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A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.

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Hello experts
I am repairing a laptop that we found in our workshop , I have got it to a working state, but the display will only show on a secondary screen. When I start the pc it displays on its o…

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We need to set up a JHC Camera (via HDMI or USB) connected to a 65 inch LED TV1 in our Conference Room#1.  
In conference room 2, on a 65 Inch LED TV Monitor#2, we need to mirror (video & sound) wha…


Windows 10 now allows users to create multiple desktops, enabling users to interchange between these desktops from the task bar. However, from what I can see, there isn't the option to view and use th…


Windows 10. I want to compare two documents by putting each one on a different screen.  I have got a second Monitor and connected it correctly.  When I select and press: ' Window Button + P'  the foll…


I think I'm being dense here, but here is my issue. Customer has an HP 500B Microtower with 2 Hannspree monitors. It had an older Nvida video card with a DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort. Recently the monitor con…


I need to add a video adapter to a Dell Optiplex 7020.  I looked at the specs, and there is an option to install either a PCI Express x16  or  an x4.

All that the user (Stuart) is doing is word pro…


A client has a HP w1907 monitor and the desktop shows intermittently but for only a second. I have changed out cables with no change. I can see the desktop when I connect remotely. Any idea what is go…


Can any one please help me in that error?

The Dell Latitude ON program is not activated. To activate the program, restart your computer and run the Dell Latitute ON setup tool.

Its a Dell Latitu…


On a ESXi server, Win7 virtual machine, I need to update the monitor driver to match the display we're using via rdp.  The current generic one only goes up to 1600x1200 and we want 1900x1080 if possib…


The PC is a Dell Studio 540, using Windows 10.
I have got a second Dell Monitor which I want to hook up. I found a second VGA port at the back of the PC (with a little cover on it). Removing the cove…

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Hi All,

I have a problem with my display and don't know how to resolve it.

Items on screen are showing a trail to the right, like in the screen shot below.

The display is an HP EliteDisplay …


Is there a way to force ALL programs, Apps and pop-ups to open on the #2 monitor, instead of sometimes opening on the #1 monitor?


I have one computer where the screen consistently goes black when I attempt to capture the activity on screen.  This happens whether I use the built in snipping tool, Techsmith's Sangit, or Techsmith'…


Hello EE .. I hope someone can help me on this
I got 2 televisions with Android Box connected with XIBO software installed.

It supposed to display a video in loop that I upload in the Xibo server …


Good Morning,

I have installed Android x86 on Quanmax MAXDATA-qute 1000, after that, I installed Xibo client and tested RTSP stream. But it did'nt work.

I also tested RTSP stream on Android pho…


A user is working in Microsoft Excel 2016 with dual monitors and experiencing their monitors blinking and going out when transferring data from one spread to another on opposite screen. Once the monit…


I have a pc running Win7Pro and using a Radeon HD 6870 graphics card to display to a Samsung TV.  The driver got funky today and I went to AMD and downloaded a driver, and thought it installed, but wh…


Does anyone know of any software where a user can cast from their laptop to another screen via a url?

What we want is for the conferencing screen to have its own casting url for visitors to connect…


What card should I look at for 4196X2160 @ 60 hz where everything will look right...sharp, crisp, normal?

One card I have will support that rez, but things look funky until I change the setting to …

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42" Insignia (Best Buy brand, 2009)

What do you have experience using or what highly rated suggestions do you have?


We have a user who is experiencing issues with connecting his HP notebook to Wi-Fi access points (mobile device, home, airport, etc.). When the user attempts to connect to the wireless access point at…


I am trying to connect my Pegasus 7" TV with the laptop. I use the rca cable and connect it with the com port cable but its not showing anything on the tv. Also the light on my flat screen monitor is …


Is there any difference between a Dell U2413 monitor and a Dell U2413F monitor? If there is a difference what is it? I wish to purchase a spare monitor in case of failure of my present pair. Mine have…


I have a laptop that shows up on external monitors. The OS is windows pro and the laptop is a W541. I have swapped the drive to another good and same model laptop and it does the same. I have checked …


We have a couple of Surface Pro 3 devices running in our office and just got a new one for another employee. They had dual monitors with their laptop prior to the SP3 and would still like to use the t…

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