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A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.

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We are looking for recommendations for a 32 inch monitor without any glare. Our engineers are doing design work all day and they state that every brand we get, there is always a glare.

If anyone has a recommendation for a 32 inch monitor without any glare, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Guys,

can i create a batch file which will change the screen resolution, screen positioning (multi monitor)? if this is possible can someone give me an example please?

i want to be able to setup about 4 to 5 icons which show a different setup for example (1 monitor + Laptop, 2 monitors + Laptop, 3 Monitors + Desktop). i want the user to simply click this button and the screens to adjust.

then we can make the batch file a default icon on each user image.

i also want to be able to have a revert button incase it all goes wrong for the user!

What is the best port replicator to purchase so that I can connect my Lenovo T450 laptop to two monitors with Display port inputs?
I am sure this must be a common question but I can't find a good solution.

We have several meeting rooms, they all have smart TV screens with HDMI inputs for sound / audio.

Our issue is they are used by external people presenting from a wide range of hardware / software.

If someone has a direct HDMI output it works great, then someone with a MAC / droid tablet / mini HDMI / display port / VGA etc turns up and it is time to dive into a sack of adaptors!

I have tried apple TV, Chrome Cast and my trusty sack of adaptors but all of them require someone technical to be there for the inevitable issues.

What I really need is a solution that lets me display a device screen over WIFI with a self contained application (no install) I am looking at teamviewer or something similar but ony the very large screens have a PC behind them.

Can anyone PLEASE recommend a hardware or software solution that will translate all inputs into a HDMI TV.

Thanks in advance
i have a old crt and i have cutted the old vga cable and i want to join anew monitor vga cable how can i do it
I am converting a garage into a room I will use for combination purposes.  Mostly it will be a home cinema. But as an ICT  business owner I will use it the odd time as a meeting room where I will be using MS Office, the Internet, etc. I will also use it as a training room as I train people but only once in a while. 15% meetings. 15% training. 70% Home Cinema. I have ordered the new & relatively low cost 4k Projector  Optoma UHD 65 plus a Motorised Screen for approx  $/€ 3,500.  However, I am becoming confused if I should just have ordered a 75" TV.  I can no longer see the benefit of a projector other than that the motorised screen will roll up revealing a Dry Erase board or a smart board,  as wall real estate is scarce that might be handy. I could also get a larger display, but I could live without that.  However a flat screen TV would be more compact,  might provide far more features on its remote control than a projector would,  has a better quality display, no consumables, doesn't need the room to be darkened etc.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Robbie.
Weird thing.  Every time I undock the laptop and dock back my screens switching from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1.  
Two screens connected with docking station with mini-display to displayports.   So every time it happens I just swapping monitors in display settings and problem fixed.

At least one other user has reported the same annoying issue.   Also Lenovo laptop and similar docking station.

Anyone had that or any ideas?  Thanks.
I need a board in my home that shows the status and/or details of projects that we are all working on together.  

The thought initially is that anyone can add content to the board, from any computer or device.

How can I make this happen?
We have a Dell Precision 5520 laptop connected to a Dell TB16 USB-C dock and two Dell P2715Q monitors connected to the dock.  One monitor is connected via a standard DisplayPort cable.  The other is connected via a DisplayPort-to-miniDisplayPort cable.  When Excel (2016 64-bit) is opened in full screen on one of the external monitors, sections of the spread sheet are masked by black, grey, or white spaces of varying sizes.  We don't have the problem if we run Excel in a window - as long as the window doesn't exceed a certain size (about 3/4 of the monitor screen).  We have done the following troubleshooting steps:

- Updated drivers for the Laptop and the dock
- Booted into safe mode with networking and tried to run Excel  Excel wouldn't run because the license couldn't be verified.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled Microsoft Office 2016 64-bit
- Experimented with display resolutions with the following results (We didn't test any resolution below 2048 x 1152):
** The problem exists with the following resolutions:
### 3840 x 2160 (This is the recommended resolution - by Windows 10 - for the laptop and external monitors)
### 2560 x 1600
### 2560 x 1440
** The problem went away at the following resolutions:
### 2560 x 2048
### 2560 x 1920
### 2048 x 1536
### 2048 x 1152

Any suggestions?
My son has set up a Raspberry Pi in the home to display images. He enabled FTP and told me to connect via WinSCP. I have done this, and I see all the folders on the Raspberry Pi. However, I cannot upload images or do anymodifications on the raspberry pi due to a permissions problem.

Any ideas what could be the cause of this?

I am logging in with his username and password, which has full rights to the Pi.

Thank you.
Connect further...control easier
Connect further...control easier

With the ATEN CE624, you can now enjoy a high-quality visual experience powered by HDBaseT technology and the convenience of a single Cat6 cable to transmit uncompressed video with zero latency and multi-streaming for dual-view applications where remote access is required.

i had a issue with the led monitor . it has internal crack and externally no damage . what woild be reasons for that . and vendor is not ready to repair as he is saying that its a physical damage. am sure that it is not physically damaged . what would be the reasons for that
I'm running a Toshiba Portege z30 and have a display issue. It's hard to explain without a photo so I have attached one for review. The screen starts breaking up into multiple black boxes at random. I've sent it back to Toshiba repair but the issue still persists. Anyone experience this before?
I connect from my home PC (Win10) to my office PC (Win7) using RDC. Both machines have dual monitors. I connect using MSTSC /SPAN and get mostly great results. 1 application I use doesn’t play well. When the /SPAN is used the application stretches out badly and is pretty much unusable.

