display remains dormant.  I can't get the dormant screen to activate unless I shutdown instead place in sleep mode.  Then turn on the computer and the two screen finally pop up after logging on to Windows 10.  Is this Windows 10 or hardware?  I'm leaning towards Windows 10 but I have no idea how to fix it.
Finally, my Dell Latitude e5430 battery went bad after 5 months.  Any recommendation on Dell adapters?  Does it not like the old Dell adapters?  Why would the battery go bad so quickly?
Dell Latitude e5430
Simple, centralized multimedia control
Simple, centralized multimedia control

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Hi experts,
 I have a laptop and a monitor connected to a docking station. The monitor displays :
There is no signal coming from your computer.
Press any key on your keyboard to wake it up.

Then it says entering power mode

I replaced , cable , monitor , docking station and same issue.

Any ideas? It's connected to a dell laptop Inspiron 7000 series
Hi Expert,

Good Day.

I would like to check if anyone know why when I plugin second monitor using display port to vga as secondary monitor, main using vga as well but getting Optimal Resolution Notification, no matter how I change the resolutions size it's the same, this happen when i plug in second monitor using display port to vga. The pc is using intel graphic and driver up to date with windows 10, appreciate if anyone can advise me on.

Hello, I am needing assistance with taking apart a Dell S2209Wb monitor.  I have a replacement power supply board that I need to install however I can only get as far as removing the 4 screws behind the monitor stand.  There seems to be no way to get the bezel off, there are no guides or grooves to use as a starting point and it simply won't come off.

Upon searching online, there are absolutely zero tutorials on how to do so with this particular model.  All other Dell model tutorials are immaterial since this model seems to be special and does not go along with the general rule of prying off the bezel.

Can anyone provide any assistance on this?  I need detailed steps and illustrations or video is a major plus.
Got a Toshiba laptop with a dead display. Connecting to an external monitor works fine, so I replaced LCD & then I'm getting a very dark display, that can only be seen if I shine a light up against the screen, which makes me think inverter, right? Replaced inverter & no change. Could I have a bad replacement? Is there any way to troubleshoot further? I suggested just trashing it, but owner says there are programs that only run on it (Vista?) & she doesn't have the disks to reinstall.
She does have a new Win 10 computer, I believe - could a VHD be created from this, allowing her to run it as a VM on her Win 10, if it supports Hyper V?
We are trying upgrade kvm Raritan Dominion KXii firmware connection keeps been refused on the multiplatform, and IE keeps giving me certificate errors and wants me to download Java, even tho it has been downloaded many times. any ideas on this would be great. I am trying to update the firmware on the unit
can any experts give personnel recommendation on their business high-end laptop, preferred: Lenovo with Win10: newer model (2016 and later)

which Lenovo high-performing laptop models have suited you better and why? (battery, keystrokes, weight, screensize, carrying efficiency, overall ease of use for work-from-road- situation or from hotels)

if it is other brands also, I'd be interested in your feedback on laptop models that are outperforming for you?

budget 1500-2000usd

thank you.

Displays / Monitors

A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.