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A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.


I have an A/V question. I just mounted 5 LG TV's in a few offices. I terminated each end to a HDMI keystone, and the length of the HDMI run is approx. 15 - 20 ft. I'm connecting the PCs to the TVs as a third monitor. Of the 5, two are working without an issue, but i'm having issues with the other three. The OS and the graphics card is detecting the TV as a third display, but after choosing the correct input on the TV, it's still displaying "no signal". This is the case for all of the displays that aren't working.

Any advice or guidance will be helpful!
I used to be able to make my Thinkpad x270's  LED screen dimmer or  brighter by pressing the F5/F6
buttons on the keyboard.

However, for the last 3 days, pressing this buttons don't result in any change to the screen anymore
though a little bar on the screen pops up showing the bar moving (to lower or higher) : see attached
for this bar.

I don't recall any change that I've done other than there's Win 10 patches being deployed.  I have no
privilege to undo the patch.

What can I do pending getting help from our corporate end-user support.

I did not plug into external monitors/screens : I'm referring to the X270's built-in screen;  For sure
when I plug its HDMI to an external screen, F5/F6 wont brighten the external screen : will need to
press the external screen's Brightness buttons to adjust it
Hi Guys,

I am having an issue with a clients computer.
She is using dual monitors on Windows 10 and it is cutting off the top of applications, internet browsers mostly but sometimes even file explorer. The bit that is cut off is basically a mirror of what's behind it, so if one thing was open and desktop behind right clicking would give you desktop options.

Changing the resolution, then reverting it seems to intermittently fix it.

I have tried uninstalling the graphics drivers, updating windows/drivers, recreating windows profile, SFC, DISM also checked for virus' this is a new PC with Windows recently put onto it.

I also changed in Intel HD graphics control panel to scale to full screen, tried with the setting Override application settings and without.

Changed scaling on windows to 100% tried 125% tried setting a custom scaling.

Every single one of these seems to fix the issue, but comes back sometimes within hours or sometimes days.

Unsure what to try next, i was told and have read on a few threads that it is a windows glitch for dual monitors no one seems to have a fix though, apparently there was a hot fix for this but can't seem to find it.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Picture isn't the greatest, sorry, i can't seem to recreate it myself so this is all i have, but you can see where it is being cut off. Picture isn't the greatest, sorry, i can't seem to recreate it myself so this is all i have, but you can see where it is being cut off.

Many Thanks,
I've got NetBanner  installed on a STIGGED version of windows 10.  I use dual monitors, on the primary monitor the bar at top displaying Classification  any window opened with stop at the bottom edge of banner, on the secondary monitor windows open up with the banner on top almost entirely hiding the  _ square & X at top of window.  I've search the internet, checked display settings both in windows & settings for actual display adapter, check the GPO controlling Netbanner.  I cannot find anywhere i can tell the banner to go to background instead of staying on top.  Is there a newer version of NetBanner available?  
System is running windows 10 enterprise
Need an HDMI switch for two inputs to one output

I have one display and two computer, a MacBook and a Windows PC. So, I am looking at this device, since it gives me an option to even add a third PC:


My MacBook uses a Thurderbird port with a converter to HDMI.

My questyion is whether I would be imposing any capacity limits that could impact responsiveness on the display.

There arwe other options here, but I like the idea of three inputs and one output.


15 pin connector on the back of the Toshiba 20 inch monitor. It's labelled as RGB. When connected to a computer via the VGA port there is a color picture but nothing but many moving lines so unless there is some setting it's trash.

Anyone on RGB? The three settings on the front of the unit are TV, video, or RGB.
I need a VGA monitor for an experiment.

There is a VGA Connector on my HP ENVY dv4 laptop.  There is Intel Core i3 inside the laptop.

Is this VGA input or output?  Can I output graphics from my experiment board to this laptop monitor over VGA cable?
dual Monitor setup.   Both monitors are VGA, we are using the VGA port off the motherboard, and a display port adapter from the PC to fire up both monitors.

Works fine, setup is fine, everything looks good.  then user (dispatcher in PD call center) reports that  1 or both of the screens goes black for a very short period of time, then comes back.

When I watched for this I only saw one monitor do this, no message on screen that signal was lost.