When I asked the vendor, they say that /SPAN is very old and I should be using /MULTIMON instead.  However, when I connect using Multimon, I don’t get both screens, just one. All applications appear on screen 1 only.  

Why would /SPAN work but not /Multimon?
Is something wrong with my setup?
We are having an issue with a group of brand new Windows 10 PC's that are located in an area where multiple users log into them throughout the day. Users are reporting that they can be running an app and the screen will go blank and the monitor power cycle itself, like sleep mode kicked in and then it came back on. Some say it happens so frequently that you can't hardly use the machine.

This problems happens more often at night than during the day, as the PC's are located in a 24/7 office.

We've made sure to install the latest video drivers, updated the BIOS, checked all the cabling, checked the power settings so nothing sleeps or hibernates, and even swapped out two of the PC's with two brand new machines - all with the same results.

Yesterday I noticed one of the PC's had 7 different users logged in. Apparently, nobody knows how or bothers to log out and so by the end of the day there could be a dozen active logins on some of the busier computers. I think THIS might be the issue. The users are blaming Windows 10. Event Viewer doesn't show any one particular app crashing but i just can't seem to find what's making the monitor cut off and back on.
I have a 5yr old LCD TV which goes black after being switched on, but there is sound. Someone tell me that it could be the Panel problem. Kindly Help me in fixing the problem.
I am also having issues running Server 2012 R2. I tried the above downloads but after installing I received the error message "computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software." Any ideas anyone???
The computer is a Stealth. I7 processor, DVI port, VGA port,16G of ram.
Thanks in advance
I want trying to find a solution that many businesses are asking me so solve.  I have many people that want to display one computer screen onto many smart televisions.  i.e. it is trivia night in a big bar.  They have eight televisions.  They want the computer that has the trivia questions on it to be displayed on all the televisions. If the client had installed a hdmi matrix switch this would be a simple fix, but without that wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to mirror the computer to multiple displays.  
Any help would be thanked.
We have a LCD Projector that is about 50 to 60 ft from the laptop.  We are using a 100 ft VGA cable for the connection.  There is also a TV monitor that is being in the same.  One of our tech person brought a splitter and attached to the end of the VGA cable.  Then there is a VGA cable going to the laptop and another VGA cable going to the TV.   After setting that up, we notice that the projection on the screen is dimmer and both the projection and TV monitor have wavy jumpy images.  What can we do to get clarity and get rid of the wavy jumpy images.  Thanks
Trying to set up newer computer.  Have a HP compaq 6300pro (mini tower) that has a VGA and displayport++.  Used to have a lenovo computer that had a VGA and HDMI ports.  Need 2 monitors. The VGA is working fine, but can't seem to get the displayport to be recognized.  Running Win10 64bit. Had to purchase an adapter for the HDMI cable to go into the the display port.  I know a connection is happening somewhere - with the monitor powered on, no connecting cables I get the message CHECK SIGNAL CABLE. Then when I plug the adapter onto the cable, I get HDMI POWER SAVE MODE immediately  But I can't get the computer to recognize the monitor.  There is only 1 display adapter listed on the device manager (INTEL HD GRAPHICS). I don't see the displayport showing anywhere on the device manager.  But I can't find any drivers for this computer for Win10.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Setup:  Presenter laptop connected via a HDMI Splitter to a Projector and a Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder to my upload laptop.

When I try to connect like this my Blackmagic Devide is Blank BUT the splitter works well with Monitors.

Please advise a splitter or a scenario that is best suited with the devices I already have?
When i turn on my laptop the screen stays black. I can hear the fan running and the charger light is on, so why isn't it turning on correctly?
I am connecting monitor to laptop. usb to vga connection with the adapter. I connected all the wires. the message says no signal. what should I do.
I have a Surface book with a docking station. The surface is connected via Mini Display to two monitors and I want a 4th monitor via USB. Which is not working. It sees the Samsung TV as a monitor but it's not transferring signals. The TV shows some resolution error.

Here are what I have

1- surface book
2- monitor
3- monitor
4- TV
What could I do when my TV is turned on it flashes slightly then goes black and none of the TV controls work or show they function
Just bought a brand new HP Omen 15.6" laptop. Wanted to set up an external monitor to use with it. Found the correct driver downloaded it and everything seems okay except the external monitor won't show up. I have gone into device manager and looked at the adapter and it shows the correct Samsung monitor adapter. Everywhere I look it shows the name of it, but the one place it doesn't find it is under the display it only shows the laptop choice. I am frustrated because it seems like it should see it and let me choose it but it is not an option. Here are some specifics on the laptop. I also am using a monitor that only has a displayport, VGA or DVI and my laptop has only an HDMI output so I have a display port to HDMI cable hook up.

OS: Windows10
Internal video card: GEForce 960
Monitor: Samsung se650 series

Displays / Monitors

A monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers, usually comprised of the display device, circuitry, casing, and power supply. The display device in modern monitors is typically a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) thin panel, while older monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) about as deep as the screen size. They are connected to the computer via VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, LVDS or other proprietary connectors and signals.