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A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply....

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Troubleshooting Solution

Have the windows restored to their location when pc resume

Hi Experts!

Let's see how I can explain this.  I have a computer notebook with a monitor as extended. …
Nine-Monitor Configuration

Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to move mouse in multi-monitor configuration - AutoHotkey Script

In configurations with multiple monitors, it can be difficult and time-consuming to move the mouse pointer to a particular monitor. This article presents a script written in AutoHotkey that defines hotkeys — such as Alt+Ctrl+1, Alt+Ctrl+2, etc. — to move the mouse easily and quickly to any monitor.
Troubleshooting Solution

Dell XPS 3620 runs and will POST but no display or signal to any monitor

byFred D
A day ago the 4 year old Precision XPS 3620 Windows 10 Pro was shut down to move it.  Then booted up …
Troubleshooting Solution

Dell Inspiron one 2023 AOI video, Wiht Win 7. After mass update routine screen shows only rotationg red green blue black white screens.

Updating an old windows 7 system to win 10 2004.  First step was mass update of win 7 updates to …
Troubleshooting Solution

black lines and portions of screen in outlook

See screenshots.  Black lines and also portions of the screen are black when I close out Outlook or …
Troubleshooting Solution

USB HDMI single video port, extended display capability

I want to give a desktop computer the ability to extend the windows desktop to use two displays in a …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to daisy chain a second external monitor through a HDMI KVM switch.

I have two notebook PCs that are set up to share peripherals. I'd like to find some setup …
Troubleshooting Solution

Several questions about Windows 10 tablet mode

I need help from experts very familiar with Windows 10 tablet mode--to save me hours of trying …
Troubleshooting Solution

Multiple Monitors on Dell 7200 Two in One

Hello All,

I have user that has a Dell 7200 with a WD19 180w dock.  The dock is supposed to be able …
Troubleshooting Solution

Monitor Not Turning On

I bought an off-brand monitor many weeks ago.  It has been working fine, on each of my two …
Research Solution

GPU video card connected to PC via USB port?

Hello Experts,

Does anyone know if A Graphics Processing Unit (video card) can be external to the PC …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need better picture on secondary monitor

I have an HP zbook and have two monitors.  I dont have the dock right now. The one attached to the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Make Extended display same quality to notebook display in Windows 10

Hi Experts!
I want the Windows Desktop shown in my extended monitor be the same or close to similar …
Troubleshooting Solution

External monitor for portable Toshiba Satellite

I wonder if it is possible to connect an external monitor to my portable Toshiba computer. And so …
Troubleshooting Solution

My computer power starts and goes off back on and then back off

My computer power starts and goes off back on and then back off all time.

I unplugged the monitor…
Troubleshooting Solution

My work 2 laptops desktop backgrounds keeps randomly turning black

My work 2 laptops desktop backgrounds keeps randomly turning black.  It's hurting my eyes b/c it …
Troubleshooting Solution

Display port from pc to computer monitor.

The top photo is what I think we need to connect a pc with a display port to a standard computer …
Troubleshooting Solution

Extending Displays Windows 10 with laptop and two extra monitors #1 vga #2 Div

HP EliteBook laptop. Wondering if I can use at least the two monitors or possibly with the laptop's …
Troubleshooting Solution

Is Miracast still the industry standard for laptop to TV?

I purchased a Fire TV not long ago and tried to get my laptop to display to it. Much to my surprise …

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