Checked for cables being loose, nothing notable to report wrong.   I am just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior in a dual monitor setup where both monitors are being run from motherboard video?

I am putting in video cards, also looking to make one of the monitors NON VGA.  will see how that works....
User was getting following error , I restarted the machine, message has disappeared and even though I can get display on two external monitors , intel graphic settings is not picking up external monitors , just the build-in display


This file does not have a programme associated with it for performing this action. Please install a programme or if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control

Advise please
I only know a little bit about LCD screens and I was hoping someone could answer this question.  I have an LCD I need to replace for a customer, part NV156FHM-N48.  The cost on it is significantly higher than if I was to purchase NV156FHM-N46.  Can someone tell me if I can use either screen and what the difference is?  They are both IPS 30 pin EDP.  The only difference I just now see is the N48 does not have screw mounts.  Is there any other difference?
Hello Experts

I have 2 PCs, both identical units, with identical add-on video card that support deal monitor in extended mode.

I just upgraded to Version 1809 and now I have two monitors, both displaying the same thing.

I've disabled both the onboard and addd-on cards; re-enabled only the add-on card and still the same.  I've uninstalled both cards (in Device Manager) and restarted both PCs.  Still mirrored monitors.

I looked at undoing the upgrade, but Windows indicates I'll lose programs if I do.  

I'd appreciate any assistance.


hi guys

I have a Dell XPS 15 9570, with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti (4GB) graphics card. It also has an Intel UHD Graphics 630.

The question I have is, am I making the most out out of my display for performance? When I go in to the actual Nvidia control panel, I have attached a screenshot of what it shows. It hasn't selected the Geforce, but instead the Intel UHD?
I just purchased a Dell UP3216Q monitor directly from Dell. This is a 32" 4K 3280x2160 edge-lit LED monitor.

Dell's product page: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-ultrasharp-32-ultra-hd-4k-monitor-with-premiercolor-up3216q/apd/210-afln/monitors-monitor-accessories

There is a very thin red line running vertically down the screen just about 13 cm from the left edge of the screen. It also appears during the Dell monitor diagnostic, so it clearly is coming from the monitor itself and not any application or Windows.

Should I consider this normal or a problem? Might it get worse over time? I am looking for your insight to determine whether to call Dell tech support and possibly look to exchange the monitor.

Thanks, Pete
I have a Dell Precision 3400 that's about 10 years old. In recent months sometimes when I boot up no video is sent to the monitor.
If I reboot it once it always starts displaying. What's the likely problem? Could I solve it with a new graphics card?
I have a three monitor setup that is running off my desktop PC. I also have a laptop that sits on my desk and I'd like to setup my laptop so that I can display what's on my laptop on my far right-side monitor using a docking station or port replicator, but still have the other two monitors running off my desktop PC. I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse that runs on my desktop PC. I'd like to be able to switch between using the wireless keyboard and mouse on the desktop PC to the laptop as needed. I keep my email and chat open on my laptop and do most of my work my desktop PC. I'd monitor my email and chat off my laptop on my far right side monitor and as I need to respond, I could switch my keyboard and mouse to work off the laptop and then when finished go back to working on my desktop PC. (see embedded image). What  would I need to configure this type of setup? Thanks.

I want to connect my LCD TV to a laptop about 25-30ft away.  Stream movies.  Now its sitting right next to that TV and connected VGA and sound cables separately.
 TV has HDMI ports and laptop has a DisplayPort.  If I find HDMI to DisplayPort cable.  Would it carry a sound also?

Any other ways to connect wireless may?
I have a Dell Optiplex PC with an i5 CPU and 16GBs RAM, with 3 monitors. Recently added the 3rd. View Sonic, Dell, Dell monitors. Everything seems to work ok except when moving excel, word or Google Chrome to the middle monitor. After you move excel over, you cannot left click on a cell or type in it. However I can right click all over the place. If I move the excel window back to any other monitor all the keys I typed suddenly appear. Move it back to middle, locked again. Same thing happens with Google Chrome when doing a Google search. The weird thing is if I move Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer one of our business programs to the middle monitor it types in the search bar just fine.

The setup uses 3 VGA monitors. One is directly connected to the PC with VGA cable, 1 is connected with Dell DP2VGA adapter and the problem child is connected with startech USB2VGAE3. We've unplugged the startech adapter, uninstalled the startech software, rebooted, and reinstalled the software. Same problem. We also done the same using an entirely new startech adapter. Same problem.

Any ideas?

Also tried repair install of Office thing it is an office problem since both word and excel behave the same, but then again, Google Chrome behaves the same also.
I just upgraded my copy of CuteFTP from 8.3 to 9.3, and it instantly solved a problem I had been having with getting VBS scripts generated by the program to run properly.

BUT the upgraded version's screen display is so small it is very difficult to work with. I've  tried to fix this but nothing seem to work. Here's the problem:

I'm running Windows 10 on the computer in question, an Acer Switch 5 laptop/tablet.

By the way, I also installed this upgrade on my desktop computer which is using Windows 7, and it installed without a hitch there, with no problem of display size for the text.

Experts, how do I straighten this out?
On my Laptop, if I want to use TWO monitors that are extensions of each other, I hold down the Fn Key and click F8.

How does one do the same on a DESKTOP PC running Windows 10 Pro.  (I have done it countless times in Win 7) I thought I tried everything, obviously I did not!

Can anyone help?!


The resolution on my Surface 4 Pro Laptop is 2736 x 1824 which is what is recommended.

When I try to extend the desktop to my 32" LG monitor for presentations, the resolution for that monitor is maxed out at 640 x 480.

This wasn't the case a month ago and I have been unable to determine what happened.

Assistance in resolving this and gaining a higher resolution for the extended monitor would be greatly appreciated.
Have a client who has dual 24" monitors setup vertically and has just purchased a Surface Pro 13" and is using RWW to access her office workstation.  The problem is the display on the Surface Pro is so small that it is impossible to read.  Does anyone know how to change the display on the the Pro to make it more readable?
Has anyone attempted to connect laptop with broken screen to another working screen but from another laptop make/model?  
 I'd assume it should have different voltage, drivers, etc. Besides mechanical issues, like hinges, etc.

Anyone done that?
Monitor goes black periodically, then comes on by itself.

I purchased a Samsung 390 Series 24" LED Curved FHD FreeSync Monitor.

Without any pattern that I can tell, the monitor goes black. The computer thinks it's on because windows on the monitor don't jump back to my other monitor. The monitor power is definitely on because I can toggle between HDMI and Analog, but that's the only thing that happens when you push the power/menu button in the back (when it's black). When the monitor is on, the button gives you all the menu options, to include power.

I noticed that on Display settings the monitor isn't registering ... so something's going on. Both monitors are HDMI connections to the PC, and I switched the ports, but the reaction is the same.

Just thought I would check if anyone has any possible solutions, before I lug it back to Best Buy to get a new one.

(btw, I love the curved monitor, but apparently they did not catch on (nor curved TV's), you see 99% flat in the stores.)

Samsung not registering
Samsung not showing on Display Settings
HP Monitor shows up ok in Settings
Hello, I have a Dell E Port Plus II docking station and Latitude E5530 laptop hooked up for one user.  I recently reloaded her laptop with Windows 10 Pro after her hard drive went out and I replaced.  She has 2 DVI monitors connected to the E Port Plus II.

When I dock the laptop and power up, the screens both flash, the Windows startup screen shows on one of them, then one screen goes into power save mode, the one stays on but it's black, and that is it.  I open the laptop screen and it is at the login prompt.  When logged in, it will use the 1 monitor that stayed on during startup but it should work with the laptop screen closed as always.  It is showing the 3rd monitor in Display Settings when I detect, but the # won't show on the screen, the 3rd monitor stays in power save mode.

I have another user with the exact same setup, OS, monitors, etc. and it works fine.  I can't figure out why this one won't work.  I updated all drivers, BIOS, chipset, etc.  But still I have the same issue.

Any ideas what may be causing this?  I tried 2 different docks, multiple power supplies, but have the same issue.
We want to display a calendar (shared google calendar) on a big screen in the office.

My question is can I connect a big TV 50” monitor to one of the computers in the office as a third screen with a cable to the TV screen on the wall? Do I need a special graphics card for this? Will this overwhelm the computer?

This is not for gaming a video streaming

Displays / Monitors





A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.